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Do you guys have Obamacare insurance? » Post #2

Wed Apr 13, 2016 20:36 in General Talk

Oh good grief!

April 2011 last time paid. .09 cents shy. » Post #31

Wed Apr 13, 2016 20:31 in General Talk

No the $5 sign up bonus is nothing. Their advertising isn't cheap.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #55

Wed Apr 13, 2016 16:56 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: @proads would you work for 5 dollars a day? The rich are driving nice cars and house. You are living slums. However you work so hard earning 5 dollars a day.

Remember one big thing, can't take it with you when you're dead.
People will not remember you because you had money. They'll remember you
by your deeds and the love you gave others. God will judge you not on how much
money you had or how nice your house and car was.

Do this right now...... BLINK your eyes.

Did you do it?

Because that is how fast the end comes. Almost in the blink of an eye.

I'm not knocking your desire to be rich but I will tell you, it takes a lot more than

election day » Post #2

Wed Apr 13, 2016 16:48 in General Talk

To tell ya the truth about it, I think it is way to early to tell.

They all stink to high heaven. They're all rotten to the core in one way or another.
It's a shame that people have to view all the evil these people possess and try to
figure out which one is the lesser of the evil and which ones MIGHT do something
they say they will do.

So I don't know. Toss a coin in the air.

April 2011 last time paid. .09 cents shy. » Post #26

Wed Apr 13, 2016 16:43 in General Talk

Well, I can't find it in my email but look at the date:
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxremoved name
Money Received
Loading transaction details for
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxremoved name
Money Received
+ $27.64

As you see there the date is the 28th but funds are to be sent on or before the 25th.
I contacted that using that 'zendesk' help system they have and they did send but
only after brining it to their attention.

And here is one before that one in which I had to contact them because I did not
receive it by the 25th:

Money Received
Loading transaction details for
Money Received
+ $30.75
Paid by
Transaction ID

Note from xxxxxxxxxx
xxx commissions for January 2016
Sent by xxxxxxxxx$31.98
Fee-negative $1.23

Now here is the one back in August I received and it was after I received this one
that I started watching my payments from them. Seriously never watched to see
if they were paying me correctly or not:

Payment Received
Loading transaction details for
Payment Received
+ $25.82
Paid by
Transaction ID
Note from xxx
Dear xxx member, Here is your payment for the month of June, 2015. For the past few months we were behind in payment because advertiser refunds due to poor member participation on xxx. This was an unfortunate time for our business and we have been working hard to rectify these issues. I hope that you can forgive us for the delay and support our efforts to make xxx the number One Paid To Read site. Thank you for being with us and we hope to send you offers that you are looking for in the future. Warm regarsds, xxx Affiliate Manager
See details on classic site

So, with all that said, they do seem to have had some problems over time but I really
can't complain. One year they mailed Christmas cards to all the members. They never
did it a second time. haha! That had to of been some work and expense. They gave
one of the sites a little make over in design but not much and altho they said they were
going to, they never updated the other site. Also, they did years ago subtract a fee
of I think $3 and altho they stopped that a long time ago, it still displays in the fee
amount in the earnings list in the member area.

I contacted them a few months ago in hopes to have them reduce their payout and
change that system. It's a little difficult gaining refs when you tell them the cash out
plan they presently have in place. Anyway, the reply was very brief and cold.

I won $500.00 from them once and they did pay it right away.

Just wish they would reduce that old payment system to $10 and $15 and on a
30 day instead of 25 and 30 on a 45 day.

April 2011 last time paid. .09 cents shy. » Post #25

Wed Apr 13, 2016 16:19 in General Talk

I don't make much with it any more either. There was at least one month there, maybe
more, that they did not make a payout and I didn't even realize it. Several months later,
I received a payment from them out of the blue that I wasn't expecting and it said....sorry
we had this long delay in payment due to lack of advertisers.....or some such as that.

The last two payouts from them, I had to submit a support ticket because I started
watching them and realized I did not get paid. She sent an email and said something
like something was messed up and she would send it right away and she did. Then
the very next month in one or the other of those programs.....same thing happen and
I sent an email and she said something similar.

I'm gonna hunt in trash and show ya.

April 2011 last time paid. .09 cents shy. » Post #23

Wed Apr 13, 2016 14:01 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote: @ Valerie

Yea, talking about DNC and BWL

DNC .09 cents shy

BWL Account been deleted - lost all those credits I had stockpiled, but it's been very long time since I had logged in.

Right, BWL don't pay to view ads.

On WL, you know back in the very beginning when all this stuff was new and confusing for me, I had joined
twice and didn't realize it. I had over 30 referrals to both accounts. When I realize what I had one, I contacted the owner to let him know what happen. I asked if he would move my referrals under one account. Either he NO or he said he couldn't do that, but said, I needed to pick which account I wanted to keep and delete the other account. ; SIGh

You know, till this day. I have not cashed out the first time and have a $7.0015 been member since something like 2007 I guess.

