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Highest earner of all time on ClixSense » Post #6

Mon Sep 30, 2013 14:32 in General Talk

baibhav8421 wrote: Is there any one who wanna claim as highest earner of all time ? otherwise I am going to declare Valerie as a winner. :P

Ok, what do I get as winner?

If winner get a million dollars then I will gladly be winner. :lol: :mrgreen:

Altho I could use a new laptop. Or even a box of chocolate chip pecan cookies. A candy bar?
A piece of chewing gum?? Well alright, a verbal congratulatory will do. :P

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #16

Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:29 in General Talk

rankokit wrote: Just finished watching now and hmmm... I wanted something more . Expected Heisenberg to return but instead we got the same quiet Walt like it was in the last few episodes . All in all a good final episode

I didn't think about you would be watching it quite a few hours later than I.
It's a good thing I did not share more about it or I could have spoiled it for you.

Well, I guess there is many different types of endings it could have had. In fact, I watched a few
minutes of the talk show that follows it, and they said they came up with a variety of endings but
went with what they did go with.

Also I thought he might just die in the cabin. He was at the 'breaking' point in regards to his cancer.
Had supposedly lost a huge amount of weight.

For a moment, I thought Jesse might wreck the car and die.

I think it should have been a two hour finale with some happenings after Walt was dead.
Such as Jesse finding the money and loading it up, leaving town.
Such as Walts wife making the deal with the cops using the lotto ticket.
Such as Walts son turning 18 and receiving 9 million dollars.

However, maybe it will sort of pick up where it left off, if they do come out with a spin off.

Try this. There is nothing you can do about it. » Post #4

Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:56 in General Talk

I think you're pulling my leg! :lol:

Because I don't have any issue with making my right foot go in a circle and drawing a six in the air.

My significant other did walk past while I was doing it and ask if that was my exercise for the day. :mrgreen:

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #14

Mon Sep 30, 2013 01:17 in General Talk

BreakingBad, ended sort of like I thought it would. I thought a good ending would be to do
something like a Bonnie and Clyde ending and I be, that is what they did, sort of.

I do wish it would have lasted a few more seasons. Oh well.

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #13

Mon Sep 30, 2013 01:16 in General Talk

cutiekids12 wrote: Hey can i join this topic!I like old movies like Bonanza,Raw hide,Andy griffith,and I love Lucy ;)

Yes of course you can join this topic. I like all those old shows too.

Just the other night, I watched one if not the first, Bonanza show. On netflix there is a program
called the Best of Bonanza and I think there is only 4 shows in that one. I have only watched the
first one. All the Cartwright's were in it. It was about a land owner that was crippled and he had
his son run his land and the son was getting dirty advice from a big shot mining land owner that
just wanted to ruin the land. I did remember it as I watched it. I probably saw it as a kid back in
the 60's. I thought it was so strange tho.....that even way back then, we really were thinking
about the land and that we should protect it and not going mining.

I also have Andy Griffin in my Netflix que and have watched some of those.

I get RawHide and Lucy on MeTV some times. I record the HoneyMooners on MeTV but you know,
they really did not make many of the HoneyMooner shows.

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #12

Mon Sep 30, 2013 01:10 in General Talk

rankokit wrote:
valerie wrote: I have a 'Smart TV' that is still in the box. I guess it may not be too smart by the time I take
it out of the box and hook it up. I'm not sure how much different it will be, if any, then my
other tv's connecting to box's such as Roku.

Its just like any other tv except it has some new programs and lets you do all kind of stuff or at least this is what the guy that sold me the tv told me. To be honest it's just a normal tv with bits added and renamed "Smart" but it's not that smart , took me ages to connect my xbox and bluray player :lol:

That's what I figured. I wanted a tv for another room and was trying to decide on something different,
either a 3d or a smart. I went with the smart. Not a big deal really because the smart was about the
same price as the dumb. :lol:

My total earnings in 1 year Premium » Post #3

Sun Sep 29, 2013 20:04 in Success Stories

Ya, you are correct that it's much better earning than playing and earn nothing.

It's kind of funny because I have had a lot of people over the years tell me they
want to earn money online but cannot. Even my sister which is a CS member,
by the way, complains all the time that she'd like to have some extra money.
But she don't do anything but play bingo online. :lol:

If you want to make money, you got to work at least some amount of time in
order to make it. I'd much rather be having a good time making money than
having a good time not making money.

Dedicated only to CilxSense, Valerie ? » Post #2

Sun Sep 29, 2013 20:01 in General Talk

I am very good at multi-tasking and often use more than one computer at a time.

