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Project » Post #14

Mon Dec 21, 2015 21:18 in General Talk

Take a good look around the forum some time.

When will I be paid?
How much does it cost to upgrade?
How do I earn?
How do I earn more?
How do I get my money?
When do I get paid?

People that are truly interested when they enter their email for more info, can
become very active members.

You have to tell people what to do. They don't know. To top if off, they don't
want to read a book or go through a lot of headaches.

A top internet marketers online, was subscribed to my newsletter years ago and
when I sent out information about a program I had joined, he was interested
enough to join....only thing is.....the site went down during the enrollment process.
He contacted me but then became fed up. By the time the site was up, he was
no longer interested. All I could see was the dollar signs diminishing. haha!

The point is, IF I had relayed the site was very active and stated one may need
to wait a few minutes and try again.....he probably wouldn't have got fed up.

It's a good idea to number things and/or create steps. do this, then do this,
then do that.

Most messages I read from autoresponders are awful. People either have a
long drawn out boring message and/or stating nothing except how wonderful
it is. I don't want to read how wonderful something is.

Check late? » Post #11

Mon Dec 21, 2015 17:57 in General Talk

I know all of them and they know me. UPS, FedEx, mail man......we use to have two mail men, now
only one. I sold a garage door to the UPS guy.

That has nothing to do with me receiving a giant box of junk. I think there must have been a wreck
of some sort, some where a long the lines and it took them weeks to sort did have my walmart
slip inside......and whoever was doing to sorting decided to toss all the broken cell phones in the box
to me. It was totally weird.

PS. I hate BestBuy

Check late? » Post #9

Mon Dec 21, 2015 14:13 in General Talk

You wouldn't believe what I received a few months ago!

I had placed an order at Walmart dot com for about ten cans of stew and 3 packages of
the Lance brand peanut bars (peanut brittle bars). Seems I had an ordered something
else too but don't remember. It displayed my order had shipped and would be arriving
thru the postal mail service via FedEx. I hate when they do that as it is so silly to me
since the truck passes directly by my road every day. Anyway....I waited for the order
and I waited and waited. It does often take 10 days and some times even up to 15 days
for an order from Walmart dot com thru the USA mail via FedEx. No big deal, no hurry
for it.

It never arrived.

Again, no big deal, as it wasn't anything I was in dire need of. I contacted Walmart
and they saw it had never delivered. They gave me a refund.

Months passed. Ohhhh I know what else it was, a package of Full Moon dog jerky.

So months passed and one day a GIANT box arrived thru the postal mail. I couldn't
fathom what it was since I wasn't expecting anything, especially nothing in a HUGE

I opened it and inside was.....YEP...sure enough.....there was my cans of stew all
rolling around in the box......and there was my peanut bars, most out of their little
box and swimming around the cans and the ...... package of dog jerky that was dirty
and all sweaty looking thru its package window. And then.....guess what else.....

HUNDREDS OF CELL PHONES! All beat up! Pieces of cell phones. Some with backs,
some without backs.....some with batteries, some without batteries....most all scratched
and dented......various instruction pamphlets......and one little knife.....a knife that you
might get for a quarter at a dollar store.

It was in the summer so I guess most that stuff got hot some where. I broke down the
box and put all the items in trash bags and placed in the trash can. I can only guess
what happen. It was very weird.

Check late? » Post #5

Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:50 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: This is busiest time of year for post office. Only things they deliver on time this time of Year amazon prime packages. Always get those on date promised. UPS been day off delivering for past month on all my packages. I still prefer UPS as they bring it to front door and ring door bell. So switching to Best Buy next year as they use UPS vs amazon using USPS bulk of time. USPS tries fit everything in mail box than I get spend 20 minutes trying get it out. We got biggest mail box they offer so most days not problems. Rarely get FedEx so can not comment on it.

Best Buy does not make me pay for faster shipping due my spending so much there yearly ($3500 a year). So I be dropping Prime once expires next December.

Im not going to speak for you and I don't even know where you are.

I'll just say that when ordering items thru large stores, even from Amazon, much is dependent
upon what you are ordering in regards to how it is delivered. Also, supply and demand.

Most items I order thru Amazon come through the USA mail. Other times I have ordered
products and received thru FedEx and also thru UPS.

