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Posts by valerie

Do I have Alien neighbors? » Post #5

Sun Apr 17, 2016 20:11 in General Talk

Maybe they grow their own.....humans in pods in their back yard.

I liked the original 'Body Snatchers'......stay awake......dont fall asleep.....stay awake....wide awake.... :shock:

start » Post #2

Sun Apr 17, 2016 20:09 in General Talk

Better than what?

Who gets last laugh on $15 minimum wage? » Post #1

Sun Apr 17, 2016 17:06 in General Talk

This is exactly what I was mentioning the other day in another thread about the
minimum wage. You see what is happening, already fast food joints are working
on ways to cut employees way way back.

The first McDonalds with 0 employees opened the other day and it is totally run
by robots.

Today on the news I heard that McDonalds is now doing various tests, even going
so far as to give unlimited fries in one city. What they are working on is Kiosk in
which there will be very few employees. The customer orders what he wants from
a kiosk and an employee then brings it to the table. No need for cashiers or any
of that. The Kiosk does it all.....except for the one employee that brings out the

So now those that are still crying about minimum wage hikes, can now start crying
about losing their fast food jobs to robots and kiosk machines.

Why do they call him Lyin' Ted Cruz? » Post #12

Sun Apr 17, 2016 17:00 in General Talk

It is very important that a running candidate be an American.

There is a lot of underhandedness these days and people need to be
very informed and very careful as to who they vote for.

You know the story, wolf in sheep clothing.

I suppose that is one thing I like about Trump. He certainly isn't a
wolf in sheep clothing. :lol:

Why do they call him Lyin' Ted Cruz? » Post #8

Sun Apr 17, 2016 15:10 in General Talk

The reason why Trump probably calls Cruz lying Ted is because
Ted has 'CON MAN' practically stamped on his head.

Ted's poor wife suffering from depression and sitting on the
side of a highway.

Now I ask you, why does a professional woman, marry, then
come down with 'depression' and sit on the side of a highway?

Offer expired » Post #63

Sun Apr 17, 2016 15:05 in General Talk

hamsou73 wrote: @valerie

Its all about traffic at the end. no matter what genuine program you use.

If you are selling affiliate products on your website you need quality traffic.

If you are using MLM you need traffic .. & so on.

So the key is to know how to get fast traffic fo free.

No it's not. Don't be fooled by all the talk.

You gotta get out of the 'numbers' frame of mind and the 'traffic' frame of mind.
That is not where it's at.

Offer expired » Post #56

Sun Apr 17, 2016 13:34 in General Talk

It's all a bunch of bologna! It really is. I made a fortune from that bologna
over the years so I really shouldn't complain....and I am not complaining. I
am just giving good advice to people that don't know better.

If you can get a lot of people to enroll in your MLM so be it....but it is a never
ending battle. It's not only a never ending battle, it's a lot of work. I truly
earned every cent I made online. I never joined anything that I did not do

Plus, time's change. I always told everyone that if they wanted to make a
lot of money online, now is the time to do it because it may be a lot tougher
in the future. I still believe in what I said.

Offer expired » Post #52

Sun Apr 17, 2016 13:24 in General Talk

And that other program you guys are talking about..... :thumbdown:

Offer expired » Post #51

Sun Apr 17, 2016 13:23 in General Talk

Eh justs junk. :lol:

Seriously, I believe it was ok many years ago when it first started. I mean, it really
was worth the cost of $10 a month. Especially great for people that wanted or
needed an online presence or was simply looking for more ways to attach their

However, times have changed and generations are growing. Today, more and
more youngsters know how to create their own websites, know how to blog,
and can even do those for mom and dad, or help.

The program truly has not kept up with what demands it should in order to
get more members onboard and keep them onboard. The stuff they implement
is money grabbers only and nothing realistic for the common person to utilize.

Many good hosting companies out there that will give you a dot com domain name
free and only charge you LESS than $10 a month with a push button wordpress,
forum, etc.

The guys that created the program, are older now too and filthy rich so they
just ride the waves, so to speak.

The push button website they have has always been very cheesy. Also very
difficult to make it look professional.

So today especially, it's really only about the money and to be perfectly clear
on's too deep for what they offer.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #192

Sun Apr 17, 2016 13:13 in General Talk

.......and the wall around Mars will be HUGEEEEEEEEEE!

Donald Trump reveals new nickname for Hillary » Post #3

Sun Apr 17, 2016 13:11 in General Talk

ahahahahahaha yall so funny!

I was wondering what Trump was going to nick name her.

Never thought of the BS initials before. :lol:

Offer expired » Post #46

Sun Apr 17, 2016 13:09 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
hamsou73 wrote: @ProAdCo

Did you joined 4c home based business?

I've not joined 4c, I watched a YT video with the guy walking around the house
showing everything he purchased from the profits of 4c. Other than that, don't
know much about it, other than it's a one time payment to be a member, I think.

There is only program I've been focused on since April of 2006 ( 10 years this month ),
I'm still waiting for Valerie to join me :lol:

I take it your in 4C hamsou73?

And....I've been a member of that program for about 15 years and I am about
ready to throw in the towel. :lol:

Offer expired » Post #37

Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:03 in General Talk

Naw....there are millions or at least hundreds of thousands of people that
do those and if you think about it, very few that even visit the forum let
alone this topic.

Offer expired » Post #35

Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:43 in General Talk

7 Apr 2016 13:28 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,558 17 Apr 2016 13:28 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,554 17 Apr 2016 13:27 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,550 17 Apr 2016 13:27 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,541 17 Apr 2016 13:27 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,538 17 Apr 2016 13:27 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,534 17 Apr 2016 13:26 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,532 17 Apr 2016 13:26 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,520 17 Apr 2016 13:26 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100
38,851,505 17 Apr 2016 13:25 EST Complete TrialPay Offerwall $0.0100

Ya, cut me off a dime and disappeared. haha! Look at the times.

Offer expired » Post #34

Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:42 in General Talk

I think the best time to get those, is after the server time change.

Thought the day, I might get 2 to 4 before it closes. A bit later when I get
around to it, I try it again and get 2 to 4, and so on. It won't last forever

If you're around right now, you might try going into TrialPay and click on
video and see if it gives you a cent a did me for about a dime
before it cut me off. It's the first one of three....and just hit on the same
square without closing.

Offer expired » Post #29

Sat Apr 16, 2016 20:44 in General Talk

It went up to over 100 but I won't be doing think I'll be doing them tonight.

Weekend traffic. » Post #2

Sat Apr 16, 2016 14:17 in General Talk

My guess would be that it varies.

For example, if it is a nice day and people have the weekend off from work,
they might spend the day outdoors or gone for the weekend on a mini vacation.

The opposite can be true as well. People that work through the week may not
have as much time to spend on ClixSense until the weekend.

Very Stupid Email Spammers » Post #2

Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:15 in General Talk

I don't why I was choose but I don't wanna be choose!

Have you ever thought about actually placing a subject in 'my subject' line!

Who is Valariea?!?

Why didn't you got it!

Sea better? Sea better? You need glasses!

Very Stupid Email Spammers » Post #1

Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:12 in General Talk

Here is a few very stupid spammer email subject lines I nabbed from
one of my email spam folders today. I am like ' what the :roll: ':

-Congratulations You Have Been Choose

-my subject

-Valariea houz ar u?

-Why You Didn't Got It?

-Do u wanna sea better?

Spam from ads » Post #2

Sat Apr 16, 2016 05:40 in General Talk

You don't get email spam from viewing ads.
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