Thank you very much and I take it as a compliment. :P

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #9

Sun Sep 29, 2013 19:41 in General Talk

There are a lot of programs such as Sons of Anarchy that are listed in Netflix streaming.
Usually they stay just one season behind. Even Breaking Bad is in the Netflix streaming.
In fact, most of the BreakingBad series, I watched on netflix. AMC was out for awhile from
DISH..some sort of argument they were having, over money no doubt and DISH was shipping
free Roku players to their subscribers just so they could watch WalkingDead and BreakingBad.

Netflix also has some of their own series shows and most are for streamers but some are
only to those that also get the dvd subscriptions.

They do have enough variety that it is more than worth it for me.

I have a 'Smart TV' that is still in the box. I guess it may not be too smart by the time I take
it out of the box and hook it up. I'm not sure how much different it will be, if any, then my
other tv's connecting to box's such as Roku.

Internet Cost » Post #10

Sun Sep 29, 2013 19:33 in General Talk

rankokit wrote: Yes 1 pound is roughly 1.60 dollars .

There are countries where they pay 2 dollars / month for even better internet :lol:

That's very amazing. Wish my internet cost was $2 a month. Actually, I think it should be free. :thumbup:

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #7

Sun Sep 29, 2013 16:06 in General Talk

I've been a netflix subscriber almost since they first began. There is a hub in Memphis so I would
always receive the dvd's in one day. A couple of years ago they increased the price and I got tired
of the dvd's. Really, I did get tired of them because there is only so many movies in the world and
netflix is far from having them all.

I pay about $8.75 a month for netflix streaming. I am sure it is the same or very close to the same
for you as it is me, in regards to what it is and what they have. I am more of a movie watcher than
I am a series watcher. Still, I will say that there seems to be more focus and competition on series
today and therefore there is better or for me any way, more watchable series then ever before. Still,
I prefer movies.

For me the $8.75 a month is worth it. It's excellent in regards to the streaming. No ads. No
herky jerky movements. It's flawless for the most part.

For the streaming only, there is not a 'new' collection per se. They do display new movies for
their streaming customers but most are 3 star and under. The newer 4 and 5 star movies, are
rarely displayed for the streaming customers. I do like older classics and Netflix does not offer
enough of those yet either for customers like me that enjoy watching an old 50's/60's flick now
and then. One night I got it in my head I wanted to watch the old 'The postman only rings twice'
...the old one with Lana Turner. Well netflix didn't have it for streamers.

Still, I find it worth it because if I pay for a pay per view it's going to cost me like $5 or $6.
I can always find something on Netflix to watch, even if it is a stupid movie.

I won't hardly watch movies that do not speak English and Netflix is notorious for listing movies
that are not in English.

I have about 200 movies and series in my que. Sons of Anarchy is one of them. I started out
watching it on tv but was rather disappointed with it because it was nothing like I thought it
would be. I probably watched most of the first series. Added it to my que recently thinking I
might some day watch it all.

At one time I was paying close to $140 a month to DISH. Now my DISH bill is more like
$70 to $75 a month.

My guess is, the satelite and cable companies are losing a lot of business due to companies
like netflix and the internet.

Well, I don't know much about where you can watch the shows and movies online. I know
there are some like Bittorrent but I am not familiar with it and I think it's illegal. I wouldn't
want to do anything illegal and lose my internet service or some such as that. I have watched
a movie or two on youtube. Also it's been a long time but I have watched some free old shows
on hulu.

I have a Roku box and I am freely subscribed to a boat load of channels. Only thing is many
of those have ads.

Internet Cost » Post #8

Sun Sep 29, 2013 15:46 in General Talk

I guess there is good and bad about most every where one lives.

The Internet service is good but I there is no pizza delivery here. :o :lol:

Well there is an old thread here some where about internet speed and some had posted
their speeds but I don't think anyone stated the price they paid.

I don't my pounds to dollars conversions so I still don't know what you pay.

You said 32 pounds I think. Everything is more where you are in regards to the dollar/pound.
So I will guess that 32 pounds must be about $55 dollars. I think the pounds is almost twice
as much as the dollar......or is that the dollar is almost worth twice as much as the pound....well
any way you look at it, you're paying more in regards to pound/dollar in writing. :?

Arty Farty » Post #2

Sun Sep 29, 2013 15:31 in General Talk

Also, I can't get this jingle/song out of my head.....

Oh Arty You're So Fine
You're so fine
You blow my mind....beep beep

(yes, it's actually the song 'Hey Mickey')

Arty Farty » Post #1

Sun Sep 29, 2013 15:28 in General Talk

Arty Farty Arty Farty Arty Farty......

I just had to say that. Every time I see a particular ad, that is what I say to self.....

arty farty

If you happen to know what I am talking about or it is your ad, I will tell you this....