I would think you would be able to make that 9 cents in DNC in a day or two as of late,
they have been sending a lot of ads. What I strongly suggest is to not wait for the emails.
Log in daily and maybe even more than once a day, and look see if there is any ads for you
to view.

There is a simple program PVP, you may be aware of. I use to wait for an email notif but then
realized I should just go ahead and log in a couple of times a day. Sure nuff, that has been
wise for me to do. You might want to send me an email if you are not aware of what I am
referring to.

BWL, I don't even know why I am a member of it. I joined it back in the 90's or the early
2000 or some such. I guess since I been a member forever, I hate to quit. lol But I never
use it and I never have earned anything with it. Oh I suppose I sent some emails out thru
it years ago after I first joined it.

At WL, Richard, I think has been struggling to stay afloat. He is located in the UK and actually
a very nice guy. Some things however, is almost impossible to do when a script is coded one
way, you can't go moving members around. I lost out a lot on IBD and SE for years by
promoting an old ref link. :oops: I don't take all the blame on myself for that as they should
have sent emails out about it and even had info in the member site but nope....nothing.

Offer expired » Post #7

Wed Apr 13, 2016 07:52 in General Talk

Micshad wrote:
ProAdCo wrote:
If this offer is available to your country, it's some easy quick money for you.

The ads won't work for me. I cannot get to the bottom of the screen on the left, no matter what I try because there is no "close" button on the left screen at the bottom. :(

Some of them you may not see a close button but when the video completely stops,
you should still get credit for it.

Also, you can try resizing your screen and/or possibly using a different browser.

General question about tasks » Post #3

Wed Apr 13, 2016 07:39 in General Talk

I don't know and can only guess because I don't do tasks.

It may not be about what they already know as to wanting to know how easy
or difficult it is for others to know or how long it takes someone to locate the

Valerie's ClixSense News Corner - April » Post #13

Wed Apr 13, 2016 05:29 in General Talk

rosegold wrote: I have one that comes to mind... :D A challenge with ProAdCo, Topping 776 ptc's in one day :clap: ...WOW that was awesome! :thumbup: I made it to 425 and that's all I could stand for that day. But I like your idea of clicking 150 and when server changes to midnight do another 150, Sounds good :thumbup:

I don't think my viewing 651 ads was sneezing material but that is not exactly
the challenge I was referring to.

April 2011 last time paid. .09 cents shy. » Post #18

Wed Apr 13, 2016 05:25 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote: Valerie,

You know they deleted my BWL account.

I had ton of credits stockpiled.

But I had not logged in for long time.

Even had some referrals too, but they were not active.

Oh, you talking about BWL, same original owner as H4P and DNC?

You know what......I have been a free member there for years and years
and I have never earned a cent.

Wait a minute. BWL doesn't pay you to view ads. :mrgreen:

There is WL which is the very first PTC there ever that the one
you mean? If it is, Richard will in fact pay you when you reach pay out.

Valerie's ClixSense News Corner - April » Post #10

Tue Apr 12, 2016 22:25 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote: Valerie,

Really a shame you trying to help members and put so much effort with typing so much information, to only
get set up with a question for the sole purpose to challenge you.

I like a good challenge. Do you know where I can find one? :mrgreen:

Valerie's ClixSense News Corner - April » Post #8

Tue Apr 12, 2016 21:37 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: @valarie craightlist is free. Why you need pay money advertising in newspaper? Many people believe making money online are scam.

You might not need to pay money to advertise in an online newspaper.
It depends on the online newspaper. You'd need to contact the online
newspaper or view their info about ad rates.

Many people believe in little green men living under the house. So
what has that got to do with gaining referrals? Nothing. If people
are interested to join, they will and if not, they won't.

What its Te FEAR of Automatic Payments? » Post #8

Tue Apr 12, 2016 21:25 in General Talk

Because he has common sense, that is why.

I could name programs that do auto cash outs and I can tell you why
they have no real issue with them. So, without naming names, here
is some reasons why some use it:

1. Some programs do auto cash outs because they don't know what
they are doing. That is also why those programs don't last long and
they're not about to tell you how ignorant they were.

2. They have a slow payment system and they can see who is ready
to cash out and check these before the member even clicks the cash

3. They take in bookoo dollars because they sell and/or rent referrals.
They can stand to be cheated but here again, some of these are
consistently reviewed before the member ever hits the cash out

4. They say cash outs are auto but not all are. In other words, some
do take some minutes to some hours.

5. There are other reasons.

Jim doesn't do it because he wants to keep a legitimate anti-cheat
system in place. In so doing, more advertisers prefer to advertise
at ClixSense and that means more money for members and more
quality advertising for advertisers.

