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By The WaySide » Post #7

Mon Dec 19, 2016 13:24 in General Talk

They sold it at Walmart many years ago. It came in a can like a can of hair spray for men.
They only had something like two colors. Black and something else. I bought it for fun but
did not realize how fun it was really going to be.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #11

Mon Dec 19, 2016 08:58 in General Talk

.....and ...... every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings.

By The WaySide » Post #5

Mon Dec 19, 2016 08:55 in General Talk

:lol: Those are good ones.

Years ago they came out with a mens spray on hair in a can. Since my husband was balding, I bought
a can and I sprayed it on his head for him. It actually looked pretty good. He was strutting around like
a spry rooster. Then he went outside to do some work in the yard. It was a summer day. When he came
in, black was running down his face, neck, every where as if someone had poured a bucket of black paint
over his head. It was hilarious. :lol:

Spray on Hair

By The WaySide » Post #1

Mon Dec 19, 2016 06:51 in General Talk

People come out with all kinds of inventions over hundreds of years.

There is more inventions that did NOT make it than those that did make it.

I was thinking of this stupid cooking pot I have. It looks cute. It is tall, slim, and pink in color.
It also includes a tall slim basket. The pot is used to boil primarily, spaghetti, corn on the cob,
tall foods.

The problem is, when the water boils, foods want to rise to the top. I never use it. I call it
'my stupid pot'.

Can you think of products that sounded good or looked good but went by the wayside?

PS. I am thinking 'Hot Air Fryers' will be another useless product

Introduction » Post #3

Sun Dec 18, 2016 19:03 in Member Introduction

sk_22 wrote: Hello, all I sk_22 joined clixsense in Nov.2016.

Please change your avatar.

Black Mirror - Anyone watching it? » Post #1

Sun Dec 18, 2016 06:40 in General Talk

This is a netflix original. I started watching it the other day, thought it was new. Some how
I started watching season 3 instead beginning with season 1. It doesn't matter what order
however because each show is different actors and a different tale.

If you are familiar with the old Twilight Zone and how it focused on the mysterious, etc,
'Black Mirror' is kind of like that.

Whoever their writers are for that show, gotta be hard workers and even harder thinkers.
The shows really get everyone thinking.

One of the programs is about people attempting to be happy and perfect and everyone
tries to be nice to everyone so that they will receive a 'like'. Everyone holds their cell
phone out and clicks either a positive or negative when passing someone else or talking
to someone else. What really made this 'social' more interesting is that you could only
buy, shop, mortgage, etc.....all based on your social points. It went to a 5 and if you
fell below a 4.2, you were pretty much a low life. :lol:

Another program, I won't explain it all. I'll just say at the end, the song plays 'Heaven
On Earth' and there is a HUGE building that is full of HUGE computers and millions of
cubby holes. When you die, if you want to live forever (heaven) you can go in a cubby
hole. Or you can die and go no where. Actually what is going in the cubby hole is dna
or some sort of electrical area of your brain. You are really dead but you think you are

If you ever get a chance to watch 'Black Mirror' do. It really gets you thinking about
what could be in the future.

Something Serious ! » Post #4

Sat Dec 17, 2016 13:37 in General Talk

Awww very sorry. Alzheimers is an awful disease.

I hope you have plenty of family and friends around to comfort you.

hello » Post #3

Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:51 in General Talk

If you're typing like you are typing here, you'll need much more than luck to gain referrals.

Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period mark.

That is lesson number 1 for you.

You've only made $35 dollars in 6 or 7 years here. Whatever you do, don't start your sentence with 'I'.
Start your sentence with 'You'.

That is lesson number 2 for you.

You either have a blog or you don't have a blog. 'Trying' a blog isn't going to do squat for you. You're
in Israel. Geesh! Americans love Israel. Well, a whole lot of us do. Use your head. Talk about your
country on your blog and toss in some ClixSense information.

That is lesson number 3 for you.

Topic for brave , You Have Been Warned » Post #8

Sat Dec 17, 2016 08:11 in General Talk

In all honesty, I think it can be a bit of a tough decision for people, to say the least.

One thing is truly 100% for sure, the person should make his/her wishes known legally and NOT leave
it up to someone else.

I've had to deal with that and it is extremely disheartening. When someone you love dies and you are
the one that has to go look at caskets, make casket decisions, vault decisions, buried placement decisions,
casket spread decisions, funeral arrangements, song arrangement, pastor arrangement, and even so far
as to contact friends and relatives NOT to mention writing up an Obituary. I have had to do all that and
more. THAT can really really take a toll on you. What I found myself doing at every decision I made, is
asking myself 'what would he want?'. That made it even more depressing.

So I strongly stress that no matter how old you are, you see to it as best you can, that what you wish
and want, be legally implemented OR at the very least, let your loved ones know your REAL wishes.

Also people have their religious beliefs and do not believe in cremation or perhaps vice versa or some
other ways. You know, the American Indian natives way back in the day, some had the rituals to bury
their deceased sitting up....primarily chiefs in some tribes.

I think that is about all I have to say about this insane topic.

Checklist Bonus » Post #2

Sat Dec 17, 2016 07:58 in General Talk

Well yes.

What I always suggest if members are interested in completing the daily bonus, is to first
do what is simple to do:

-View Ads
-View Forum
-View ClixGrid

Those three things are always there for everyone to do.

