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What do u think about 19 years old retired? » Post #16

Fri Mar 11, 2016 14:30 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: Now 80 years old and quite happy with my status quo.Need very little money to get by and happy
with the $ 8 to $12 I earn here monthly

After awhile, you don't really need anything do you! I think some people, especially the
younger generation, may not understand that since they're always wanting something.

Premium Member? » Post #2

Fri Mar 11, 2016 14:27 in General Talk

That's your decision for you to make, not us.

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #25

Fri Mar 11, 2016 06:21 in General Talk

My pecan trees yielded several hundred pounds every year.
There were years they did not yield as much as other years but even so, they still yielded a lot.

There is a large variety of pecan trees.

Hickory nuts is a big seller. I do have lots of hickory trees on my property.....the squirrels horde
them. :mrgreen:

What do u think about 19 years old retired? » Post #13

Fri Mar 11, 2016 04:46 in General Talk

I don't think everyone here wants to get rich or retire young and I will tell you something.....

There are many many people that retire and continue to work all the way up until they are
dead or not physically able to work any more. Why is that? They're not all working simply
because they need the money. They work because it brings enjoyment to them, purpose
to them, physical longevity, placement in an active society, etc.

So believe it or not, everyone here and everyone else where, is not focusing their life on
getting rich.

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #23

Fri Mar 11, 2016 04:41 in General Talk

lotoole wrote: Valerie, I'm planting a pecan tree this year. A friend brought pecans to me from her mother's tree and there is a huge difference in taste between fresh pecans and those you buy in stores. One of my favorite things! And much easier to crack than these rock hard Black Walnuts.

I think it takes a very long time for pecan trees to grow. Probably today however, they have
many varieties with some faster growing.

The ones that were in my yard, I truly could not begin to guess how old they are.....I say are
because I guess they're still there. I know the previous owners has lived there many years
and they said the pecan trees were there when they bought that place. My guess would be
those pecan trees were at least 50 years old.

On the good years, I'd get about 500 pounds of pecans from those two trees. I truly did not
bother with them for the money. I love to eat pecans as many people do and they come in
at just the right time of year......late Fall. I had so many of them, box's and box's and box's
that I would sell some to those I worked with at the hospital. They loved them because for
starters, I sold them for less than they could buy them at the store and because they were

A fresh pecan taste so much better than the old ones in the store. The fresh ones are juicy
and emit more of a pecan flavor in foods such as pecan pies. You have never ate a pecan
pie until you eat one that is made with fresh pecans.

I use to take vacations regularly to Florida and would go through Georgia.....always bought
the Georgia pecans often from the road side stands.

Back when I sold them to folks I worked with, I'd sell them a big baggie full for $3 or $4.
You wouldn't be able to touch that for less that $20 or $25 today store bought that amount.

There's varieties of pecans such as the paper shell pecan. The paper shell pecan has a thin
shell that is easy to crack.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #80

Fri Mar 11, 2016 04:20 in General Talk

To make this clear to those that are reading all this political stuff here lately.....

The reason why Mr Trump is ranking high and winning states is because people can associate
with him He is likable to an an extent. He is fun and funny. He is almost 70 years old so he
has a lot of experience, more so than what perhaps some people realize. He talks in a simple
tone with simple words and people don't need a dictionary in front of them to figure out what
he is saying. He's made a lot of money and people know that in business, some things fail but
over all he has made billions of dollars and created millions of jobs. People know that he knows
economics and when it comes to economics, it's an extremely difficult subject. However, it is
a very important subject if not the most important subject because that is what makes the
world go round. He is self funding and people like that he is. When people run for office such
as the presidency, it cost millions of dollars to do so. Very wealthy people will fund those in
the running....but WHY?.....because they want something and so those in the running often
owe those that are funding their campaign......for an example, a ford bail out. So people
see Mr Trump as self funding and know that he doesn't owe anyone and that he will come
more to doing what he says, then the other candidates.

What's really hilarious is how many people are afraid of Trump and even go so far to call
him dangerous. The president of the USA has what is known as 'advisors'. The advisors
are very experienced professionals within their field. They help to further educate the
president on what is going on in their field of knowledge.

The senate does vote to pass bills and reject bills. It's many of these people that need
to go out with the wash.

