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Valerie my Moderator » Post #54

Tue Oct 06, 2020 16:14 in General Talk

HaHa! :lol:

Is food really effects us.? » Post #7

Tue Oct 06, 2020 12:11 in General Talk

Caner is actually an abnormal cell growth. In other words, cancer cells take over and
push normal cells out of the way. You can think of it like a drop of water. The drop of
water is the normal cell. Then the bucket fills with mud. The mud is the abnormal cells.

Not a very good example. :mrgreen: However, the jest of it is abnormal cell growth
that can become very abundant and increase far beyond the normal cell growth.

What causes cancer? Well in my opinion, abnormalities and abundance. In other words,
if you partake of something that is considered not good for you in abundance, you have
a higher probability of developing abnormal cells.

Now here is the thing about that, you might die of something else before those abnormal
cells kill you. Some cancers are slow growing and others fast growing.

I had a friend that was having problems, went to the doctor, and was told he had liver
cancer. He did drink a lot of beer all his life. Within one week, he was dead. Before
that, he never had a problem. Just one day he woke up with abdominal pains. The
doctor told him to get his family together and things in order because he probably
wouldn't live a month. He didn't live one week.

It's easy for people to say they are alright with their life style but when you are on
your death bed, you will wish this and wish that.

My husband, I tried to get him to stop smoking for years. He was told one of his lungs
was almost gone in terms of just dead tissue. He was having therapy and all that when
he was told, he needed heart surgery or he would die. He told me he wished he had
listened to me. There he was after heart surgery, tubes every where, induced coma,
and when out of the coma he could not talk due to the tubes and all he could do is look
at me and some times nod his head. He was in the hospital for two weeks in that
condition. Sepsis so bad that his feet and hands were black. He was swollen so much
blisters appeared under his skin. Then he died. Nothing I could do. Helpless.

I tell you this because often people don't take into consideration others around them,
their family, their friends. What you do to your own body can have an extremely
significant impact on others.

He was 69 years old. BUT a lot of people live to be far into their 80s and 90s. I would
have thought we'd have at least ten more years together.

It's really not tough to eat foods you like and enjoy without eating meat. The tough part
is simply making the change to other foods. Once you discover all the good healthy foods
you can eat, eventually the thought of eating meat, escapes you.

Is food really effects us.? » Post #5

Tue Oct 06, 2020 09:38 in General Talk

It goes far beyond fat and skinny bodies.

I know people that eat a lot of fatty meat and they are thin.

I have also known people that look very fit and healthy, that have cancer.

You truly cannot look at someone and say that person is healthy. It goes a lot deeper.

Meat can make do much more than make people fat. It can clog arteries and result in
heart disease.

The products fed to animals to make them fat, such as steroids, can do a lot of harm to
the human body.

I think that animals of yesteryear did not have as difficult a time. In other words, people
kept a cow or two, hog or two, chickens to survive their families. Milk cow for their milk.
Chickens for their eggs and occasional meat, hogs for tough times and celebration meals.
Those animals were farm animals that was free range. They were not mass produced
and what they ate was clean, free from steroids.

Today, it's different. It's very different.

Is food really effects us.? » Post #2

Tue Oct 06, 2020 08:26 in General Talk

I agree.

Especially I liked the segment about the animal emotions before death.
I believe this too because it is understandable and sensible that if you abuse an animal
all that fear, anger, etc, is going into their entire system and then you as a human eat it....
any way you look at it, it's not going to be good for you.

There's a lot that goes into eating meat. A lot. I mean that it affects everything.
For example, production of meat is the production of animals is the production of feed
is the production of antibiotics is the production of over population is the production of
pollution is the production of disease, and so it goes full circle.

If we stopped slaughtering animals for human consumption, the poor creatures could
live their life free as I believe intended, and we would have less pollution, less disease,
less cancers, and much healthier people.

I also liked the part about meat staying in the digestive system longer. It's not fiber so
yes, absolutely it does take longer to process thru the body.

There's thousands of wonderful delicious and healthy foods to eat without eating meat.

A lot is about habit. In the western world, we grew up eating meat. It was common
(and still is common) for people in the USA to eat meat 3 times a day:

Breakfast: bacon or sausage or ham
Lunch: beef, bacon, ham, chicken
Supper: beef, pork, chicken, turkey

Dare I mention foods such as: bologna, spam, hot dogs, Vienna weinies, and other processed

If you really and I do mean REALLY think about what you are eating when you eat it, you may
decide to eat differently.

Spring in Brazil » Post #26

Tue Oct 06, 2020 06:19 in General Talk

Here for a new central air unit including installation will cost more than $5,000.

That's why I probably would not replace the central unit when it goes out......because it cools the
whole house. I'm not in the whole house all the time. I can't be in every room at the same time. :lol:

My dinning room I rarely go into. The only time I spend time in the dinning room is when I have
family, guests over for dinner.

