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HaHa! » Post #1

Mon Oct 26, 2020 14:31 in Polish

Problem z OpinionWorld nie aktywny » Post #3

Mon Oct 26, 2020 14:27 in Polish

Mogą nad tym pracować, więc sugeruję spróbować później.

Food Shortages - USA » Post #46

Mon Oct 26, 2020 14:21 in General Talk

A guy walks into a doctors office and sits down. He is wearing a disposable mask.
He sneezes several times and coughs. In fact, one time he lowers his mask to blow
his nose. He then pulls his mask back over his face. As he sits there, his arms are
resting on the arms of the chair. Impatiently, he runs his hands back and forth on
the smooth material of the arm rest. He picks up a magazine and flips through it.
A few more times, he sneezes, coughs, lowers his mask to blow his nose. The nurse
comes to the door and calls his name. Off he goes into the doctors office where he
is given covid tests. He is positive for covid-19.

In the mean time, a woman enters the doctor waiting room and has a seat in the
same chair the infected man was sitting in. She is wearing a mask. She rests her
arms on the chair arms. She flips through the same magazine the infected man
flipped through. One of her eyes feels like an eyelash is in it. She reaches up and
rubs her eye several times. Soon, her name is called to see the doctor. She reaches
the door and grabs the same door handle the infected man handled. After leaving
the doctors office, she walks to the receptionist and ask for her paper work. She
has to sign papers and her hands are on the desk, same desk the infected man
went to before he left. As she waves goodbye, she tells everyone to have a great

Although each patient above wore masks, neither wore gloves.

Now I ask you, would you wear gloves or would you not?

When I get back into my vehicle after being at the doctor or Walmart or some where
else, I remove my mask, remove my gloves, and reach for my canister that contains
antibacterial hand wipes. I wipes my hands and my forearms.

I'm in my 60's and I am not a complete fool.

PS. The same goes for shopping in Walmart or any where else. I say, wear disposable
gloves. What does it hurt to wear them? What does it hurt if you don't wear them???

Prime Deal Days » Post #65

Mon Oct 26, 2020 14:04 in General Talk

No, they were not firing him. He was set to retire and he did. There may have been
people to make up stories about his retirement but there was nothing strange about it.

The Carson shows displayed on Prime, are sort of mixed in regards to dates. For example
I clicked to watch one listed as 1985 but the first in that series is dated June 1973 and
they discussed what they got for Valentines Day. The second one in that series is June
1974. They're compiled oddly. They are fun and interesting even after all these years.
Steve Martin was on one and he still had his brown hair. The other one had George Forman.
It was shortly after he whipped Fraiser.

I would prefer to watch them in order but it doesn't really matter.

Food Shortages - USA » Post #39

Mon Oct 26, 2020 09:32 in General Talk

Early or late, I won't say how much it mattered or matters in that regard.

The fact is, we all have it and until we get a vaccine for it, it will continue.

At our local Walmart, there is signs before entering 'all customers and associates must wear face coverings/masks'.
Not exact words but something like that. Well, at least a third or more of the people in Walmart, are not wearing a mask. Even the employees/associates AND manager will have them down around their neck at times.

And I must tell you this. I feel like I am the only person that wears disposable gloves. My
sister even says 'Why?' when I get onto her about wearing the gloves. So, I was at the doctor
office just a couple of days ago and the nurse or nurse assistant said, 'why are you wearing gloves?'
Before I could answer she said 'well it's good to take extra precaution I guess'. I replied, I am not
taking extra precaution. If I was taking extra precaution you would see me in a hazmat suit and
helmet. She laughed. I went on to tell her that we still don't know how everyone truly gets this
virus and to especially go into a doctor waiting room, touch door handles, touch seat arms, touch

Here's the thing about the Northern heavy populated areas like New York with the heavy sick and
death count. They have been moving away from New York and many people across the States are
moving into less populated rural areas. So now, our rural areas are beginning to see the covid
rates increase!

I've got to go back to doc today to give them more of my blood. I'm showing anemia. Guess I'll
be eating iron pills, I suspect.

