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Are We for Real » Post #49

Tue Nov 15, 2016 18:17 in General Talk

Do you ever think of who or what may be looking at you?

In other words, just because you don't see anything but air particles, that may not mean
beings are not around you.

What dreams I recall, are dumber than dumb itself.

I guess it is all on how you look at things. Humans could be considered androids or sorts.
We're sort of robotic in many ways. Just because we have some things we call flesh and
blood instead of metal wires, doesn't mean a whole lot when you think about it.

All of us are in a shell. We're like turtles. :lol:

Are We for Real » Post #48

Tue Nov 15, 2016 18:10 in General Talk

@Darkstar2 Drat! I was hoping you wouldn't say that! My shelf life doesn't seem very long
and I am glad there isn't an exact expiration date on it. :shock:

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #56

Tue Nov 15, 2016 07:33 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: yeah i agree val, sometimes these facts need to be verified b4 ppl get serious and actually fling their beds out.

i think water beds are good but i am too scared to buy one just incase my cat jumps on and ruptures it,,,nightmare come true that is.

No! Waterbeds were and are a bad idea.

Even health care such as hospitals and nursing homes got rid of the ones they had, rather quickly.

At one time, it was thought that patients with skin ulcers (and potential) would benefit greatly from
water beds. It was said it would diminish pressure and thereby prevent skin breakdown and aid
greatly in healing. In reality, the waterbeds became a nightmare very quickly for patient and for
health care workers.

There may be some waterbeds used today in some particular health situations but those would be
upwards in expense of $20,000 on upwards.

I went through the whole waterbed thing when they first became popular. The first one I purchased
did not have baffles. At first it was fun but it truly did not make for a good night sleep. The next
one I bought had baffles. Then I had to move and of course, let the water out and fold up the mattress.
After placing the bed in it's new house, and filling the mattress back with water, the baffles were
floating around and not in place. That was very crazy. Then to top all that off, you have to pour a
purifier into the waterbed frequently....otherwise you will be sleeping on stinky stagnate water. Of
course, you must have a heater to keep the water warm. When the heater goes out, you will absolutely
feel like you have suffered the worst fate in the universe when you wake to ice cold's like
waking up naked on a glacier.

Are We for Real » Post #45

Tue Nov 15, 2016 07:20 in General Talk

CatMonster wrote: Everyone watch this:

Our tiny World

Yep, I really like that one. He says a mouthful.

Are We for Real » Post #44

Tue Nov 15, 2016 07:16 in General Talk

I like the dark chocolate covered nuts.....and coffee beans too!

Things to Hate » Post #52

Tue Nov 15, 2016 05:10 in General Talk

lotoole wrote: Coffee that is not suitably hot. Suitably hot being almost to the point of boiling. is it that people drink coffee out of those HUGE mugs and HUGE cups?

I like an average to small coffee cup. If I pour it into a large cup, I find myself at
the microwave ten times.

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #53

Tue Nov 15, 2016 05:05 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: i read somewhere,it could have been a fact but vaguely remember it,,an average a mattress supposed to last a good 10 years and in that time it more or less doubles its weight..... :shock:

bed mites,dust,human skin,god knows what else............that's a double one,single mattress i guess much less

I think that is sort of an Snopes tale. Not true. I don't think a mattress of any age
could double in weight unless it was in the elements getting soaked with rain, mildew, etc.

I've never had a bed bug problem. I was thinking about when I was a kid and my grandmother
had a couple of old feather beds that her mother made when she was a kid. My older sister and
I loved to sleep on those. That is probably all they were good for, kids and young people. I am
not sure what the feathers were. I suspect chicken feathers but I really don't know. Never had
a bed bug bite that I am aware of.

Bed bugs do seem to be more discussed today and that could just be due to marketing efforts
to make sales.

Personally, I think a good mattress should last a life time or at least half a life time.

Probably places like hotels and motels have more of a bed bug issue. Especially the lower less
efficient hotels and motels.

Here is an article about mattresses/bed bugs:
Meet the critters inside your mattress -

Are We for Real » Post #38

Tue Nov 15, 2016 04:46 in General Talk

Maybe it goes something like this....

John says to Sam, there is few people left on the planet and everything is being destroyed
by those robots and the south park boys. Lets fly back in time and change this stuff.

Sam says to John, if we do that, we'll need to be careful not to change much, otherwise
we could blow the entire earth up.

John says to Sam, you're right. I have an idea. Let's write some books and scrolls and
stuff and leave them where people can find them. We'll tell them they must be kind to
one another.

Sam says to John, ok. Well, we need to give them a reason to be kind to one another.
I know. Let's create a super higher power. If they abide by the rules we leave, they
will get rewarded for eternity and if they don't they will burn for eternity.

John says to Sam, good idea. Let's get to work writing the books. We'll throw in some
thee's and thou's and backwards writing to make it really look authentic and get them
scratching their heads.

