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Movie's that are NOT for the faint of heart » Post #8

Fri Dec 23, 2016 19:12 in General Talk

lotoole wrote: "The Haunting of Hill House". I saw this on television and don't know if it ever played in a theater or was made for TV. It was terrifying. But it wasn't gory, supporting my theory that the best scary movies are not gory. The scares were based on the subtle events that gradually led up to the huge events. The anticipation would make your heart stop. At some point in the movie, I had to watch it with just one eye peeking out of a blanket. Certainly makes you think twice before buying an old home (and why IS that old home priced sooooooooo low????)

It was a movie that came out in the 60's and it was very ghostly.

In 1973 a sequel was made 'The Legend of Hill House'.

Hi Valerie » Post #4

Fri Dec 23, 2016 19:05 in General Talk

Oh Ok.

I don't know what went wrong with him.

I have not communicated with him in years and I no longer use LG. He owes me some money
and no doubt many others too.

The last time I spoke with him was probably a few years ago, maybe longer. He was going to
take some classes at the college.

I don't advise anyone to use LG and it has not been worthy in years. I guess he just lets it sit
there and doesn't care what anyone thinks. He draws a dime every now and then from a few
purchases, I guess.

Movie's that are NOT for the faint of heart » Post #6

Fri Dec 23, 2016 16:20 in General Talk

I don't find many movies today very memorable. There's plenty to watch but most are either
just ok or complete duds. Some are either action packed like 'Collide' that can hold your
attention but I don't think it is what I would call an excellent movie.

Last night I watched 'Nocturnal Animals' and it was better than I thought it would be. It's a
movie I would remember much more than I would 'Collide' for example.

Game Consoles and Games » Post #5

Fri Dec 23, 2016 14:52 in General Talk

mappo710 wrote: Valerie, be careful with the play consoles. My husband played "Sony PlayStation " for about 5 years . One day while playing it , he had a "horrific" Panic Attack that put him into the hospital . He is now on every day having to take "Klonopin" to prevent an attack from coming on . We know that the reason was playing the PlayStation because it happened over and over again for the next 4 or 5 times . The only way to control a "full-blown " attack from occurring was for him to run and take 2 "Klonopins" when he felt it coming on while playing . Finally we sold the "stupid console" and he has never had another one again after stopping playing the "PlayStation !' .

That has got to be awful. I do think some of the electronics can take a toll on a person and
some people may be more susceptible to injury.

I have a PlayStation 2 but to be honest, I have rarely ever played it. Some of the things are simply handy
entertainment more so for the kids, grandkids, and guests/company, than me.

I never had an Xbox and received one today also, that I had ordered. It's an Xbox One S that came with a
game 'Dishonered II' and some kind of cards to download two or three Minecraft games. I looked at the box
and contents but have not hooked it up.

People do need to be careful with some of this stuff. Also if they have pacemakers and medical devices.

Game Consoles and Games » Post #4

Fri Dec 23, 2016 14:42 in General Talk

Valadur wrote: I wish you lots of fun with your new hardware. Majora´s Mask is one of my favourite Zelda game. It has such a dark and unsettling atmosphere.

Personally, I didn´t upgrade to the "new" 3DS XL because I already owned the "old" 3DS XL and there are not many exclusives for the "new" one.

Tomorrow I will gift myself another 3DS game with the weird name "7th Dragon III Code: VFD". A Japanese RPG and I didn´t read much about it but I am hoping for a less-known gameplay gem here.

Wish you a nice Christmas.

What I hated was that I bought the 2DS a few years ago at Christmas time for myself, is they came
out with the 3DS almost immediately after I bought the 2DS.

I'll have to try some other games. I do have about ten games and several of those are Zelda.

You'll have to let me know how you like the 7th dragon game.

Game Consoles and Games » Post #1

Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:39 in General Talk

I said I would post about the 'New 3DS XL Game Console' when I received it and I did receive it today.

Actually I wasn't expecting it because I ordered through DELL along with some other items. Their
customer support told me a couple of days ago that it was out of stock and wouldn't be available
until March. :roll:

I haven't used it enough yet to know if it is really worth upgrading from the DS2. It just depends
on what you want, I guess.

Set up was easy. It connected to my internet quickly. I even pulled up ClixSense on it.

From what little I have used it, the 3D is hard on my eyes. It really is. It's very cool, however.
I'm mighty sure I would not want children using it for long periods at a time and probably not good
for adults either. There is a slider control on it in which the 3D can be turned off.

I put the 'Zelda Majora's Mask 3D' in and played it for a short period of time. Seems like it talked too
much. Talked too much in regards to reading what a player says. Perhaps further into the game, there
won't be as much 'talk'. It is very cool tho.

My adaptor/charger that came with my DS2 does work with the New DS 3 XL. I'm not sure if the
screens are any larger than the DS2. I haven't compared. I don't know why they call it a 'XL'.