Prime Deal Days » Post #62

Mon Oct 26, 2020 07:14 in General Talk

I started out and still watching, the Johnny Carson Animals. I forget the title at the moment
but it is full episodes in which each has animals come on the show. Usually it's Joan Embry
from the zoo or Tom Fowler or someone else. I assume I still have a lot of episodes to watch
in that because the main animal guy has not been on there yet....I forget his name but he is
very popular or was.

Carson retired. It really is that simple. He was host of the tonight show for 30 years and he
was 66 years old when he retired. It was not a spur of the moment thing or any kind of secret
behind it. He had planned to retire after 30 years in and at retirement age.

I have added several sets of series of the show to my watch list. I am not sure that all 30
years are listed but many are.

He helped many people over all those years reach stardom. Many unknowns like Joan Rivers,
for example.

Yep, Letterman was good.

Tom Snyder was too. Snyder was a trip in and of himself. His show was really good but it
was strictly a talk show but an extremely good one. He was into model trains and cars:

From wikipedia:

When Snyder left The Late Late Show in 1999, David Letterman gave him a white 1960 Cadillac Series 62 convertible as a going-away present.[13]

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #30

Sun Oct 25, 2020 21:59 in General Talk

We finished building the house about 3 years before he died.

Insulation is not an overly expense here. Not fiberglass insulation. I'd have to look it up
at Lowes or HomeDepot because I don't remember what we paid per roll. It's no problem
to hang. We did place it in the ceiling too which is a little more strenuous and itchy to do
but not too bad. Some people only hang it at the outer walls. We chose to hang it in all
the walls. Just makes the house a little more easy on sound.

Drywall is not difficult to hang if you have a manual machine, it helps a lot. We had the
very tall heavy drywall and we had no problem hanging it. We also put it on the ceilings
and we use a manual machine to raise the sheet to the ceiling. There is a bit of an art to
the sanding, however.

I think most the old houses in the USA have insulation. Depends on how old the house is
and it's location in the States. In many very old houses they used solid heavy oak to build
the house and for insulation they used newspapers. Lots and lots of newspapers. It can
be interesting tearing down an old wall to find old newspapers. Interesting to read. :lol:

Yep, that is what I am saying, labor is expensive. Therefore if you can do the labor yourself,
you can save a huge amount of money.

Depends on where you buy the material and what the tax's are in the State you live in.
Unfortunately, we lived in one of the highest sales tax States. Tennessee. Sales tax is
almost 10%. That adds up to a lot and quickly when buying materials.

Septic tanks are actually better. In other words, if you have your own septic tank, you are
not going to be paying the city a sewage fee. Well, it's actually very simple. Dig a hole,
insert a septic tank. Run your plumbing from the septic to the house. Most septic tanks
are made of concrete or some type of fiberglass. They usually have one or more clean out
plugs. The tank is covered over with dirt and the clean out plug is near the top of the ground.
Some people choose to have the clean out plug exposed a bit above the ground. The reason
is, it's easy to find the plug when comes a time to clean it out. It's better however, to have
the plug some bit under the dirt so you won't run over it by accident with lawn mower. The
tanks usually have an overflow at one end. If the tank becomes full, it will begin to seep
out into the ground at one end. Septic companies clean out the septic tanks. As I stated
above, it depends on the size of the family, what is running into the septic tank, in regards
to how often one should have it emptied/cleaned out. What those companies do with the
waste, I couldn't say but no doubt they have a legal way to expose of it.

Well water is the best water and best tasting water you can drink. Not to be confused with
a cistern or a bad land/run off area.

I live in town so I have city water, city sewage, city trash pickup, all on one monthly bill.
I don't drink the city water. I buy bottled water.

Yep, insurance and tax's eat away at the pocket book. House Insurance, Car Insurance,
Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, City Property Tax, County Property
Tax, and so it goes and goes and goes.

Prime Deal Days » Post #60

Sun Oct 25, 2020 21:19 in General Talk

I don't know if I was born yet when the movie came out or not.

The point I was making is, it's an excellent movie for back then and for now.

Talking about children being spoiled and child serial killers made me think of it.

It may be on prime, not sure but I am pretty sure there is a colorized version.

