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Alien Spaceship landed in my yard last night » Post #24

Sat Apr 03, 2021 22:32 in General Talk

Yes, our DNA plays a huge roll in not only who we are but how susceptible we
may be to disease. BUT, it is not a catch all. With today's science we can discover
many diseases early. Of course, our actions also play a heavy roll such as smoking,
drinking, drugging, over eating, etc.

Alien Spaceship landed in my yard last night » Post #21

Sat Apr 03, 2021 18:17 in General Talk


The majority of this came about because I smoked cigarettes when I was younger,
so I thought it would be good to take the fairly new Low Dose CT Scan for smokers.

In other words, the old way to check the lungs was simply be doing a Chest X-Ray.
But now with CT Scans they can get a more accurate view of the lungs.

I told my regular physician I wanted to have the lung scan and he made the appointment.

That's how most of this started.

The Low Does CT Scan led to another CT Scan which led to a PET Scan which led to
3 specialist due to 3 spots appearing. Kidney doctor, Throat doctor, Heart doctor.

In regards to the colonoscopy, I had that done about 7 or 8 years ago. Since they
discovered and removed polyps, I am to get tested every 5 years. I'm behind on it (no pun intended).
Yes, they place an iv and sedate/knock you out completely.

No they don't prescribe coke but I can drink it if I want to.

It goes like this:

Tomorrow Sunday I cannot eat solid foods. I am allowed to drink black coffee, tea, juice,
soda pop (pepsi, coke, dr pepper, etc and clear liquids), broth from any soup, bouillon,
jell-o, and popsicles except red. At 6pm I drink one bottle of magic brew and over the
next hour I drink 32 oz of water. I can continue to have clear liquids until the witching
hour (midnight).

Monday morning at 7am, I drink brew from the second bottle. Again over the next hour
I drink 32 oz of water. After 10am, I consume nothing until after my colonoscopy.

While everyone else is enjoying an Easter dinner, I will be downing the brew and
admiring the decor of my bathroom.....frequently.

Alien Spaceship landed in my yard last night » Post #17

Sat Apr 03, 2021 13:09 in General Talk

josealvesjr wrote: The other day I read a story about a woman who broke her leg on a sidewalk in NYC. Bystanders who came to her aid wanted to call for an ambulance but the woman said "please call for an Uber" because I´m not insured and an ambulance will cost $3.000. I hope that was Fake News.

I would guess that is true. An ambulance is expensive. Since it was NYC, I am guessing the prices
for ambulance service is even higher than some other locations.

Most of my office visits are $82.00 per visit.

One of my labs is $227.33 (vampire)

The ear nose throat doctor for scope was $437.00 (nosey doctor (get it?))

The lab for the adrenal gland was $1,234.05 (they took my blood and should have paid me, vampires)

Pet scan was $11,763.40

The contrast solution shot in my veins for the pet scan was over $3,000.00

The cat scans (2) was over $2,000.00 each.

I could go on but I will stop there.

I'd estimate a total of approximately $30,000 to $40,000 including the upcoming
colonoscopy Monday. Think of me when you are eating your Sunday Easter dinner....
I be drinking water and coke. :(

Happy Easter to all » Post #2

Sat Apr 03, 2021 12:49 in General Talk

Same to you and everyone.

Alien Spaceship landed in my yard last night » Post #13

Fri Apr 02, 2021 21:13 in General Talk

Maybe my doctors are aliens. I've been probed and prodded.

My regular physician, 2 Cat Scans, 1 Pet Scan, Throat Specialist, Kidney Specialist, Heart Specialist, IV's, Vaccines,
Covid Test, Blood work, Steroid Pill, Radiation liquid in my veins, and ...... Monday it will be up the ole rectum for a colonoscopy. Dare I mention Tuesday for my second dose of Pfizer.

I've literally had my head examined. I've had a tube down my throat. I've had a straw up my nose. Now I am going to have a tube up my arse. :mrgreen:

Had Covid Test Today » Post #8

Fri Apr 02, 2021 18:08 in General Talk

Test Results:

Component Your Value Standard Range Flag
COVID19 Not Detected
Not Detected - Ref. Range
General Information
Ordered by John A. Dacosta, MD
Collected on 04/02/2021 9:05 AM from Nasopharynx (Swab)
Resulted on 04/02/2021 2:10 PM
Result Status: Final result

Had Covid Test Today » Post #6

Fri Apr 02, 2021 12:26 in General Talk

In my State in which I live, the governor has made a law.
The law is, anyone that is going to have invasive surgery, must take a Covid test first.

Since I am having a colonoscopy Monday, I had to take the covid test today.

Tuesday, I take the Pfizer second dose/shot for covid.

Had Covid Test Today » Post #1

Fri Apr 02, 2021 08:37 in General Talk

Guess it will be an easy memory since it is Good Friday.

