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Cryotherapy - body+soul » Post #6

Mon Mar 28, 2016 17:23 in General Talk

hansgruber wrote: losing weight isnt rocket science. if you stop eating as much you will lose weight but its the slowest way of doing it. if you eat less but eat more of the right foods and EXERCISE (the key component), then youll get much better results.

and when i say exercise i dont mean a stroll or anything like that. proper exercise with lots of effort as effort is the thing that will burn your calories. you have to go to your limit and then push yourself to do a bit more because its during that push where the real work is done. everything before that is warming up really.

I think the problem some times is too much exercise.

When I was growing up, rarely did one see an over weight child and even over weight
adults was not often. There might be one or two children in a classroom of 30, that
would be chubby......and if you saw their parents, usually one or both of the parents
were too.

I think in the USA a lot of things have contributed to the over weight and obesity
problem. For starters, Fast Food and Processed Foods. As a small child in a large
city, we had a White Castles, McDonalds, and an A&W was the main fast food joints.
There were pizza places but they weren't chains. There was plenty of sit down diners
but they served real cooked food....not from a bag of frozen stuff.

You ever see the movie 'A Christmas Story'? 'Cam-Lan' was a Chinese restaurant
that we ate at some times after shopping down town. The owner was Charles Sang.
THAT was some mighty good Chinese eats! In the movie, the Chinese restaurant
was based on the 'Cam-Lan' diner.

Back then, you had real food and I can't remember a day that there was ever a
recall on a food product.

The grocery stores weren't full of processed food.

We ate mostly at regular meal times and walking to school, gym, recess, and various
school activities kept most kids fit......but then of course, there was play time after
school and on weekends. We didn't have computers. We had footballs, jump ropes,
bikes, and barbie dolls.

Employment mostly consisted of physical activity. Steel mills and various other factories
were very abundant. People moved when they worked. Today, they rarely stand up
unless its to go to the bathroom or break room to eat.

We were taught exercise is good, of course but most of us did not make it a habit to
do an exercise routine outside of school.....unless of course your name was Jack LaLane.

Also when we ate, I think we ate normal amounts. Rarely did people eat a second portion
of something.

I've been extremely physical in my life but I don't think that is something one needs to
do to lose weight. In fact, I think if you exercise a lot, you best plan on doing it the rest
of your life.

When it comes to losing weight, I think it should be a regular process, not a fast process
and it should consist of a life change. One must discover and practice portion control, go
easy on sugar, salt, processed foods, etc. Do what you can do for the rest of your life so
that your body won't become a yoyo of metabolic confusion.

The Cute Ones :-) » Post #8

Mon Mar 28, 2016 13:35 in General Talk

How could India squirrel be in USA?

India squirrel have passport?

India squirrel sneak across border?

I think it Sergeant chipmunkskunk.

Cryotherapy - body+soul » Post #3

Mon Mar 28, 2016 08:14 in General Talk

I heard about that some weeks ago and I can't remember what that person was
undergoing it.....cancer or some type of ailment, I think. Altho they say the cold
helps people lose weight.

What I have found that helps people lose weight is for them to stop eating so much.
It's a simple solution that works and you don't have to freeze to death.

School uniform debate? » Post #15

Mon Mar 28, 2016 08:12 in General Talk

You'd think most anything would go living in the Chicago area but it didn't.

Girls couldn't wear pants in school. It was so cold up there that my eyelashes
would freeze and fall out. The girls would wear pants under their dress and
in the girls bathroom, were pants and boots, boots and pants all over the place
in the winter months. That was in the 60's.

The year I started high school things began to change. I had moved down South
and they started the rule that girls could wear pant suits. I thought it was so
stupid. Needless to say, it became a little rule confusing as to what is really a
pant suit and what is not. Before the end of the year, they allowed girls to wear
pants, jeans, etc.

Maybe I am old fashion but I think girls and boys should dress respectful. Every
thing has gone to the wind today and kids don't even realize how ugly they look
with earrings hanging out their nose like a heathen and big rings in their ears like
a trained elephant and head half shaved like their razor stopped working half way
thru and bagging like their butt is constantly dirty and itching to they got to wear
their pants below their butt so they can scratch it easier and tops so low a girls
breasts practically hand out and ........ well anyway, they think they look cool but
in reality they look ugly and stupid.

I think every girl like a sharp dress man and every man like a sharp dress girl.

Gay marriage debate? » Post #135

Mon Mar 28, 2016 07:55 in General Talk

Again, the topic is about gay marriage. It really wasn't about religion, sin, cussing, getting mad,
crying, HIV, disease, cost of eggs in China, etc.

Time to move onward.....

School uniform debate? » Post #4

Sun Mar 27, 2016 20:37 in General Talk

Well David, one thing is for sure, you keep the general discussions sub forum
rolling right along.

I grew up in Chicago land.....I say Chicago land because it was a suburb outside
of Chicago and that is the way we phrased it.

