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YAY! My end of the Christmas shopping is DONE » Post #7

Tue Nov 29, 2016 09:45 in General Talk

Gawd I hated saddle shoes. Tossed them in the ally one year and told my family
someone stole them during gym class. :lol:

Another 2 Kittens killed by Street Dogs... » Post #11

Tue Nov 29, 2016 08:23 in General Talk

A shotgun shot in the air, is enough to keep them away, period!

When you see them again, shoot in the air above their heads. They won't come back.

Surveys not available » Post #2

Mon Nov 28, 2016 20:30 in General Talk

And how do you propose they do that?

ClixSense does not own survey companies.

Advertisers purchase surveys and target countries, etc.

You would need to talk to advertisers in your country and tell them to buy surveys advertising.

Think about adopting a rescued dog for XMAS » Post #3

Mon Nov 28, 2016 15:45 in General Talk

1. Only adopt if you truly understand it is going to be your FOREVER pet because you are giving it

2. Please don't go to a breeder. Go to your local shelters. If they don't have the pet you are seeking,
tell them and they will locate one for you.

My Letter To Santa » Post #59

Mon Nov 28, 2016 13:36 in General Talk

I sort of wonder what tasman1 wife thinks about when she turns over in the bed and looks at him.

Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now? - YouTube

YAY! My end of the Christmas shopping is DONE » Post #2

Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:09 in General Talk

I am not making this up when I say this, for me, there really isn't anything I want but something
to eat. :lol:

Everyone knows, or at least everyone my age knows, Christmas is nothing like it use to be.

When I was a kid, I did get several Christmas presents. Although I did get some toys, I got
things that were needed any way.....a winter coat, warm pajama's, Sunday dress for church,
school or Sunday shoes.

I remember in 3rd grade at school after Christmas, the teacher said 'lets go around the room
and find out what everyone got for Christmas'. It was so exciting to tell everyone what you got.
What I remember about that was kids stating similar to the following (keep in mind, I lived in
Chicago land) :

-Saddle Shoes
-Sunday Shoes
-Barbie Doll and Boots
-Coat and Muffins
-Ear Muffs
-Jaxs and Marbles
-Hollywood Bed
-Transistor Radio
-Skate board
-Roller skates
-Ice skates
-Paper Dolls
-Comic Books

In other words, kids back then, at least where I lived and in my day, we had a nice little amount of
presents to open but they were simple things and they were things that we actually needed and/or
really uses often for years. Those things did cost money of course and people did not make as much
money then but lets face it, a new warm coat for a ten year old kid, was about $10 or $20. Nothing
cost much more than that in the clothing and shoe line. Toys, not much different. You could get a
Mr Potato Head for a couple bucks. Skate boards were very standard and a hot new item but we had
a blast with them and I am sure they were less than $10.

Today, kids want $500 game machines, computers, tablets, games, expensive clothes, etc. :mrgreen:

are your eyes being affected by your PC? » Post #14

Mon Nov 28, 2016 05:00 in General Talk

Always read the fine print

My birthday » Post #4

Sun Nov 27, 2016 16:59 in General Talk

HaPPy BirTHdaY!

make money » Post #16

Sun Nov 27, 2016 16:56 in General Talk

There's probably a lot of solutions out there that we don't know about because the
powers that be don't want us to know about them.

It is rather amazing tho, what a person can do if they have to.

make money » Post #14

Sun Nov 27, 2016 13:35 in General Talk

PS. What I would miss is air gets hotter than blazes here in the summer!

make money » Post #13

Sun Nov 27, 2016 13:33 in General Talk

I think that has a little bit to do with where you live.

For example, I could live the rest of my life without electricity because I have woods on my
property. In fact, I have wood right now that I have offered to several people and no one
has wanted it. I am getting ready to call the Mennonites in my area to see if they want it.
I recently had a few trees chopped down due to fear they would fall across my driveway.
Now I have large chunks of wood that are too heavy for me to handle. In my woods, I have
various fallen trees and plenty of trees that I could of course cut for firewood, cooking, etc.

There are plenty of places in the world that one would most likely not need fire for warmth.
Southern states, Tropics, Warm continents, etc.

People really wouldn't need fire for cooking IF they live in an area in which they have the
access to raw foods or can grow raw foods. Raw veggie diet. Of course people need a little
protein so there would need to be some beans or some such as that on the plate. I don't
think I would want to eat raw beans.

Am I tacky? » Post #6

Sun Nov 27, 2016 09:04 in General Talk

It's kind of like those that don't display their name on the top referrals list.
Some are program owners and they don't want their members of the program they own, to
see the numbers they have referred. I don't know but as an example 'NeoBux' admin might
be a member here. You wouldn't want to display your name because in reality what you are
doing is taking away from your own advertisers.

Same goes for the forums. You might be surprised to know who people really are behind their
'user name'.

There are people that simply prefer their privacy in most all ways they can get it online. They
prefer not to relay much about themselves at all.

There are those people that don't want their information to get out into the search engines and
else where. They don't want their family or friends to know what they are doing.

There are those people that pay tax's to the tax man and focus on getting the best tax breaks
they can and prefer not to display their earnings.