I am watching Johnny Carson on Prime and it's like an interesting fun history book.
A 1974 episode he was talking about the long lines at the gas pumps in California.
They could only have 4 gallons and it was a whopping $0.53 a gallon. They thought
that high price of gasoline was outrageous! :lol:

Prime Deal Days » Post #58

Sat Oct 24, 2020 21:54 in General Talk

You probably never saw 'The Bad Speed'. It came out in 1956.

The first time I watched it on TV, I was about ten years old.

It was in black and white I think but it seems like it did come out colorized. I'm not sure.
Seems many years later when I watched it, it was in color.

But it is an excellent movie.

I favor the old classics because the acting was so much better. Actors back then, had to
really work. They didn't have all the moving cameras, computer tricks like they do today.

The Bad Seed (1956) Official Trailer - Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack Movie HD - YouTube

Prime Deal Days » Post #56

Sat Oct 24, 2020 09:47 in General Talk

There's a 7 part episode program I think you would like.

I kept ignoring it because it is about Roger Ailes, the Fox News executive.

I binge watched and finished it in one day. It was actually interesting.
They really made up Russel Crowe, he plays as Ailes.

It's leaving prime by Nov. 1st so you'll have to watch it fast.

Leaves in 8 days:
Watch The Loudest Voice, Season 1 | Prime Video

Food Shortages - USA » Post #21

Sat Oct 24, 2020 08:31 in General Talk

Well I dunno Darkstar2. If we get a president that wants to shut down the entire country,
we'll be lucky to get anything!

The problem in the USA isn't about 'food shortage' per se. At least not yet since our agriculture
is great. It's getting that food to the manufacturers and then having people process that food
and then getting the food to the stores.

If people are not working, businesses and manufacturers are closed, then that becomes the issue.

This is what are president is trying to get across to the people. You can't shut down the entire
country because that will lead to a Great Depression. Instead, we must learn to do some things

We all know that the younger people are, the chances of death is severely low. We know that
those with health conditions and the elderly are more susceptible. Each of us must make our
decisions. THIS is what our president is saying. He does not want to tell people they MUST
wear a mask. He leaves a lot up to each individual STATE.

For example, myself. I am responsible for me. I am not in the younger generation. I have
high blood pressure and heart murmurs. The responsibility to myself is to stay at home mostly
and not mingle around in gatherings. If I go to the doctor....which I did just yesterday, I wear
mask and gloves. I do occasionally go to Walmart or another store and always I wear mask
and gloves. I order many products online and that saves me time when I am physically in the
store. If I get tired of being inside my house, I simply go outside. I can do yard work, sit
on the front porch, sit on the back deck, rake the yard, pot a plant, walk the dog around the
yard, etc. I can talk to the neighbors across the yard. I can talk to people that walk down
the street past my house. I can communicate over the phone, I can work on the internet, I
can send and receive emails, I can watch tv, I can clean my house, I can cook, I can live just
find and dandy. THIS IS what our president is saying....

We must each make our own decision as to how we best handle this pandemic in order to
keep ourselves safe.

My son, he has had his job/work the entire time. No shut downs at the plant he works at.
My daughter that works at home, medical transcriptionist, no problems with her work.
My daughter that is a speech therapist for a school system......yes she has suffered some
issues due to the school hours, but for the most part, she is still fine job wise.

Now bring in a new USA president that wants to shut down the entire country and give
everything freely to everyone. Dare I mention he looks like the walking dead. Many of
us in the USA has a lot of fear of him. We're afraid he will:

Cut our Social Security - This is because he wants to place money other places and that
will result in taking money from those who need it the most. ME and others like me. We
worked all of our lives and paid into social security. This guy wants to reduce the retirement
age to 60 and that means even less to those of us that are on SS now. Dare I mention cuts
to SSI (Supplemental Social Income), SDI (Social Disability Income).

Take us to War - This guy simply lacks what it takes to associate with country leaders. In
fact, he has made very strong warnings and threats to other countries.

Great Depression - If he shuts down the country, what does that mean for ALL countries?
Believe me, it won't just be the USA that suffers.

Health Care - He wants to keep ObamaCare. The way his plans go, the State Medicaid
programs will suffer. In reality, this means millions of American's won't receive State
Aid for health care and those on government SSI and/or SDI will receive less too.

