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Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #29

Sun Oct 16, 2016 20:33 in General Talk

@Micshad No, can't say as I remember the daisy stuff.

Made me think of when I was a kid and collected comic books. There was a drug store that was
on my way home from school and I would stop in there almost every day and buy candy, silly toys,
but mostly 'Archie Series' comic books. They were $0.12 cents and some times they would have
the double feature comic books for a quarter. I did buy a few others too such as 'Baby Huey', 'Dot',
etc. I had stacks of them and I would read some over when I didn't have new ones to read.

Then Vietnam came along and one day my grandmother ask me if I would donate my comic
books to the 'boys in nam'. You know, I think that was one of the hardest things I did when
I was a kid, let loose of all those comic books. Not sure how many I had..... 300 to 500 or maybe

Years later when I think back on it, I just wonder how many of the 'boys in nam' actually liked
reading 'Archie series comic books'? Maybe so but I suspect they were more into superman
and super hero comic books. I do often wonder what became of all those comic books. Could
they still be floating around Vietnam some where?

The reason why they did not smile in their pictures back then was usually due to their teeth.

Export referral email » Post #3

Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:56 in General Talk

When a referral joins, you receive an email that contains the new member user name and email address.
You can then save the email or add to your email address book and contact the new member. Some
referrals do not want contact and if that is the case, it will simply display 'private' and you cannot contact

So in essence, there is no need for exporting email address since you already have them.

In addition, as the member posted above, you can enter a message in your account affiliate area and
when they log in, they will see it.

Do the advertisers have option of the display time » Post #4

Sat Oct 15, 2016 21:24 in General Talk

You can stop/pause the ad.

You can also submit a support ticket first and let them know you want to purchase
an ad pack and you want it to begin at such and such time. They may do that for you.

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #22

Sat Oct 15, 2016 16:04 in General Talk

Yeah but you know to me it gets really old and has gotten really old to me, for a very long time.
What I mean is all the various terminology. As you yourself once said, it is words.

I actually hate to see some of the terms leave because they were founded by hard working people.

The 'Avon Lady' started way back when women were not accepted in 'men's' jobs. I suppose with
World War II things began to change because the men were at war and the women had to work.
My grandmother was even a 'rosie the revitor'.....reveter.....reviter....whatever.

In addition and primarily Avon sold women's products. Back in those days, many of those products
were considered personal.

Now I guess they should call it Avon Sales Person.....or some such as that.

A friend of mine and myself sold it for two months back in the mid 70's. She talked me into it and
we lost money because we were buying everything ourselves. :lol:

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #20

Sat Oct 15, 2016 14:26 in General Talk

@ Micshad I bought a lot of avon in the 70's and I think my grandmother use to buy some back in the
50's and 60's. Later when I worked at a hospital, a friend at work sold it and would come around on the
night shift handing out books, I would always order something from her. I never really liked much of the
Avon products but I did like their pretty cologne bottles. In the 60's I was a 'love's Lemon' girl....loved
that stuff. In the 70's I was a 'Heaven Scent' girl. There was a few avon scents I liked over the years.
One came in a red bottle and I think the name of it was 'Charisma' and then there was one that came in
tall yellow bottle....can't remember the name of it. I bought a lot of their nail polish and roll on's and
some of their lotions, bubble baths, and oils. We use to keep some of the perfume bottles after they
were empty and oh.....they use to make a cream perfume in a jar....remember those? It came in fancy
jars and then later in the 80's I think they changed to calling it a perfume bath cream or some such
that came in color jars. Oh....I think I liked their honeysuckle too! :P

That reminds me and I can't think of the name, of decorator stuff that people would have home
parties....something like 'Home Decor' name or some such. I had a lot of that stuff at one time
all over my walls. Also had some of the figurines. Here again, it was a lady at work that sold it
so I was always ordering from her.

Trying to trace family history is no doubt a big job. I never got very far with it. I did find an old
picture online of my great great grandfather and grandmother on my father's side. He was a
doctor and had a long beard. His wife had a mean look on her face and her waist looked like it
was only 14 inches. :lol:

PS. After typing something long, copy it. That way if you're booted, you can paste it back in.

