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Owls » Post #7

Tue Jan 24, 2017 05:50 in General Talk

perfectshops wrote: An owl around your house means that you have some kind of food that they like near your house. Either it must be some rodents or small animals or insects or small birds. Just get rid of this source and the owls will go with them. Take care and send the owls away and get some sleep. Our :clixsense: family want a number of cool and relaxed heads to maintain the smooth functioning of the :clixsense: body :thumbup:

I think that would be impossible for me. Basically, I live in the woods.

Years ago there was a great horned owl that I would chase. The first time I saw it, it was
on the ground. I was sitting in the screened in porch at the time and saw a little movement
that caught my eye. I had to get the binoculars to see what the heck it was. I thought it
was a big turkey. When I saw what it was, I was shocked. The thing was huge plus it was
walking around on the ground.

By the time I got rather close to it, it flew up in the trees. I was chasing it from tree to tree.
It flew further back into the woods and that was the last time I saw it.

I think I chased it off because there was some kittens out there at the time. I don't recall
why I wanted it gone. It was big enough to carry a small dog away.

Buy referrals » Post #2

Tue Jan 24, 2017 05:35 in General Talk

You can click on Help above and submit a support ticket.

However, they have been here ten years and never have. Also, I mighty sure Jim said they never would.

Owls » Post #1

Mon Jan 23, 2017 22:04 in General Talk

There's a Great Horned Owl near the house and it is driving me bonkers.
I opened the door and yelled 'SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP' and it did shut up for....about two minutes. :roll:



Hello Earthlings » Post #2

Mon Jan 23, 2017 17:34 in General Talk

OhhhhOoooEEEEEEE I am so scared.

I think you must be from way down under Neptunieeee where the Wallabyyyyy roam.

EeeeeEEEEeeeee YiiiiKKKeeeeSSSSS


Over and Over and Over Rated Products » Post #23

Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:00 in General Talk

It probably depends a lot on the brand of robot vac you buy.

I have read a lot of great reviews on them.

There's always dog toys all over the house and now my house cat
is blind so I don't think those would work very well at my house.

What's the silliest thing you've done as a dare? » Post #2

Mon Jan 23, 2017 06:43 in General Talk

The reason why you survived was because you were drunk! :shock: Naw I don't know.

I can't think of anything I did dangerously on a dare. I can think of a lot of stupid things
I have done but mostly not dangerous. I am too much of a scardy cat.

One time before I had my drivers license and was dating my husband to be, I almost ran
over someone. He would let me slide over in the car seat real close to him while he would
hug the door and I would take the wheel and drive. Kind of like what you would see a very
young child do with their father. So one night driving home from church, I had the steering
wheel and the next thing you know, he was throwing on the breaks. For some dumb reason
a man was walking down the highway and he was in fact in the highway more than on the
shoulder. That man came very very close to being dead. So needless to say, we never
drove like that again.

Over and Over and Over Rated Products » Post #21

Mon Jan 23, 2017 06:25 in General Talk

I love samples but never use them. :lol:
I am serious, I honestly rarely use them. That is something I need to start doing and throw away
any that are not useable.

I recently purchased a set of rollies from Walmart. I call them rollies but these don't have wheels.
They are the sterilite brown plastic weave small 3 drawer molded plastic carts. You know what is
in one of them? SAMPLES samples and more samples. ALL shampoo's, conditioners, face creams,
lotions, hand wipes, make up removers, eye make up removers, cosmetics, and more.

Every time I order online any kind of product like that, I usually get at least one sample of something.
At one time, I ordered a lot of products at Nordstrom and Macy's. No matter what I ordered from them,
I'd get samples. Walmart used to put samples in their orders too but I have not received any samples
from them in a long time. Walmart does have a beauty box that is a flat $5 each. They ship those 4
times a year. I received a couple of them but then canceled. I have too much of that kind of stuff and
I seriously need to use up what I have or throw stuff out.

