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Posts by valerie

Payout » Post #2

Wed Apr 06, 2016 14:24 in General Talk

To verify your payment entry is correct.

according to Pastor Salazar? » Post #7

Wed Apr 06, 2016 07:47 in General Talk

Well my gosh, it's just common sense what will most probable happen in the
not so distant future. One doesn't need a crystal ball.

As the book of Revelation states; a third of our water, trees, resources will be
destroyed. That is already happening, been happening for quite awhile.

Take a glass of dirt and pour water into it. Now sit it aside. Every day look
into the glass and see what is happening. That is earth. Dried up, non
replenished, stolen resources, earth. It becomes dry, hard, useless and
everyone has their own opinion about it and everyone wants to fight over

Brother against brother, and still it continues. Why? The reason why is
because all humans are stupider than that glass of dried up dirt.

payment pending » Post #2

Wed Apr 06, 2016 07:34 in Payment Proofs

ekowahyu1 wrote: dear admin,

how long the payments will be sent

Frequently Asked Questions | ClixSense

bitter cold weather » Post #2

Tue Apr 05, 2016 21:01 in General Talk

What part of the country are you located?

In my area of Tennessee, the weather hasn't been too bad.
We've had some very pretty days, 70/75 degree weather and
even in the low 80's a week ago. On the flip side, there has
been plenty of rain and some nasty storms.

Presently, it seems the weather is yo-yoing a lot. Today it
was only in the low 60's. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain and
I think the next day the lows will be in the 40's.

I haven't had the air conditioning on yet but I am sure looking
forward to it. The heat, I am constantly turning up and down
and on and off. :?

Valerie's ClixSense News Corner - April » Post #1

Tue Apr 05, 2016 14:19 in General Talk

April locks come May. May locks come June. June locks come July.... and so on.
Content: forum gossip, referral tips and hints, easy money, motivation, etc.
Replies welcome.

FORUM NEWS: Not much new in the forum except some of the same rehash FEATURE REQUEST. Many members are wanting a 'BitCoin' option. A lot of political posts happening recently in the General Talk' and much of it is humorous. In the 'Offers' sub forum not much new but let's take a look at what is happening and why:

OFFERS, SURVEYS, VIDEO's: It really would save members a lot of time in the short run of things if they would read the sticky topics and abide by hints and tips stated. Not all offers, surveys, videos credit and there is of course, reasons for this. Most often, it is a tracking error on the far end of that spectra. In regards to SURVEYS, there are also reasons such as going through the survey faster than what their timer thinks you should. Also surveys will shut down or simply not credit if a person is giving contradictory replies. My best tip for you is to always clear your computer before attempting another survey. Clear your cache and history. When it comes to OFFERS the first thing to do is go to your email account and clear all spam folder. Some offers send an email wanting you to click/confirm through a link. If you never confirm it, you never get credit for the offer. VIDEO's are not exception when it comes to not confirming the credit. Usually they do but there are times the tracking may be off or some other weird reason. I have noticed with videos that some new videos do not always credit the first time viewed but after a day or two, they begin to credit. There's not much you can do if a video does not credit. My advice would be, to give it time to credit by simply waiting a few minutes after viewing said video before closing it or before going on to the next video. Tracking can be slow.

PAYMENTS: It's a same ole same ole when it comes to payments. There are always members, mostly new members, that post about not receiving their payments. There is an FAQ that answers this question very well: When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?(Cashout)#pq Your best bet is to choose PayPal in regards to getting your payment quickly as stated. Members need to understand NETELLER is simply an option for those that want to be a member here, want to earn here, but have no other means to a payout but Neteller. This means that those choosing Neteller will of course be paid their earnings BUT it can take a very long time, such as an entire month! Neteller does not accept USA bank wires so ClixSense uses their incoming Neteller funds from sales, to pay ClixSense members that have chosen this option.

