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**Email and Transaction ID not allowed** » Post #1

Wed May 13, 2015 09:43 in Payment Proofs

When posting your image proof, make sure you remove your email address
and the transaction numbers.

We do not approve posts with payment information containing transaction
numbers and/or member email address.

This is for your protection.

Never post your payment email address or transaction numbers at public
access sites, such as forums, etc.

Penny Bang. The midnight madness money bomb » Post #38

Wed May 13, 2015 05:00 in General Talk

Do y'all really think that Websites Explorer is only participating with ClixSense?


There are a gazillion programs and gazillions of ways that Websites Explorer gets
it's sites seen. ClixSense is only one in a very very large line.

In regards to how many Websites Explorer one may view at any one sitting, is in
regards to what Websites Explorer has available across the board at that point in
time. Across the board as in gazillions of other programs, search engines, Facebook,
etc etc etc etc. It's certainly no secret.

In regards to marking offers 'yes or no' that is simply a member reference and means
absolutely nothing and no one sees it but the member. You could complete an offer
and tic 'no' and it won't make a hill of beans. It's simply a curtesy option for the
member to know, if he/she wants to know, the last time the offer was completed.

I don't understand why a simple topic about viewing Websites Explorer has turned
into a confusing thread' for lack of what to call it.

You can restart the topic but this one is closed since its full of confusion.

Topic Locked

Penny Bang. The midnight madness money bomb » Post #26

Tue May 12, 2015 09:03 in General Talk

In other words, CLICK on 'Offers' tab. There you will see some various surveys and offers listed
and in mine, near the bottom of the list is 'Websites Explorer'.

Penny Bang. The midnight madness money bomb » Post #25

Tue May 12, 2015 09:01 in General Talk

hansgruber wrote: is this available in the uk? i cant find it at all

If it is available to you, you would see it listed under 'Offers' as 'Websites Explorer'.

Penny Bang. The midnight madness money bomb » Post #19

Mon May 11, 2015 22:40 in General Talk

Lalahh wrote: don't act like you know me dude, because you don't. you don't know who i mentor and who i don't. calling someone 'greedy' for depending on every cent i can possibly get on the only 'job' i have when i am a sick woman unable to work outside of the house with no savings is quite hateful, so since you don't know me, i will let that slide. but now you know. radio loyalty is gone, ruined...tasks are over... not linking fb to that ever. i depend on every cent i can make on clixsense to not only feed myself but pay bills and buy life saving medication. as expected, now that there are even more people doing this one, there is hardly any meat left on the bone. great. :roll: now instead of 'banging' pennies we can all bang our heads into the wall. yay. instead of 1000 people making 1.00 now 10,000 people are making 10cents. anyone is able to find all of the possible ways to make money clearly marked on the different tabs and offers? never wondered why no one else was posting about it? lol and ps the hypmx doesnt let ip's through they all appear as unique.

It was obvious to me he was joking and I don't think he ever said he knew you.

In regards to making money here, there is a large array of ways to do that, if you have the
need and the time.

For starters, you don't need a Facebook account to complete tasks as last I read, they decided
not to go with that.

In regards to WebsiteExployer as with other offers, surveys, comes and it goes. There
are days you may get many and other days you may get few and still other days you may get none.

In regards to proadco creating this topic, I thought it insightful and helpful, not to mention some
what fun. Believe me or not, when I say his posting this topic has absolutely nothing to do with
your or anyone else here for that matter, getting WebsiteExployer or the number of said.

change checklist bonus rules » Post #7

Mon May 11, 2015 21:08 in General Talk

tyreichardt wrote: that bonus money usally doubles what i make on all the surveys I get cheated on. like the last one . answered for over 30 min to the end then tell me sorry it is filled.

It maybe only pennies but thats all you make off this site anyway. It all counts.

There are many better sites I am finding recently so yea every thing counts
The only advantage clixsense has is they pay weekly and always on time for now

Ya think?

Happy Mother's Day » Post #2

Sun May 10, 2015 06:05 in General Talk

HaPPy MothErS Day!

Doing Surveys... Training Your Referrals? » Post #6

Sat May 09, 2015 17:36 in General Talk


Be sure to utilize ClixSenseResearch. A lot of people miss out on that one but it is very legit
and pays very well. I made $50.00 just a few days ago on a followup survey that took me all
of 4 minutes to complete. In addition, some times you get stuff such as pizza's and other items
to try and give your opinion. I have in fact turned down quite a few $150.00 phone surveys from
there also.

