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Goodbye everyone » Post #25

Tue Aug 18, 2015 05:44 in General Talk

People have their own reasons why they join a program and why they leave a program.
You can't force people to stick around and work if they don't want to.

This isn't neobux. This is ClixSense.

To the member leaving, thanks for joining, goodbye, and good luck to you.

Topic Closed.

Cashout » Post #4

Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:55 in General Talk

Sure, it doesn't matter what name you use.
ClixSense does not require a name for cash out to paypal. It requires your paypal email address.

Cashout » Post #2

Mon Aug 17, 2015 08:41 in General Talk

You can only have one account at ClixSense.

Hello everybody » Post #2

Sun Aug 16, 2015 17:11 in Member Introduction

Advertising in the forum is not allowed.

Advertising adult content is not allowed period.

Please read the information on site concerning advertising.

wishing » Post #2

Sun Aug 16, 2015 16:12 in General Talk

Welcome aboard!

Topic already exists.

ClixAddon an Windows 10? » Post #6

Sun Aug 16, 2015 13:49 in General Talk

They say that every time a new operating system comes along.....'Oh, they'll get all my information'.

Well sure, a lot of privacy goes out the window when you are online.

They wouldn't get shat from my computers any way....unless they want
to read my emails to my childhood friend about our crepe myrtles.

Goodbye everyone » Post #11

Sun Aug 16, 2015 13:42 in General Talk

Traffic exchanges are not dead.

Traffic exchanges are one of many cheap to no cost ways to promote your offers.

Unfortunately, there is a 'group' that networks the traffic exchanges. It's not
good to network something like 'traffic exchanges' but that is exactly what they
did and still do. It's truly a downfall to the industry.

Many years ago, I published an ezine. There was a lady that started a network
of ads within ezine's. The way it worked is, you joined her network and people
could purchase ads such as in groups..... 1 solo ad, 1 top sponsor ad,...etc. The
ads would appear in multiple ezine's. She told me 'Valerie, you should be rich
with your newsletter, join us, share the profit'. So I did. I about went crazy.
Ads after ads I was sent and my ezine was full of ads. Subscribers began
unsubscribing. Needless to say, I didn't get rich and if anyone made the bucks,
it was her. I can't remember her name but she wasn't in business long. :lol:

Like the ezine scenario above, some traffic exchanges have been flooded with
same old content, same ole operation, same ole foolery simply because they
said 'join me' and network as a group.

So, you need to be selective with traffic exchanges. You need to have, as a norm,
a very large number of credits on a continuous basis. need to grab the
eye with color, honestly, short sentences, and what you can do for the viewer.

Independence Day » Post #2

Sat Aug 15, 2015 09:03 in General Talk

topic already exists

Interesting survey "test" question!!!! » Post #3

Thu Aug 13, 2015 20:53 in General Talk

Hilarious! :lol:

My Computer - Part 2 Continued - Laptop bargain » Post #10

Thu Aug 13, 2015 19:14 in General Talk

Hilary is not going to get president any way. Most everyone knows she is a weirdo.

Done This Many Offers 5,792 » Post #2

Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:31 in General Talk


My Computer. May It Rest In Peace. » Post #19

Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:12 in General Talk

Maybe you can try what 'jagobal' said above.

My Computer. May It Rest In Peace. » Post #16

Mon Aug 10, 2015 06:56 in General Talk

@Rod, I have been there, done that, sold everything. After I graduated from college I was
offered a job in Alaska to manage a boys rehab center. I sold almost everything...even my
house. Then I changed my mind. So I bought another house and had to spend a lot of
money buying furniture and other household items. I've also sold items in the past due
to remodeling and/or changing decor.

Just because things are placed in a yard sale does not necessarily mean they are not good.
Lots of reasons why people sell their items and it's not generally because they are broke.

If you know where the house is in which you purchased the laptop, go over there and
ask them if they know the password.

My Computer. May It Rest In Peace. » Post #10

Sun Aug 09, 2015 23:32 in General Talk

hyldig wrote: I got a brand new 2.4 Ghz Quad core Toshiba with 17" screen and 2 years warranty for around 600 $ last year . If you look for something cheap that last for many years , a Toshiba might be an idea . You never know how long those you buy on yard sales last . If you can get them to work properly at all .

Some years ago I bought a used computer a guy had for sale in the local paper, for $40.00.
I bought it for my ex husband to play cards because he liked those poker card games....Hoyle.
It worked for about one week. :lol:

@Rod, you can find good deals at yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, auctions, etc. There's
a very large flea market type building not far from me. They have booth after booth of stuff. It's
a huge place. I just thought about it and I don't think I can recall ever seeing any electronics there
at all, other than perhaps an antique radio. I enjoy going there but rarely take the time out to go.
I'm not knocking you buying computers at yard sales. Many people do place items in yard sales
that are very good items.

My Computer - Part 2 Continued - Laptop bargain » Post #3

Sun Aug 09, 2015 22:20 in General Talk

I use to like Gateway rather well, preferred them over Dell.
Only thing is, the Gateway laptop I had, kept a charge for 40 minutes.....Ok, so that was in the old days. :oops:

My Computer. May It Rest In Peace. » Post #7

Sun Aug 09, 2015 22:16 in General Talk

Rod, why not just go to walmart and purchase an inexpensive laptop?
Not sure if you have tax free days there (due to school start up) but it can be a good time to buy.

Today I was looking for the charger that came with a little acer notebook I purchased a couple years ago....
I couldn't find the charger. It's around here some where. The point is, I think I gave about $69 for it
at the Walmart at a Christmas sale or some time around Christmas. It's a little black and purple 'Acer',
multi gesture touch pad, windows 7, wifi etc, 1 GB Memory, Aspire One, WebCam optimized, and so on.
It is 10.1 inches. It may not sound like much but it works great, and I only keep avast free version
anti-virus on it.

The point I am making is, you don't really need to spend a lot unless you want to. One cheap pc
lasts about as long as the next cheap pc.....even expensive ones.

About 10 years ago I paid over $2,000 for a dell desktop and after one year the thing had issue
after issue.

I have several dell laptops and believe me, they are way over-rated. I have a couple of Lenovo
products, a tablet and more recently a laptop. I like Lenovo products better than Dell.

Several years ago, I bought a MAC, and it is mainly what I use. I guess I've been using this same
MAC for about 4 going on 5 years. No problems with it at all. Works the same as it did on day one.

Windows 10 » Post #28

Thu Aug 06, 2015 16:21 in General Talk

rajib9 wrote: i got windows 7 home premium,can anyone help that how i will upgrade windows 10,procedure????

You might try upgrading your windows to windows 8.

It may ask you for a key so I suggest having the key ready.

After you have upgraded to windows 8, you will be able to upgrade to windows 10.

There may be another way, but I don't know for sure. You can try doing a google search....
'free upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10' and see what comes up.

McAfee arrested » Post #4

Tue Aug 04, 2015 15:59 in General Talk

He's been living in Lexington, TN for about two years.

McAfee arrested » Post #1

Tue Aug 04, 2015 15:35 in General Talk

He lives about 20 minute drive from me.

They arrested him this time for driving while intoxicated and having a gun. :shock:

Windows 10 » Post #26

Mon Aug 03, 2015 00:37 in General Talk

I finally was able to fix all the errors with the corrupted downloads, and now have
it installed on one laptop.

I'm off to bed but at a glance for now, it appears privacy is out the window....get it? :lol:
I didn't bother to agree to Cortana.....if that is the name. I don't even use Siri so not sure
why I would use it anyway.
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