Same says to John, Ha Ha, Ok.

The books are written......

Sam says to John, glad we're done. Let's get out 'to the past' suits on. Here we
go.......hey, by the way......let's create some weird stuff just for fun......we'll call
weird names too like 'pyramids'.


HELP! Too much ClixSense forum for me at 6 in the morn!

Buon giorno a tutto il gruppo di Clixsense » Post #4

Tue Nov 15, 2016 04:32 in General Talk

I think I can help.

Goo Goo ga ga la te da.

Errrrr Ma Ma da da cu ma tally vu

aaaa beeee seee deee eeee fffffff geeee

Can't blame a gal for trying.

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #51

Tue Nov 15, 2016 04:28 in General Talk


Ohhhhhh Ouch! Stop! Get back, leave me alone! Slap!

Whew! I feel better now. The life forms on my face were fighting again. I threatened them
with soap and hot water......they hate that.

Things to Hate » Post #49

Mon Nov 14, 2016 20:52 in General Talk

What I did today.....

I hate when I make out a list of things not to forget when I go to the store.

I went to the store today and I forgot my list of things not to forget.

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #43

Mon Nov 14, 2016 05:28 in General Talk

By the way, my dog is in my Will. :puppy: :thumbup:

I hope to outlive my dog but should that not happen, I do not want my dog to be taken to a
shelter or worse. So I made some requirements in order for my family to receive my estate.

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #42

Mon Nov 14, 2016 05:24 in General Talk

I really must remember the next time I drive in Memphis, to be awake. Drat!

Are We for Real » Post #32

Mon Nov 14, 2016 05:13 in General Talk

Have you thought about how things are baffling until we uncover the baffle? :lol:

Look at Easter Island, as an example. For many years people were amazed at the
statues in wonder how in the world could they get those huge boulders in place and
lined up? Also, what happen to the people on Easter Island? Where did they go?
It was very baffling.

In fact, it was very simple how they moved the boulders. All they did was rock
them. Or at least, in real life experiment, it was easily done. Have you ever
moved a heavy piece of furniture by yourself? What do you do? Some times you
push one corner forward a bit and then you push the other side corner a bit and
you keep doing that until you have that heavy piece of furniture where you want

The people on Easter Island probably starved themselves to death with their
religion in making those statues. They had to cut down trees to use as a
means to roll the boulders and perhaps use as a lever too. Once they carved
the boulder into a statue, they probably rolled and swayed back and forth the
statue into place. The trees were their main and perhaps only source of shelter,
food, etc. When there are trees, there are birds and other creatures, not to
mention fruit such as coconut. They had birds, eggs, fruit, etc.....all due to the
trees. BUT they used up all the trees and therefore diminished their shelter,
food supply, etc.

Some times things seem impossible until we realize the possibilities.

Are We for Real » Post #29

Sun Nov 13, 2016 20:21 in General Talk

How do you know that imperfections are imperfections?

According to you know what, everything WAS perfect.

There is a few things that are rather evident:

1. The past - according to the art work left behind thousands of years ago, there were astronauts, air craft, and more that appears to have ....

2. The future - came from the future or from another planet

Are We for Real » Post #22

Sun Nov 13, 2016 17:16 in General Talk

Actually, one thing I am absolutely certain of, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is there really
is a higher power that knows everything we do and hears all. Once you have felt that and
experienced a communication path, you never forget it.

It's fun to think of the possibilities but one also must realize the realities. We are in fact
all real and everything on this planet is real.

I think the main questions humans have is NOT are we real but ARE WE ALONE? How
did we really get here? Who put us here?

I think when we are children we grow up with the beliefs of our parents. Some where
along the way, we may begin feeling a bit over whelmed when we realize there is
thousands of beliefs and can we be so closed minded as to believe ours is the right one?

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #35

Sun Nov 13, 2016 07:52 in General Talk

BBC - Reindeer's wartime submarine trip

There's pictures of the reindeer. I was surprised how small it was but I guess it grew up after it got
on the ship and ate all that carnation milk.

what is it Cat in photo » Post #3

Sun Nov 13, 2016 07:46 in General Talk

PS. Some times cats dress up like a dog to fool us

I'm kidding! :lol:

what is it Cat in photo » Post #2

Sun Nov 13, 2016 07:45 in General Talk

You had posted in the 'success' sub forum so I moved your topic.

If you don't see a cat, click the 'reload' and it will reload the images.
Every so often it can be very difficult to detect the cat or in rare cases, a cat may not display.
It only takes a moment to click 'reload'.

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #33

Sun Nov 13, 2016 06:09 in General Talk

I don't know about an ad in the local paper by catty but......

oh boo hoo sob sob sob! Pollyanna ...... ohhhhh boooo hoooo cry cry cry sniffle !

I think I have heard a little about Pollyanna before but not the full story.
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