If the president does not follow the constitution or the laws of our land, he can be impeached.
It's not like some countries in which they have dictators that cannot be removed.

It is many of the people that presently hold offices in Washington that are afraid of Trump.
Not because Trump is dangerous but because if Trump gets the presidency, they may lose
their jobs. There is a lot of under handedness going on in Washington and since Trump is
self funding, worth billions, he canNOT be bought. It's not just democrats that are afraid
of him......many republicans are too. They're afraid they won't be able to use hard working
tax payers money to fund their big steak dinners and their big ho down parties any more.
Their afraid Trump will see through them and the illegal activities, careless tax payer spending,
and under handed deals they've been making. They're afraid Trump will toss them out of
Washington just like you or I take out the trash.

No one has crystal balls but America has been failing in many ways and it really is a lot
of needlessness, underhandedness, that has set America on this path. We've got to stop
this nonsense, not just for America but for the entire world. Many people across the globe
rely on America to help them in more ways than one. We've got to band together and get
rid of terrorism and continue to stop any and all acts of terroristic banning before it starts.
We've got to feed our children all over the world that is going to bed hungry. The people
in America are a caring people but often the very people we vote into office, get caught up
in their power and greed. Mr Trump has had most everything he could want, all his life.
Many people in America feel that Mr Trump WILL in fact clean house and make America
great again. We're wanting to see our factories back in our own country. We need our
jobs back. If we don't have work, we go down hill and when we go down hill, we can't
help other countries. We're trillions of dollars in debt and we need to reduct that deficit
and get America back on track.

Many people feel that Mr Trump is the best answer we have in the running. We see that
Mrs Clinton is very experienced in politics because she has been in it all her life. However,
we see her as a money grabber and we see her as very dishonest. I say 'we' in regards
to people not for her......because I am not for her. Political parties mean nothing to me
nor to most people in America any more. We truly are not a racist people, it's just that
some are and the bad always stands out more than the good. We don't care what color
the president is. He can have stripes, be polka dot, purple, we don't care. We don't
care if he is democrats, republic, or a moonie. We're tired of the BS and we are willing
to put our ticket on someone that just might be able to turn America in the right direction.
Because thus far, the lawyers being voted into presidency is not cutting the mustard.
Thus far, what's in Washington is too busy taking 8 week vacations, spending tax payers
money on prostitutes and booze, not to mention plane tickets. Mrs Clinton has let us
down. Mrs Clinton is more of what we have been experiencing for 7 years which is
basically the same ole same jobs, no manufacturing, factories leaving our
country every day, skyrocketing pharmacy drugs, skyrocketing health insurance rates,
and skyrocketing food, clothing etc. I can't fathom why anyone would be for her but
everyone has their own reasons and to vote for her is to continue this same self
destructive path we've been on.

Mr Sanders talks a good talk but I'm afraid he would come to realization once he hits
the presidency seat that life cannot be all cheery for everyone. You can't give everyone
everything for free. Someone has got to pay for it and believe it or not, the rich people
in the world can't carry the entire globe on their backs. I often wonder what kind of
grades he made in Econ 101.

Mr Rubio is a youngster with high hopes but he is barely out of his diaper.

Mr Cruz is very wise and I think he would probably make a very good president. Still,
could he be much of the same ole same ole? Doesn't he sound so much like what
we've had before? I don't know but many people are worth finding out.

Mr Kasich, it doesn't matter because I think he is very soon to be out of the running.
It could be he is the smartest one of the bunch. He even looks like a president.

I think it's a crying shame that we don't have better in the running. Of all the people
in the USA, this is what we have running for president. It's a process of elimination
and this is what we've got. Simply put, people are tired of the same old crap and
Mr Trump just might do what he says and we do hope he will clean house because it
is long since been very dirty in Washington.

Are Your ready for St Partick's Day ? » Post #3

Thu Mar 10, 2016 17:14 in General Talk

There are sites online that allow you to print out free St Patrick's Day stuff.

I subscribe to some sewing/craft newsletters and sites ..... some of those
have free decor stuff you can print out....stencils so to speak, very cool.