Robot Cleaners - I have never owned one. I thought they are cool but they looked like they were more
for people that had big houses, large rooms. I don't have a large house and I don't have large enough
rooms for something like that. I don't have carpet. I have dust bunnies that I chase with a simple
dust mop or a swifter.

Over and Over and Over Rated Products » Post #16

Sun Jan 22, 2017 21:25 in General Talk

TasMail wrote:
valerie wrote: I built a closet in one of the bathrooms recently and tossed a bunch of products while sorting.

I threw away my Clarisonic and all the other electronic face brushes and attachments. I did
the same with the foot things except for two. Very rarely do I use the two I kept but I decided
to hang onto them a bit longer.

The cosmetic industry makes s fortune. Anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers are probably
the biggest rip off in the industry. Maybe shampoo ranks a close second. I don't know.
Just guessing.

Wanna come help me do some tossing? lol
I seriously need to do a clean up.

You are so very very correct! Anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers are the biggest rip off in the industry.
I can't believe some of the prices out there. I can't remember right this minute, but Dr.Oz did a show on them and said what simple inexpensive drug store ones actually are the same if not better than the high costly ones.

At this moment I have a jar of Olay Regenerist sitting on my desk. It's almost empty. I have
been placing it on my feet for several days so I can throw the jar away. That is what I do with
some lotions and moisturizers instead of totally trashing, I blob gobs of it on my feet. That way
I don't feel so wasteful. :lol:

I've used expensive and inexpensive and there is really truly no difference. For the most part, a
facial moisturizer is just that, something to keep your face hydrated. Some will clog your pores
more than others. Some seem to feel better on the skin than others.

You may be referring to 'St Ives'. It comes in a good size jar and sells for about 5 or 6 bucks.
It lasts a very long time for me. I like it ok. It's not thin like water but it's not thick. Only a
very little is needed on the face.

The original formula Ponds, is a good cleanser and moisturizer. They have some new products
out now that some rave about. I have not tried those.

Some of the other old brands work well too such as 'Queen Helene cocoa butter cream'. It's more
of a body cream but I have used it on my face, just a dab will do ya.

'Jergens Face Cream' that is the old brand that has been around forever in the pink jar.....I love
that stuff and it lasts me forever. It is greasy so again a dab will do ya.

I almost get the feeling today that companies are experimenting on people. Altho companies like
Jergens makes new face creams now, I stick to the old stuff that works and safe. It is very
inexpensive too.

Over and Over and Over Rated Products » Post #7

Sun Jan 22, 2017 18:52 in General Talk

I built a closet in one of the bathrooms recently and tossed a bunch of products while sorting.

I threw away my Clarisonic and all the other electronic face brushes and attachments. I did
the same with the foot things except for two. Very rarely do I use the two I kept but I decided
to hang onto them a bit longer.

The cosmetic industry makes s fortune. Anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers are probably
the biggest rip off in the industry. Maybe shampoo ranks a close second. I don't know.
Just guessing.

just replying SOMEONE!! » Post #4

Sun Jan 22, 2017 18:39 in General Talk

samruddhi3012 wrote: i am a commerce student and for me a/c means account....and even if u r not a commerce student,people are smart enough to understand it....and ya i was not aware about that question mark thing so i will keep in mind that....n ya if u r brave enough to post rude comment,thwen also be brave enough to hear the reply instead of locking the topic!

Depends on what you consider rude, I suppose. Some people can't take constructive criticism.

Topics are locked, for the most part, after they are answered or solved.

why serve for fame » Post #7

Sun Jan 22, 2017 18:37 in General Talk

A lot of stuff exists due to money and no other reason.

A great example is vehicles. Cars, trucks, etc.

I was thinking about that today, is why I bring it up.

I was thinking about oil/gasoline, why we need it, how we could do without it.

Take me for example. I don't drive to a job. I rarely travel any more. I don't put 100 miles
on my vehicle in a month and most months no more than 50 to 70 miles.

