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Add » Post #8

Fri Apr 01, 2016 08:17 in General Talk

Here is the jest of it in regards to 'renting/buying referrals' and in regards to those
in said programs that are making a lot of money.

First of all, the early bird often gets the worm. So when a person joins a program
and promotes that program heavily, he/she may have a very good team/downline.

Secondly, the idea of renting or buying referrals very early on, may work out very well to
those that invest very early on and this is simply due to real people joining without

That is all it amounts to. Really.

You can do the world math and also do your research as to how many people use the
internet. It's not that a program becomes saturated because only a wet rag can
become saturated. It's that most everyone that is going to join and be active, already
have. As people promote and as more people come online and more people search
for a free to earn opportunity, of course there will be 'stragglers' as I call them.

Thirdly, Straggles will join popular programs but these are people not very abundant
because the heat has chilled. They mosey in at a slow to normal rate.

Renting/Buying referrals might net the user a straggler or two. It might also net the
user a member that had enrolled, became inactive, came back to enroll again.

TAKE NOTE OF THIS: ClixSense does not buy or sell referrals and when people join
here, they are given 90 days to become Inactive. IF they become inactive after 90
days their account becomes inactive.....NOT deleted. NOW look at other programs
that buy/rent referrals......when a member is not active for a week, or a few days,
or a month, they DELETE that member or place that inactive member in a BUY/RENT
POOL. So what is happening when a person rents/buys referrals:


1. Stragglers
2. Deleted Members

Secret how to be rich touch gold. » Post #25

Thu Mar 31, 2016 21:32 in General Talk

If being rich means you have to film selfies in your closet and bathroom, I'll refrain.

Seriously, I thought it a bit funny and I couldn't help but leave a derogatory comment
on the youtube video. It's one of those types of comments that one does not know
whether one is serious or not serious.

I'm not much a believer in stats. When it comes to placing people in categories based
on earnings, stats really don't cut the mustard. I'll tell you why......

A. Some people do not use banks and the flip side is, some people use several banks.
Even more of a flip side is when people place funds in banks using various names and
never depositing any more than $9,999.00 at any given time.

B. Some people on 'welfare' have money and more money than what stats say they

C. Many people that you might think are wealthy, are in reality, one small step to
being on the street. This is because many people live way beyond their means.

D. It's great to dream big but unfortunately the majority of dreams never pan out.
Dreamers can fall in all categories and many of these dreamers take out big loans.
When their business fails, they still have big payments on big loans of which they
have no big money.

E. Lower class can some times be Upper class. This is because these people live
within their means. They may have a small job that pays minimum wage. They
don't have a mortgage due to inheritance or working hard to pay off their mortgage.
They don't live rich but in reality, they may have more sustainable assets than the
people that live in a million dollar house.

Any way, Stats do not always relay the reality. Just saying.

Lawmakers demand dealth penalty for all gay people » Post #19

Thu Mar 31, 2016 14:58 in General Talk

ammadd wrote:
ProAdCo wrote:
ammadd wrote: Okay so you people support all the gays, incest and stuff in America? I want to ask just a question do you think this is right or not?

In America like this. Live the life your way, Mind your own business, You faith is your faith, it's your business.

But, when you cross the line and try to force your beliefs on others, our 2nd Amendment defends our right
to ((( lay you back across the line ))) that you walked across.

2nd Amendment: God, Guns, Guts!

Thanks for your information
I also believe that a person is free to have his own faith and he is free to be an atheist or whatever and no one can force him
But I have an opinion when your actions has negative effect on others then there should be some kind of law to be dealt with such people. Like I heard people walking naked and calling it their will etc. Similary I believe (most of you disagree and that's your right) same sex relationship has negative effect on children etc

Read what you just posted.

Walking naked, for example, is forcing what you want to do on others.
If a person wants to walk naked in the USA, they are free to do so in nudist communities.

It's like an old woman said many years ago when ask if Television caused children to go out
and kill people.....the old woman replied 'if they have bad brains it might'.

That's what it all comes down to. Truly, it really does. Just think about it. If you grow up in
an educated society and have half tail common sense, you know right from wrong. People can
dance naked in front of me all day long and I will laugh at them but I sure aint shedding my
clothes. Homosexuals can marry, adopt children, become professional prominent members of
society, I don't care but I sure ain't going to have a homosexual relationship.

