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2017 New Year Coming Soon » Post #2

Tue Dec 27, 2016 19:24 in General Talk


Which one would prefer Rich person vs Poor Person » Post #14

Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:26 in General Talk

Is Lee Kuan Yew any relation to Jet Li.

In regards to where human's originated from, that is of course, debatable.
Since we can't discuss religion due to forum rule 13, I won't dare mention
that I believe we originated by the hand of God or that we did such stupid
stuff that the Tower of Babel was the frame for the language barrier. Nor
would I dare mention that heaven is just a breath away and hell even closer.
I cannot nor will I discuss the original of Adam and Eve. I must maintain
forum rules and the sincerest of all camaraderie within the moderator realm.

No, I say. I dare say, NO. I shall go hence forth over hill and dale of forums
land and slay my enemies with thine sword of tongue and maintain the dearest
of symbolism without the harshness of the cold rules that I once so desired to

Now I must leave and I hang my head low, should I dare ever break forum rule 13.

Fan Artwork » Post #4

Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:09 in General Talk

Kind of reminds me a little bit of my ex in laws.

Oh of course I am kidding! No. Yes. No. Yes. No....

Fan Artwork » Post #2

Tue Dec 27, 2016 07:37 in General Talk

I think that's a bit on the fright side.

I've heard some talk about a new xbox game 'Scorpion' and that is what it reminds me of...
a scorpion with sharp teeth.

Which one would prefer Rich person vs Poor Person » Post #12

Tue Dec 27, 2016 07:32 in General Talk

I could tell you more about Mary and Ruth.

Notice their names? Their parents named them from the Bible.

Mary was very 'mathematically' inclined, you could say. So much so that neither Ruth or herself
had breasts. They did wear their bra's. First thing every morning, into the bathroom they went,
put their bra's on and dress, brushed their teeth, etc. Off to their tiny kitchen. Same thing every
morning. Mary would tell me how to cook the oats. Measure the water, turn the heat on high,
boil the water, measure the oats, pour oats into pot, stir fast faster real fast, take oats off stove,
give to Ruth. Every morning Ruth refused to eat the oats. 'I dun wanna eat em and I am not
gunna eat em' Ruth would say and she was right, she never ate them but I still cooked them...
every morning. Mary would eat one egg and one slice of bacon and every morning, Ruth would
steal Mary's bacon. Of course, Mary let her succeed at the bacon theft, after Mary had ate half of it.

I lost track. Mary and Ruth did not have breasts because Mary had a malignant lump in one breast.
Since Mary was a math teacher, she knew that one breast removed left three breasts. Due to her
wisdom, no one had to tell her, three more breast would stay in jeopardy. She had them all removed.
Her second breast and both Ruth breasts. Four less things to worry about.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #47

Tue Dec 27, 2016 07:13 in General Talk

Well give it a break while you are ahead.

It's a silly topic about believing in Santa Claus and it WAS fun and informative, if I do say so myself.

So stop being a sour puss or you'll get coal for Christmas next year.

no money in cilxgrid » Post #2

Tue Dec 27, 2016 05:34 in General Talk

No, there isn't any money in the ClixGrid but you do earn when you win in the ClixGrid
and you do receive the bonus every day that you complete the daily checklist.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #43

Tue Dec 27, 2016 05:30 in General Talk

msblahms wrote:
PkNayar wrote: I believe in Santa.

If one can Believe in God why not in Santa ?

what's next centaurs, mermaids, ghouls, werewolves or someone from the comics like wonder woman, superman, antman

So you are saying that someone that has been deemed a Saint is religious.

Does that mean Sir Elton John is religious because he was knighted by the Queen.

Actually, I don't have the time to argue with you over such a petty thing as a small topic on a forum.
What I will suggest to you is, if you don't like the topics about santa, mermaids, comics, etc, to ignore

I don't care if you call me biased. Believe whatever you want. You're not santa so I don't care. :lol:

Maybe you could find a game to play or something else to do.

Test » Post #42

Mon Dec 26, 2016 22:56 in General Talk

A little testy are we.

The age of loneliness is killing us » Post #33

Mon Dec 26, 2016 22:54 in General Talk

It's like the old man that bitched at his wife every day about everything.

His drawers were not clean enough
His food was not done enough
His bed not soft enough

One day she died.

That's about as lonely as it gets in my opinion. Now he has to bitch at himself
every day and to top it off, he has to wash his drawers himself, cook his food
himself, make his bed himself.

That's why old people get lonely after the spouse dies. It's because the other
one has no one to bitch at any more.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #35

Mon Dec 26, 2016 22:41 in General Talk

msblahms wrote:
sweetpie3000 wrote: You can closed this thread. Since Xmas is over.

this thread should have been closed the day it started as anything related to religion and that sorts is not allowed but i have noticed moderators have mostly been biased here on clixsense so nothing new but as the one who started it wants to close the thread than they must

For your information since you are very concerned about moderators, the topic is if people
believe in Santa. Not about God and not about religion. It's a story and the telling of how
people came to believe in Santa. It is a true story and it is not a big deal either way anyone
looks at it. BUT of course, like everything else in life, there is always someone that steps up
to the plate to make a mole hill into a mountain.

Moderators use their own discretion at what sticks and what doesn't. Don't you know that
by now?

Which one would prefer Rich person vs Poor Person » Post #9

Mon Dec 26, 2016 22:33 in General Talk

@Pedminacar That's called communism and dictatorship.
Neither of which works for the common good of the people.


There are plenty of very wealthy people in the world and they are not snobs nor put themselves
in a class above others. Many give to charities, build hospitals, and do tons of good in the world
and never expect a thanks. These people you rarely hear anything about.