Happy birthday to all the November people like me. » Post #7

Sat Oct 15, 2016 14:12 in General Talk

Happy Birthday!

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #16

Sat Oct 15, 2016 09:01 in General Talk

Marcel-R6 wrote: How many ex husbands do you have? :lol:

Oh yeah watches forgot that one will edit my post.

HaHa! :lol:

Two and that was Two too many!

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #14

Sat Oct 15, 2016 07:52 in General Talk

@Marcel-R6 An ex-husband would collect knifes and watches. It actually made it easy to buy him gifts.

@shadecat Only collect the hard stuff. Spend the paper. To prepare for what might come, take a little of your cash to the bank and exchange it for.... change. Always save your change. I like books too! Oh but decorative tins can take up lots of room. I use to keep my large popcorn tins I would get from walmart at Christmas. I'd fill them with ornaments or other Christmas stuff. I have some smaller cookie tins. I always buy the famous Denmark butter cookies at walmart every Christmas. Well, most every Christmas. The tins are beautiful and I have bought many of the small ones for gifts to the mailman, etc.

@hlrive My best friend I grew up with, up north by Chicago, she is Polish and her parents long since passed were very Polish that lived through the depression. Her father worked at one of the major soap factories, Proctor Gamble or one of those. He brought home lots of products that was made in the factory. I guess they got a big discount and/or some that may have been mislabeled or some what damaged. They always washed their dishes with bar soap. I remember her mother telling her to go to the basement and get some soap. In their basement was lots of long shelves and on the shelves was lots of products. Several containers of lard, shortening (didn't use cooking oils back then), can foods, laundry detergents, bar soap, etc. Not a little. A LOT. I was only 8, 9, 10, 11 years old but I always enjoyed going in their basement to see all the goodies on the shelves. I have not seen my old friend in many years but she never did that. Guess who does? She told me that her parents went through such hard times that they stayed prepared. Fortunately, they never had to live through hard times again but they were certainly prepared for it. Something about that, had a large impact on me. So I do the same. I don't have a basement and I don't have a huge stockpile but if something were to happen and I could not buy food, I probably always have enough on hand to last me 1 to 2 years.

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #9

Fri Oct 14, 2016 22:35 in General Talk

I wished at times that I had many of the items I grew up with that my grandparents had.
I guess there really IS something to be said for keeping things.

@seaeagle A best friend I grew up with, polish people, her father collected stamps. Every
time I would visit their house, her dad would ask me if I had any stamps from out of the
country. He would show me how to take, I think it was rubbing alcohol to soak the stamps.
In so doing, one could see the intricate details on the backs of the stamps. He won some
local awards through his life. He passed away in the late 70's and when he died, they sold
his stamp collection which was rather extensive. I'm not sure of the amount of money it
brought but it was a lot. My friend that had recently married, they bought a house with
her share of the stamp sale. As kids, we would laugh and make fun of 'Alice's dad' but he
loved it and it was certainly worthy of his time.

@BouldRake you must be ex-husband related because my ex had so many hats he would
drive me crazy with them. Most were baseball style caps.

@RoseGold I like flameless candles too. They are starting to get rather fancy. I just have
mostly the plain ones, some that came in sets of 3 of different sizes. I have a bunch of the
tea-lights and some that display different color lights. I like them when the electric goes off.
I use the remotes too and makes it handy to have light quickly.

@lytt I color just whatever is in the coloring books. lol I mostly like to color animals, forests,
flowers, etc. I use the color pencils mostly, they last a lot longer. Gel pens can be expensive
and the good ones will last awhile but still an extra expense. Gel pens can also be a bit messy.

@walkinganomaly I am with your husband about that.....keeping them. Take the time and
work to make them, might as well save them. That is what I hate about jigsaw puzzles...
once I put a jigsaw puzzle together, I don't want to do it again. I will glue them to a backing
and then stack them til the stack gets huge and then they end up in the trash!