Now I ask you, why do I need gasoline for a vehicle? What about all the people like me?

If I could, I would create a plan in the country in which I live, that people must drive electric
cars or at the very least hybrid's with the EXCEPTION of other vehicles that do not use oil....
corn fuel for example. ALSO the exception would be the gas guzzlers such as shipping vehicles...
in other words, tractor trailers.

Now I know that might seem backwards because the gas guzzlers are consuming a lot. Still,
I think we could save billions of dollars, reduce pollution, if we would simply use common sense
and cut back.

To implement the plan, I would give tax advantages to the car manufacturers that keep sales
low on those vehicles and I would give cash rebates and tax advantages to those that buy the
electric or hybrid vehicles.

No matter what, common sense is there if anyone cares to use it. Common sense tells me, it
doesn't matter how old or how young the planet is. I am here now. My children are here now.
My grand children are here now. It won't be long and no doubt I will have great grandchildren.
When all that oil is pumped out of the earth, it tells me something is going to give. It obviously
took hundreds to thousands of years for that oil to produce in the earth. We take it out in a day.
For just one moment, envision the inside of the earth. Now envision it full of holes.

No point in my telling you to be prepared for consistent earthquakes and tsunami's.

Over and Over and Over Rated Products » Post #1

Sun Jan 22, 2017 15:26 in General Talk

I have the rare type of psoriasis that affects the bottoms of my feet. It is very weird and at times
debilitating. I guess at some point I'll have to take shots of some such as that but for now, I try
every potion and contraption on the market. Seeing yet another over rated product made me think
of creating this topic. Not that over rated products are totally useless, it's just that many are totally
useless while others are simply not as great as advertised. Can you think of any?

Here is a couple:

Electric/Battery Operated Foot Callous Removers: These products for the most part are totally over rated. Few work as intended. I do have a couple of good ones. It almost seems to me the easiest thing to do would use a sheet of sandpaper. You'd save a bunch of money.

Electric/Battery Operated Facial Brushes: These products are lame lame lame. Even Oil of Olay got in on that market. These products usually come with one or two extra facial brush attachments and some sort of soap. In reality, in the long run, these things are probably pretty bad for your face. I would think they would eventually cause dryness, irritation, and perhaps even an result in deeper wrinkles. My advise would be to save your money, instead wash your face with soap and warm water a few times a day, with your hands.

just cashed out » Post #3

Sun Jan 22, 2017 07:47 in General Talk

samruddhi3012 wrote: first ever cash out...can u guys tell me how many days does it take to receive the cash through PayPal in bank a/c.......???????

a/c means air conditioner
excessive marks such as excessive question marks, especially when there is only one question, is against the rules.

ClixSense 10th Anniversary » Post #3

Sun Jan 22, 2017 07:42 in General Talk

You're over reacting. :lol:

Seriously, ClixSense is a great opportunity and has helped millions of people that want
to make extra money in their spare time, do so.

However, any company can only be as great as it's customers/members, allow it to be.

You know, very recently a member posted to me on these forums stating that I must
be an employee. I said no, I am not an employee, I am a member just like you but
I volunteer as a moderator on the forums here. That same member also continued
to say that I certainly must be an employee since I always stand up for ClixSense,
that I always take sides with ClixSense.

Well you know what, I am not 5 years old and I don't take sides with anyone or anything.

If something I feel may be wrong, I do not only present it to ClixSense administration
but I also try to do so with a suggestive constructive solution.

I am not a member of programs online simply to be a member of them. I support
whatever I am a member of. Why would I put down a program or a company that
I am a member of? I wouldn't.