There was many huge Catholic churches in the area and some had schools inside
them and some had private Catholic schools outside of the church.

Up there and at that time, everyone walked to buses. I would envy
them because they would be walking to school with their little black shoes on,
white socks, dark plaid skirts, white blouse.

I envied them because they did not have to try and decide what to wear to school
the next day.

I think it is a good thing to wear uniforms to school. Many would disagree. You
know, the old 'individualism' thing.

Vivian Maier » Post #3

Sun Mar 27, 2016 20:22 in General Talk

charez wrote: I have not see the documentary but i have read some articles about her, and see some of her great photos. i feel like she had something to hide, i find her story a bit strange. But what do you mean by a hoarder

I don't think she had anything to hide. I just think she was a lonely person with no
real family and behavior that would range on a borderline psychological problem, to
say the least.

Hoarding is associated with people that are very collective with their possessions.

A hoarder is an extremest with their possessions and often go out of their way to
collect more stuff.

Hoarders suffer from some type of anxiety that initiated the act of hoarding.

Hoarders some times only collect every day possessions, rarely throwing out any
thing but the trash. In very extreme cases, hoarders prefer to live in filth before
daring to throw out food that has gone bad, their trash, etc.

There is a rather sorted variety of hoarders. You have heard of the 'cat lady'.
There are people that are pet hoarders, usually cats or dogs, rarely both. Their
home is filthy and over run with hundreds of dogs or cats. This is of course, bad
for the animals too.

I'll give you a recent example of a hoarder that doesn't even appear to be a hoarder...
it is my ex-brother in law that recently passed away. He was a very intelligent man,
graduated from university in computer science. After graduation he accepted a job
at John Hopkins University located in the state of Maryland. He rented a small apartment
near work. He purchased a new expensive car. Every day, he went to work. He was
primarily a computer programmer. He was very outgoing and had many friends. He
gained many interests and hobbies. He was very active. He was always going some
where on vacations....he would travel to Ireland, Germany, etc. His sister lived in
another state some great distance Mississippi and the rest of his family in Kentucky
and Tennessee. He was the one always doing the visiting. He came in to see family
at holidays, Christmas, etc. One time he took his father with him to Ireland. The
only family to ever see his apartment and visit him in Maryland......was my ex husband
and the three times he was there, it was very brief. As years passed by my ex brother
in law never purchased another car. He drove the same car almost all his life. He made
over $100,000 a year. No one thought much of it. After all, who needs a new car in the
big city! He never married, never had children. One evening he did not show up for work.
His friends at work knew that was odd especially since he did not show up for a dinner
the night before.....and as his friends would say, he never passed up a meal. After two
days, a couple of his friends went to his apartment and there was no answer. They went
to the apartment manager and she unlocked the door. He was found dead in his bed,
clothing a waste can. He died of a heart attack.

So now you are reading a book...... :lol: It is a good way for me to explain however, the
varying types of hoarders. His friends that had gone to his apartment over the years, had
rarely gone past the living room area. Now deceased, it was very apparent that he was a
hoarder. He was not the type of hoarder than did not wash the dishes or not take out the
trash, but he was a hoarder none the less. They almost had a tough time removing his
body because one could barely get into his bedroom door. He had stacks and stacks of
box's, papers, old computers, books, etc. It actually took weeks to go through all his
belongings. Over 80% of it being nothing more than useless junk. Every receipt he had
ever received from anything, was there it seemed.

It was very shocking. Shocking to me. Shocking to his family. At the same time, it was
like a light bulb had gone off. That's why he did not buy a new car......thats why he seldom
had friends over to his apartment.....that's why.......etc.

He left a small fortune behind but his possessions were primarily garbage and not even
worth selling.

Vivian was a hoarder. She also appears to me to have had a compulsive disorder. At
at least one stage in her life she collected newspapers. She was a nanny and she told
her then employer that she wanted to cut articles from the papers but she hadn't got
around to it. She had such a huge amount of newspapers that her apartment floor
became sunk in. The act of collecting such a huge amount of newspapers is a display
of hoarding. She was very compulsive with her much so that she
took photos of everything and had box's and box's of film that had never been processed.
She never even saw most the pictures that she had taken. In addition, she had tons
of negatives.

She spoke with a French accent but sort of broken. Some tried to say she wasn't really
from France at all. After much research, it was found she was born in New York but her
mother was from France. It turns out that she did, at least in some of her younger years,
travel from the USA to France to live with her mother at times in Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur.

It was also said by some that knew her and her employers that Vivian appeared to like
bazaar stuff......such as newspapers that listed murders. One woman that had Vivian
as her nanny had said Vivian was mean to her and had hit her at times.

So it appears Vivian really had some hang ups but why, who knows. I would guess that
it had something to do with her upbringing, her mother, whomever her father was....and
also Vivian hated men....or at least any time of loving relationship.

One of my favorite photographs she took and I have it posted on my Facebook, is of
what appears to be a homeless man but could be a worker on a lunch break. It's a
remarkable photo.