If you are concerned about having the Covid testing, don't be.

It's not like a q-tip.

The stick is very thin, smaller than a round toothpick. The end has a tiny brush on it.
The brush is smaller than a dental brush flosser but looks similar.

Since it is the first test I had, they swab both nostrils. It takes a split second per nostril.
It does not hurt. There is only a very slight sting, enough to make the eye water. Then
they do the other nostril, again, a slight sting and slight eye water.

So don't be afraid of the test. I actually found it interesting.

Alien Spaceship landed in my yard last night » Post #10

Thu Apr 01, 2021 18:10 in General Talk

Because they said they wanted to see the absolute BEST Real Moderator that Worked Years for Free!


Alien Spaceship landed in my yard last night » Post #3

Thu Apr 01, 2021 06:48 in General Talk

Well somebody's gotta do it. :mrgreen:

Alien Spaceship landed in my yard last night » Post #1

Thu Apr 01, 2021 06:05 in General Talk

April fools! :clap:

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #160

Wed Mar 31, 2021 15:52 in General Talk

Ghosts Spots = $Thousands of Dollars$ » Post #3

Mon Mar 29, 2021 16:27 in General Talk

I don't worry about it but I do keep up with my check ups and whatever
I am suppose to do for my health. I am glad I did keep all my appointments
and at least I know I am in decent health instead of wondering or worrying
about it.

Many people die from disease needlessly. Many health issues arise and
people don't know it until it is too late. Disease such as cancer is often
very fast growing.

I have an aunt that died at a rather young age from ovarian cancer. They
said IF she had regular check ups, they could have caught it in time and
saved her life.

A friend of mine died at a young age of liver cancer. He never went to the
doctor and felt fine. When he started having abdominal pains he went to
the doctor and it was discovered he had liver cancer. He only lived about
a week after diagnosis.

It's very important to get regular check ups, tests when needed, and vaccines.
It's up to each individual but to me, it's like walking down a busy highway
and hoping you don't get run over by a semi, if you don't monitor your health.

Ghosts Spots = $Thousands of Dollars$ » Post #1

Mon Mar 29, 2021 13:02 in General Talk

Sort of.

Spot One : Located near my vocal cords. Scope down my nose to my throat. False positive. No spot.

Spot Two : Located on my left adrenal gland: Lots of lab work. No cancer. No issue.

Spot Three : Located near my heart at the top of my right lung. Located in fatty area. No cancer. Cyst that could grow smaller. They'll schedule a cat scan in 6 months to see if it is doing anything.

Costs: Thousands of dollars. Well, you know, one must have these things checked out because you just don't know.

Ghost in Your Walls? » Post #17

Sat Mar 27, 2021 19:10 in General Talk

I worked in health care much of my life and have watched many people grow old
and unable to properly care for homes that are too large for them.

That is a major reason why I sold my property after my spouse passed away. I
knew it was way too much for me to handle.

I moved almost three years ago. Time zooms by. Now I am considering down sizing
once again. Things are just things. Stuff is just stuff. Humans are a very weird species.
We're not on this planet very long and It's nice to live comfortably and have stuff but
there comes a time as one grows older that stuff is too much stuff. :lol:

Ghost in Your Walls? » Post #14

Sat Mar 27, 2021 07:49 in General Talk

lol :lol:

I don't want ghosts and I don't want rats! :shock:

Cost of Vaccine - FYI » Post #1

Fri Mar 26, 2021 08:56 in General Talk

I was viewing my insurance information today.

My second dose of Pfizer is the 6th of April.

The first dose was $103.34

Therefore, I assume the second dose will be the same. Unless of course
they charge .34 cents for the card. lol

But I suppose one could say, at least in the USA, Pfizer is charging approximately
$100 per dose.

To make it clear, those without insurance in the USA, do receive the vaccine for free. be even more clear......which may not be so clear.....

The government purchases the vaccine quantities. Then the vaccines are distributed
across the USA.

The questions might be: How much is the government paying per dose? How much
profit is the pharm making? How much is the real cost to the insurance companies?

Perhaps that info can be known online. I never bothered to look but just stating how
much the charge was that I saw on my insurance. If it's that way across the board,
that's over $200 per person.

Flooding in Australia causes Apes to Higher Ground » Post #7

Tue Mar 23, 2021 19:24 in General Talk


You are young ape in old ape skin.

Time change » Post #13

Tue Mar 23, 2021 16:18 in General Talk

alexaben wrote: It cost more to live in obscurity.

Why would that cost more?

Flooding in Australia causes Apes to Higher Ground » Post #5

Tue Mar 23, 2021 16:17 in General Talk

rajukurup wrote: He is not interested in bananas now but looks for countries which are rich in surveys. Just as humans ;as apes grow old they reject favorite foods and want more leisure

His hair is silver. I guess I forgot he was an old.....ape.
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