I am not too dumb but I don't know what it's about. When I click on the how it works,
it tells me nothing except how to sign up for it. I don't want to know how to sign up
for it because I can figure that out on my own. I want to know what it is.

All I can fathom is it is some sort of way to send money to someones something or
other thru one phone to another. Altho it does make it sound like it's a way to charge
up someones phone.

How could you charge up someones else phone if you are one place and they are another.

Ohhh arty you are such a farty. Explain yourself on your website for dummies.

Internet Cost » Post #6

Sun Sep 29, 2013 15:22 in General Talk

I don't know anything about the numbers but I do know I do like my internet service.
I rarely ever have an issue with it and if I do, they come out very quickly.

With that said, I live in a very rural area. I'm fortunate to have it due to where I live which is
practically in the forest. :lol: There happens to be a small rural high school about a mile from
where I live and that is why I was able to get the service I have.

In fact, I was their very first customer, after the school. They is some sort of a connector pole
or some such, down by the school and i am in range to have the DSL/WiFi.

I think they come out quickly when I do call them is because, they are not doing anything else. :mrgreen:

They're probably just sitting there, twiddling their thumbs and saying....'I wish the school or
Valerie would call so we'd have something to do'. :lol:

Ohhhh and they use to always say that I was their best customer! Then I found out, I was actually,
their only customer (besides the school). Hilarious!

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #5

Sun Sep 29, 2013 14:17 in General Talk

I like mobster/ganster type movies and westerns. They rarely make westerns any more and
I guess that is one reason why I like Hell On Wheels is because it's a western .... and the main
character has sort of an old western Clint Eastwood style.

I watched the first two episodes of the new Michael J Fox show. I was seriously looking forward
to it but disappointed some what after watching. It is funny and maybe it will get better but I
hate shows in which there is someone in the show, constantly narrating to me. I absolutely hate
that. I hope it doesn't always do that, every show, but I have a feeling it will. I mean, if I want
to watch a documentary, I will. When I want to watch a program as in series, I don't want the
characters constantly talking to me. Same goes in 'House of Cards' that I watched a couple of
episodes on Netflix and couldn't watch any more it because he constantly blabs to the non seen

I know I have heard of Game of Thrones but I don't think I have watched it. Is it on tv? Seems
like I saw it listed on Netflix.

I don't have HBO but there is one show on one of those channels I'd like to see and that is....
trying to think of the name of it..... Buscemi is in it and I have always liked him. I think the
name is 'Boardwalk Empire'.

------Oh ok on 'Game of Thrones'....I googled it. No never have watched it because it is on HBO
which I don't get.

I like that British show and I only watched the first season, not knowing it was a season thing.
After I finished the first series/season, I thought that was the end of it. I watched it on Neftlix
and I have been meaning to look see if there is more seasons because someone said there is.
'Downtown Abby'.

Internet Cost » Post #4

Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:41 in General Talk

Just tried the test again and it says the following:

Ping: 68 ms
Download speed: 248 Mbps
Upload speed: 50 Mbps

I have the DSL and WiFi if that makes sense. I don't know about all the connection jargon.

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #3

Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:35 in General Talk

rankokit wrote: yea it's brilliant, shame it's all over . I read somewhere that last week's episode broke a new record regarding viewers , I wonder if it will get broken again tonight

Glad they approved a spin off show which will start next year I think staring Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman :D

Really.....I hadn't heard of the spin off show.

It's rather difficult for me to find a series on television that I like well enough to watch it
episode after episode. I hate too that it is ending.

Breaking Bad - last episode tonight » Post #1

Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:57 in General Talk

Anyone else been watching Breaking Bad?

The very last episode is tonight and no doubt millions of people will be watching.

Internet Cost » Post #2

Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:50 in General Talk

In the USA, all that can vary greatly depending on location, what is
available in that area, what company is chosen, and what choices
are chosen.

For example, I have DSL which is thru my telephone company and
it's not a major company, not like BellSouth or anything one would
recognize. My landline and DSL is thru the same local company and
I contract per 3 years which gives me a discount on monthly fee. I
am paying about $42 for DSL each month. Funny because my
actual landline service is almost twice that and I rarely use my home
phone. :mrgreen:

In the USA if one uses a Satalite company such as DISH for example,
they usually pay round about $75 to $100 per month.

In the USA there are cable networks such as Charter and Comcast
that will bundle cable tv service with internet service and they usually
charge per speed package chose. Example $40, $50, $60 as in the
most costly being the fastest speed.

There are also people that go thru major companies for all their wireless
needs such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. The prices can vary greatly dependent
upon what the customer wants.

I don't know what my speed is unless I go to one of those online speed
tester thingies.

-------- went to a speed tester thingie and it says 2.51
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