I worked a few months years ago private home health for two old sisters. One was a retired math
teacher and the other was a retired secretary at the same school. They had never married and they
did not have children. They lived in the same house where they were born. All their furnishings were
immaculate, very well taken care of, but all antiques. Mary, the math teacher had her wits but Ruth
was more on the old timers disease side. Mary had it the worse because Mary did in fact have her
wits about her, was the oldest, and babied her younger sister, Ruth. Mary would cry some times but
she did try to hide her tears. She did not cry for herself. She cried for Ruth. Eventually, Ruth could
not be taken care of at home any more so Mary not only checked Ruth into the nursing home unit at
the hospital, but also herself. Probably not totally strange but still a bit odd since Mary did have her
mind, was mobile, and didn't have any severe health issues, she died first. I thought about that and
figured that was probably a good thing that Mary died first. She probably would have been lost without
Ruth to look upon, make sure Ruth was bathed correctly, fed the food that was best for her, etc. On
the other hand, Ruth NOT having her wits about her, would forget about Mary's death.

The old spinster ladies had given all they had to the school system. The city school where they worked
all their lives and to the city university that they had attended.

Their house wasn't worth much and eventually it was tore down. I think a parking lots is now in it's
place. They'd probably liked that, however, because the parking lot I think is for the hospital additional

Their furnishings were all sold, auctioned off.

Mary and Ruth had never really gone any where in their lives. They did not spend but little. After all,
they only lived a few blocks from the school. They had few clothes. Their dresses were long, worn
so long that some times I wondered if they ever stepped on the hems.

As I said, Mary was a math teacher. A very bright woman. She invested Ruth's money as well as her
own, for years and years and years and years.

Have you ever heard of Mary and Ruth? No you haven't. I just told you. They left MILLIONS and MILLIONS
and MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars to the school system. ALL and EVERYTHING they
had, all went to scholarship funds, books, building, and more.

So PLEASE do NOT put all 'Rich' people in to one category.

The age of loneliness is killing us » Post #31

Mon Dec 26, 2016 14:54 in General Talk

I think the reason why some people are lonely but do not admit they are lonely is
due to pride. They don't want pity. Loneliness is not a disease. As I stated earlier,
it is a frame of mind.

Most of us have grown up believing we need fulfillment from other people in order
to not be lonely. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Look at these two people:

Person One: I am alone. My husband died some years ago. I miss him every day.
I see him in everything. I cry every day. I am very much alone. I have no one to
talk to. I don't enjoy life any more.

Person Two: I am alone. My husband died some years ago. I miss him every day.
I see him in everything and I smile. I live every day to the fullest. I have lots of
life to live and lots to give of myself. I volunteer at the shelter three days a week.
I adopted a dog and we go on walks every day, often stopping to chat with neighbors.
The church has a sewing class every Tuesday evening and I have finally learned to
sew. I am making quilts for the needy. Next week I am going with the church group
to the big museum in the next state over. We're going to make an entire weekend of
it. Lots to do when I get back because I must prepare for the church bazaar. I'll
be entering the roses contest this year and I think I might win the grand prize....I am
great at gardening. I will make a note to straighten the bird houses before winter.
Oh I almost forgot to log into ClixSense today....I got to do that and make extra
money to buy dog food for the shelter.

tasman1, there is a big difference in loneliness, how people cope with their loneliness,
depression, and clinical depression.

Technology has not resulted in making people lonely.

Life isn't fair. Shxt happens. It's how we deal with the shxt that matters.

Whether Love is true or not » Post #16

Mon Dec 26, 2016 08:49 in General Talk

Whether Love is true or not » Post #15

Mon Dec 26, 2016 08:46 in General Talk

Well the song is 'Love Hurts'
The band is 'Nazareth'
The album is 'Hair of the Dog'

Test » Post #39

Mon Dec 26, 2016 08:45 in General Talk

No, I don't have stars. I do have a smiley face.

:xkitty: :xpuppy: :xcs:

A mew and bark and a dollar.

Whether Love is true or not » Post #13

Mon Dec 26, 2016 08:43 in General Talk

Did you know Tina grew up down the road from where I live?

Well, a little further down the road but not much. Nutbush, Tennessee.

Whether Love is true or not » Post #12

Mon Dec 26, 2016 08:40 in General Talk

Oh me and Nazareth go way back. :lol:

Nazareth is the band and the album is 'Hair of the Dog'.

I say album because that is what it was when I bought it. In fact, I bought it on a 45 as a Christmas
gift for a best friend when I was in my Freshman year of high school....or was it Sophomore...well anyway,
she loved the song too.

Whether Love is true or not » Post #7

Mon Dec 26, 2016 06:04 in General Talk

Well you know, everything is weird. Weird I tell you. Just weird. :lol:

Personally, I don't take this world very seriously. I don't know if that is a good thing
or a bad thing but it is my thing.

If I took this world seriously, I'd be a raving mad idiot. I think that is exactly what
happens to some people, they take the world much too seriously. Life is a gift, enjoy
it because you won't have it very long.

No, I don't think there is true love. There is stages of love, varieties of love, and
even conditions of love such as unconditional love.

The age of loneliness is killing us » Post #25

Mon Dec 26, 2016 05:37 in General Talk

Do what I do, buy a new trakfone every year that comes with triple minutes and includes 500 minutes.
Or just buy one every other year or every few years. I buy one every year simply because they do come
with minutes and rarely do I buy more than one more pack of minutes per year.

I have a landline and that is the phone I usually use. The mobile phone is good for emergencies or when
I do need to make contact when I am out and about.

The trakfone's have smart capabilities too, you can connect online, etc.

You know what, you come into the world alone and you're going to leave this world alone.
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