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Posts by valerie

HaHa! » Post #3

Thu Oct 29, 2020 07:41 in Polish


Geee r zeee go r z
Bee r zee see zee why ssss zee see why kay eye eeee weee eye see zee

How's that?

Or maybe it's

greesyorg breezycracker :shock:

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #43

Wed Oct 28, 2020 21:39 in General Talk

You have sliding glass windows. Ok. Whew! Took awhile to figure that one out. :mrgreen:
Good thing you don't need to run outside every time you want the windows open. hahahahahahaha

32 below!!! 32 below!!! 32 below!!! Noooooooo Noooooo Nooooo

Oh there might be a really freezing few days or now and then when it might get down to 10 or 12 F
but even that is not very common. There are generally few days it gets below freezing. When it does
it's maybe 27 F at the lowest. Winters are rather mild the further South one goes in the USA. I should
knock on wood because we might have a bad winter. I have a gas pack that I think will still run if the
power is off. At any rate, I do have a gas fire place that will run without electricity.

I never thought about that. No snakes in Canada. We have plenty over here.

Prime Deal Days » Post #80

Wed Oct 28, 2020 21:22 in General Talk

Maybe we will be at war with Martians!

Prime Deal Days » Post #78

Wed Oct 28, 2020 19:03 in General Talk

I think it's a little difficult for one to say what they will do in the future
because you never know what's going to take place between the now
and future.

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #41

Wed Oct 28, 2020 18:55 in General Talk


I'm so confused. I never heard of a window that opens inside with another window behind it
that opens outside. What would be the purpose of that? If you wanted fresh air, you'd have
to open the inside window and run outside and open the outside window. Or open the inside
window and reach out to open the outside window. :lol:

A double pane window is two sheets of glass. Hence 'double pane'. With a double pane window
there is some space between the glass. It's not glued together (so to speak). When you open
the window raise the window you get air. Simple as that. ALL windows have an outside weep
hole. Generally it is on the metal frame. That way if you wash your window seals, the excess
water can run out through the weep hole. It may generally be on the window screen.

No, I don't live in the house we built. I had too much for me to handle there and sold it when
he passed away two years ago. My house is brick and one area of my house has double pane
windows. There isn't drafts coming in any where in this house.

I still don't know why you would have that large opening on the inside of your window. You
know what it reminds me reminds me of those old windows that had rope pulls in them.
You ever see any of those? I can't recall where or when I saw such but I know I have. Had
some kind of ropes on the side and I think a big opening at the bottom where the ropes could
be adjusted.

Yep, I think you have to be very familiar or have had many people you know well, give the
thumbs up to handymen or individual laborers. Not saying all are bad. Just saying if you
don't know and you have a big job like a roof, best go with a licensed company.

Payments » Post #2

Wed Oct 28, 2020 18:32 in Payment Proofs

Please stop posting your information in your image.

Prime Deal Days » Post #76

Wed Oct 28, 2020 15:02 in General Talk

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #39

Wed Oct 28, 2020 12:08 in General Talk

I couldn't find any windows like you have. I looked at images and all I can find
are those with weep holes. Most windows have some kind of weep holes on the
outside to allow water to run out if need be. Mostly weep holes are on the storm

You may not care but you might want to call a window company in your area and
tell them what you have. Ask them what it is called and what the heck is it for?

To me it almost looks like that is where a handle could go if the person wants to
install a handle for raising/lowering the window. Heck if I know. :lol:

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #38

Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:36 in General Talk

Yeah, I just bet ya it's for condensation.

Those double pane windows might be a newer type that have that cut out area, I don't
know. Maybe they are an older type.

Lots of people in the States of double pane windows but also a lot of people don't like
them and choose single. Like you said, the double pane windows tend to provide more
insulation. The bad is you can't clean the inside of them and condensation can form
resulting over time in foggy glass that can't be cleaned.

There's double pane windows in about half my house and I don't like them. They are
a newer install. They are tilt windows so it's easy for me to clean the outside by tilting
them inward. They don't have any kind of a hole or opening to them.

That's what makes me think your windows have that hole due to the Canadian winters
or something to do with how condensation may form in your house or area in which you

I might try to google that and see what I can find, just out of my curiosity.

Well I don't have a metal roof at the house I own now. I would prefer it, however.
I'd be dead before a new metal roof ever began to rust and I doubt I would have
needed to do any maintenance to it. I will tell you where the real issues may be
with metal.

For starters, most home owners with metal roofing around here, have metal sheets
not metal shingles. Metal shingles probably are more expensive than the sheets. I
don't know but I would assume so. The main issues I see with metal sheeting is
making sure it is installed properly. It's best to go with a company that knows how
to properly install it. That's why we did not put the roof on ourselves when we
decided to go with metal roofing when we built a new house. We could have put a
roof on ourself but we couldn't do the metal. We had no experience in properly
installing the metal roofing. We did do it ourselves over our balcony as that was no
big deal placing the metal there.