DEROGATORY COMMENT POSTS: I'll admit, I am human. Some of the derogatory comments posted around the forums from time to time, are almost funny. Posts in the forums often hit the search engines. Keep that in mind whenever you decide to post something. You may not care but your potential referrals sure will. ClixSense has been online since February of 2007. It IS the absolute BEST free to earn program online and it always pays it's members.

REFERRALS: It's probably needless to say, if you have active referrals, you'll earn more. This is a brief of the affiliate program in comparison:
When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?(Cashout)#pq

APRIL REFERRAL TIP: Often people do not think out of the box. This is especially true online in marketing because we get stuck in some of the 'in your face' ways to advertise. A free to low cost way to advertise is 'ONLINE NEWSPAPERS'. This area is so huge that is is almost unbelievable. You'll need to do a little research. I suggest searching for small town newspapers because it is often these small town newspapers that need traffic and offer very low cost banner advertising.

Stay tuned for next month Corner with Valerie :P

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #155

Tue Apr 05, 2016 06:31 in General Talk

Trump is cute and furry.


Hacker tried to scam me by phone today! » Post #5

Mon Apr 04, 2016 21:44 in General Talk

I seem to get the nasty scammers.

At the moment, I can't remember what the guy was trying to get me to buy
or what. He had an accent, like African or French or some such as that. I
finally had to hang up on him. Within minutes he called back and I could
hear laughter in the background. He said, 'your case of condom order is
on the way'. He hung up.

No matter what they thought, I still got the last laugh. After all, I make
money legitimately and I am not a low life scum bag that has to stoop to
idiotic ploys for a buck.

Us Election Campaign » Post #25

Mon Apr 04, 2016 16:55 in General Talk

I don't know which is crazier, this thread or the movie on tv at this moment 'The Raid 2: Berandal'.
I can't make much sense of either.

At Server Time. What Time Is It For You? » Post #4

Mon Apr 04, 2016 16:50 in General Talk

11.00 pm CST

according to Pastor Salazar? » Post #4

Mon Apr 04, 2016 08:57 in General Talk

After reading that......I need a cup of coffee....seemed to make me thirsty......especially
the tsunami part.

Slowest way to earn » Post #6

Mon Apr 04, 2016 08:51 in General Talk

By the way, allow me to give you another very important piece of advise.....

Follow the people that know what they are doing and that are truly making
the money. There are plenty of people out there that talk the talk but they
don't walk the walk. Scrutinize.......always.

Slowest way to earn » Post #4

Mon Apr 04, 2016 08:47 in General Talk

lord_of_god wrote: Why earning is so slow here, is this how it works.
From past 4 days no surveys are opening.
Not a single task is there to complete.
Earning from offers is mostly based on luck not every offer gives returns on completion.
No transparency in any process.
:cry: :( :x

Excuse me if I am incorrect, I probably am......

Isn't the average individuals income in India, approximately $300 US dollars per month or LESS?

I'm just trying to get a hold on what India members would believe a good free extra earning online
would be, for their time.

In the United States, I know people that find ClixSense very worthy when they spend only a brief
amount of time per day, and make an extra $10 or $20 per month. One guy I know, makes about
$10 to $15 per month here and he is in the USA.....but he isn't trying to get rich or make a ton of
money. He is a retired fellow and simply likes making enough extra money here to pay for his local
fishing ..... such as for fish bait.

Like Marcel said, you've been here a week. You're also a free standard member. What I advise
you to do is take the time to read the FAQ's and read the entire site inside and out. I see you have
completed 4 tasks and 5 offers so obviously you have a starter hold on those. Be sure to look
every day for offers, tasks, surveys, etc because you never know when there will be more to do.

By the way, if you browse the India members here, you can see many of them are earning very
good money.

things are quiet » Post #9

Sun Apr 03, 2016 20:34 in General Talk

Ok, I admit it wasn't the zucchini talking to me.

It was the tomato plants beside the zucchini.

Puter Power Cords OR The Lonesome Companion » Post #7

Sun Apr 03, 2016 20:10 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: valarie are you watching wrestling mania now? the undertaker match is on right now

No. I don't like wrestling...... but some family does when they are over at my house.

