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Posts by valerie

Do you believe in ghost? » Post #13

Fri Jun 10, 2016 04:40 in General Talk

Well have you ever given thought to stuff that may be around us that we can't see?
I think about that some times.

For example, my little dog can hear stuff I can't hear.

So why do we think that what we see is all to be seen?

We might be surrounded by people all the time and not even know it.

My grandfather, being a minister, use to say that the spirit when we die
has to go some where. It wouldn't go to heaven and it wouldn't go to hell.
It wouldn't go til the end of time so where does the spirit go?

So my take on it is, there is a possibility that 'sprits' walk amongst us.
That some spirits are so very evil that may have strong enough ties with
the devil, to create some bit of havoc amongst the place they once lived
or the people they once knew. Same thought vice versa that we might
be surrounded by family spirits and spirits of friends and maybe just maybe
there are those times that they can provoke goodness and even what we
deem miracles.

While you are sitting there are you computer, your great great great grandmother
might be standing there beside you and thinking.....'this boy is nuts'! :lol:

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream » Post #15

Wed Jun 08, 2016 22:42 in General Talk

I don't eat real meat but I do eat eggs, milk, ice cream.

I'd have to say vanilla ice cream is my favorite. I buy the large containers of vanilla
ice cream and I like that I can change the flavor with syrups, fruits, nuts, etc.

My Little Red Wagon » Post #11

Wed Jun 08, 2016 22:38 in General Talk

I always get my grand children their first radio flyer wagon.

However, they are not anything like they were back in the 50's/60's.

If you have an old one made before the 70's, I wouldn't sell it.

Conguering America by Deception - It's Working! » Post #6

Mon Jun 06, 2016 23:17 in General Talk

Well, there was that time back in the early 70's the rain drops danced on the dark highway
like gazillions of tiny tree frogs. I will admit, that was far more entertaining.

Do you support Universe Basic Income? » Post #24

Mon Jun 06, 2016 23:08 in General Talk

So how's your garden growing?

Isn't that a child's rhyme?

I have a small garden but I have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, sweet corn, watermelon,
cantaloupe, green beans, butter squash, zucchini. I think that is it.

Scientists define 'sign of insanity' » Post #7

Mon Jun 06, 2016 23:05 in General Talk

Believe me, I thought about that many times growing up and even years later and
even now some times. Why did she do that? It wasn't like it was an occasional
lateness. It was just about every single time they went any where and it was
every single Sunday morning.......always!

The only thing I could conclude, was like I said, it was something he had no
control over. Maybe it was an attraction faction in that she enjoyed that moment
of attention and enjoyed seeing him being annoyed. Maybe she thought it was
lady like to be late.

I really don't know. It was weird.

Do you support Universe Basic Income? » Post #22

Mon Jun 06, 2016 22:57 in General Talk

If you're that worried about it just go to college and major in Robotics.

Scientists define 'sign of insanity' » Post #2

Sun Jun 05, 2016 18:12 in General Talk

I didn't take time to read that but according to your post, my grandmother was insane. :lol:

All her life, she was late for everything except work.

My grandfather would stand with his hand in his pocket jingling change....jingle jangle jingle jangle jangle jing jing jingle
with an annoying and very trying patience on his face. All the while watching my grandmother breeze ever so slowly
through the living room, to the kitchen for a drink of water......then to the bathroom for a bit more powder puff on that white powder she put on her face.....and then back to their bedroom for her handbag......then upstairs to make sure the windows were closed.....and then.....


The good Lord will wait for me because he knows how patient I have been with you all my life and maybe I should have married Finis. Finis was always very patient.

and then my grandfather......


I can hear my grandmothers high heel shoes on the floor as she seemingly wanted to be late and it was as if she enjoyed seeing something that my grandfather could not control over her.......her lateness.

Do you support Universe Basic Income? » Post #15

Sun Jun 05, 2016 18:00 in General Talk

Well my goodness, of course not!

What you are talking about is basic communism and communism doesn't work.