Merry Christmas » Post #11

Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:00 in General Talk


Hi Valerie » Post #2

Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:58 in General Talk

Who is Mr Rowland?

I do know several people with the last name Rowland.

Do you have a user name for him?

Oberder - Where are you? » Post #36

Fri Dec 23, 2016 05:33 in General Talk

Nice to see you around oberder and Merry Christmas.

PS. I always liked working the night shift

Movie's that are NOT for the faint of heart » Post #4

Fri Dec 23, 2016 05:28 in General Talk

Many years ago, they were very strict in what children watched. Not so much today.

My sister and I went to the movie theater. She's several years older than I. We didn't
know what was playing. So we get there and it's movie 'Black Sunday'. I was like maybe
ten years old. They did not want to let us in to the theater stating we were far too young.
For some reason that I don't recall, we would have to wait a couple outside in the cold for
some time. (Chicago). Maybe it was going to be awhile til the next bus. I don't recall.

The point is, they did let us in to see the movie since we didn't have an immediate ride.

The movie started. I think it barely got started when we came flying out of there! I mean
we ran like running for our lives.

I don't remember what happen after we entered the theater lobby. Maybe we sat there
until the next bus run or maybe we went into the stores shopping. I don't remember
any of that.

What I do remember is a campfire, witches dancing around it and a person tied to a pole
of some sort. They took an iron mask that was full of sharp prongs and pushed it onto
his face. That is when my sister and I ran like no tomorrow. :lol:

I want you to know, to this day, I have tried a few times over the years to watch that
movie and I can't. It's a movie I rarely even see listed.

Of course today I guess that movie would seem like nothing and I have certainly without
a doubt watched worse. The few times I have tried to watch it, I just can't. I get a really
sick feeling every time it gets to the mask part which is at the beginning of the movie.

Have you been bitten by the bug? » Post #2

Thu Dec 22, 2016 19:18 in General Talk

I hope you get to feeling much better very soon.

Hopefully you'll feel much better come Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Exercise Class Begins Jan.1st for Young and Old » Post #9

Thu Dec 22, 2016 15:30 in General Talk

Good name Charez for the exercise class.

ClixSense Gym Club

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #24

Thu Dec 22, 2016 15:27 in General Talk

Of course Santa is real and ALL those in Turkey know that.

A monk name Nicholas was a very kind man, living in Turkey. They say he gave to everyone he
met and the children especially loved him for his gifts and generosity. He was made a Saint due
to his generous nature.

Nicholas was then known as Saint Nicholas.

Everyone tends to shorten things over time so Saint Nicholas was eventually known as simply
'St Nic'. Eventually it became St Nick, due to English spelling I suppose.

As time progressed, someone came up with Santa for Saint. Probably the Dutch or some sort
of mis spelling that stuck. I am not sure where the 'Clause' came in but that might be from the
Dutch too.

So if you ask if Santa is real, the answer is of course. He may be up there some where, watching
all the people, children and adults alike. So you best be very good because St Nicholas may be
watching YOU!

Big Thanks » Post #7

Thu Dec 22, 2016 15:19 in General Talk

The bonus is always very nice and can make a huge addition when cashing out.

Thanks TO Clixsense Admin And Advertiser Xoxly » Post #3

Thu Dec 22, 2016 15:18 in General Talk

Yes the cents can really add up for useful purchases.

Greetings » Post #3

Thu Dec 22, 2016 15:17 in General Talk

Same to you and yours Punica.

Monkey business...on the bright side » Post #6

Thu Dec 22, 2016 15:17 in General Talk

Your wife likes wallabies. That's wallaby business.

Exercise Class Begins Jan.1st for Young and Old » Post #3

Thu Dec 22, 2016 07:51 in General Talk

It's been many many years since I received a gold star. :P

Ok Ok Ok already, so I never received a gold star.

Exercise Class Begins Jan.1st for Young and Old » Post #1

Thu Dec 22, 2016 06:33 in General Talk

Exercise Class will begin Jan. 1st, 2017.

It will be offered here, in the General Talk category of the forums.

Every day, I will post the class. The class is free and there is no limit to the size of the class.

No smoking is allowed during exercise class.

ClixSense members need to be in great shape for all the work that abounds throughout the new year.

I'll be posting exercises you can do at your desk/computer along with songs and more. All for free!

Remember, smoking is not allowed during participation. Fluids such as water and juice is allowed if
kept in a secure container or at a secure distance from your electronics.

See you in class, Jan. 1st. :xrazz:

Favorite Christmas and/or Holiday Song » Post #1

Wed Dec 21, 2016 13:14 in General Talk

Only list ONE favorite. That is difficult to do.

My favorite is 'The Little Drummer Boy'.

The Little Drummer Boy (Perfect Version) - YouTube
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