There are people such as myself, that feel displaying their earnings may be intimidating to some
members. That is why I do display my earnings in brief periods but not consistent.

are your eyes being affected by your PC? » Post #9

Sun Nov 27, 2016 08:55 in General Talk

I wish I had a few dollars for every pair of glasses I've had in my life.

I started wearing glasses at about the age of 7 or 8. My sister and I are both nearsighted.
My sister wears her glasses all the time. I never wear my glasses.

I wear my glasses when I drive. I wear them when I am watching something from some
distance, such as TV.

One day, many years ago, an eye doctor said to me 'you only wear your glasses to see, don't you?'
I was surprised and I said 'yes' and we laughed. He knew. He said, when you wear your glasses
things are too bright and clear....and I said 'YES'. It was a point I tried to make all my young life
when my family when reprimand me for not wearing my glasses.

The eye doc told me, your eyes are not going to get better whether you wear your glasses or
not and that it is ok not to wear them.....unless driving of course.

I thought about having the corrective surgery when they came out with that some years ago.
I was afraid to have it done since it was such a new procedure.

make money » Post #10

Sun Nov 27, 2016 08:42 in General Talk

Money truly is not everything and in fact, very far from something.

I was watching a program just last night about an older couple. They were not old old.
They weren't retired. I'd say they were probably in their late 50's. She was previously
a vice president of a bank. Her husband was further up the ladder in something else.

They both quit their jobs to work summers at DollyWorld in Tennessee. I think it was of those amusement areas up in the mountains.

Anyway, they work in dinning booth, serving hamburgers and such, for 6 hours per
day in the summer months only.

They live in a nice RV.

Why did they settle for far far far less money?

The reason is very simple. They wanted to live a life.

Before, when they worked in their high paying jobs, they worked many hours, seldom
saw the other, and was not having much time to enjoy life.

They decided to settle for less money and have a life.

So now they live in a very nice RV, only work 6 hours a day in the summer months BUT
they have a lot of fun, enjoy friends at the RV, make enough money to last them through
the winter months, and can of course drive off any time they want to.

Unfortunately, we don't live very long and here only once. I think often people don't really
think about their short time. Even many millionaires work most of their day and I guess
that is what their enjoyment is.....making money.

Money really is far from something.

Am I tacky? » Post #2

Sun Nov 27, 2016 08:31 in General Talk

It's simply an option and means nothing.

Some members may prefer not to display their earnings due to a variety of reasons
and vice versa as well. Has nothing to do with 'tact'.

Anyone find some Black Friday / Cyber Deals? » Post #12

Sun Nov 27, 2016 08:30 in General Talk

Marcel-R6 wrote: I'm kicking myself,I totally forgot about it and just noticed I would have gotten a 40% discount on my shoes :oops:

I'd contact them and see if they won't give it to you anyway.

Demonetization In India » Post #25

Sun Nov 27, 2016 07:38 in General Talk

Ok, I think this is enough now.

Rule 13

Topic Locked

are your eyes being affected by your PC? » Post #3

Sun Nov 27, 2016 07:31 in General Talk

It can.

I know they now sell glasses that are protective for your eyes when viewing monitors.
Amazon sells them. First place I noticed those and came close to ordering a pair a couple
of years ago. I didn't order them because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see well through

I have a bad eye and see floaters/tracers. It doesn't bother me unless I think about it. :lol:
It's just something ya get use to.

I've been using the computer a lot daily for twenty years. It's difficult for me to say how much
if any, it has affected my eyes. I am very nearsighted and of course age progression takes a
big toll on the eyes. Now I am 'farsighted' too in that reading close up can be a bit annoying
to say the least.

I would suggest doing your research on those glasses. You might even go so far as to find
information from reputable sources such as eye doctors. I would think that they would help
more so than a carrot.

Anyone find some Black Friday / Cyber Deals? » Post #10

Sun Nov 27, 2016 07:18 in General Talk

I haven't tried out the mini desktop yet. It also came with a large/long keyboard and a mouse.
I don't think I even realized the keyboard and mouse came with it. They keyboard and mouse
are both wired. I doubt I will use the keyboard but one never knows, might come in handy some
day. My apple keyboard eats batteries but I don't think the wired keyboard works with mac.
Anyway, the mini desktop fits in my hand. Really cute. I looked at it all and then put it neatly
back in the box. :lol:

Oh yep, my little dog is spoiled spoiled spoiled. He is 3 years old and weighs under 7 pounds.
He go's most every where with me. He has lots of clothes and pajama's too. I'm very very
protective of him and I do his grooming myself.

My house cat is rather rotten too but he is old. He only has one eye and just yesterday, he
walked right smack into the bakers rack. His one eye is now going bad too. I've got to take
him to the vet this week and see if maybe and hopefully, a cataract that can be removed.
He won't have too difficult a time if totally blind, however. He kind of hugs the wall when he
walks through the hallway and knows rather well without seeing where to go. He does not
really play any more. Every now and then he will do a little hop skip but that is about it.
Eat and sleep is his motto.

Dream Abducted by aliens , explained » Post #16

Sat Nov 26, 2016 09:27 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Never had one of those, even as a teenager.

I do have IBS though, so I do get to shit the bed from time to time, so swings and roundabouts, I suppose.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ahahahahahahaha RFLMAO!
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