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Posts by valerie

Referrals » Post #2

Wed Mar 18, 2015 08:54 in General Talk

Its against the rules and if you do purchase referrals, your membership would be canceled in ClixSense.

Is Ebay a good place to advertise » Post #3

Sun Mar 15, 2015 13:43 in General Talk

Well, if you went a round a bout you could but never use your affiliate link on stuff like that.

In other words, you could create something and sell it for $0.01 cent. With whatever you're
selling, you could include a short redirect.

An example:

Mom's favorite secret brownie recipe
(will send manually by email after payment received, please allow up to 12 hours)

Then of course your signature line with a short redirect would be there with the brownie recipe.

I need ideas » Post #20

Sun Mar 15, 2015 13:35 in General Talk

Roll Bowl

Roller Bowl

Joe's Roll Bowl

Big Bowl

Big Bowl's

Joe's Big Bowl's

Fast Lane

Fast Lane's

NC Fast Lane's (or whatever city instead of NC)

Speedy Lane's

Beach Bowl

Beach Bowling

Sands Bowl

Ocean Bowl

Titan Bowl (errrr hmmm)

Drop Bowl (bowl till you drop) :lol:

Fun Bowl

Ally Bowl

I need ideas » Post #17

Sun Mar 15, 2015 07:10 in General Talk

Another idea is in regard to your bowling ally decor. If you're wanting a 'unique name'.

For example if your lanes are crimson color 'Crimson Bowl'. You could also think of a
name you like and then base your decor/theme around it.

ClixSense Facebook page? » Post #2

Sat Mar 14, 2015 09:23 in General Talk

Its not accepted by Facebook at this time.

I need ideas » Post #11

Sat Mar 14, 2015 09:20 in General Talk

Pro Bowl
Pro Bowling

I grew up in Chicago land and even after all these years, a bowling ally name that I remember is
'StarDust'. StarDust Bowling Ally.

So my suggestion would be to go with a name that is memorial, simple, words that people already know.
As above, 'Star' and 'Dust' two simple words that are familiar to everyone. So I wouldn't suggest going
way out there with unknown or difficult words just to sound different. Go with something people will

'Joe's Pro Bowl'

How much time it takes to earn $155 » Post #3

Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:54 in General Talk

No one can answer that question for you. It depends on what you do.

To Valerie... and anyone willing to read and opine » Post #2

Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:50 in General Talk

As others had ridiculed the thread, I made it clear that I also thought it was ridiculous BUT that is not why I locked the topic.

The purpose of the quote option is not for abuse. As a norm, a quote is used in a busy thread so that the member will know who or whom you are referring your post. In reality, there was no point in all the quotes since it was a conversation between only two members. Even so, that is NOT a stand alone as to why I locked the topic.

One, two, or perhaps even three emoticons is more than sufficient in a post. Any more than two or three, it is excessive. Tie that on with multiple quotes all including an excessive number of emoticons and it not only looks ridiculous, it is ridiculous and is against forum rules.

As I stated, I locked the topic due to excessive emoticons.

Please see forum rules in the News forum.

I was being kind by NOT giving you a warning. As a general rule, 5 warnings and you are then disallowed from posting at the forums.

Robo mario on clixgrid » Post #2

Tue Mar 10, 2015 22:50 in General Talk

Cute :)

Coolest Place in US » Post #4

Tue Mar 10, 2015 16:01 in General Talk

There is not any area like that within the USA.

There are areas that get very cold, especially in winter months. That would be primarily the Northern areas
of the United States and especially up towards Canada.

help regarding clixsense » Post #4

Tue Mar 10, 2015 14:38 in General Talk

gane1068 wrote: how to earn in clixsense....

its very difficult to do task
please guide me to familarize about it

Try doing 'Offers'. Some times there are very easy offers and videos to watch.

Not all Tasks are difficult. A good idea is to view and read the tasks each day
that are available to you. Attempt to understand how the task works before
actually trying to do the task. Some tasks are easier than others. Try the ones
that sound easy. Keep an eye on the TASK subforum here as there are many
members that post help topics about specific tasks. The more you do tasks, the
more you learn how to do particular tasks and those will become easier to do
over time.

To Valerie » Post #17

Tue Mar 10, 2015 14:31 in General Talk

Please read the forum rules and if you don't understand them, submit a support ticket through
the HelpDesk.

Excessive emoticons are against the forum rules.

Although your topic and chatting away back and forth about basically nothing with your friend,
was ridiculous in my opinion, that is NOT why I locked the topic.

Moderators make decisions based on administrations rules and what we feel is inappropriate.

By the way, I am not most moderators.

I stress once more, read the forum rules.

Topic Locked.

UPGRADE Worth it? » Post #2

Tue Mar 10, 2015 05:20 in General Talk

The ads pay the same because it is the advertiser that chooses the amount,
up to .2 cents each.

The advertiser also chooses if he/she wants the ad to be viewed by paid members
or standard members or both.

General talk, everyone's invited! xD » Post #36

Tue Mar 10, 2015 05:17 in General Talk

It's ok to discuss a generalized topic but excessive quotes is ridiculous and the
excessive emoticons is against the rules.

Facebook has blocked Clixsense links » Post #8

Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:07 in General Talk

By the way, that is fictions site I grabbed out of my head so if it is real, ignore it.

Facebook has blocked Clixsense links » Post #7

Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:06 in General Talk

Some times ya got to be a little sneaky in advertising.

Major online companies, such as Facebook, are too big for their britches and become
extremely controlling. The best thing to do is NOT advertise 'per say'. Here is an example
of what I mean:

BAD: Make ez money at ClixSense http://.........

GOOD: Hey friends, hope everyone is staying high, dry, and warm this winter. If you're
willing to help me out, I could use some footers to my site. It's at myboogietoshow dot com.
Thank you all.

Facebook has blocked Clixsense links » Post #5

Thu Mar 05, 2015 13:02 in General Talk

Try a short redirect url OR better yet, have your own webpage and place a short redirect to it.

Finally Made It: » Post #2

Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:06 in General Talk


Now you can focus on $2,000.00. :P

how get offer in ED search Feed » Post #2

Tue Mar 03, 2015 07:40 in General Talk

Who is ED?

Payment » Post #2

Thu Feb 19, 2015 08:02 in General Talk

You'd need to submit a support ticket thru the helpdesk and ask.

We'd only be guessing as to why so submit a support ticket.
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