I tell you something, buggy David, you better be very careful out there or what
you wish for might come true.

The first refugee team make in the olympics » Post #6

Sat Jun 04, 2016 15:14 in General Talk

If this idiotic junk doesn't stop, somebody is going to go.

It's either going to be me or its going to be you. YOU can figure out who YOU is.

I'm sick of it and everyone else is too.

Muhammad Ali dies aged 74 » Post #5

Sat Jun 04, 2016 07:49 in General Talk

Yes that is sad.

Finding dory have a lesbian couple. Warn your kids » Post #32

Sat Jun 04, 2016 07:47 in General Talk

Well I will tell you this, no one talked to me about the facts of life. No parental figure that is.

I was adopted by very strict christian grandparents and they never ever said anything to me
other than my grandmother saying something like this:

'don't you bother with them ole boys, you grow up and get a good job in a bank like peggy
the bank teller.....peggy has good respectable job.....peggy owns her home.....peggy had
nice home....peggy not married......peggy does what she wants......peggy buys what she
wants.....peggy always wears nice go to school, get your
get good job.....maybe get good job as bank go to always put
God be good girl'

The importance IS in the love you have been raised in. It doesn't matter if you have 14
fathers or no fathers or 4 mothers or no mothers. The importance is HAVING a LOVING

Naw, I never worked in a bank. Peggy got one up on me in that regards. :)

Teacher have sex with 13 years old boy » Post #15

Fri Jun 03, 2016 20:13 in General Talk

This is an inappropriate topic for the ClixSense forum!

Want to know A B C D of way of earning............ » Post #3

Thu Jun 02, 2016 19:12 in General Talk

mehedi30 wrote: Dear All,

Can u please help me that how can i start my earnings be a satisfactory level.
i am a new comer in this site for earning some more. Think that i don't know anything, about how can start work in this site. So i need help from you. Thank you in advanced.


You have been a member for almost two years so I am not sure what you mean about
being a new comer.

The first thing to do is read the website inside and out. After you have done that, you
will know exactly what to do to earn money in ClixSense. Hopefully, it won't take you
two more years to do that.

EU gone mad. Plans to block free speech » Post #52

Thu Jun 02, 2016 19:09 in General Talk

I am tired and I have a headache and I am sick of looking at this junk.

EU gone mad. Plans to block free speech » Post #13

Wed Jun 01, 2016 08:41 in General Talk

First let me you tell you folks something.

This forum has nothing at all to do with free speech or most of the idiotic stupid nonsense
that is often posted in this sub forum. In fact, this forum does not even need to exist. For
years it didn't exist and it can just as easily become non-existent again.

It's these ignorant topics and posts and absurd name callings and needless arguments that
do absolutely nothing to reflect any incentive whatsoever for people to join.

I'm about a dogs hair from contacting Jim and asking him to either close this general sub
forum or banning some members from posting in it.

Y'all can all go play in the sandbox some where else. Most of us are here to make some
money and we don't want our potential or new referrals reading this ignorance nonsense.

No luck in surveys » Post #7

Tue May 31, 2016 05:37 in Your Stats

I don't see STATS here and this is what this sub forum is for.....for
members to post their stats.

To our American neighbours » Post #2

Mon May 30, 2016 20:20 in General Talk

For many people in America, we also reflect on memories of family that have
since departed. Visiting gravesite, placing new flowers, and that sort of thing....
not just those that served in the military.

RIP Harambe.Gorilla killed,neglectful mother lives » Post #10

Mon May 30, 2016 20:16 in General Talk

zegon wrote: @ Valerie

( Uninteresting knowledge )

You have done :

11.446 Posts


Earned $ 11,980.75

It basically means that you have earned $1.04 per post.

( i'm going to speed up my posts now =Bc)

You so funny! :lol:

RIP Harambe.Gorilla killed,neglectful mother lives » Post #7

Mon May 30, 2016 13:53 in General Talk

Oh, I left out my example......

When my children were small, I put things out of their reach that might harm them.
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