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Very very thanks to mod uzair friends » Post #2

Sat Oct 31, 2020 22:37 in General Talk

Yes that is wonderful!

It was already addressed and admin already knew about it.

Lockdown » Post #3

Sat Oct 31, 2020 22:33 in General Talk

Well I don't think I would state it like that but I know many people get very
political about it, to say the least.

In the USA we have a seat belt law. When we get in our vehicles, we put our
seat belt on. The reason why we do this is because it is the law, it saves lives,
and we want to protect ourselves and we want to protect others in the car.

When it comes to something as simple as placing a mask over ones nose and
mouth when in public and keeping a social distance of at least a simple 6 feet,
some take it as an infringement on their rights. They want to make it political.
They want to make it like someone is out to tell them what to do. They want
to say it's America and it is their right to wear or not to wear a mask.

It really does not make sense when you think about it. People are to obey the
law of the land. If they don't obey the laws, they either pay a big fine, go to
jail, or worse. So why are people wasting their breath making a big issue out
of wearing a mask? Is their face going to break if they wear a mask? Don't
they care about their own life? Don't they have enough respect for others
and the law to do what is right?

You know, there's a lot of mis-placed energy in this world. A lot. Of all the
things to lose energy over, a mask. Not whether you will get sick or not. Not
whether you will die. Not whether you will infect others. They want to waste
their energy of not wearing a mask.

Trunk or Treat - HaPpY HalLoWeenie! » Post #7

Sat Oct 31, 2020 22:23 in General Talk

Well you see my lights are on in the house so they knew someone was here and
they know I have cameras. That's why I believe someone dared him to do it. I
don't really care, they're just having fun. That's the 'trick'. I am sure I am not
the only door he knocked on and ran.

In the days I was a kid, we did a lot more than that. The old dog poop in a bag,
set it on fire, knock on the door, and the person stomps on it to put the fire out.
Yes we did that. We also in some areas set old tires on fire. Those things will
burn for days. We also did TP.....TeeP. We'd tp a house by placing toilet paper
all over their trees and porch. Dare I mention smashing pumpkins.

Yes they've had Trunk or Treat for years in the USA. They started it due to several
reasons. One, kids getting run over or injured going house to house. Kids getting
bad candy. For several years there were hospitals that would allow kids to get their
candy x-rayed for free.

Finally someone got smart and said, why not have Trunk or Treat. Parents, drive
to the park, open their trunk, and the kids walk from trunk to trunk to get the
candy. They can say 'trunk or treat' and the parent or whomever gives the kids
a treat from the trunk.

I guess in large cities they may have different parks for different areas of neighborhoods.

It's really a shame it has come to that but the kids still enjoy it.

Nothing like when I was a kid in Chicago land. We walked with shopping bags plus it
was usually cold and raining.

What Will Aliens Look Like? » Post #26

Sat Oct 31, 2020 22:10 in General Talk

First of all, I am not paid here.

Secondly, I am a forum moderator, not a reporter.

Thirdly, I do report issues to administration.

Fourthly, Prodege is aware of issues.

Fifth, just because there are topics that go on and on and on about the same issue,
does not mean it has not been reported.

Sixth, I think you Chahat should be removed from posting at these forums because
you do nothing but go against the forum rules, insult users, insult moderators, and
you make for a very bad impression on this company. You've been a member all
of 4 months and you have done absolutely nothing but throw insults. If anyone
here posts useless junk, it is you.

Sean Connery has died. » Post #14

Sat Oct 31, 2020 21:56 in General Talk

Can't say I have done or seen everything I wanted to in my life but when I look
back, I guess there has been some accomplishments along the way.

When all is said and done, one wonders if their accomplishments even mattered.
Hopefully I will get my wings upon arrival and won't have to come back to make
bells ring.

Trunk or Treat - HaPpY HalLoWeenie! » Post #4

Sat Oct 31, 2020 21:35 in General Talk

Oh and a few minutes ago, near midnight here, someone knocked on my door.

I looked at my camera videos and it was kind of funny. An older boy, with shorts, sneakers,
and hoodie, ran up to my door, knocked on it and ran away while laughing. I guess he thought
his hoodie was going to some how hide his face but it didn't at all. When someone goes near
my doors, a light will come on, and the cameras get an excellent full body shot of them. He
turned his head just enough when he knocked on the door that I could see him very clearly.
Actually he looked every bit of 18 or 20 years old. Someone probably dared him to do it.

Trunk or Treat - HaPpY HalLoWeenie! » Post #3

Sat Oct 31, 2020 21:31 in General Talk

Here everyone meets at the park and candy is in their trunk or truck bed, etc. The kids go
from car to car and get the candy. They call it trunk or treat.

josealvesjr . Big Thanks from all Tasmanians » Post #8

Sat Oct 31, 2020 18:43 in General Talk

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

One's useless topic is another one's useful topic.

josealvesjr . Big Thanks from all Tasmanians » Post #5

Sat Oct 31, 2020 16:50 in General Talk


AHahahahahahahahahaha!! :lol:

'making a nest for the night'


Good one!