Of course one does not want to shut off the house from heat or from air. Normally however if you
are cooling/heating some rooms and not all rooms, those other rooms are going to get some heat
and air anyway.

Don't forget filters. Filters filters filters. I change the filter once every month or every other month,
depending on my memory. They've become expensive. I tend to order sets online, usually come in
box of 4.

Spring in Brazil » Post #23

Mon Oct 05, 2020 20:42 in General Talk

Well I don't know.

I was talking about an air conditioner when I was about ten years old.

I have central air (electric) and gas pac.

Actually I have two units. One is the central air and the gas pac in the main house.
In the den, I have a unit that looks similar to a hotel room heat/air system.

Also, I have a gas fireplace in the den.

I think many people are going with ductless units these days. I've said if ever the
central air unit goes out, I won't replace it. I'll go with a unit like I have in the den
or similar.

Valerie my Moderator » Post #51

Mon Oct 05, 2020 20:30 in General Talk

I will leave the forum completely after the end of December.

Spring in Brazil » Post #21

Mon Oct 05, 2020 16:42 in General Talk

In the USA it says freon was banned as of Jan. 2020.

Well the old window air conditioners and even vehicle air conditioners would take freon,
years ago.

I don't know what kind of air conditioner he has. I think he said he lives in an upper
apartment so I was guessing he might have a window air conditioner.

I can remember having a window air conditioner years ago and it would freeze up and
look all frosty on the front grill. Then they'd put freon in it and it was good to go for
another season. It would make noise some times and spit at ya if you got to close to
it when it was out of freon and all frosty. Patootie and you'd be hit with a spec of ice.

Spring in Brazil » Post #19

Mon Oct 05, 2020 15:34 in General Talk

Jose, you may just need to put some freon in it.

Valerie my Moderator » Post #49

Mon Oct 05, 2020 15:30 in General Talk

I never locked topics unless there was a legitimate reason to do so.

Let me tell you, there is more than one member here that is going to make very sure I am
kept on my toes. They'll report every topic they see that has the slightest comments that
do not pertain to the rules.

Now I don't care if it is tasman1 or the someone else that posted that feature request. He
seems to think it is personal but like I told him, he is flattering himself because it wouldn't
matter if it was him or you or a million different members here. Rule 13 plainly states no
political or religious topics. At the time I made that rule, there was a lot of arguments going
on so I ask Jim to add it to the rules and he did.

Some people are simply childish and I don't know how else to phrase it other than that. I
mean anyone that does looks at something and sees it is no interest to them, would move
away and go look at something else. There's topics posted here all the time that I look at
because I am the moderator but you don't see me add to the discussion and that is because
I have enough sense to not comment on something that does not interest me. I sure as
heck am not going to cry about it and make a big hoopla over it.

You folks have 3 months and then I am outta here. I don't know what they will do then.
All this baby-fied stuff, they'll probably just shut the forum down completely.

Valerie my Moderator » Post #47

Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:32 in General Talk

I want to make something very clear.

I have NEVER and I mean absolutely NEVER locked a members topic on ANY religion
UNLESS it was resulting in anger, vulgarity, member reports.

I do NOT believe in reincarnation. Have you ever seen me lock a topic because of
reincarnation discussion? NO.

I do not care what your faith is and I don't care what your political views are.

You folks must realize that myself, as a moderator, has no personal vendettas nor any
personal likes or non-likes to a members personality here. I don't know any of you.

The discussions that have been on politics and/or religions lately has been good. No
vulgarity, calm discussions.

BUT when even ONE member comes along and goes so far as to post in the Feature
Request to not have political or religious discussions due to Rule 13, I have to abide
by that because it is a rule.

Now then one or you may say that should be posted on a blog or some where else.
Well I for one 100% disagree. There is nothing about the 'General Talk' forum that
says one must only discuss this or that on their blog or else where. There is nothing
that says we can only post about spinach and bananas.

And for the record 'Alternate Words' is like a person stealing apples and saying it was
ok because it wasn't oranges.

Who do you think you are dealing with here?

Y'all really don't want to get me fired up. I am a nice person. :D
But don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes. I am very far from stupid and
my ignorance tends to go only so far.

For the umpteenth and the last time, I really do not give a hoot what you discuss in
these forums but as long as I am moderator and as long as their are complaints that
pertain to the rules listed, I will abide by them AND after I am gone, you won't need
to concern yourself as to what I do here since I won't be here!

Selfies - Dangerous? » Post #7

Mon Oct 05, 2020 07:28 in General Talk

I don't know what their mind set is. Do they think they are beyond harm/death?

It's just really really dumb.

Selfies - Dangerous? » Post #5

Sun Oct 04, 2020 20:29 in General Talk

I don't know why people do such stupid things like that.

Some people enjoy taking risks such as parachuting, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and so on.