Getting College Degree is Worth it as investment? » Post #24

Thu Mar 10, 2016 17:09 in General Talk

My grandfather retired from the city trash department way back about 1969.
My grandmother retired from a major gas company in 1971.
She worked a couple years longer to draw her pension.
He walked behind a trash truck and picked up trash cans, dumping the trash in
the back of the trash compactor truck.....for many years. She was a clean up
woman in a major gas company for many years, working a weird 5pm to 2am
shift. Both worked Mondays thru Fridays only. He was also a minister so they
didn't believe in working on Sundays if they didn't have to. This was in
Chicago land.

They purchased a 300 acre farm, large farm house right before retirement.
My grandfather remodeled the house and they purchased 100 head of cattle.
They also planted lots of fruit trees and veggie gardens. They also purchased
a church building and he preached during his retirement until he got too old
to do so.

He lived to be 91 and she lived to be 86.

He might have went through the 6th grade and she might have gone through
the 8th grade. She said she rode a cow to school when she was a kid and she
loved going to school. The school actually only went to the 6th grade but she
would go back every year anyway.

Both were very intelligent people. Both worked very hard all their lives. They
married and went to Ohio where work was at that time. From there, they went
to Michigan. They raised 6 children and adopted my sister and in
reality they raised 8 children.

I guess my grandmother was a Rosie the Riveter. She welded during the war.
During their early life, they worked at the steel mills. They went through the
depression era and rations, the whole shebang.

My grandfather loved to read and he most always had a book in his hands.

They were very good people and the type of people that everyone wants to

The pont is, there is a job for everyone and no, you absolutely do not need
a college education to succeed in life or to be happy in life. They were very
happy outgoing people with too many friends to count. They did not spend
frivolously and knew how to handle their money well.

College isn't everything, they'd be the first to tell you that. However, my
grandmother would tell you strongly, to take advantage of every bit of
education you can possibly get and to focus on getting the best job you can.

I don't know about other countries but it is very unfortunate that finance isn't
taught to children from an early age. Sure, they teach math. I am speaking
economics, budgeting, and spending. In my opinion, there is not enough
life sciences taught in school.

There is certainly plenty of people that have never gone to college and probably
just as many that went no further than grade school. These people are not
stupid. Many have gone on to make very good money as truck drivers,
construction workers, and even owning their own small businesses.

The person that makes the money at McDonalds is the small business person
that purchased into the franchise, and management no doubt makes a nice
adequate living too.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with working at McDonalds. What's wrong
is when people can work but make excuses not to and instead choose to live
off the state/government.

Getting College Degree is Worth it as investment? » Post #14

Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:21 in General Talk

I think most people do find it very worthwhile to achieve a 4 year + degree.

I just find it so odd that a lot of focus is on college debt because in reality,
there should be very little of it. There are college grants that do not require
a pay back as they are not a loan. There are also other types of grants and
that varies based on the schools. There is also scholarships for those that
work hard.....both my daughters received scholarships.

There really are a variety of apprenticeships one can get into to earn while
they learn.

Lots of vocational schools to in which people can achieve a specific category
degree within one or two years.

Getting College Degree is Worth it as investment? » Post #12

Thu Mar 10, 2016 05:34 in General Talk

There's also schools online now and with most, you never need to leave your
home. With some you don't even need to buy books because it's all online.

If you are a member of Groupon, they consistently have great deals on various
learning programs, at insanely low prices. They had a bar tender 6 week online
class for $14......normally several hundred. They have at times lots of various
online tech stuff such as learning excel, programming, etc for dirt cheap. I mean
fields of study that cost upward of $1,000 to several thousand dollars, for $99
and less.

4 Year Old Shoots Mom » Post #2

Thu Mar 10, 2016 05:15 in General Talk

I don't know. You said it was an accident but you know what......there are millions and millions and
millions of people in the world. Unfortunately, accidents do happen to some people.