Puter Power Cords OR The Lonesome Companion » Post #4

Sun Apr 03, 2016 16:19 in General Talk

hansgruber wrote: keep all your wires and associated caper in the same place :thumbup:

but youve still got the ball ache of untangling them :D

We all know what we should do, but do we do what we should do, do you? :?

Puter Power Cords OR The Lonesome Companion » Post #1

Sun Apr 03, 2016 14:10 in General Talk

I thought I'd post about this as it may help someone. I spent most of my day today,
Sunday, sorting and marking power cords.

It may seem irrelevant to some but for me, it is very relevant and something I should
have done long before now.

I do have various tablet and laptop cases.....too many actually. The problem arises when
time moves forward and things become mis placed.

Some power cords do come with the manufacturer/computer name. DELL for example is
very good about that.

In 2011 near Christmas, I purchased a little Acer notebook. The price was very good and
I thought it might come in handy, especially when traveling. I received it, played with it
for awhile and then placed it in a little purple case. Over the course of a few months, in
and out of it's case a few times for my use. By Spring of 2012, I could not locate the power
cord. Hunt as I may, from time to time, I could not locate the power cord. My lonely little
purple Acer notebook sat lonesome in it's purple little case.

TODAY IS THE DAY, I said to self, I shall hunt to no ends to locate the power cord.

Finally, after attempting various cords with no luck......I went online to see if I could do a
search and find out what the power cord looked like. That did help.

Believe it or not, I located the power cord, in a shoebox. Why oh why power cord were
you in the shoebox? No answer.

FOUR YEARS my little Acer notebook power cord was doomed to loneliness inside a shoebox....
whilst it's companion existed in a dark purple material of nothingness.

LO N BEHOLD, shall NEVER happen again.....says I.

Out with the RED color SHARPIE'S !!!
Hence, all electronic puter power cords are now marked to their companions.

The red marker is not stand out ish which is what I preferred but you could of course use a
white marker.

After Midnight Ads » Post #2

Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:50 in General Talk

No, not necessarily.

When the crohn runs which is 11 am central time zone (my time zone), new ads
are automatically entered. With that said, just because they are on auto pilot,
does not necessarily mean they are going to run at exactly 11 on the dot.

In regards to what you're experiencing, if you click around the next day, eventually
you should see them. I've gone two or more days at times recently without clicking
and then when I go to click, it seems never ending.

In other words, those standard 1/4 cent ads are probably still going to be there later
in the day.

things are quiet » Post #5

Sun Apr 03, 2016 06:41 in General Talk

My Zucchini in the window is beginning to fall is saying:


Are you going watch wrestling mania 32? » Post #12

Sun Apr 03, 2016 06:37 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: Watch this

How to wirelessly stream the WWE Network to your HDTV - YouTube

I'll check that out later when I get the time.

I do have the 30 day free trial thru my Roku but after opening that channel last night,
I do see you have to go to their website and sign up. After you sign up, then you can
go back into Roku to that channel. BUT that is for 30 day free trial and I found the cost
which is $10.00 a month. I'm not going to pay for it.

I don't watch the wrestling per se, altho there are a couple of wrestlers I think are cool.

What I was mainly looking for is the same two night shows that come on weekly on USA
channel. The Monday and Thursday nights.

Some times I have family here that like to watch it.

Only days ago I cut my DISH subscription package down to the Smart Pack. In other
words now I am paying $55 per month instead of $105 per month. No longer to I get
'USA' channel.

PS. The Undertaker is one of the few I like!

PSS. The wrestlers are actors of sorts. It's for the most part, acted/practiced before
hand.....just like regular actors. However, the average person cannot do what those
wrestlers do. They have to be in excellent shape, know the moves/holds/falls, etc.
It's simply entertainment for those that like that sort of thing. It's HUGE money. I
could probably come more to watching it if it wasn't for all the silliness bs talk....but
that is what the entertainment audience likes......kind of like a soap opera.

Earning Huge » Post #2

Sun Apr 03, 2016 06:05 in General Talk

Well good luck with that.
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