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Posts by valerie

Can You Not PM A Member » Post #2

Sun Sep 15, 2013 16:20 in General Talk

No you cannot PM on here.

Clixsense Advertising Coop » Post #2

Sun Sep 15, 2013 16:16 in General Talk

Well listen, you would probably spend your entire life posting here if you wanted to ask and/or
condemn/boast everything that is advertised at ClixSense.

As ClixSense states on site, it is not responsible for what is advertised here. I mean, truly, it
would be impossible for them to review every ad to a T that comes thru here. All they can do
is what they do....and that is, they do not allow certain types of blatant advertising such as
violence. All this is stated on the site.

Now with all that said, in regards to what you are asking which is it a scam or is it real, how the
heck would we know? We wouldn't.

With that said, is it realistic and is it achievable? Well of course it is. First of all, it is only $5 but
that does NOT mean you will get referrals. It means whatever it is, that it says....I am GUESSING
it says that for $5 it will place your referral link into a rotator and that it will place an ad at various
places such as free traffic exchanges, etc, and you might get a referral from it....but to be perfectable
sensible about it, you probably won't!

-How MANY people are in the rotator? 1, 2, 100, 10,000 ???
-WHERE is the page that is being advertised? Is it a specific page or is it simply the ClixSense replicated sites?
-WHERE is the page going to be advertised?
-HOW LONG does your link stay in rotation?
-WHO OWNS this?
-WHO MAINTAINS the page?
-WHAT type of rotator do the use? Sequential? Random? What?
-WHO HOSTS the page if it is not the CS replicated pages?
-What is the GUARANTEE?

I mean, seriously, you have to use something called GOOD OLD COMMON SENSE.

You want to blow 5 bucks and give it a try...go for it. No big deal. Ya might get something and ya probably won't.


-Do you think you might get more eyeballs on your page if you paid $5 to a traffic exchange?
-How about a local online newspaper site that sells banner placement?
-Maybe purchasing PTC adverts at another PTC?
-Maybe $5 worth of adverts on a GPT?

I would never ever call something a scam without proof.
The question you are asking is not a logical question.
What you should be asking is, is it worth it to pay someone you don't know $5 when you don't know
what rotator is being used, you don't know what page is being advertised, you don't know how long
your link stays in rotation, you don't know the guarantees, you don't know who owns it, etc etc etc
and would it be more to your advantage to buy advertising yourself straight at the horses mouth?

giant referrals » Post #2

Sat Sep 14, 2013 17:24 in General Talk

Well here is the thing about that........first you should look at who owns it and what it is running on.

If you would have taken a good look, you'd see it doesn't state who owns it and also you'd see it is
listed on a free hosting. Now I don't know about you or anyone else but I can tell you, I would
absolutely NEVER buy anything that is hosted on free hosting.

If you did not get what you paid for, and I assume you didn't, take the appropriate steps to get
your money back.

For starters, go to the free hosting company that person has hosted the site with and report him/her.

Second, go to the payment option ie paypal, and submit a contact notif reporting the site and that
you did not receive anything for your money. PayPal also has a phone number.

Received $401.78 no. 68 » Post #15

Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:07 in Payment Proofs

cdfan76 wrote: thanks valerie! I am actually doing everything you are except waiting to cash out. lately i am cashing out twice a week.

You're welcome but see, I don't cash out twice a week nor even weekly. As a norm, I cash out about
once every two or three months. Even years ago, I usually cashed out once a month. Of course every
one has the option to cash out twice a week if they want to using paypal or payza. For me, I'd prefer
to have a check which is only a month to month basis anyway. I also prefer to have a little bit more
of a substantial amount at one time.

Recently, ClixSense lowered the check processing fee from $1.50 to $1.00. Even at $1.50 that was
low and fair. Now it's even lower at $1.00.