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #18

Wed Mar 09, 2016 20:59 in General Talk

@lotoole, I also meant to mention, I owned a home once that had two huge old pecan trees.
I would place heavy plastic down to catch the pecans. Some years the yield was much more
abundant than other years. I would then drive a couple of hours to a town that had a small
company in which they would crack the pecans for people. There was only like 3 machines.
I would sit there for hours and watch the machines crack the pecans. I don't remember what
they charged me to do that but it was very little. I'd take them home and I'd have to separate
the pecans from the broken/cracked shells. I then would place them in baggies. They come in
at almost Christmas time so I would give family and friends pecans for Christmas. I'd also sell
them to nurses, doctors, and other personnel I worked with at the hospital. Everything I made
for the holidays had pecans in them. :lol: Pecans have always been expensive I guess but
they sure are now more expensive than ever. My pecans were fresh from the trees and every
year people would beg me for them. I felt like a Pecan Santa. :mrgreen:

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #17

Wed Mar 09, 2016 20:51 in General Talk

@lotoole when it comes to consumables, you do have to be very careful. There is always
someone that will want to sue you because they'll say they choked on a shell and almost
died. Ok. I'm not trying to scare you, I am simply relaying to you that you must dot all
your i's and cross all your t's. Also, in regards to China, well, I don't know as that is
something you would need to research. I would say the average Chinese, cannot afford
to purchase because they wouldn't be able to afford the shipping, let alone the product
price. However, a company in China that wants that product, would be able to afford it.

Personally, after my online coffee company, I said I would never ever have another
company that sold consumables.

IF I were to ever ship something, it would be within the USA only and it wouldn't be

There is the old saying that pretty much holds true. It's the 'work smarter, not harder'
concept. I didn't do that with my coffee company. I worked very very hard and I spent
a ton of money. I could have worked smarter and went a totally different route. So
always keep that in mind, weigh the work and the money involved. This is where you
really want to compare time and money to what you intend to sell.

Spooky old man » Post #8

Wed Mar 09, 2016 20:35 in General Talk

It is kind of funny the way we often view our life as one stage instead of multiple stages.

Birth is a stage. Childhood is a stage. Young adulthood is a stage...and so on.

Life is a gift and as we grow through the stages, we have experiences that define who
we are and what we have lived.

The next time you see that stranger in the mirror, smile real big because he/she will
smile back at you. Be happy because you are one of the few that have experienced
life longer, than many others that did not get the chance to go through all life stages.

That's the way I look at it.

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #11

Wed Mar 09, 2016 06:33 in General Talk

lotoole wrote: I notice when I play the Clixgrid game, there are so many ads for companies promising you'll make $500 a day, $5000 a month or earn enough to quit your day job. I'm sure some of you have tried these and found a lot of empty promises. Has anyone tried one that was a pleasant surprise, living up to their claims?

I'm thinking "no way" but perhaps someone can surprise me!

It depends on what company/program you are referring to.

I quit my day job something like 20 years ago and only work online.

I've been in some rather expensive programs in which I earned $1,500
per referral.

In regards to working at home online, it always seemed to me there is 5
primary groups....

1. MLM'rs
2. Affiliaters
3. Moms
4. Investors
5. Freebers

The MLM'rs make money off the backs of others. Nothing wrong with this,
just stating what it really is. The problems that one may run into with mlm
programs is just that.....making money off the backs of others, simply due
to not a consistent inflow from everyone involved. If there is not a consistent
inflow, roll up takes place. With roll up, people drop out from the bottom on
upwards. So all the hard work you may have accomplished, eventually rolls
up to bite you are the tail. Even if you made some good money with it, there
are always those at the bottom that hate you because they didn't. Still, there
are very good MLM programs out there that are also very sustainable. Always
look at the ones that offer a real service or a real product that people truly want
and at a reasonable price for what it is.

The Affiliaters make money by constantly referring others to a product or service.
This is truly one of the best ways to make money online but it can be a whole lot
of work too. There is many different ways to go about this. Most people make
the mistake of what I call hodge podge. By that I mean they have a website full
of differing stuff instead of placing focus on one arena. Whether you are referring
nike shoes or belong to an affiliate program, you really need to read and know how
much you will earn and for how long.....some affiliate programs only allow earnings
for a few months to a year.

The Moms are the mom and pop websites that are selling something they make
or own such as home made jam, home decor items, etc. These are mostly referred
to as mom and pop stores.

The investors are plentiful with all types of investment schemes from high yield
investment programs to insider trading and more.

The freebers consist of a variety of free programs in which people can make extra
money. These are programs such as PTC, GPT and even more such as some social
networks, traffic exchanges, downline programs, etc. As a general rule, these programs
cost nothing to very little.