Climate - He wants to say he won't stop fracking but he plainly stated more than once
he would. Personally, I don't agree with fracking. But our current president has allowed
it and that has kept our gasoline at the pumps from rising and we're doing well without
trades from other countries. He wants to spend a lot of money on wind and alternative
energy and he says it will put more Americans to work. He wants to take us back into
the Paris agreement. These things is going to cost a lot of money and when all is said
and done, the climate will not be one iota better.

There's a lot more but I will stop there. I am just telling you some things that may
happen and why many of us in the USA choose to stay with our goofy present president.
For those of you in India, Canada, Australia, China, UK, and all across the globe....who
we have as president in America, affects YOU too.

Many people in the USA want to make this pandemic a political thing. It really isn't.
As an American, I truly believe that each of us is responsible for our own life and how
we choose to live it. We must abide by the law but we do have the right to choose
who we put into offices that make those laws. We get into our cars and put our seat
belts on for protection. Why wouldn't we all be glad to do the same with masks? I
will tell you why. Because many people want to make it a political thing and instead
of doing what they can to protect themselves and others.....just like that seatbelt, they
want to make an issue out of it which has in fact led to sickness and death to themselves
and to others.

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #28

Fri Oct 23, 2020 18:26 in General Talk

Well, it's not really difficult to build a house. In fact, if you can build the house yourself,
you can save a ton of money.

My husband was a contractor and we built a new house together. I hung insulation, dry wall,
flooring, and more. We dug the footers and everything. He even ran the electric but he was
not allowed to do the final hookup of course. Electrician was called in to inspect the wiring,
and then hook it up. We went with a metal roof and hired roofers. We also hired window
installers. So we hired some help but we did most of it ourselves.

I know a lot of people that never had any formal training in construction that could build a
house. I guess just knowledge passed down through the generations. My husbands father
built houses so that is how he learned. My grandfather could build a house and remodeled
and built additions on.

Yeah, a lot of house were built with solid oak back then and if taken care of can last longer
and withstand more than many built today.

In the rural area (country) people tend to have septic tanks. Plumbing is run from the septic
tank to the house, primarily bathrooms. In many areas, it is against the law not to run it to
the washer/kitchen also. There is a clean out on the tank. For say a couple of people, it
probably would only need cleaned out about every 7 to 10 years. For a family, probably
every 4 or 5 years.

No, actually, like I said, my husband ran all the wiring. All of it and it was a LOT. But we
did have the electrician do the inspection and hook up.

In cities and towns, people don't have individual septic tanks. People much pay the sewage.
Just like water and trash. In the country, people have well water. They have their own
well. Today most areas even rural, have trash pick up but there are places that don't and
they burn their own trash and/or at some point take it to the local dump.

I won't drink city water. I'll drink well water but not city water. Since I live in town now, I
buy bottled water.

People choose to buy house insurance or not. It is up to them. If they have a mortgage/loan
then the mortgage/loan company is going to force insurance.

I could build a house myself. BUT I couldn't because I'd get tired. :mrgreen: What I am
saying is, I know how.

Yep, they really need to teach children more life skills.

Food Shortages - USA » Post #16

Fri Oct 23, 2020 18:01 in General Talk

Ethiopia had the locusts this month. The people were already starving and now, they
have even far less.

Every time we turn the page in the USA, there is another cop that has shot a black person.

I don't think the cops have enough consistent training.

You know, when you graduate from college or any profession, that is not the end of your
learning. Whether you are a doctor or a nurse or a fire fighter or an artist or a programmer
or anything else. I don't think the police in the USA are having enough constant training.
It should be weekly training for them. That means class room discussions, enacting, etc.

BUT it truly is NOT just black people. White people are killed by cops every day too, not
to mention other races. That's why I for the most part do not see it as a racist thing so
much as it is a lack of education and consistent training. Dare I mention, some cops have
the IQ of a mule.