Walmart is the same way. I could order a package of cookies one day and it ship FedEx
from Arkansas and the next day I could order a package of cookies and it ship UPS from
Nashville and the's kind of mind boggling.

Is Everyone looking forward to Xmas. » Post #6

Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:59 in General Talk

It doesn't matter what day of the week you go to church.
Your body is the temple of God and therefore, you can worship HIM any day of the week, every day of the week.

In regards to day of rest, it doesn't matter which day you choose it to be.
We always chose Sunday. If truth be known, it might have been on the day after the 7th that He rested.
No one really knows.

I love Christmas and I always have.

Altho Christmas has become so commercialized in regards to shopping, It's always a wonderful time of year,
no matter what day you choose celebrate it.

It's a celebration of Jesus birth, the child sent by God to forgive everyone of their sins, that so believe in Him.

Check late? » Post #2

Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:47 in General Talk

Today is only the 21st and checks as a norm don't process to after the tenth.
Don't forget Sundays and holidays because USA mail doesn't run as you probably are aware.

update my profile » Post #2

Sun Dec 20, 2015 19:19 in General Talk

I see you are premium (upgraded)

If there is something you cant change in your profile, submit a support ticket through the Helpdesk and let them know what you need changed and to what.

Jul » Post #4

Sun Dec 20, 2015 06:56 in General Talk

Christmas is Dec 25th in the states and why that is, I am not sure at the moment.
It seems at one time, I did look that up.

The Christmas holiday is very commercial and has been for a long time but even
more so today.

Why do people want snow at Christmas. 'I hope it snows for Christmas' When
viewing most movies about Christmas (snow) and many songs 'White Christmas'.
You'd think it would be sand, hay, and jackasses they'd be dreaming of.

I would also think that gifts wouldn't be so monetary. Gifts should be incense
and figs.

The three old men that brought gifts, I doubt they went to Walmart for wrapping

I've always loved Christmas but when I think about how we celebrate, it is very odd
to say the least.

Jul » Post #2

Sat Dec 19, 2015 18:47 in General Talk

That's interesting.

It is amazing all the different beliefs in the world and we should all
beg to allow people to believe as they choose as long as they are
not inflicting harm on others.

I'm up to 83 today, how about you? » Post #9

Sat Dec 19, 2015 18:14 in General Talk

I didn't post this for any particular reason, just for fun really.

Also, I will say that I have been home most the day today but I did take my dog for a long walk,
baked home made cookies, baked a home made pizza, wrapped some Christmas gifts, did some
house cleaning, etc.

I will also say, I don't have, never have had, and probably never will have, the ClixSense bar.

Premium members do as a norm, receive more ads to view. AND, you do need to keep an eye
on the computer for those ads if you are really wanting them. If you don't click what you see,
you won't see more to click.

New rule » Post #32

Sat Dec 19, 2015 14:25 in General Talk

billykilroy wrote: You guys have humor but as for Valerie and Sarge25 not so much. Still don't see how it is wrong to get in line? Isn't that what this is about or what? And what is wrong sitting with my gay friends and having a threesome?? FYI can someone show me the line in that post sarge25 sent that says you can only request a cash out once a week? Thank you for your support and sarcasm.

Members are simply having fun with you but I think you are not so much.

The thing is, I and others have answered your questions numerous times
concerning the new payment procedure that may be temporary. Also, the
link to admins topic has been posted for you, more than once. I may be
wrong but I think you have also posted in admins topic.

I'll see if I can't define it for you to make it more clear, since you've only
been here 2 years, a premium member, within the USA.

Admin stated the following in regards to the new payment procedure:

-Members may cash out only once per week
-Members may add to their cash out request
-Payments are made at about 30% of members payment request per day

There is no physical line, no coffee houses, no theaters, no bathroom lines.

In fact, not much has changed except for the fact that members do not know
for a definite day/time they will be paid. Although that definite day/time to
be paid was always nice, it's certainly not a deal breaker and most legitimate
programs do not relay an exact day/time either.

I am an affiliate with many resellers and for the most part, I don't get paid
through those affiliate networks until I have a balance of at least $100.00.
Also, most of those networks I am a member of, only then pay me by check
once per 30/60/90 days.

I truly hate to use comparisons because programs, opportunities, websites,
networks, are all different and all have their own way of doing things.