I've owned programs and companies online. The problem with owning your company
online is, it's a lot of work and often a lot of expense. If you fail, you stand to lose a
whole lot of money. I owned the first full fledge coffee distributor company online.
The first problem I ran into was finding a programmer that could create a script from
scratch that would do everything I needed it to do. This alone cost me thousands of
dollars and the bad part is, I had to trash it and go with something else. The server
of course was expensive but that wasn't a major concern or issue. Since I don't live
on a coffee plantation, I had to locate a coffee company that sold excellent coffee but
would allow me to put my own brand on their product. This was some what expensive
because I had to purchase branding equipment....actual metal plates to stamp our
logo onto the product, etc. This was an MLM company so I wanted it to be legitimate
and I went on the hunt for an MLM lawyer. At the time, there was less than a handful
of MLM lawyers in the world. I got lucky and located one in Memphis. At least, It
would seem I got lucky. He was actually a retired lawyer with an MLM focus and I
met with him at his buddies lawyers office in Memphis. The office was old and smelled
moldy and it was so cold I shivered the entire time I spoke with him. He did however
know what he was talking about but he was a big money grabber and he cost me a
lot of money every time I turned around. To top it off, it took over a year for the
official launch with thousands of members constantly giving their two cents, hollering
when is it going to launch, and it was enough to drive any sane person out of their
friggin mind. What was really hilarious is after we got under way, coffee prices
shot up out of this world! So, what started out as a great idea, was more trouble
then it was worth. People in general, do not have the slightest idea how much work
and money goes into creating/owning a company online. Everyone has their two
cents and everyone thinks their idea is the best and everyone thinks anything and
everything can be implemented at the snap of a finger.

So, if you're starting out online and want to make money from home, the above
is some options/choices for you. People that tell you to start big and think big,
don't listen to them. Start small, learn the ropes, decide what it is exactly you
are good at, what you truly enjoy, and then place focus along those lines. You
don't have to get rich online. You can become debt free and have a rewarding
online job focus and rewarding life.

Bad post , Do Not Open » Post #8

Tue Mar 08, 2016 20:26 in General Talk

I did not click it. I was simply searching for crimson and clover.

Getting College Degree is Worth it as investment? » Post #7

Tue Mar 08, 2016 20:23 in General Talk

You know what, I constantly hear people talk about college being expensive and
students going into long term debt.

IF you constantly take out student loans, sure you are going to have debt and if
you go to a very expensive school, you'll have even more debt.

I took out one small student loan, one semester early on in college and I paid it
off the very same year. I worked full time my entire college career.

The last few semesters I was working at a hospital and reimbursed by the hospital
for my tuition each semester. I remember one semester I was so broke that I
purchased my books then carried them to work at the hospital....and I printed
out the entire books......every one of them over the course of one week. Then
I returned the books to the book store and got my money back. :mrgreen:
It turned out to be more than handy because whilst others were carrying around
heavy books, I carried paper chapters of what ever we were studying that day/week.

Also, I did not live in a dorm.

Many universities will not allow students straight from high school to live off campus
the first two years. In other words, the first two years, they have to live in the dorms.
This means, more expense.

I mean, much of the political arena does not even explain how things work. I am not
saying everyone but I am saying many people could work, just like I did, pay for their
college tuition every semester, go to schools that are less costly but still good schools.

My Observation » Post #2

Tue Mar 08, 2016 17:49 in General Talk

If the sales displayed in your ClickBank account and then disappeared, that would not have
anything to do with theft of urls. It would have to do with ClickBank and it sounds like it was
an error or momentary bug at ClickBank. You could always contact them and ask.

Getting College Degree is Worth it as investment? » Post #3

Tue Mar 08, 2016 17:46 in General Talk

I don't think a college education is a path for everyone to get rich and I have never
heard of any such thing.

Free Pancake today in Ihop » Post #8

Tue Mar 08, 2016 13:14 in General Talk

charez wrote:
valerie wrote: Y'all are so funny. :lol:

I think the pancake dinners are for a charitable organization.

I made drop biscuits today.........light and fluffy ....... fixings with butter, strawberry blackberry jam, apple jelly. :thumbup:

Please, post your postal adress here so we all are coming to dinner :kitty:

I can't do that, there is only one biscuit left and I will gobble it up with supper.
Mine I tell you. All mine. Mine Mine Mine. :twisted:
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