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Ysense To-Do-List » Post #6

Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:25 in General Talk

Well I tell you what.

You post everything you think needs done, and I will post a to do list in the news forum
for them to easily see.

What do u think about that idea?

Lottery Machines inside Walmart » Post #1

Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:44 in General Talk

They put them in the local Walmart recently. First time I ever saw them inside a Walmart.

Time ,Go Down In History....tasman1 » Post #14

Thu Oct 10, 2019 08:50 in General Talk

zegon wrote: You sleep a third of your life. ;)

So when you turn 60 , you have slept 20 years of your life. :shock:

Feels like wasted years when you think about it , 20 wasted years , many surveys that you have missed then. :?

Bears aren't happy about it either.

Work 2.7 million years to match Am......tasman1 » Post #8

Wed Oct 09, 2019 21:09 in General Talk

After a billion, is trillion. Then comes quadrillion, quintrillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, and decillion.

Work 2.7 million years to match Am......tasman1 » Post #3

Wed Oct 09, 2019 20:44 in General Talk

A while. :shock:

09/ 10 Earn 5.22 plus.............tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Oct 09, 2019 20:41 in Success Stories

It looks to me like you did real well here today.

8/10/2019 - $18.55 earned ! » Post #5

Wed Oct 09, 2019 20:40 in Success Stories

I believe it is Mark that is working to finish up completion of Payoneer.

Time ,Go Down In History....tasman1 » Post #12

Wed Oct 09, 2019 20:34 in General Talk

Well you just never know when the end will arrive.

Look at what's his name and his wife. :lol: Kirk Douglas.... 103 years old and his wife 101 or thereabouts.

Time ,Go Down In History....tasman1 » Post #7

Wed Oct 09, 2019 16:09 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: It is hard for habit to die , very hard , if you try to kill it it is like you are killing your past

:lol: I guess it is.

Time ,Go Down In History....tasman1 » Post #5

Wed Oct 09, 2019 14:19 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Arvind9 wrote: Wait sometime dont be in a hurry,some prominent US economists see negative factors and think there will be a global recession by the end of 2020,naturally many people will loose their job like in the 2008 recession,sites like Clixsene will again become attractive money making sites,take a long term perspective before making a decision.

Yeah agree with that but
It is not about money ,I have over 11 000 a year extra since I finished my home loan and I still earn good here at CS like before , no problem

Problem is I do not enjoy this as before , I think I am here just becouse I used to be here and all site for many years

Still , think maybe will stay , just here on CS , but not to long daily , 1-2 hours max

It becomes a habit doesn't it!

Talking with my sister today and I said it's funny when you are young, you want
this and that. When you get old, you already have this and that. Then you want
to get rid of this and that. We talk about traveling, take some road trips, etc but
I have a dog and she has two big dogs. Her husband is in bad health and well...
mine departed from this earth a year ago.

When CS opened the forums, I got in the habit of coming over here thru-out my
day in my spare time. There's an array of things I do offline and a few I do online
but the forums here have given me something to do when I simply did not feel
like doing anything else. It's become a habit. Even surveys have become habit
forming. It's almost like a contest between myself and the survey or a feeling
of accomplishment when you get through it.

Make it a hobby, not desperation. I think you'd enjoy it more if you look at it
from that perspective. I know everyone can't look at it that way, but I think
you can.

8/10/2019 - $18.55 earned ! » Post #2

Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:13 in Success Stories

It looks like Tasks are getting better for you lately?

Cashout » Post #2

Tue Oct 08, 2019 17:16 in General Talk

They have not given the go ahead on Payoneer yet as they have been testing it today.

A $50 is a $50, no more, no less. Exact amount.

Each payment processor has their own rules and fees.

I'm sure someone else will come along and give you more details in this topic.
You can also view posts in the 'Payment' sub forum here.

----------- » Post #4

Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:44 in General Talk

Please don't tell members it is available now when they have not made
an announcement of it being available.

Folks, do not attempt cash out if you see it until they give the go ahead.

Mark is testing today.

7/10/2019 - $ 51.82 earned! » Post #6

Tue Oct 08, 2019 06:37 in Success Stories

I hope you get to sleep. :o :mrgreen:

How SAFE is our data on this site ? » Post #18

Mon Oct 07, 2019 15:57 in General Talk

I think what you are saying is, you do not appreciate me addressing you by your
first name. I have taken it to note and I will not ever address you by your first
name again. That was obviously something I should not have done and I apologize.

Do keep in mind, moderators do not have access to member files.

I just happen to have a high iq and a crystal ball. :mrgreen:

Chickens Know Who Their Owners Are » Post #2

Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:52 in General Talk

Chickens are very smart animals. They say chickens are smarter than dolphins.

Do you eat red meat? » Post #41

Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:50 in General Talk

It's because they started eating meat.

Do you eat red meat? » Post #38

Mon Oct 07, 2019 06:13 in General Talk

The reason why some people are more resistant to something than another, is primarily
due to the gene strand.

My oldest daughter had breast cancer at the age of 27. Since she was so young, the
doctors at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN wanted to do some tests and studies to see the
possibilities as to why. One major thing they found was she had 2 recessive genes.
One from her father and one from her mother (me).

You cannot and thus far Science cannot say exactly why someone gets cancer and
another doesn't EXCEPT for the obvious. The obvious being liver cancer due to
excessive. alcohol.

Today, animals are manufactured, in that they are closed in, fed grains and food
with antibiotics, fructose, and loads of junk to make them fat. No scientist need
tell me as common sense tells anyone, that is passed on into the human body.

If you're a person that has farm animals for your own use, grass fed, they roam
the fields, and you eat the meat yourself, of course you are 100% better off.

Even in my day as a kid, we did not have all these fast food joints. I remember
McDonalds, Ky Fried Chicken, White Castles. And I lived in Chicago land.

Well, no point in my going on and on about it but meat can highly contribute
and create cancer cells.

How SAFE is our data on this site ? » Post #14

Sun Oct 06, 2019 21:48 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
rajukurup wrote:
tasman1 wrote: What is , safe data , something like in surveys ? you do a survey and once you finish it 100s of adds , same as survey talk , come to your e-mail ?......... nope , no safe data is invented yet

Yes this is what I too convey .Nothing can be said safe.thete will be some insecure thing in anything we access.All are based on trust.If the data here is secure then that's fine.

EXACTLY, I convey that too NOTHING is 100% safe, without going into much details was wondering to what extent our data here is accessible (admins, moderators, developers, other......) if anything our data should be reserved for ADMIN use only. :)

Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote: Moderators do not and have never had access to member data.

O RLY ? So moderators do not have access to a member's first name, last name, e-mail, date of birth, postal code, address ? Interesting ....

No of course not. Not unless someone tells them or they look it up. Moderators do
not have access to member accounts. All moderators have access to is the forum
member stats/warnings, that kind of stuff.

Valerie's Favorite Coffee Cup .............. » Post #23

Sun Oct 06, 2019 14:05 in General Talk

Jack LaLane never drank milk. He said milk was for babies.
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