I really don't mean to be rude, I am just blunt and forthright. The
thing is, everyone here that is honest and not cheating the system,
has always been paid and always will be paid. Most get paid within
a week or two of their payout request. You should all be thrilled that
he manually reviews payments for cheaters. There are plenty of
programs that go down hill and even shut down, simply due to
hackers and cheaters. I know what a pain it is to have members
constantly telling you what to do.....constantly wanting everything
under the sun implemented, everything the way they want
member wanting one thing and another wanting something totally
different and a thousand so called experts that have never programmed
anything in their life but tell admins how easy it would be to do this
and that.

I just wish members would stay off his butt because one day he sure
might tire of the nonsense and sell this program to someone that will
only pay out every 45 days and only after a member has accumulated

Some just don't realize a good thing til it's gone.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #33

Tue Apr 12, 2016 16:21 in General Talk

You know what I think, I think you like pulling the wool over peoples eyes, David.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #31

Tue Apr 12, 2016 16:15 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: @valarie have you download wal-mart saving catch app You can get some cash back if they find the lowest price in the competitor. Print the receipt.

Don't forget other making money rebate app like ibotta, checkout51. You can get cash back too if you buy item listed their special offers. :lol:

Smart making money on apps. Don't forget for shop kicks and checkpoint app. :lol: :lol:

Valarie you can get cashback these smartphone app or tablet.

Now David, who do you think you are telling? :mrgreen:

In regards to SavingsCatcher, yes I always enter my sales receipt number and I most always
get some cash back. I simply use that with online orders.

Ya, I've received approximately $25,000.00 in cash back rebate sites.

I do have the iBotta app but have never used it.

Valerie's ClixSense News Corner - April » Post #6

Tue Apr 12, 2016 16:06 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: Valarie how much they cost advertising in newspaper?

Depends on the newspaper and type of advertising being purchased.

Should I bust the advertiser? » Post #2

Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:33 in General Talk

Yeah, google kicked me out many years ago. :lol:
I wasn't doing trickery, I simply did not read their terms and advertised
my websites like no tomorrow with Google scripts all over them. :mrgreen:

Of course, they don't tell you why they give you the boot....or at least back
then they didn't tell it is some big secret from heaven or something.
I figured it out for myself after reading thru their terms, of which I should have
done from the start.

The terms and policies on some of the programs out there is INSANE as if
people have enough days in a year to read all that crap not to mention, hire
a lawyer to explain it to them.

But yeah, there can be a lot of foolery in that stuff.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #22

Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:25 in General Talk

Well, hold on a minute Mike.

Don't forget, if it's not one thing, it's another. Right on track this should be left up
to the states but keep in mind these lower cost of living states may not be as low
as people think.'s might good in some respects especially many years ago when the
did away with the food tax. You go to the grocery store and put $100 worth of
groceries in your cart, you pay $100 at the register. You go to McDonalds and buy
a food item for $4.00 at the pay window, you pay $4.00. Now lets look at ....

Tennessee....I can't even figure the dang gone ticket out! Here is my most recent
receipt from


Subtotal: = $310.27
Tax 1: 9.750 % = $6.34
Tax 2: 7.750% = $19.01
Total: = $335.62

The first tax of 9.750 % is for NON-food items
The second tax of 7.750 % is for food items

Now then, do you want to figure up a receipt to see if those tax's are correct?
Why heck no! You just take it for granted what you purchased is calculated
correctly. So if you have $300 worth of edible food items in TN added to your
cart, tack on 7.750 % = $323.25 THINK hard about that. Almost $25.00 sales
tax on $300 worth of food.

Recently, I built a new house. When I say 'I' that is what I mean. Took me
several years to build an average size house. THINK about that sales tax.....
My house cost me a lot more in this low state of TN then it did just over the
line in KY where the sales tax is more like 6%.

My point is, a lot more comes into play then most people even begin to think
about....such as sales tax. Go ahead give TN residents a $15 minimum wage
raise so that we can see the sales tax not to mention, everything else increase
in price.

If the country is going to give the money to someone, it should be the retired
people that have worked hard all their lives. They rarely get a cost of living
raise and when they do, its not even noticeable, a buck or two.

What you're saying is very true Mike but there is even much more than what
is stated here that comes into even simple economics.

April 2011 last time paid. .09 cents shy. » Post #4

Tue Apr 12, 2016 09:58 in General Talk

Well I don't know what you are talking about.

There is H4P and DNC that is the same owner and one of those
pays out at $25 and the other pays out at $30. Recently they
have updated on the way they are doing ads and receiving more
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