Really, when it comes to doing surveys, there truly isn't a big training level. There are a few
things to be aware of such as:

-Use a good browser and make sure you have ad blockers and pop ups turned off
-Clear cookies, history, empty cache, BEFORE attempting each survey
-Take your time, never speed through surveys or they'll boot you out
-Stick to your nails.....don't say one thing one time and something different another time
-Never do the same survey more than other words, if you did it else where, don't attempt it again if you see it is one you already completed
-Age doesn't really matter. I'm almost 60 and I could sit here and do surveys all night if I took the time to do so. Sure, younger people may get 'baby' surveys and that sort of thing but older people get insurance, medical, housing, retirement, vacation/travel, and loads of various surveys along that line. Young people might like to shop and travel but its the old people that have the money to do it.
-Going through routers can be tough. It's hit or miss with mostly miss. You have to be diligent and have the time to attempt twenty before you quality for one or two.
-Fair much better going through direct surveys such as 'ClearVoice surveys and you can do that one at ClixSenseResearch. Also 'PineCone' surveys pay you $3.00 every time you do a survey from them and you do qualify for every one they send you or they don't send it.

A very BIG HINT for you and I can't stress it enough:

-Customer Reviews, Customer Reviews, Customer Reviews! Leave customer reviews and leave photo images, and even videos every time you can. Online companies will see your reviews so make them good and you might be chosen as a reviewer for their company....which can consist of cash payments and/or free products.

How to earn more money » Post #2

Sat May 02, 2015 11:21 in General Talk

All the options to earn money is in the blue shaded tabs above.....'View Ads' 'Surveys' 'Offers' 'Tasks' 'ClixGrid'

Do i have R.O.I [ Return on investment » Post #8

Fri May 01, 2015 04:43 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: yep , i did not invest from my pocket , earned here for upgrade

It would be an investment if you used money you earned.

If someone else upgraded you, it would not be an investment since you didn't make it.

Do i have R.O.I [ Return on investment » Post #2

Thu Apr 30, 2015 06:49 in General Talk

Your question is a bit confusing.

You stated you invested nothing here but that would not be true.
I see you are a premium member.
That means, you invested.

You've invested at least $17.00, perhaps more depending on any
past upgrades.

You would then simply subtract your investment from your profit.
That gives you your return on investment. Simple math.

Lock it » Post #15

Wed Apr 29, 2015 05:44 in General Talk


Personally, I think the ClixGrid is or at least was, a unique strategy. I wouldn't go so far
as to call it ingenious but simply a very good idea that someone came up with.

I use Facebook. Mostly, its about the Facebook user in regards to how much information
they want to share. There is also the option to set your Facebook account to private so
that only those you deem to see your postings, can.

Recently, I was discussing Facebook with someone and telling them how I wished we had
the internet when I was in grade school. All the friends I grew up with.....well, very few
do I have any idea where they are now. IF we had the net and Facebook when I was a
kid, I'd probably still be in touch with many of my old childhood friends. There's good and
bad in most things but I think overall, Facebook has given an easy way for friends/families
to connect easily, stay connected easily, post their selfies, baby pics, etc. The bad part is,
the people themselves that use Facebook, many seem to relay way too much information.
Still, that is the 'peoples choice' to relay info or not, to post pics of themselves and their
families or not.

'Old' as meaning both ways. Not just age. I was trying to recall exactly what year it was
I started using the internet and I can't remember. I guess it was the late 80's. It was at
a time when the only way you accessed the internet was through dial up and it was slow
as syrup. Once online, it was fascinating but there was not much to see. In the early to
mid 90's I began seeing money making opportunities which consisted of many HYIP shams.
There was also many of the mail shams. I do recall one mail sham I joined in the 90's
called 'Show Me The Money' and a dot com at that. You'd mail your 5 upline each a $20
dollar bill. I did! I sent them each 20 bucks. :lol: Then there were programs that were
very primitive such as 'Bravenet' that gave you free website counters. HAHA! He made
a fortune! The big deal came along with 'GoingPlatinum' early in 1999. He was going to
'change the internet'. In the year 2000, that started the masses, I think. More people
online, more websites, ideas from all around, and failing could hurt if you didn't play your
hand right but at least it was interesting and fun.

I think of sites like Facebook and Twitter, as very simplistic ideas that probably unknowingly,
targeted lazy. Lazy like AOL. If you can give people a very easy way to do something,
they are certainly more likely to do it than a complicated way to do something. An example
is an elderly aunt of mine.....she doesn't know squat about computers or online stuff, but
she has a Facebook account. She can type enough to stay in contact with family, see
images of her grandchildren, etc.

