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Lockdown » Post #25

Thu Nov 05, 2020 21:23 in General Talk

A lot of people care, including China.

Lockdown » Post #18

Thu Nov 05, 2020 20:45 in General Talk

It's not 'algorithm'.

It's called 'fake news'.

I don't know about other countries but I do know the USA has a very very serious
problem with news and the government today. We need to step up to the plate and
prosecute all journalist that intentionally report fake news. We need to prosecute
all government officials that destroy lives due to their lies, fake news, underhanded,
uncivil ploys to destroy people they don't like.

It's very unfortunate that people do not realize the 'control' that is placed on them.

You see what happens is the rich and powerful enjoy playing games with not just
each other, but with the average people such as you and me. They do these games
in numerous ways. These games result in unrest, racism, violence, and more poverty.

I don't know what we're going to do. I don't know what the future is going to do.
It gets worse every day. The absolute worse of it all is, most people do not even
realize what is being done to them.

Unknown Advantages to Wearing a Mask » Post #11

Thu Nov 05, 2020 20:36 in General Talk

You want to go on a diet (You also put a mask on your refrigerator).

You try to hide when eating bananas.

HaHa! » Post #9

Thu Nov 05, 2020 14:46 in Polish

hahahahahahahahahahaha :lol:

Marcin Patrzalek » Post #1

Thu Nov 05, 2020 14:33 in Polish

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #146

Thu Nov 05, 2020 14:16 in General Talk

Beware » Post #1

Thu Nov 05, 2020 13:38 in General Talk

Beware of fake domains or domains that request you to sign up or log into
their account using your ySense user name and log in detail. Some people
will unknowingly fall for that. Never give your ySense password to anyone.

If you are unsure of a website that is displaying web pages like ySense, contact
ySense to see if it is a legitimate domain that ySense owns. Generally the
answer will be 'no'.

For example, the Polish domain is NOT owned by ySense. This may
be a legitimate redirect or it might be a hijacker.

HaHa! » Post #7

Thu Nov 05, 2020 13:21 in Polish

What does it mean?

Co to znaczy?

What = Co

Co? Co? Co? Co? Sounds like 'Oh as in o and Cat as in C = Co? Co? Co? Co? Cocoa.

No 'does' in Polish? Co? Co? Co?

it = to

Co to? Co to? Co to?

mean = znarcy

Sounds like snarky zzzzeeee nar seee

Co to zeee nar see? :?

wypłata amazon » Post #2

Thu Nov 05, 2020 13:13 in Polish

You will need to submit a support ticket to ySense. Members do not have access to your account. If it hasn't been ten days, I suggest you wait about submitting a support ticket until it has.

Konieczne będzie przesłanie zgłoszenia do pomocy technicznej do ySense. Członkowie nie mają dostępu do Twojego konta. Jeśli nie minęło dziesięć dni, sugeruję, abyś poczekał z przesłaniem zgłoszenia do pomocy technicznej, aż to nastąpi.

Unknown Advantages to Wearing a Mask » Post #5

Thu Nov 05, 2020 12:59 in General Talk

You are butt ugly.

You are a fashionista.

You think you look cute.

You want to breath your own air.

You like the design.

You have a compulsive disorder.

You like to hide your wrinkles.

You have a nasal disorder.

You like to match your masks with your outfits.

You think it makes your your face look smaller.

You think it makes your eyes look larger.

You think it makes your ears look sexy.

You think it makes your butt look smaller.

You think it makes your butt look larger.

Dwustopniowa weryfikacja i problem z wypłatą » Post #3

Thu Nov 05, 2020 06:57 in Polish


Unknown Advantages to Wearing a Mask » Post #1

Thu Nov 05, 2020 06:55 in General Talk

Can you name some?

You are waiting on your new teeth.

You don't have time to wash your face.

You just ate chocolate pie.

You woke up with a huge pimple on your nose.

You have cold sores.

You are having plastic surgery.

You talk too much.

