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Posts by valerie

TaBad ySense , 3 second only » Post #16

Sun Sep 27, 2020 07:55 in General Talk

Well Jose, there is no reason to pull funds from the tasks or any of that.

It's not like Prodege doesn't have money.

TaBad ySense , 3 second only » Post #15

Sun Sep 27, 2020 07:51 in General Talk

I do really believe and believe it firmly that moderators should receive
a weekly or at the very least, a monthly stipend.

I must tell you, back in the year 1997, I moderated a forum that was
less active than this one and I was paid $170.00 per month. That is
almost 25 years ago!

In this day and time, I feel like it is a great embarrassment for a company
or program or individual, to not pay their moderators a stipend. That is
to say the very least. It's simply not right.

TaBad ySense , 3 second only » Post #11

Sun Sep 27, 2020 06:49 in General Talk

sonyjmn wrote: @ Valerie

Next year you will be no moderator

So no Forum too then :cry:

Too much work and no pay.

We do get a bonus at the end of the year. But in my opinion moderators
should be paid something these days. I've been here since day one of
the forum start and have never received a cent other than the year end
bonus. Every day and thru-out my day and night, I come here to the forums
and ok or deny posts, review posts and topics, answer questions, and more.
What do I get for that? Nothing except a hard way to go some times. The
year end bonus does not compensate for the time I put in here throughout
the year.

I don't know what they will do about these forums. Let someone else be
dumb enough to do it for nothing. Or, maybe they will simply close/delete
the forums. I don't know. I just know I can't do this any more for nothing.
Back in the start it was stated by Jim those that wanted to volunteer. But
with time things change and you can also see not much moderating in these
English speaking forums except myself. I also moderate the Polish sub form
at times when that moderator is not here. I don't even speak Polish but for
some odd reason was assigned to it too. :lol:

TaBad ySense , 3 second only » Post #7

Sat Sep 26, 2020 22:05 in General Talk

I told you, you can do whatever the powers that be, next year because I am
not going to moderate next year. You know, next year is only a few months
down the road. So stop belly aching and go eat your banana.

Preferred Choice Poll (non biased version) » Post #4

Sat Sep 26, 2020 22:01 in General Talk

Well it was my vote for ending the pandemic in 1 year and 3 years of world travel
to feed the hungry did not seem like a sacrifice to me. It's also the only one that
made sense.

Tok or Tik » Post #29

Fri Sep 25, 2020 18:55 in General Talk

...and crocodiles.

Tok or Tik » Post #27

Fri Sep 25, 2020 15:11 in General Talk

All they have in Australia is Helen Reddy, Wallaby's, and Tasmanian devils that consume nana's.

Does anyone else gets this? » Post #5

Fri Sep 25, 2020 15:08 in General Talk

I was addressing it to you, Jose

Does anyone else gets this? » Post #3

Fri Sep 25, 2020 09:05 in General Talk

josealvesjr wrote:
dutch1898 wrote: This morning keep getting the following message:
Sorry, something went wrong on our end. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.(003-009.e)

Sorry Dutch that I can´t be of any help, I do not get any surveys at all. I mean absolutely nothing.

How long has it been since you have received surveys?


Fri Sep 25, 2020 05:29 in General Talk

Read the forum rules.

Using all caps is not allowed.

Tok or Tik » Post #23

Thu Sep 24, 2020 13:44 in General Talk

By the way, I may have spelled his name incorrectly.

Pritam or Pritnam. I don't remember how he spells it.

Tok or Tik » Post #22

Thu Sep 24, 2020 13:42 in General Talk

Yes, I don't think he visits/posts in the forum much at all.

Tok or Tik » Post #20

Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:53 in General Talk

suraraj wrote: May be this the person you are referring to :roll: :roll:

मैं $5,128.25 ClixSense से कमाई! हर महीने $350 + | ySense Forum

Yes, I think maybe so.

Tok or Tik » Post #18

Thu Sep 24, 2020 09:23 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Seems even his referrals have become inactive and are no longer useful because even he has become inactive last login date was in September 2019

I don't know about that. Possible. The flip side may be true also in that he might
be making more than what he was when it was CS.

Pritnam, is who I am referring to.

There was an Indian here that took my advice some years ago about blogging and
is or at least was making extremely good money. He came to the forum and thanked
me. I don't remember if it was Pritnam or someone else. I do remember it was an
Indian user.

There was a member on here that sent me a cross one time. It is one of those made
with a nail. It is really nice and wrapped in pink cord. Can be worn or hung up on
something. I some times wonder who that was that sent it to me. I don't remember.

There was a member that posted a birthday cake image that had my name on the
cake. I think I still have it in the 'cloud' some where. I don't remember who did that.

Some members are very fleeting. I see them a few times at the forums and then never
see them again. Impossible to remember everyone.

23-09-2020 $ 6.76 earned » Post #4

Thu Sep 24, 2020 09:04 in Success Stories

No no no no, that's absolutely not the way it works.

It must be one hair from a Tasmanian devil Ape man wrapped inside a nana peel.
If you split the hair and use half a nana peel, it won't work.

Of course, you may also use 1 Tasmania devil ape man hair, one nana peel, and
one long winded Darkstar2 post. Mix those three together and stir for 3 weeks
or until your arm falls off, whichever comes first.

PS. Throwing a hard boiled egg at your computer monitor does not work.

23-09-2020 $ 6.76 earned » Post #2

Thu Sep 24, 2020 06:24 in Success Stories

They say a hair from a Tasmanian ape man works when combined with peel of nana.

Tok or Tik » Post #13

Wed Sep 23, 2020 19:53 in General Talk


TaCool Preferred Choice Poll » Post #5

Wed Sep 23, 2020 19:47 in General Talk

No way would I go for number 3.

I don't want to be a hairy Tasmanian ape woman.

Quality score -35 » Post #8

Wed Sep 23, 2020 07:32 in General Talk

Yeah, that -35 is rather confusing. Not sure where he saw such a number.

As you stated, Your-Surveys starts at the number 100 and does not go below that.

Even when I was in a coma :mrgreen: it only went down to 100.

Tok or Tik » Post #11

Wed Sep 23, 2020 07:23 in General Talk

We don't have downlines in ySense.

All we have is direct referrals.

Yes, he has referred a large number of users.
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