KrypteriA.2013 » Post #2

Fri Sep 13, 2013 18:20 in Your Stats

You're zooming right along! Zoom Zoom Zoom! :D

Received payout very quick time » Post #2

Fri Sep 13, 2013 18:10 in Payment Proofs

I approved your post only because I want to tell you to ....

NEVER ever give out your paypal information or link to a paypal payment!!!!

Please read the information about how to post an image.

Read First - Guideline for Posting Payouts | ClixSense Forum


How to post a payment proof | ClixSense Forum

Purchasing Clixsense Referrals » Post #16

Fri Sep 13, 2013 17:28 in General Talk

clickcashonline wrote:
valerie wrote:
However, it was some what beneficial because out of those 1,000 subscribers, there
would always be a few people that were at least real, that really did read my ezine
and really did take me up on some offers.

i remember that weed out process you talked about in one of your post...

out of ALL my referrals there is only actually ONE referral working everyday on the tasks and offers consistently!


I don't know what it is with people other than maybe they think a sack of money is
going to jump out of their computer at them when enrolling in programs online. :mrgreen:

Purchasing Clixsense Referrals » Post #14

Fri Sep 13, 2013 13:58 in General Talk

Years ago I published an online Ezine and I wanted subscribers of course.
There was a popular online company that sold subscribers. The price was
a bit hefty too for the era. I think I paid $200 for 1,000 subscribers.

From time to time, I would pay that and buy subscribers.

The problem was, my list was not double optin and most weren't at that time.

So for months and even years, I could be emailing people that did not even exist. :lol:
It was like talking to walls. HELLO WALL! :lol:

However, it was some what beneficial because out of those 1,000 subscribers, there
would always be a few people that were at least real, that really did read my ezine
and really did take me up on some offers.

Bottom line, it is also about cost and what it's worth to YOU not what its worth to someone else.

Purchasing Clixsense Referrals » Post #13

Fri Sep 13, 2013 13:52 in General Talk

Like Darkstar2 said.

Why would anyone sell referrals for anything? It doesn't make sense at all.
For starters, how in the heck could you sell referrals? A referral is not a referral
until the person is referred. If the person is referred, the person is no longer
a referral but a member or an affiliate. And if the member affiliate is a member
affiliate than he she cannot be a referral and therefore could not be sold unless
he she is a member of a site that sells referrals in which he she became a member
affiliate without a direct sponsor.

Now then if a person can sell referrals of which the web pages in discussion here
uses the word 'referrals' of course it would make no sense at all because we now
know, they absolutely cannot be referrals.

So we must deduce and ask ourself 'what is it the person is trying to sell me?'.
When you ask yourself that question there is only ONE feasible answer:


Ok now that we know it is possible that what is being sold is LEADS, then we
must review the price of the leads. After all, a REAL LEAD is worth at least
$25 or $50 on upwards.....for ONE lead.

So if the cost is only a few dollars for more than one lead, that tell's me that
what is being sold is NOT even leads.

What is being sold is either:

1: Bull shet
2: Junk

Received $401.78 no. 68 » Post #12

Fri Sep 13, 2013 13:42 in Payment Proofs

cdfan76 wrote: congrats valerie!! how do you make so much?? im trying to do as best as i can. any advice?

This recent cash out was for about 3 months. I usually cash out once every two or three months.
I think my largest cash out was just over $600.00.

You have to be rather persistent and have the time. Truly, it's not all about referrals here. Referrals
come and go but if you want to make money, you are here to stay.

So what I do, when I am online, I keep ClixSense open in a tab 24/7. I check for ads to view often
and I usually view about 30 to 50 ads per day. I attempt the Samplicio and the SSI surveys when
I see them at the top of the offers page. For example, I just completed one a few minutes ago that
was worth over $3.00. I also look a few times each day, at the clixoffers and the PeanutLab offers
to see if there is any new little offers in there I can I did a couple of very simple ones,
one being worth 70 cents that took all of 1 minute of my time. In addition, I will view any videos
that may be available and so I check thru the various offers and click 'video' on those that offer it.