Look at 'AlertPay' started by the Patel's. I don't know if you remember them but the
younger Patel was the original software creator of my coffee program. Horrible software
it was which did aide hugely in losses but what I am saying is, he had some goofy old
programs that were not about much. I think it was more so him, not his brother, that
came up with AlertPay. I'm positive of it. He had my web designer design it and he
contacted me to join it.....I was the first to join so I could test it......and so I could help
him promote it....which I did not do, by the way. I was still peeved about the crappy
software he sold me. :mrgreen:

Bottomline, lots of ideas of which most fell to the wayside but it was fun, interesting,
and all led to the growth of the internet. Even MLM lawyers arose out of no where and
some laws were introduced.

So in regards to your original topic, you do the 20 if you want the daily bonus and if
you think it's too many, present an alternative in the Feature request forum. Some

-Third account option. Instead of only free and premium, add a Platinum membership.
Platinum members may earn the daily checklist bonus with a minimum of viewing only
5 ads. Other incentives such as higher ref earnings, especially on other platinum members.

-Alternative daily completion. Do an extra offer or task and only need to click 10 ads
in the grid.

In regards to 'gamification' and brainwashing, well I don't know totally what the heck
you are talking about exactly. I have a couple of grandkids that most every time I see
them, I have to bend way down to see their face. Not because they are young and
short but because their face is glued to either mom's cell phone or their DS gamer.
Mom's use to give their kids coloring books or books. You'd go to the doctors office
or out most any where and you'd see a child with their doll, football, coloring book,
book, etc. Now, you see them with gamers. I think with the problem with society is
with every generation, new things come into play but also old things are cast away.

Clixsense Premium account advantages » Post #3

Mon Apr 27, 2015 07:22 in General Talk

ClixSense does not have 'welcome ads'. It's been a very long time sine that was discontinued.

It appears you have grabbed some old content from some where, not here.

Review and Compare:
Best Affiliate Programs | ClixSense

Lock it » Post #6

Sun Apr 26, 2015 17:37 in General Talk

proadco wrote: @ Sarah

Research gamification and why companies are applying it to their business practices.

I'll give you an example.

Back in 2007 - 2008 Internet marketing was easy to gain referrals building a real home based business.

Today, traffic exchanges has killed network marketing, MLM home based business building.

Today, it's gamification, keep you entertained, mindless silly badges, stickers, it's brain washing.

Unfortunately Rod, you are correct. I don't really like to go down that road because we're old. :mrgreen:
I don't know about the 'brainwashing' end of things but I am mostly concerned about the where the end
of the road is. I doubt we'll see it and even if we do, we probably won't know our head from a hole in the
ground by that time. Then again, things move mighty fast these days. Personally, I find it rather sad and
disappointing. It's just not interesting any more. You know what I mean.

In regards to ClixSense and the grid, well I suppose its mostly about the advertisers. Ya can't have
people purchasing grid ads and no one viewing their ads. That would be senseless. So I suppose they
have the numbers down pact with the number of ad purchases for the grid and the number of members
that actually use it.

Buy 100 ad views
Only 1 person viewing the ad each day
= 100 days for the ad to run out

It would be nice if there was an alternative, however. You might think of something and present it in
the feature request. For example, a choice of viewing 20 grid ads or completing two more offers...some
such as that.

Lock it » Post #2

Sun Apr 26, 2015 05:05 in General Talk

It use to be set to 10, I think it was.
They up'd it to 20 when they started or at least gave more opportunity to make the free bonus funds.
I think they also up'd the number of plays or what have you.

How to terminate account? » Post #9

Thu Apr 23, 2015 15:04 in General Talk

Poonam_15 wrote: Hi Admin/Valeria,

1) My sponsor is not helping me, if i terminate my account after $8 and the n open new account with same email id which i provided currently, m i able to open new account without sponsor?

2) Can i use same facebook email id for task after open nw account in Clixsense which i used currently?

1. Why do you need sponsor help? You earn here by working and your sponsor is not allowed to do your work. If you cancel your account, you cant sign up again.

2. I don't know. You'd need to ask them but they might cancel you out.

survey complited » Post #3

Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:01 in Your Stats

Elenashca wrote: Iwork on it is site 4 years. I from Russia. Already 2 months i no receive ny earning. Administration no can explain correct.

If you have actually worked here and requested your commissions, you would certainly been paid.

Do We Have To Refer Others? » Post #2

Wed Apr 08, 2015 06:06 in General Talk

That is not a support question so I moved your topic.

I would think after being a member here for 7 years you would automatically know
that you're not forced to advertise your ref link.

If your friend wants to sign up, she/he can go to ClixSense dot com and sign up.

You don't have to promote your referral link.

Topic Closed.

Psychology!!! » Post #6

Tue Apr 07, 2015 07:45 in General Talk

That is very cool!

Give peace a chance » Post #4

Tue Apr 07, 2015 07:40 in General Talk

Unfortunately, it will never happen.
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