@tasman1 Many years ago, way back in the 60's, one could some times find gold coins on
the beach in Florida. Maybe people still do from time to time. I just remember back then
my sister stayed a summer in Florida and when she returned, she had several gold coins
that they found on the beach. I had a few old coins at one time.

@lotoole A friend of mine and I, love dishes and kitchenware items. I love all those old
dishes. At one time I collected some pieces of carnival glass. I actually collected it way
back before I knew it was a collector item. I had a big punch bowl set with all the glasses
and several other pieces. I did in fact collect milk glass for awhile and also had a bunch
of hob nob pieces. The old jadeite pieces are beautiful. There's a large building in a town
near here that I go to some times. They have lots of booths set up with primarily old
dishes but they have lots of antique items and furnishings too. I could spend an entire
day in there if I allowed myself to.

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #1

Fri Oct 14, 2016 16:20 in General Talk

I have collected various items in the past, just to be collecting something.

A long time ago, I would collect dolls. It got to be too much after awhile since dolls take up a lot of room.
So I sold them all.

I collected cat figurines for awhile. That wasn't too bad. I had a cabinet that I would put them all in. After
awhile they started to become kind of weird to me. I thought they were looking back so I sold them all. :shock:

My sister had me in the habit of collecting beanie babies. I had over a thousand of them. When I lived in
Florida, a lady in the Mall there came to my house and bought the majority of them. I had a house fire some
years back and that was the end of what I had left. Then my mother died. My mother collected them too.
My sister had got rid of all hers. One day, my sister came over and gave me all my mother's beanie babies.
Now once again, I have a cabinet full of them. :roll:

Then I started collecting Fiestaware. Just the new dishes although I did buy some old cups off eBay once.
I have 14 sets of Fiestaware dishes, each in a different color. I have a lot of the serving pieces and more.
BUT they keep coming out with new colors and new pieces and they are heavy dishes so for the most part,
I quit collecting them.

I do have a small collection of salt/pepper shakers. I'm not really into that but some how I accumulated

So now, I don't really collect anything.

I love doing jigsaw puzzles. They have gotten expensive. My sister loves doing them too. Must be a
heredity thing. She went to a yard sale several years ago and they were selling over 300 jigsaw puzzles
for a very low price. She passed on it and then decided to go back and get them but they were gone.
I called her a dum dum.

I like to color. I use color pencils but mostly gel pens. Mostly in the winter I find myself coloring and/or
doing jigsaw puzzles. I don't know why but it seems to fit with the cold dark months.

I think I am boring. I don't really do much of anything hobby wise.

Do you collect anything or have a hobby?

Never at zero » Post #2

Thu Oct 13, 2016 21:54 in General Talk

You so funny. Too many wallabies jumping around your house make you dizzy.


Yahoo - Sign In Attempt Prevented » Post #1

Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:42 in General Talk

Well it is enough to drive one out of their mind.....if they are not already out of their mind.

I get that notice several times a day.

I don't think anyone is attempting that many times to log into my junk email account. If
they want to look at my email account there, they are more than welcome to do so. I hate
to look at it myself.

ClixGrid » Post #2

Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:36 in General Talk

The only tip is to play all your plays daily. Most importantly it is a requirement for earning
the free daily checklist bonus.

You have only clicked a 139 times which isn't even a drop in the bucket.

More Money More Problems » Post #13

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:11 in General Talk

I want vacation too!

stats for today » Post #1288

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:10 in General Talk

I have an excuse for my mod attitude.

Senior moment. :roll:

More Money More Problems » Post #11

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:04 in General Talk

I want to receive too.

stats for today » Post #1286

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:01 in General Talk

No can't move it.

They'll just have to start a new thread.

Sorry about that. :oops:

stats for today » Post #1285

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:00 in General Talk

Hey, who put 65 pages here?


I don't think it displayed 65 pages. :?

I had my settings on unapproved posts only and I did not see the 65 pages.

Wonder if I can move it back.

stats for today » Post #1283

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:36 in General Talk

I did, why?

have you lost your marbles ... » Post #7

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:32 in General Talk

If you find mine, put them in a jar with a tight fitting lid. You don't want them jumping about.
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