The next issue is those metal rivets that are screwed through the metal. Well, I
don't know what they are called, I am saying rivets but they are probably called
something else. We have term for people that try and pass themselves off as
knowing what they are doing..... Jack Legs. There's a lot of jack legs out there
that work for themselves and will offer a cheaper rate. The problem is, they may
do a poor job so it's better to go with a qualified licensed company. If you go with
a jack leg and have problems, your insurance probably won't cover it. So those
rivets have to be sealed properly or they might leak.

I did not watch all this but this is metal sheeting that I am referring to and it looks
like they had a jack leg install it:

How not to install a metal roof - YouTube

Topic » Post #5

Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:07 in General Talk

suraraj wrote: Sorry nothing can be done by me. I cannot vote in the general elections in the United states. I do not want to discuss politics. Useless to discuss here at ySense. :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

No one is forced to discuss anything here. Also, no one is forced to read the forums.
In addition, no one is forced to visit the forums.

The exception might be the moderators of the sub forums they moderate. Since you
are not a moderator, you are not forced to participate in sub forum discussions.

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #36

Wed Oct 28, 2020 07:57 in General Talk

Well that's really odd to me. I've never seen a window like that before. You say it has
to do with pressure? You know what, since they are double pane, I wonder if it has to do
with moisture control. Because double pane windows can get moisture in-between the
glass and when that happens there really isn't anything that can be done about it. I just
betcha it has something to do with preventing moisture between the glass. That's pretty
smart if that is the purpose.

I never experienced any issues with metal roofing. When it rains, yes we could hear it
but it was not much different than hearing it hit a shingle roof. Never saw dented metal
roofing, not even on old barn roofs.

I guess metal roofing is treated for rust prevention. You can get the metal in various
colors. Some people have red or green or black or chocolate brown, or copper, or white
or grey that seems to be the most popular colors. So to tell you the truth, I don't know if
they would rust or not. I just assume they would after many years if they weren't painted
if rusting starts. Makes me think of old barn roofs that are rusted. I have seen old house
trailers with metal rusted roofing.

Prime Deal Days » Post #73

Wed Oct 28, 2020 07:33 in General Talk

Yes, it was a holographic image of Jackson. I couldn't think of the name until you stated it.
But it was solid, not ghostly.

There might be some Letterman on Prime. I don't know, have not looked yet. I'd like to
see some Tom Snyder too. With Tom, it would depend on who he was interviewing in regards
if I wanted to watch.

Prime Deal Days » Post #71

Tue Oct 27, 2020 20:00 in General Talk

I guess I've seen every movie Steve Martin was in.
Planes Trains and Automobiles is a Christmas time favorite. Ranks up there with Christmas Story
and Christmas Vacation.

Well there are many people that say, Martin was not a big drinker. It was became part of his act
and appeal. I tend to believe that was probably true. Of course I don't know.

I watched an episode tonight that was Gary Shandling's first appearance. He did a stand up
comedy routine and did not sit, left immediately. Carson, he is going to be big. He was. I
forget about many of the entertainment people. You know, they just disappear from the mind
when you don't hear or see them. Gary even had his own tv show.

I think you read a lot of gossip columns. There is no way that anyone could get Carson

I don't know when the VCR was invented but I do know that no one had them that I knew of, in
the 60's nor the 70's. There may have been some around in the late 70's, I don't remember. I
remember cassette players, seemed everyone had those. I can't remember anyone having vcr's
at that time.

No, the Michale Jackson was not an impersonator. It was like he was actually there on stage.
I don't know how they did it. It was on TV.

Carson wasn't disposable. He practically owned the network and could have if he wanted to.
You may read a bunch of crap because crap sells but that is all it is, a bunch of junk. He was
not liable for anyone that came on the show whether they were drunk or not drunk or acted
out in anyway that someone may not have liked. The man retired because he was old, had
been working since he was 15 years old, had did the tonight show since 1962, his health was
not that great any more, and like most people that are reaching 70 years of age, they want
to spend time doing other things instead of working.

Anyway, it's interesting to watch the old Carson tonight shows. On Prime, they are all mixed up.
Every time I watch one that says 1985 series, each episode will give the date before it starts and
they are like Jun3, 1973, June 13, 1974, Aug 10, 1983, for example. I guess each one of those
compiled of the best episodes or like the one with the animals, all the animal shows, ones with
new comedians perhaps like Shandling and Chase, etc.

Indian members » Post #5

Tue Oct 27, 2020 06:52 in General Talk

In PayPal you have the option to transfer an amount to your bank by
entering how much you want to transfer. I've never known PayPal to
automatically take all your money and transfer it to your bank.