Her photography is outstanding and with many very amazing photographs. It's sad that
she lived her life without any such recognition of her work.

Vivian Maier » Post #1

Sat Mar 26, 2016 22:16 in General Talk

Anyone familiar with Vivian Maier?

If you get the chance to watch the documentary, do so.

I guess she was a hoarder but she had artistic talent.

Do you own Apple Iphone? » Post #17

Sat Mar 26, 2016 22:13 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote:
davidbugs wrote: Android phone have lack of security.

Apple iPhone is secure.

That's just a steaming pile of fermented horseshit.

Hilarious! :lol:

Some of these topics and comments should be compiled in an ebook.

Only Very Stupid ??? here » Post #25

Sat Mar 26, 2016 22:07 in General Talk

Eat your spinach so you will grow big and strong.
I've ate spinach all my life, why am I not big and strong?

Only Very Stupid ??? here » Post #24

Sat Mar 26, 2016 22:07 in General Talk

Smile for the camera.
Why do we smile for the camera, does the camera have emotions?

Only Very Stupid ??? here » Post #23

Sat Mar 26, 2016 22:03 in General Talk

I'm going on a field trip to the concrete jungle.
Why do we go on field trips when we're not going to the field?

Gay marriage debate? » Post #92

Sat Mar 26, 2016 22:00 in General Talk

@tasman1 I am not sure what you are talking about. :lol:

I was talking about in the USA, many people marry or don't marry not for
love, but for other reasons such as financial benefits. I've even known of
people in years past that married simply because one wanted to adopt a
child but couldn't unless married. There are various tax exemptions for
married couples and other benefits for those that may be destitute and
so on. For example, if one is single, they'll pay uncle sam a lot more money
in tax than a married couple. Actually......that is one big issue today during
the presidential candidates because the IRS is so unfair and confusing.

Any way to change sponsor,,, » Post #5

Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:31 in General Talk

garhod66 wrote:
priyanka110 wrote: hello,,
Can I change my sponsor,,,I want to add my friend as my sponsor,,,Is there any way??
My sponsor has hidden the email also so there is no way to contact....


You can close your current account by not using it for about 3 months (or when your Premium membership runs out).

Once closed, open new account, using friend's link.

Must admit though, wanting to change is not nice on original sponsor :cry:

Actually, that is incorrect.

An account is never closed. It may go inactive after 90 days of no activity but it does not close.

The Cute Ones :-) » Post #4

Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:29 in General Talk

gorfman44 wrote: No doubt about it --- that is definitely chipcoon from the family of squirrelous cuteous. They seem to be very common
in the State of Tennessee and some times in the State of Confusion! :lol:

I think you're correct.

That is definitely a chipcoon from Tennessee......HEYYYY is that my chipcoon and if so where did he get them coconuts?

To those who celebrate it » Post #4

Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:27 in General Talk

charez wrote: Chocolate !!!

You can't give a dog chocolate, silly boy!

Gay marriage debate? » Post #84

Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:26 in General Talk

By the way, children that are legally adopted, the parents do receive monthly
social security checks and perhaps other benefits as the USA.

Gay marriage debate? » Post #83

Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:23 in General Talk

Actually, the topic isn't about homosexuality or religion.

The topic is 'Gay marriage debate'.

Not much posted here related to the topic.

This is kind of funny because there are many reasons why two people get married
and it is not always about heterosexual or homosexual. In fact, it is not always
about love or sex.

Can't speak for other countries but often in America, people will choose to marry
for benefits. This probably happens much more than what people realize.

For a real example in the opposite direction, my uncle whom retired from the air-force,
(both he and his wife deceased) did not marry his second wife. They chose to live
together and never marry. The reason being was they were both air force people
and to marry would have had a reduction impact on their money. I don't know the
exact details.

There are a lot of people in the USA that are against gay marriage and not due to
religion or morals but may use religion or morals as an excuse. The reason being
is because the opposite can hold true in regards to the tax man and various benefits.
A married couple may have reduced tax's and other such benefits. The working people
see that this might come back to bite them on the rear due to paying tax's that they
feel is too high too much, anyway.

Then there is the child factor mostly pertaining to adoption. Some people think that
an adopted child will be taught homosexual is good and that is the way to be. To me,
that is like telling a black person they should grow up white.

With all the children in the world that are in foster homes, no parents, I find it a
wonderful thing that people can give them a loving home.....I said LOVING home,
NOT sexual home.

More time will tell but thus far, I think one would find if they looked, children that
grow up under the roof of same sex parents, have no baring on their sexual preference.

The Cute Ones :-) » Post #2

Sat Mar 26, 2016 08:45 in General Talk

Heyyyy that not a squirrel! :mrgreen:

I think it is a chipmunk.

Chipmunk with Raccoon tail. :lol:

075c away from another payout » Post #2

Sat Mar 26, 2016 08:44 in General Talk

It's extra money any way you look at it and it all adds up! :thumbup:
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