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Posts by valerie

Watch any good tv shows lately? » Post #1

Mon Mar 14, 2016 18:24 in General Talk

I heard Walking Dead is going to be an attraction at Disney Universal Studios.

I guess it won't happen but I wish they would come out with a good family
western series.

What do u think about 19 years old retired? » Post #25

Mon Mar 14, 2016 18:18 in General Talk

That's very true Susy_A and really not everyone wants to travel.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #112

Mon Mar 14, 2016 18:12 in General Talk

ThelmaLou wrote: Valerie,

I always wondered if the white under his eyes could be white concealer. ???

His hair usually looks fine to me too.

Well, you never know, could have even been some sort of medicine on his
face. I get eczema at my eyebrows some times and I use a white eczema
cream very heavily during those times.

His face really did look like he had glasses on and been in a tanning booth
or something similar. It doesn't look so bad now, tho.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #109

Mon Mar 14, 2016 06:35 in General Talk

Of course you can copy what others say and believe what you want to believe.
That is what I am saying. It's called freedom and people can choose to make
up their own minds, do their own research and vote for whomever they want
to vote for. I believe most people do in fact research who they are going to
vote for.

Yes you are a penny banger and you just said it yourself, first you said you are
not and then you said you are.

Rod why don't you stop repeating what everyone else says and why do you keep
posting political stuff in a gpt forum?

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #45

Sun Mar 13, 2016 14:54 in General Talk

I don't try and safe keep data or images on computers any more.

Had a house fire some years ago which destroyed most of what I had.
I then came to the realization it was something like being a hoarder.
Hoarding data, images, and loads of stuff that I would never do much
if anything, with.

Also, most people really don't care about your photos. Kind of like in
the adverts where friends come over and are forced to watch little
susie's second grade graduation.

I do take a lot of photos but I also delete a lot of photos. I'll pick out
a good one and print it out, in a frame or photo album it goes.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #107

Sun Mar 13, 2016 14:44 in General Talk

I'm just going to chime in and say that I do believe most voters do their research.

Believe it or not, it doesn't take a lot of smarts to know some history of each candidate in the running.
Even a simple google search will relay a lot of info. People, friends, family, students, do talk and
discuss the candidates and what is happening today in America and the world.

I do wish Rod, you would stop calling people penny bangers because something about that does not
sound very nice and if they are a penny banger, then you are too.

Not sure why people think a business person is suppose to have a spotless history. Entrepreneurship
and business often does come with some risks. If you're a big business man with billions of dollars
you may expand your business in many ways and launch various businesses. If some don't work out,
so what? That is what it's about when you are launching a wine business or a water business or a
steak business. To me, I think old Mick was really nick picking when he mentioned those businesses.

I don't knock anyone choosing to vote for their preferred candidate. Everyone has their
reasoning as to who they vote for. That is ok and that is a good thing.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #105

Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:24 in General Talk

I don't really get it about 'his hair'. I personally don't see anything wrong with his hair.
It always seems neat.

I don't like when he looks like an albino raccoon. As little Marco said that Trump had the
worst spray on tan in America.....or he said some such as that. Now that, was not just
hilarious, it was at least close to true. Something was sure making his face orange and
complete wide white circles around his eyes. Whatever he was doing, looks like he stopped
because his face isn't orange any more and for the most part, the wide white circles is gone.

Seriously tho, I don't care what a person looks like, other than they should be clean of course.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #101

Sun Mar 13, 2016 08:33 in General Talk

Micshad wrote: P.S. ProAdCo:
I have eyesight problems (cataracts) and couldn't figure out why the reply screen didn't come up. I hit 'Report' instead of 'Reply' by accident, so I apologize for that.

It doesn't matter if you hit the report button. You would have had to type into the
report box, what you are reporting.

Kind of funny but often members mainly, hit the report often and
type comments directly to that member.....however, that member of course, cannot
see it. Only admins and moderators see what is reported. We simply click delete
more often than not since it's usually one sided conversing.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #97

Sun Mar 13, 2016 05:55 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote: No Val,

The keyboard coward didn't close who they were.

It wasn't Jim, I speak with Jim all the time.

It just stated admin who was sent from and with explanation it could of been sent by anyone.

I get threats, I don't run. I CHARGE FORWARD.

Sheesh. Penny Bangers.

Don't get in my business unless you want me breathing down your neck.

I didn't realize members could not see the 'warning' link listed in their forum stats.
It's located directly under 'Posts' and above 'Member Since'. The warning is clickable
and it moderators/admin can send the user a warning in addition it list who sent the
warning and what the warning is. I never thought about it before but I guess it does
make sense it doesn't display to all.

I will tell you this, it wasn't a moderator that sent you the warning. It was an

What do u think about 19 years old retired? » Post #20

Sun Mar 13, 2016 05:49 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: Being rich bring more freedom. You can do whatever you want. You can travel around the world and never have to work someone make them richer.

No it doesn't.

I'm not rich and I do whatever I want.

Believe it or not, everyone doesn't want to travel.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #93

Sat Mar 12, 2016 22:11 in General Talk

The protestors in Chicago would have been fine, altho stupid, it would have been
fine if they would have simply stayed on the other side of the fence.

The problem isn't Trump. The problem is people with misplaced emotions and
furthermore, not owning up to their own faults.