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #34

Tue Oct 27, 2020 06:45 in General Talk

I think I know what you are talking about. The hole is a very tiny pin hole? I never thought
about those before but I can remember windows at the very bottom, metal area, in the middle
having a tiny pin hole. Seems like those would be for suction when opening/closing the window.
Or simply the way the windows are manufactured thru a machine. I don't really know. Never
thought about it.

You're referring to an iron ground hand pump. Often they may be located in an open area, a
field for various purposes such as feed/water livestock and some times near barns. My guess
is the taste may have been metallic due to the iron. The yellow color may also have been due
to the iron. It may have been a shallow well. In the old days they used a lot of iron. A lot
of cast iron in building houses too, especially for septic pipes. Later in years a lot of copper
was used for water pipes. Copper has become so expensive that now PVC is generally used.

Naw, metal roofing really is not louder. A lot of people say that but it really isn't. It might
be if you have a flat roof with no attic, no insulation. I've never known of a metal roof to
get dents in it. If a tree fell on it, maybe. If would have to be some very cheap metal
roofing for it to get dents. Hail does not hurt it either. There is only one thing that I see
bad about metal roofing and that is rust if the owner does not maintain it. In other words
over the years the metal roofing may in places rust. You've no doubt seen that at least
barns with rusty metal roofs. But, talking about many years, just like an old metal barn roof,
it may rust in areas. The good thing however, the owner can paint the metal roof. So if
rusting does begin at any point, it can be maintained by painting.

Prime Deal Days » Post #69

Tue Oct 27, 2020 06:22 in General Talk

I do remember that one. Steve Martin was so funny back then and he was on Carson a lot.

There is one time Martin was on and did the King Tut dance. He was rather famous for that.
It's probably on YouTube. He really was a 'wild and crazy guy'.

Well as Carson stated on his show more than once 'this is a family show'. Although it came
on during school nights, many kids stayed up to watch it. Back then you could not record it
so you either watched it or miss out or happen to catch a rerun.

I don't know. I don't think I would care for a VR show. You know there was a music show
not long ago that had Michael Jackson on. It really looked like he was there live on stage.

There's no way they would have ever fired Carson. None at all. If you ever heard or read
anything like that, it is nothing more than fake news. I think Carson could have came on
naked and they would not fire him. The station made millions of dollars and commercial
time slots was difficult to get because all companies wanted to advertise during his show.

Those days are gone and there is not any type of shows that come even close to those
any more. I don't watch any of those late night shows. They are all stupid.

The days of Carson, Snyder, Letterman, are gone. That's it. :cry:

Food Shortages - USA » Post #56

Mon Oct 26, 2020 20:09 in General Talk

That's why you take the gloves off and wash your hands.

Prime Deal Days » Post #67

Mon Oct 26, 2020 20:04 in General Talk

Yep, I watched the one with Dean just the other night.

Many of them I have watched over the years when he was on. Some I can
remember while watching it or bits and pieces of it.

He retired because he was 66 years old and had put in his 30 years. Also
his health was beginning to falter. He had emphysema.

Man stalkes by Mountain Lion ( Utah) » Post #32

Mon Oct 26, 2020 19:54 in General Talk

Actually, it can be a bit opposite. If you don't have good insulation and ventilation,
humidity and mold may form.

If you insulate your house well, you won't have air coming thru the outside walls
to the switch plates and outlets. Same goes for windows. You shouldn't feel air
coming through a window unless it is open.

I never heard of a breathing hole at the bottom of windows. That must be something
unique to Canada?

Well, that is insane the cost of installing insulation there. I suppose blown insulation
is more expensive, I don't know. But fiberglass sheets of insulation is not so costly
and anyone can install it easily. All you need is a carpet blade and a staple gun.

The fiberglass rolls here, for 2x4 walls, is about $20 per roll for 24 foot.

We preferred a metal roof.

It sounds like you may have been drinking from a cistern.

There's actually not a way to drink directly from a well. What we have is pumps that
pump the water into the pipes to the house. There are various pumps depending on
the various sizes of wells. Some wells are very deep and need a deep well pump.

Funny story. The pump went out and it was time for us to buy a new pump and we
need and we had the plumbers come out and install it and do the connections to the
new house. After that, one of the showers would not work. The shower head would
leak just a little drizzle of water when turned on. We called the plumbers back out
there because we figured they must have hooked up something wrong. Turns out,
after they removed the shower head, behind it, was a cigarette butt filter. We all
guessed that someone when working to install the pump, toss their cigarette butt
into the well or nearby and it fell in.

Food Shortages - USA » Post #48

Mon Oct 26, 2020 15:14 in General Talk

So you're saying we should step out in front of a bus. :shock:
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