IF parents are doing their job and education is doing their job and the child has half tail common
sense and knows right from wrong, nothing else matters and these types of discussions are
irrelevant in the USA.

Lawmakers demand dealth penalty for all gay people » Post #11

Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:39 in General Talk

Murder is a sin. Murder is NOT natural.

Our maker knows what is in our heart.

Does anyone see a gray shaded area or is it me? » Post #17

Tue Mar 29, 2016 17:29 in General Talk

charez wrote: Valerie
You know, when you receive a reply to your support ticket, you can see a mail symbol flashing at the top of the view ads tab.

I got one but instead of ✉ (1) i saw ✉ (0) and the symbol at the top of view ads tab where we can grab our ref link was in double

Couldn't click any of them, and after refreshing the page, nothing was here anymore

Aha! A traveling ghost in the machinessssss!

Go Bernie Go » Post #5

Tue Mar 29, 2016 17:27 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
That's really Davidbugs driving the van making his rounds of Freebie pick ups.

HaHaHaHa! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Does anyone see a gray shaded area or is it me? » Post #15

Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:49 in General Talk

zegon wrote:
valerie wrote: It was odd, that is for sure.

On my pc's and tablets, it appeared fine. On my MAC there was a dark gray shaded
block area through the ClixSense logo and tabs across the top. Then today, it was gone.

Must be that ghost in the machine, again. :o

Can it b a hardware problem on u Mac, mabye u graphic card r saying goodbye...

How is it with u graphic card drivers, mabye they only need a upgrade...

I don't know. Apple is funny some times.

Does anyone see a gray shaded area or is it me? » Post #13

Tue Mar 29, 2016 09:48 in General Talk

It was odd, that is for sure.

On my pc's and tablets, it appeared fine. On my MAC there was a dark gray shaded
block area through the ClixSense logo and tabs across the top. Then today, it was gone.

Must be that ghost in the machine, again. :o

Offer expired » Post #8

Tue Mar 29, 2016 05:52 in General Talk

I did about .55 cents worth. Those are under 'newest' category in offertoro.

Offer expired » Post #3

Mon Mar 28, 2016 21:54 in General Talk


Does anyone see a gray shaded area or is it me? » Post #9

Mon Mar 28, 2016 18:54 in General Talk

Ya, it went down again.

28.Mar.2016 18:41 0.81 ms. 29.Mar.2016 01:29 0 ms.
* Times displayed are PT, Pacific Time (UTC/GMT 0) | Current server time is 01:50

Does anyone see a gray shaded area or is it me? » Post #7

Mon Mar 28, 2016 18:31 in General Talk

The site just went down for a few seconds.

I did submit a support ticket but she said for me to update my survey profile. :?

I'm using Safari so I am obviously seeing stuff others are not.

Website Name:
www.clixsense.comURL Checked:
no responseResponse Time:
~6 hours 47 minsDown For:
DOWN is DOWN for everyone.
It is not just you. The server is not responding...

Does anyone see a gray shaded area or is it me? » Post #5

Mon Mar 28, 2016 18:18 in General Talk

Hmmmm strange.

Transgender bathroom banned in North Carolina? » Post #4

Mon Mar 28, 2016 17:30 in General Talk

I'm sure privacy is going out the ...... window...

However, as long as there are bathroom stalls, what difference does it make?
Gaaawwww, I think I just sounded like Hilary Clinton! :shock:

Does anyone see a gray shaded area or is it me? » Post #1

Mon Mar 28, 2016 17:28 in General Talk

Do you see a dark gray shaded area thru the top tabs and logo?

Cryotherapy - body+soul » Post #6

Mon Mar 28, 2016 17:23 in General Talk

hansgruber wrote: losing weight isnt rocket science. if you stop eating as much you will lose weight but its the slowest way of doing it. if you eat less but eat more of the right foods and EXERCISE (the key component), then youll get much better results.

and when i say exercise i dont mean a stroll or anything like that. proper exercise with lots of effort as effort is the thing that will burn your calories. you have to go to your limit and then push yourself to do a bit more because its during that push where the real work is done. everything before that is warming up really.