That is why we have free speech and voting. If you don't like something, you
don't for it. If you can't control yourself, you should stay home. If you are
going to beat the crap out of someone, don't blame it on someone else.....
you're the one that did it.

Take responsibility for your own actions.

Would you vote for Donald trump for President? » Post #92

Sat Mar 12, 2016 22:03 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
Special message for you non paying MODS.

Next time you take a notion and send me a warning.

Don't be a coward and not enclose your name who sent it.

I Don't Like Cowards

You can easily see the name by clicking on the warning in your forum stats, can't you?

Human will lose their jobs due by robot? » Post #76

Sat Mar 12, 2016 21:59 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Okay, now we're screwed.

Artificial intelligence: Google's AlphaGo beats Go master Lee Se-dol - BBC News

Well yep, that is what robots are going to amount to. People say they are only as intelligent
as you make them but they can most probable be made to gain intelligence. Just like a person
uses process of elimination to do something. If you install all the ways to do something and
even bits and pieces of possibilities, the robot can take all that information to present even
more outcomes than a human can.

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #38

Sat Mar 12, 2016 21:51 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Yeah, I once wrote a Gif87a viewer in Q-BASIC just to prove it could be done. It took about ten minutes to load an image, and you could fit about twelve on a disk - with the viewer - if you used FDFormat to get the storage up to 2MB.

Then some other guy wrote one that was twice as fast. I can't remember his name now, he also wrote the shoot 'em up called Momentum.

Edit - Mallard, that was it. That's why I couldn't remember his name, he only used a nickname.

I did an entire box of floppys and put them in a safe deposit box. I thought if something ever
happen, at least my children would have all the photos, safe and sound on floppys.

I know it was some bit of a learning curve to get them on there and I cannot remember how I did it.
I do remember laying the photos out on the table, about 5 or so at a time. Maybe I scanned them
from a printer but that does not seem like what I did but guess so. Anyway, I recall finally being
able to do it and being amazed that it worked. But you couldn't look at one photo at a time, it was
several because of the way I scanned them or something....several at a time. was HUGE. HaHa! The monitor was HUGE! It was a big heavy thing.

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #37

Sat Mar 12, 2016 21:45 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Oh, we had mass mailers alright. The problem you had was that we could still charge you thousands to write it for you. And we did.

I can recall using some crazy stuff back in those days. I mean some really crazy stuff.

There was a program called 'Eagle' something or other. I just remember the name 'Eagle'
being in it. It was an FFA mailer thing. Is that right? FFA? Free For All I think we called
it. I kind of liked it and I did get some takers from my offers with that one. Most the FFA
programs were simply junk. Easy way to spam the internet. :lol:

There was a program 'GoingPlatinum' that never really amount to much at all. It had
thousands and thousands of members. I was a forum moderator for them for awhile.
They had some crazy scripts going on with that thing.

I remember using some sort of thing I downloaded that was suppose to be real secretive.
I told everyone about it. :lol: You had to follow the instructions to set it up. After it
was set, you could join traffic exchanges and input them, and it would automatically
surf the pages. I'd let it run all night, wake up the next day with tons of viruses on my

Some years later, they came out with the SafeList auto send scripts. That was insane.

However, I think things were a lot more fun back then. It was all a big new discovery
with all sorts of weird scripts and stuff.

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #35

Sat Mar 12, 2016 21:36 in General Talk

Did anyone place photos on floppy's?

I can recall placing hundreds of my photos on floppy's because I thought it was a cool and
safe way to save them for the future. No one even has a floppy disc any more! :roll:

Companies Promising Big Bucks » Post #33

Sat Mar 12, 2016 21:34 in General Talk

AllAdvantage.....that was something like close to 20 years ago!

I remember buying floppy's that had tons of stuff on them. All
kinds of stuff. Some was full of ebook type stuff and others were
full of scripts and stuff. lol Lots of ...... stuff.

I am trying to remember my old first downline club from about
20 years ago. I bet ya, you guys might remember it but I can't
even remember the name and I can't even remember my partner
name. We had to do everything manually. I do mean everything.
We had to manually email members the link of what we joined...
and I remember being so sleepy.....emailing people one at a time....
yes, one at a time the link. Maybe there wasn't mass send back
then? I just recall sending people all day, for hours into the night,
for weeks on end. It was insane. I want to think the name was
something like 'BestDownLineClub' or something with 'Best' in it.

Human will lose their jobs due by robot? » Post #74

Sat Mar 12, 2016 14:19 in General Talk

I think you would need to define what a robot is.

What do you think human beings are?

What about all animals, what are they?

God created the heavens and the earth.
What is the heavens?

If evolution exists, where did it start and why isn't all the same?

If it is true that evolution is real, does that mean Robots will evolve?
If Robots will evolve, how and why? And if Robots evolve does that
mean they are creatures of......what? Robots are creatures of creation
or are they creatures of evolution?

By the way, why do little bitty tree frogs wear vibrant red gloves?

New member problems » Post #2

Sat Mar 12, 2016 08:36 in General Talk

Advertisers usually target their ads and offers.

All you can do is check daily to see if there is surveys/offers for you to do.

What is the most you've cashed out in one withdraw » Post #3

Sat Mar 12, 2016 08:30 in General Talk

Laurababs wrote: Is there a limit? Looking to save about $500 before I cash out, which will probably take 3-4 months.

There is not a limit.
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