The next thing to do is complete

-2 Offers OR 2 Tasks

If the member looks through the offers, he/she will eventually locate the best offers to look through daily.
Usually for most members, 2 offers can readily be located to complete. They might only be worth a cent
or two but it will make for completing the checklist. After that, the member can move forward to complete
tasks, more offers, and surveys as his/her time allows.

Favorite Fruit » Post #24

Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:21 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: someone has an extra naughty mind here ...hmmm :D

but pindo likes it :lol:

Actually, I don't find those funny at all.

Best Use of $1 Million » Post #8

Fri Dec 16, 2016 08:00 in General Talk

Kind of funny you mention adoption like that.

Just last night I was doing some searches about adoption of Aleppo orphans.

A lot of places have very strict rules for adoption and age of those considering adoption is a factor.

Plane Crashes » Post #6

Fri Dec 16, 2016 07:56 in General Talk

@perfectshops that's interesting about the development of planes that could break away
the passenger area and parachute the people down safely. It makes sense and I suspect
they will be able to do that. I can see how that might not work in all cases but it probably
would in most.

I do hear of plane crashes often. Most seem to be private planes such as crop dusters,
family planes, small commercial planes.

The scariest thing about jets crashing is the fact many people are onboard.....hundreds
loose their life when they crash. For the people on the plane, it has to be a very scary
event when you know you are going down and there is nothing you can do about it.

Favorite Fruit » Post #21

Fri Dec 16, 2016 07:45 in General Talk

By the way, the POLLS here only allow 15 slots. I should have listed 'berries' in one slot
and I could have had a bit more slots for coconut, etc. :roll:

Favorite Fruit » Post #20

Fri Dec 16, 2016 07:43 in General Talk

I like some apples much better than others.

Here, at the store, they sell several varieties of apples.

I usually buy the 'Fugi' apples. Some times the stores do not have them.
When they are out of those, I usually buy the 'Gala' apples.
A couple of days ago I was at the store and bought some 'HoneyCrisp' apples.

Fugi apples are crisp and sweet. They are usually small.

Gala apples I like for making pies but they are good to eat as is too.

HoneyCrisp apples have a bit of a sour/tart taste but not much.

I don't really like the 'Red Delicious' apples. They are ok in a cobbler and they
are very pretty to look at. Usually they are very red and very large.

Arctic Blast Coming to Midwest US » Post #15

Fri Dec 16, 2016 07:36 in General Talk

I can't really complain because winters here is extremely mild compared to where I grew up.

1967 made history in Chicago land as the worst winter on record. I remember it very well.
Since that time, they've had at least two winters that beat that one.

Obviously man has contributed to at least some changes in the weather. We're certainly good
at polluting it. Overall I think the weather is mostly the ever changing cycles of the planet.

I really don't mind winters as long as it's only mildly cold. I don't mind the snow but we
rarely get it here. It's the way below freezing and ice that I hate.

Best Use of $1 Million » Post #6

Fri Dec 16, 2016 06:07 in General Talk

I'd give it away.

I really would.

To be realistic, I'd invest it where it would grow and let it stay there until my
grandchildren were 30 years old at which time they would receive their portion.
The only allowance clause would be if they chose to go to school after high
school. They could draw a school allowance from it to cover costs of tuition,
books, and some living expenses.

Arctic Blast Coming to Midwest US » Post #13

Fri Dec 16, 2016 05:55 in General Talk

I don't know what the temp is this morning but it's cold out.

I feed the cats outside around 7 to 8 am, give or take some minutes.

All the water outside is frozen. Raccoons must have turned over one of the water buckets last night
because not only is it upside down and empty, there is a big ice puddle.

I had to go back in and fill a jug of water and then brave the outdoors again.

Tomorrow the high is 70. Can you believe it! Weird weather. Freeze one day burn up the next.

Plane Crashes » Post #1

Thu Dec 15, 2016 21:15 in General Talk

Last night I woke up during a plane crash in my dream.

I dreamed I was driving down a busy highway and I moved over into a left lane.
To my right I was almost even with a car. The man driving the car, I could see
very clearly and he was no one I had ever saw before. He had a kind face, dark
complexion, and dark but maybe some what graying curly hair. When I looked
at him, he looked at me and we both smiled and looked back to the road but at
that very moment, a jet or some sort of huge plane was going down and it flipped
completely over, upside down, my stomach did a flip flop and I quickly looked to
my right and saw the man driving the car beside me, his eyes were big and he
said STOP and so I started breaking too. The plane landed upside down skidding
across the highway what looked to be only inches from our cars. The plane
continued to skid off the highway and through a wooded area. AFTER I woke up,
I thought to self 'my life was saved because that man told me to break'. :lol:

I rarely have an exciting dream. :mrgreen:
Someone posted about dreams recently, maybe that is why I had a wild dream.
It was a brief dream but one that made an impact because I did not forget it.

Plane crashes are very scary but even more so when the plane cannot be found.

Did they ever locate the Asian plane that went down a couple of years ago?

Favorite Fruit » Post #8

Thu Dec 15, 2016 15:08 in General Talk

A tomato is a fruit and it is a vegetable. It is both.

It is considered a fruit because it gives birth like a woman. That is the way I think of all fruit.
If it has ovaries, it is a fruit.
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