I think the problem some times is too much exercise.

When I was growing up, rarely did one see an over weight child and even over weight
adults was not often. There might be one or two children in a classroom of 30, that
would be chubby......and if you saw their parents, usually one or both of the parents
were too.

I think in the USA a lot of things have contributed to the over weight and obesity
problem. For starters, Fast Food and Processed Foods. As a small child in a large
city, we had a White Castles, McDonalds, and an A&W was the main fast food joints.
There were pizza places but they weren't chains. There was plenty of sit down diners
but they served real cooked food....not from a bag of frozen stuff.

You ever see the movie 'A Christmas Story'? 'Cam-Lan' was a Chinese restaurant
that we ate at some times after shopping down town. The owner was Charles Sang.
THAT was some mighty good Chinese eats! In the movie, the Chinese restaurant
was based on the 'Cam-Lan' diner.

Back then, you had real food and I can't remember a day that there was ever a
recall on a food product.

The grocery stores weren't full of processed food.

We ate mostly at regular meal times and walking to school, gym, recess, and various
school activities kept most kids fit......but then of course, there was play time after
school and on weekends. We didn't have computers. We had footballs, jump ropes,
bikes, and barbie dolls.

Employment mostly consisted of physical activity. Steel mills and various other factories
were very abundant. People moved when they worked. Today, they rarely stand up
unless its to go to the bathroom or break room to eat.

We were taught exercise is good, of course but most of us did not make it a habit to
do an exercise routine outside of school.....unless of course your name was Jack LaLane.

Also when we ate, I think we ate normal amounts. Rarely did people eat a second portion
of something.

I've been extremely physical in my life but I don't think that is something one needs to
do to lose weight. In fact, I think if you exercise a lot, you best plan on doing it the rest
of your life.

When it comes to losing weight, I think it should be a regular process, not a fast process
and it should consist of a life change. One must discover and practice portion control, go
easy on sugar, salt, processed foods, etc. Do what you can do for the rest of your life so
that your body won't become a yoyo of metabolic confusion.

The Cute Ones :-) » Post #8

Mon Mar 28, 2016 13:35 in General Talk

How could India squirrel be in USA?

India squirrel have passport?

India squirrel sneak across border?

I think it Sergeant chipmunkskunk.

Cryotherapy - body+soul » Post #3

Mon Mar 28, 2016 08:14 in General Talk

I heard about that some weeks ago and I can't remember what that person was
undergoing it.....cancer or some type of ailment, I think. Altho they say the cold
helps people lose weight.

What I have found that helps people lose weight is for them to stop eating so much.
It's a simple solution that works and you don't have to freeze to death.

School uniform debate? » Post #15

Mon Mar 28, 2016 08:12 in General Talk

You'd think most anything would go living in the Chicago area but it didn't.

Girls couldn't wear pants in school. It was so cold up there that my eyelashes
would freeze and fall out. The girls would wear pants under their dress and
in the girls bathroom, were pants and boots, boots and pants all over the place
in the winter months. That was in the 60's.

The year I started high school things began to change. I had moved down South
and they started the rule that girls could wear pant suits. I thought it was so
stupid. Needless to say, it became a little rule confusing as to what is really a
pant suit and what is not. Before the end of the year, they allowed girls to wear
pants, jeans, etc.

Maybe I am old fashion but I think girls and boys should dress respectful. Every
thing has gone to the wind today and kids don't even realize how ugly they look
with earrings hanging out their nose like a heathen and big rings in their ears like
a trained elephant and head half shaved like their razor stopped working half way
thru and bagging like their butt is constantly dirty and itching to they got to wear
their pants below their butt so they can scratch it easier and tops so low a girls
breasts practically hand out and ........ well anyway, they think they look cool but
in reality they look ugly and stupid.

I think every girl like a sharp dress man and every man like a sharp dress girl.

Gay marriage debate? » Post #135

Mon Mar 28, 2016 07:55 in General Talk

Again, the topic is about gay marriage. It really wasn't about religion, sin, cussing, getting mad,
crying, HIV, disease, cost of eggs in China, etc.

Time to move onward.....
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