Next month marks ten years since ClixSense launch. I have been paid over $13,000
and actually closer to $14,000. That is far from get rich money. However, it has been
solid money. It's been honest money. It's totally legitimate money. I could say it
has helped cover my property tax's every year. Or, I could say it has helped put
groceries in my pantry. Or, I could say it has helped purchase gifts at holidays and
special occasions. Or, I could say it has helped in taking vacations, or buying clothes,
or paying my internet service, or buying computers, games, personal items, savings
account, gasoline, car maintenance, yard tools.....NO, it is not a lot of money. It is
EXTRA MONEY. It's $13-$14 grand more over the ten years than I would have had.

Those of you that complain about an ad not being displaying at server time change OR
a survey not crediting OR an offer cheating you OR some other derogatory upsetting
frustration, just remember while your complaining, someone else is making money
here. Nothing wrong with posting feedback and allowing others to know what is
working and what isn't. However, calling ClixSense names, Defacing this program,
putting down the very people that try to help not just you but your referrals and
all those people and potential members in your downline, is doing nothing but
hurting you and resulting in you losing money that could have been in your pocket.

So this new year, the year that ClixSense has been online for TEN YEARS, make it
a year that you celebrate being an active, constructive, member of one of the longest
and legitimate free to earn opportunities online. ClixSense does appreciate you
and I hope you appreciate what they have and continue to do for you. That will
be the greatest gift you can give them.

Captcha cat bite my finger » Post #2

Fri Jan 20, 2017 20:48 in General Talk

That's impossible.

You must have been dreaming.

It was a Wallaby.

Game Consoles and Games » Post #16

Fri Jan 20, 2017 16:56 in General Talk

I ordered this one:

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past - Nintendo 3DS

Is that the one you have 'Valadur' (minus the 3DS)?

no good anymore » Post #22

Fri Jan 20, 2017 14:55 in General Talk

I know. We find it hilarious don't we jjohnson777!

The first year here I made $500 for the year. The second year about the same $500.
That was very good money for a free to earn PTC program. All we did was view ads
and refer others. I think that was 5 levels at that time.

I may be wrong but I think it was the third year they extended to 8 levels.

There was two years that I made over $2,000 each year. I think last year it was about
$1,800 give or take a few bucks.

And the thing about it is, you really don't have to work all that hard to make money here.
At least not for many people. No matter where you are, you set your mind to really wanting
to make some good money here, you can.

I know it can be aggravating at times when you do spend time to do a survey or offer and
it doesn't credit but you learn to take a deep breath and keep on keeping on. Either that
or go do something else.

Would like to comment on Valerie idea. » Post #5

Fri Jan 20, 2017 08:30 in General Talk

I am glad to know that I am not alone in my reasoning.

Seriously, why should I care? If I didn't care, I would just leave it as is. As is in often submitted
questions are answered incorrectly by members or become a hodge lodge of chit chat and junk.
Thereby, leaving the topic starter that needed help, with incorrect information and/or totally confused.

One would think that would be a very appreciative suggestion because it helps everyone, not
just the member asking the question. They can get accurate answers and go on to be active
members earning for themselves but also for their sponsors and upline (if upgrade).

Very simple.

Lock it. Moderator answers with correct information. Done.

Would like to comment on Valerie idea. » Post #2

Fri Jan 20, 2017 07:21 in General Talk

I just don't understand why it should be complicated.

I suggested the payment proof forum be locked and it has worked out great.

I have thought about suggesting the support forums be locked to administration and moderators only, for years.
Reality is, I have always found it odd that it is open to members. It has gotten a lot worse over the years. Much
much worse. There is a ton of mis information going through the support forums and even from members that
have been here for years. It is not that everyone means to post mis information but many do without realizing
they are.

There is a lot of problems and even what members in general do not see, in regards to the support forums
allowing everyone to post.

This is not to say that members here are not knowledgable.

Anyway, I locked the feature request post already concerning my request for that feature.
If admin thinks it is a good idea, they will lock it and if not they won't.

Penny Challenge » Post #2

Thu Jan 19, 2017 20:50 in General Talk

Where do I get the penny?
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