Prime Deal Days » Post #55

Fri Oct 23, 2020 17:53 in General Talk

Like I said, their daughter was spoiled and they would do anything for her and
protect her anyway they could. They never took anything into consideration other
than what their daughter told them. Finally, at the end, what could they do? They
knew their daughter's life would go onward but theirs would stop. A lot of irony to
the movie. They daughter lies. She didn't murder. They murdered. The daughter
does not go to jail. The parents will. They wanted to protect their daughter. That
didn't really work because the movie displayed how close she was to her parents
and how much she wanted her mom and dad to be together and all of them as a
family like they used to be. That was not going to happen now and the daughter
would forever be disturbed due to her parents being in jail, death row, etc.

The father of the missing girl felt it was his daughters friend that did something to
his daughter. Because for starters, the parents were acting so weird and were
lying to him say their daughter was at the doctor and he saw she wasn't. And he
said you are covering up for your daughter. So yeah, the movie story line did
everything to make the audience believe the girl killed her friend. What father
wouldn't believe that because of the way they were all acting.

The girl had not been home yet. She had been with her boyfriend. She came to
their house first to tell her friend she was back. But when she entered the garage
she saw the girls parents there. Remember, they told her to go home. She had
not been home yet.

Yep, that is what they wanted to make you think, the daughter was mentally
unstable. She was having problems coping with her parents split and cutting
herself. So here again, this gave way to make the audience further believe that
she was a psycho killer. I even thought that was what would follow....her killing
more people, maybe killing her mom. She had arguments with her mom. Again
another stitch to make you believe she was a psychotic killer. This is why the
parents said, 'there is something wrong with her' because she was watching
cartoons, fixing breakfast, laughing, and seemingly not caring she had just killed
her best friend.

I had absolutely no idea, no thoughts of it being anything other than the daughter
killing her best friend. So the end really was that WOW and OH NO!

Yeah, I really liked the movie. There are tons of movies out today and I do watch
some very good ones from time to time but most don't really grab me or hold my
attention. The Lie is memorable.

1 million reached » Post #3

Fri Oct 23, 2020 11:02 in General Talk

I don't think ySense can do much about PL.

PeanutLabs seems to be in a world of their own, far far away.

Ankiety » Post #14568

Fri Oct 23, 2020 06:28 in Polish

Admin stated that people in all countries are getting paid with PL surveys. He said there is nothing wrong he can see. He said as I said, he would need proof, screenshots, etc of the issue they are experiencing.

Administrator stwierdził, że ludzie we wszystkich krajach zarabiają na ankietach PL. Powiedział, że nie widzi nic złego. Powiedział, jak powiedziałem, że będzie potrzebował dowodu, zrzutów ekranu itp. Dotyczących problemu, którego doświadczają.

Food Shortages - USA » Post #9

Thu Oct 22, 2020 21:32 in General Talk

I think he did well tonight and no, everyone has not voted yet.
I've never known of polls to be all inclusive, far from it.

He came back at Biden very well for most everything stated.

I felt Biden really hurt himself when he tried to act so strong on 'protecting our sovereignty'.
That was bad because the way he came across, he would lead us into war.

Trump came right back more or less pointing that out. That his focus was to have a good
relationship with leaders and that we are not at war.

Every time Biden said he would do this or that, Trump said well why haven't you done it,
you been in office long enough so you didn't do it then you won't do it now.

Anyway, what will be will be and it won't be too long down the road and we'll find out.

Prime Deal Days » Post #53

Thu Oct 22, 2020 21:23 in General Talk

Eh, I never look at rotten tomatoes or critic reviews.

I look at the description, the actors that are in it, watch the trailer if there is one,
then I watch it. If I don't like it a few minutes into it, I simply don't watch it.

I don't expect moves to be real. I think that is where a lot of people get lost in
the idea of a movie. A movie is mostly entertainment.

I'm not sure why 'The Lie' would receive low reviews. I felt it was more than a
3 star movie and actually had more to it than meets the eye. A lot of irony but
I won't spoil it if you intend to watch it.

Prime Deal Days » Post #51

Thu Oct 22, 2020 20:27 in General Talk

I really liked it.

Nothing for the history books but I like a good movie with good actors
that has some drama/mystery/thriller to it. It kept me interested. I
did not know if the movie was going to head into a trial scene or jail
scene or what.

Food Shortages - USA » Post #7

Thu Oct 22, 2020 20:24 in General Talk

I thought the debate was good tonight.

Also, I felt Trump won but of course the other side will say Biden won.
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