Trunk or Treat - HaPpY HalLoWeenie! » Post #1

Sat Oct 31, 2020 16:15 in General Talk

Halloween (Allhalloween )2020 » Post #2

Sat Oct 31, 2020 13:10 in General Talk

What they started doing in most USA States and towns is what they call Trunk Or Treat.

In my town, the parents drive to the park and the kids get out and go from trunk to trunk
to get their treat. Everyone basically knows everyone and the cops are there on the sidelines.
Everyone will be wearing masks of course, even the adults I suppose this year.

What Will Aliens Look Like? » Post #20

Sat Oct 31, 2020 13:06 in General Talk

No point in locking the topic. I have reported it.

What Will Aliens Look Like? » Post #11

Sat Oct 31, 2020 07:48 in General Talk

Chahat wrote: One of the useless topic here again ha ha ha ha

Yes we all need the intelligent conversation that you produce. ha ha ha

Sean Connery has died. » Post #4

Sat Oct 31, 2020 07:46 in General Talk

Life is so short and I some times ponder the reason for it.

It takes a life time to realize. I mean that in many aspects. A life time to realize who we are.
A life time to realize what we really want to be and do. A life time to learn and discover. By
the time we get to where we may want to be in life, it's over. If we could live to be 200, I
wonder how much different it would be. It all seems to unfair.

I guess we all must move on to make room for the population.

Sean Connery has died. » Post #2

Sat Oct 31, 2020 06:11 in General Talk

It's very sad.

What will useless mod look like? » Post #2

Sat Oct 31, 2020 06:07 in General Talk

I don't think you need to be a member here at these forums.

The only thing you do here is put down others and constantly put down moderators.

Maybe you should take a good look at yourself before name calling.

In addition, a good idea would have been to read the rules.

What Will Aliens Look Like? » Post #9

Fri Oct 30, 2020 22:10 in General Talk

I've thought about that, aliens being tiny and aliens being very tall.

Think of ants. How tiny little teeny ants are yet they are very organized.
They know how to colonize, how to send out solider ants to look for food,
how to form lines to march their food back home. Plus, the tiny ants can
find food, very quickly.

So if an ant can do all that, I think it's possible there could be very tiny
aliens with highly intelligent brains.

Vice versa too. There could be aliens that are 30 feet tall or maybe taller.

We can even look at our own DNA and wonder. Dwarfism and Gigantism.
How did those genes come to be?

What Will Aliens Look Like? » Post #1

Fri Oct 30, 2020 15:50 in General Talk

I think of Stephen Hawkins and the movie '30 days of night'.

Hawkins believed that we are not alone in the universe. He believed there is intelligent life
out there. He stated that although he believe intelligent life exists in the universe, we would
probably be better off not finding them.

I agree with Hawkins.

When I think how mean (to say the least) people are on our planet, what would make me
think otherwise on other planets?

We joke around and say how terrible we are, always fighting with each other, always take
sides or not taking sides with other countries, the constant wars, etc. However, what if
the intelligent life on other planets are just like us or worse?

For some reason, I tend to think of the movie '30 days of night' when I think of aliens.
If you've never watched that movie, it was about animalistic nature of vampires killing
of a small pipe line town in Alaska during their 30 days of darkness.

We tend to call ourselves 'intelligent life' but I am not so sure that is a good calling for
us. We'd probably be more true to ourselves if we called us 'stupid life' or 'angry life'
or 'ignorant life' because I don't see us as very intelligent at all. If there was a sliding
scale of ignorance and stupidity, humans would be at the high end.

Some people say, there is aliens out there, watching us, visiting us, why don't they stop
and let themselves be known? I think if that really is happening, the answer is very
obvious. Why would they want to be known to a bunch of angry stupid war hoarding
quacks that kill each other, destroy their environment, and murder their animals? Face
it 'intelligent life' would not want anything to do with us.

BUT what if there is aliens like the vampires in '30 days of night' or some other creatures
that could destroy us in the blink of an eye? What if aliens took over our planet and
put us all in cages for breeding and their supper?

Most anything you can think of might be possible. A planet with no plants? A planet
that aliens breed their own kind for food? A planet with aliens that do not eat and
survive on air (or some kind of organism) only?

What do you think?

Prime Deal Days » Post #87

Fri Oct 30, 2020 08:59 in General Talk

Yes, like I said, I got a little bored with it. Some parts were so repetitive and went
on and on about it.

I may be wrong but I think that was actually a $5.99 new release. I know there was
one on there that I thought about ordering but I decided against it. It had a lot of
good reviews. Many of the new release movies, documentaries, will be free to watch
eventually and often at the very least, they'll have special discount prices on them.

But yeah, I thought it had some interesting parts and different than any other UFO
programs I have watched.

Prime Deal Days » Post #85

Thu Oct 29, 2020 19:05 in General Talk

There have been cases of fish falling from the sky. Not just a few, thousands.
Many years ago when it happen, they shrugged it off as birds dropping their fish. :?

A lot of strange things happen in this world that we can't account for.

Just like that banana you saw, I saw it too! It shot across the moon at lightning speed.
I could have sworn a big hairy ape was chasing after it! Eh, the things one sees on a
full moon night.
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