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Finally Made It: » Post #2

Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:06 in General Talk


Now you can focus on $2,000.00. :P

how get offer in ED search Feed » Post #2

Tue Mar 03, 2015 07:40 in General Talk

Who is ED?

Payment » Post #2

Thu Feb 19, 2015 08:02 in General Talk

You'd need to submit a support ticket thru the helpdesk and ask.

We'd only be guessing as to why so submit a support ticket.

chinese forum » Post #2

Tue Feb 17, 2015 08:50 in General Talk

There is few Chinese in ClixSense.

In addition, I don't think anyone has ask for it or ask to be a moderator for it.

You might submit a support ticket to inquire.

Crowdflower Task with multiple IDs » Post #2

Mon Feb 16, 2015 05:13 in General Talk


Question » Post #3

Fri Feb 13, 2015 14:15 in General Talk

Just click on the 'Post Reply' to reply to your posts.

payment again » Post #2

Mon Feb 09, 2015 14:55 in Payment Proofs

Is that your little doggie? It so cute.

Dissapointed in Clixgrid winings » Post #2

Mon Feb 09, 2015 07:04 in Your Stats

You don't have to click in the grid if you don't want to.

My Earnings Update » Post #2

Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:33 in General Talk

Personally, I think if you can make $1,000 per year in any free to earn program online,
you're doing great.

Do the math.

$1,000 per year divided by 12 equal approximately $85 per month.

Not bad at all for a program that offers you multiple free ways to earn with a simple
low upgrade option that doesn't even need to be paid out of pocket. Pretty cool. :thumbup:

CLIXgrid - little sucess » Post #3

Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:39 in General Talk

Often new members do post discouragement about the ClixGrid, not realizing what is is
or how it works exactly.

Advertisers may purchase ClixGrid ads. Members may OPTIONALLY click in the ClixGrid
for chances to win a cash amount. Cash amounts are usually ten cents to ten dollars.

Personally, I won five dollars once. Several times I have won ten cents and I think I
have won a quarter a couple of times. With that said, I don't click in the grid every
day. No doubt, if I were to click in the grid every day, I'd probably won a bit more
than I have.

You see, the ClixGrid serves several purposes. Probably many more purposes than
people realize:

1. Serves the purpose of giving advertisers and affordable means of advertising
2. Serves the purpose of giving members the OPTIONAL CHANCES of winning money
3. Serves the purpose of information of said programs online
4. Serves the purpose of killing free time

You could play your local lottery every day for the rest of your life and never win a dime.
Wouldn't you agree that is true?

And if you never won a dime from your local lottery, would they apply it daily to a free
cash bonus for you?
Probably not.

I see you've basically been here about two months. Keep in mind, it is worth it to play
the ClixGrid daily because you get the free daily cash bonus if you have completed the
quota for the day. So even if you never won anything in the ClixGrid, its still worth it
in order to get the free daily cash bonus.

Just keep in mind, you may never win anything. Then again, you might click today
and win $10.00. Ya just never know because that is what chance is about.

banners don't show on blogger » Post #4

Mon Feb 02, 2015 08:15 in General Talk

Did you try this:


and possibly this:




You might need to submit a support ticket thru the helpdesk and they might see what the issue is.

How to terminate account? » Post #3

Sun Feb 01, 2015 16:13 in General Talk

A couple of other things one can do to cancel...

1. Do nothing. After 90 days, your account goes into default.

2. Submit a support ticket through the helpdesk.

Slow Motion » Post #2

Sat Jan 24, 2015 08:11 in General Talk

There's lots of options for earning in ClixSense and most members do have a
multitude of ways to earn.

However, you are in Pakistan. Unfortunately, not many advertisers place
offers for those in some countries and yours is one of them.

All you can do is continue to check for offers/videos/ads etc each day and
earn some extra money as little can be better than nothing.

help me grow my business » Post #2

Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:30 in General Talk

Do a search. Search for free advertising. Classified ad sites, traffic exchanges, offline flyers, etc.

Clixgrid » Post #2

Wed Jan 21, 2015 06:01 in General Talk

It's ads. There is no high cells or low cells.

If you click an ad and it doesn't load, simply click another. You don't get credit for
ads that don't load or the timer doesn't complete.

HELP! Can I change my Sponsor » Post #2

Wed Jan 21, 2015 05:59 in General Talk


Frame breaker ads » Post #2

Mon Jan 19, 2015 05:43 in General Talk


Can I click ads using my smart phone? » Post #2

Sun Jan 18, 2015 14:31 in General Talk

You can if it works for you.

Ipad user » Post #2

Sat Jan 17, 2015 16:36 in General Talk

You should use a desktop or laptop computer.

ClixSense is not configured for the large array of tablets and smart phones.
Often, ClixSense or sections of it, will work just fine on those devices. Usually,
however, there will be areas that may not function correctly.

With that said, I have the first edition of IPad Mini and for the most part, I have
no issues clicking the ads on it. I can usually view/click the ads, visit and post
at the forum, even sometimes view videos and do offers, in addition to clicking/
viewing ClixGrid ads. There will be an occasional ad that will jump out of the

how to win $10 on clixgrid please talk me immediat » Post #2

Sat Jan 17, 2015 06:16 in General Talk

You only joined a few days ago so it's obvious to me that you have not even had
many clicks.

It's by chance if you win or not.

Money is not deposited if you don't win.
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