Can you think of any?

Kind of funny, I was TP'd » Post #51

Wed Nov 04, 2020 19:09 in General Talk

I said something to the effect that he could get near 300 votes, depending on winning
the big electoral votes.

This is how we feel in America:

Focus - Hocus Pocus - YouTube

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #144

Wed Nov 04, 2020 19:08 in General Talk

Mutated Corona on mink farms in Denmark. » Post #7

Wed Nov 04, 2020 18:54 in General Talk

He's not in office.

The election is not over yet.

Although slim and a very tight race, it is still possible that Trump could win.

Mutated Corona on mink farms in Denmark. » Post #4

Wed Nov 04, 2020 16:42 in General Talk

Awwww that is so sad and cruel.

I don't know about other countries but mink/fur is illegal in the USA.

Kind of funny, I was TP'd » Post #49

Wed Nov 04, 2020 16:40 in General Talk

I never said Trump would get 300.

Geesh. Where does this stuff come from? No don't answer.

A LOT of people predicted Trump would win and a LOT of people predicted Biden would win.
So what? It's not like some sort of magical power people have. :lol:
Everyone has a 50/50 chance of being correct or incorrect.

Also, not voting for Trump had nothing to do with how he focused on the pandemic.

One of the main reason why Trump lost votes to democrats is because of his character and
especially his character towards women. If Trump would have learned to keep his big fat
mouth shut instead of tweeting and making all kinds of idiotic remarks, he would have gained
more votes. Many women, absolutely hate Trump because they see him as a sexist.

Secondly, Trump also bit his own nose off by telling people not to vote by mail. I think that
backfired on him to a large extent. His supporters took it to heart. The problem with that is
people say for one reason or another 'just throw the ballet in the trash I will vote in person'.
D day arrives and that person for one reason or another, does not go vote.

Third and probably most importantly, people want FREE EVERYTHING. There are a lot of
people out there that don't know jack about government or politics or anything else for
that matter. All they hear is what they want to hear. So when they hear that Biden is going
to make jobs and get back into the climate agreement, and he is going to make health care
better for everyone, and he will forgive student loans, and he will do this for black people
and that for red people, they cast their vote for him. Biden is not far from a Bernie Sanders.

BUT who knows what will happen next. All we can do is hope the years will be better and
not worse. Personally, I don't think Biden's health will get him through the rough years as
a president.

Kind of funny, I was TP'd » Post #44

Wed Nov 04, 2020 11:40 in General Talk

:lol: Well THAT IS the reason why people vote. Once the votes are in and the
people are elected, why would there be a protest with people fighting and killing
each other? That is called, in my opinion, stupidity and goes against democracy.

The reason 'why it would be different today' is because it IS today and not yesterday.

I think I better go order some toilet paper and beans.

Kind of funny, I was TP'd » Post #40

Wed Nov 04, 2020 08:09 in General Talk

No it is not over yet.

It could even be another day or two.

Me, I don't predict anything when it comes to the election. I don't believe anyone
that says they can predict it because the reality is, they can't. So that is all very
absurd. Even their so called one sided polls are almost always incorrect. No matter
who wins, it was a very close race and interesting to watch.

@Jose, it's a serious election but how can I say that there are people who take it too
seriously? It's almost laughable how people will display their stupidity by protesting
and fighting and trying to kill each other. I don't know what makes people such sore
losers. It's very weird. I say people should save their energy until we have a real
disaster on our hands.....such as those giant polka dot men from a galaxy far far away
with neutralizer weapons. YIKES! :mrgreen:

Kind of funny, I was TP'd » Post #37

Wed Nov 04, 2020 07:10 in General Talk

Nevada may very well be the determining factor in the end.
Presently it is leaning Biden. However, only 67% of the votes are in.

It was looking good for Trump but now those mail in votes are probably
going to hurt him a lot. One never knows tho. It's interesting to watch.

Whatever the outcome is, I sure hope we have better years ahead of us. :roll:
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