For the most part, I have not did tasks. However, yesterday I did start doing some tasks and will
probably attempt to do a few more from time to time.

Recently I set a moderate daily goal for myself. I do not always reach that goal but many times I
do exceed it.

My daily goal is $5.00. If I make $5 per day in ClixSense, that is $150.00 per month or $1,800 per year.
I find that having a daily goal online, in whatever you do, helps you to exceed your expectations and
you will make more money. It keeps me from getting lazy too. :mrgreen:

For example, if I make $4.60 in ClixSense today, I will NOT ignore the little 33 cent survey in PL
because I must meet my $5.00 goal. It's a mind game I play with myself that works for me.

My First Post » Post #2

Fri Sep 13, 2013 13:25 in Member Introduction

Welcome aboard!

There ya go. Don't get overwhelmed because it is rather simplistic here.
All you need to do is read, take your time, start out with one aspect at a time.....such as
viewing ads. Then you can move on and do the clixgrid daily and see how that works.
After that, you might want to try doing some of the clixoffers, then some surveys, and
then onward to tasks.....

Lots of ways to make extra money here, just takes a little time to figure out how each
aspect works but nothing hard at all.

Received $401.78 no. 68 » Post #6

Fri Sep 13, 2013 08:14 in Payment Proofs

TasMail wrote: Val, Nice Job, don't spend it all in one place. ;)
You did a check? I see checks are now $1.00 fee, used to be $1.50. This is good news!!

Yes, I most always do a check. Over all these years, I have only cashed out by paypal I think once
and payza a few times.

I noticed that too, the reduction of the check processing fee. :thumbup:

whats wrong with the ads and clix grid today? » Post #12

Fri Sep 13, 2013 08:06 in General Talk

Yep, there were some problems and it almost seemed like it only affected some members and not all.
Also, there was no news update about the issues. I didn't bother to ask but I spent some time jumping
around the forum yesterday (I think it was yesterday or maybe day before) explaining to clear puter....
which is what solved the issue for me.

Received $401.78 no. 68 » Post #1

Thu Sep 12, 2013 15:45 in Payment Proofs

Withdrawal Cheque To: Valerie Underhill Complete $1.00 -$402.7800

Received check, payout withdrawl number 68.

Thanks for a productive 7+ years!

Practice Posting Here » Post #364

Thu Sep 12, 2013 15:35 in General Talk

jadelady wrote: HI everyone glad to be clicking Istill have not seen any pay yet but Iam watching the mail box . next time I will use my payza acct.Fix this so I can get my pay.

Payouts are processed every Monday and Friday for those that choose paypal or payza.
Checks are processed once a month on or about the tenth of the month.

This information is stated in/on site.

Do I keep clicking on complete tasks » Post #2

Thu Sep 12, 2013 09:23 in General Talk

I'm not sure what you are asking. I don't have the toolbar and I think that is part of what you are
referring to.

In regards to ads, you can view them any time there are ads to view.

In regards to tasks, you can complete tasks if you want to when they are available to you.

In regards to both ads and tasks, one has nothing to do with the other.

Annoying Pop Up » Post #2

Thu Sep 12, 2013 08:17 in General Talk

All you need to do is turn on pop up blocker on your computer when viewing ads.

whats wrong with the ads and clix grid today? » Post #5

Wed Sep 11, 2013 17:10 in General Talk

It all works fine for me. Everything loading faster than it was previously.

Maybe we'll hear something from admins soon but I don't see any problems at all.

whats wrong with the ads and clix grid today? » Post #2

Wed Sep 11, 2013 15:51 in General Talk

There was some problems early today but that was hours ago.

You might try cleaning out your cache, history, cookies, rebooting and logging in again.

My 3 payment » Post #2

Wed Sep 11, 2013 13:24 in Payment Proofs

You don't need to redirect viewers to a casino site or whatever it is.
All you need do, is simply click on 'Image' here and insert the image link.
Your image will then appear in your post.
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