But to go so far as to risk your life to take a photo, is insane.

Valerie my Moderator » Post #39

Sun Oct 04, 2020 20:26 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Darkstar2 wrote:
tasman1 wrote: She can be yours Mod but from this moment she is not my moderator anymore , as a mod she is not fair

But senior, she capitulated to your DEMAND to ban LEGIT and SERIOUS topics - Which moderator anywhere would grant such a request from ONE member - now you say she is not fair ? Hmm that's kinda strange though, nobody said anything about banning anybody, you wanted a moderator that locks topics and ban topics, your wish was granted - that's the way I see it :P I don't think anybody wants you banned here, nobody ever said that.

She did lock my last few topic and there was not a single word about politic or religion

Think she wants me out of ySense forever

Yes there was. Don't argue with me. I am tired of your senseless junk. These forums are NOT about you!
For years you have posted political and religious topics and now all of a sudden you want the rule enforced.

Well let me tell you something, I am not going to argue with you. When you post inappropriately, your
post will be deleted, edited, and/or locked.

Selfies - Dangerous? » Post #3

Sun Oct 04, 2020 18:58 in General Talk

I take that back about the lion. I viewed it again on YouTube and the guy (according the narrater)
was either sitting on the rail or some how got to close and fell in. Also, it was a white tiger. Really
terrible thing to see caught on video and no one could do anything about it.

Selfies - Dangerous? » Post #1

Sun Oct 04, 2020 15:38 in General Talk

Are selfies dangerous?

I say they certainly can be.

It seems more and more people are dying due to taking a selfie at dangerous locations.

I remember some years ago, I think it was an Indian, was trying to take a selfie and he fell into
a lions den at a zoo in India. At first, the big lion only stared at him but as people screamed and
tried to chase the lion back away from the fallen man, it made matters worse. The lion grabbed
up the man like he was a mouse, and ran to the far side of the lion den, he mauled the man to

Some people fall from cliffs while trying to get a selfie with a scenic background.

Just recently, two college women fell from a rooftop 4 flours down into an ally while trying to take
a selfie.

So now, many amusement parks, rec areas, are considering placing warning signs:

'Do not take selfies here' or 'Selfie Dangerous', etc.

Maybe a better sign would be a 'Have Common Sense'.

Valerie my Moderator » Post #34

Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:06 in General Talk

The Reeses Outrageous candy bars are very good but I have never bought one.
After eating something like 32 of them in one month, I was burnt out.

Funny you mention delivery because today Sunday is the first Sunday I can ever
remember receiving a package from FedEx. They don't run on Sundays unless it
some sort of special delivery. It was a pan but one that was slow at shipping out
so I guess they thought to ship them out fast once they got the orders squared
away for samplers.

I have two front doors. One is entry into the living room and the other is entry
into the den. The routine delivery drivers know to leave packages at the den
door. I have an outdoor bench and an outdoor side table by the den door. They
often sit packages on the bench and/or the table of simply on the concrete drive
if the package is large. Some drivers lately don't know so they take the package
all the way up to the main front door onto the porch.

No, sampling has not slowed but some items are taking longer to deliver than
normally would. I don't know why that is.

@wildbillhickok, yes that is it in a nutshell. I don't have anything against anyone
here, not even the ones that call me names. I've never met in person anyone
here so I have no real reason to dislike anyone on these forums. It's kind of
funny to me how someone can dislike someone on a forum. To me, that is kind
of an ignorant stance. You know, it's like screaming 'I am stupid'. :lol:
I may dislike what someone posted but that does not mean that I would not like
the person if I were to meet that person. Vice versa is true also.

There's always going to be people that don't like the moderators. Like I have
said, the moderators are moderators and not here to win a popularity contest.

I try to do what Jim told moderators to do and follow the rules and use our own
discretion. That's it.

Spring in Brazil » Post #15

Sun Oct 04, 2020 07:01 in General Talk

PETER ALLEN "I Go To Rio" at Radio City Music Hall - Rockettes - YouTube

Can you see him outside doing that in 110 F temps in Rio?

Valerie my Moderator » Post #29

Sun Oct 04, 2020 06:53 in General Talk

@Darkstar2, you ask what was Reeses Outrageous Bars.

Me must not forget to answer me questions. Canadian learn I must.

Valerie my Moderator » Post #27

Sat Oct 03, 2020 20:57 in General Talk

......and desks, lamps, dish towels, dog food, dog treats, dog toys, cat food, cat treats, cat stuff, baby mattresses, baby crib, holiday decorations, rugs, vitamins, health products.....

I keep the stuff. Some companies do not allow for the item to be given away. In addition, those
same companies won't allow you to throw the item away until six months has passed. Also, the
same companies do not allow the items to be sold.

There's a lot of things I do in fact use. Some I use for awhile. Eventually stuff gets moved outside
to one of my storage buildings.
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