The only real difference, as I stated, is that members do not know for sure
exactly what day of the week they will be paid.

ALSO, there is obviously issues ClixSense is having with Neteller.

In ADDITION, admin stated in his news topic concerning the new payment
procedure, that if this didn't pan out, we'd probably go back to the old
payment procedure.

IF you still have questions and you don't understand how this works, you
can submit a support ticket thru the Helpdesk. Support may be able to
explain it to you better than I can so that you will understand how it works. regards to that matter how many are in the q, you still
will not be paid, more than once per week.

I'm up to 83 today, how about you? » Post #4

Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:29 in General Talk

zainjan wrote: bro i am since 2 3 months but only 0.83 doller how to increase your earning

I was referring to ad views today only.

To increase your earnings, you need to check frequently for ads to view, surveys/offers, etc.

New rule » Post #19

Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:12 in General Talk

What I want to know is why the friend didn't go to the bathroom before he left the coffee house!

I'm up to 83 today, how about you? » Post #1

Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:08 in General Talk

View PTC Ads 83 clicks $0.300

I think they have many more ads to view than they use to.

New rule » Post #14

Sat Dec 19, 2015 08:15 in General Talk

cookin2 wrote: Moderators can get their coffee first, but only the decaf variety - don't want them to have the jitters and hit the "close topic" key by mistake :D

Yep, you're right. It would be something like Martians invading Earth, if that happen.

GT Distraction -- Guess who's getting lots of coal » Post #13

Sat Dec 19, 2015 08:12 in General Talk

ISIS wants to recruit as many as they can and they're not doing too bad a job at it.

It's up to all the good people that use the internet to do what they can to keep ISIS
at bay, to say the least.

I don't know if it is much different than those that visit chat rooms to molest our
children. I personally don't give a rats what any constitution says if it is going to
allow our children and our good people to be molested, tortured, and/or murdered.
Everything goes out the window when it comes to WAR. You can't be nice to killers
unless you seek to be killed. Put a 'politically correct, constitution following guy in
a cage while ISIS pours gas on him and while ISIS is holding the match..then ask
the guy how much he cares about his political correctness now.

@ jjohnson777, I don't know what you are talking about but it sounds like you may
be referring to the guy that jacked up the aids meds.

New rule » Post #12

Sat Dec 19, 2015 06:05 in General Talk

I think moderators should get their coffee first and I would like two cups please.

GT Distraction -- Guess who's getting lots of coal » Post #10

Fri Dec 18, 2015 21:56 in General Talk

One problem today is that people focus on so called 'political correctness' and people
in general can't say anything because some people take things out of context.

In days long past, people used common sense. Every word wasn't taken so literally.

There are ways that the terrorist can be blocked off from some websites and perhaps
even some of their own websites shut down. There are ip addresses that we all know
aid in tracking.

I've had servers and it's relatively easy to block specific countries and ip's. Even cheap
scripts can do a fairly decent job at that.

Nothing in the world is fool proof but that doesn't mean you give up, you don't try.

There's people that always want to holler the constitution and censorship, etc and
totally throw common sense out the window. I don't think our forefathers in America
thought that people would be so dumb in the future as to not use common sense along
with the laws of the land.

Well, if it's not one thing, it's ten others.

New Referral commission policy » Post #21

Fri Dec 18, 2015 05:29 in General Talk

I can only guess what many Indian members do after enrolling because like many have stated,
they're inactive. It's not that they're just inactive it is they are inactive from the get go.

Maybe it's a language barrier.

GT Distraction -- Guess who's getting lots of coal » Post #7

Fri Dec 18, 2015 05:25 in General Talk

oberder wrote: Now here's another one that should be having a lot of coal in his stockings this year -- Donald Trump -- the man who made the world hate his political agenda, now mentions of "turning off the internet"; details can be seen at the TechDirt Blog below:

:arrow: Reference source -- Trump Calls For Partial Shutdown Of The Internet, Doesn't Understand What He's Saying | Techdirt

You can't believe everything you read. That's not exactly what he said nor exactly what he meant.

What he is saying is, to shut down and block known terrorist websites and recruiting sites/chat rooms, etc.

Unfortunately, the media loves to turn things around and grab attention any way they can.
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