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Posts by valerie

Robot arms » Post #6

Tue Jan 17, 2017 22:24 in General Talk

I know, it's a booger.

When I built my house, I understood the codes incorrectly. I thought I had to have umpteen
outlets in every room. We ran the wiring and I actually was the one to crawl over the rafters
in the attic and run the internet cable down the wall. It was in the summer and hotter than

Kind of funny tho because if I ever need to plug in anything, I don't have to look for an outlet!
There's several on every wall. :mrgreen:

PS. I ran the internet cable down the wall because the den is thick concrete flooring. It was
easier to run it down the wall and then out into the den, than drilling through thick concrete.

Robot arms » Post #4

Tue Jan 17, 2017 22:06 in General Talk

Well you may be amazed at what the future holds.

It looks like the day of sewing machines is near the end, in regards to manufacturing.

Now they are using printers to print out clothing. They displayed a sweater that was
printed out, smooth, no seams at all.

So who knows what life will be a few years down the road. I think it would be hard
to imagine what it will be like 500 years from now.

Favorite Beatle » Post #1

Tue Jan 17, 2017 22:02 in General Talk

Do you have a favorite Beatle?

For me, it is difficult to choose one.

I think John was very earthy and inspirational. I also think he was probably the best song writer.

Paul had the cuteness quality and was always out front and center.

George.....well, If I had to choose one to marry, it would've been George.

Ringo.....just goofy but of course, ya gotta have drums.

warning ADS » Post #2

Tue Jan 17, 2017 21:28 in General Talk

If you think there is an issue with an ad, you can click on the 'report' button for that ad.

Tattoos anyone? » Post #17

Tue Jan 17, 2017 05:33 in General Talk

seaeagle wrote: Having turned 18 just as AIDS was starting to make its devastating mark on society, I felt no desire at all to take the risk and get a tattoo.

30-odd years later I am still glad I didn't get my skin inked. Tattoos are so commonplace that I feel I have kept my individuality by not having one, and I also know so many people who regret the tattoos they have.

It will be interesting when they go out of fashion again - business will boom in the laser tattoo removal industry.

I'm not so sure it will ever go out of style/fashion.

People have been defacing their bodies since almost the beginning of time.
People have been drawing on their bodies since before Cleopatra. Not just tattoos, ornamental
stuff. Everything from nose piercing to genital piercing to neck rings to those huge things they
put inside their mouths.

To me, it is like 'selfie's'. You ever visit someone's Facebook site and they have photo after photo...
on a daily basis, photo photo photo of themselves? I mean my gosh, I have never in my life realized
how struck people are on themselves. :mrgreen: I've got relatives that do that. I go to their
facebook page and what do I see, selfie's. The thing is, they look exactly the same as they did
ten minutes ago when they posted a selfie.

What I am saying is, there are many people that adorn themselves primarily for attention. Oh
sure, you can say it ain't so but it is in fact so. Flowers grow and seriously why would someone
be so lame to tattoo a flower on their arse......I admit it, it was so dumb of me to do that!

And what about the old days when men would have a scribbled tattoo, nothing colorful, just
stupid stuff like 'MOM' tatted on their arm. :lol:

My father, he had a sexy image of my mother tattooed on his arm and her name 'Barbara'.
Well they weren't married very long so he went his entire life with that sexy figure on his
arm with her name. He remarried and his wife of course and no doubt, got use to seeing
that on his arm.

Why do people put rings in their nose? Do they think it looks pretty? Or is it simply an
attention grabber?

Today they have some very cool tattoos that are NOT permanent. You can put them on and
they last for a long time, even through several showers.

Anyway, I don't know if body art on self is ever going to stop but the good news is, there are
more and more very good but temporary products on the market now.

Tattoos anyone? » Post #9

Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:13 in General Talk

Yeah, now that I am old and dumb, I really wish I hadn't.

I think all the defacing of the body that people do, is dumb and actually when it gets down to it, ugly.

I have my ears pierced twice. Not a big deal as most women have one or two piercing in their ears.
Of course now a days, many look like a flying pin cushion attacked their ears. Even as rudimentary
as that, I wish I hadn't. Sitting here at this moment, I don't have earrings in my ears. Rarely do
I even wear earrings any more. Like .... 'Ohhhh here I go to Walmart, I better put my earrings in'

So like why have a tattoo? I have to do a summersault in front of a mirror backwards to even see
my tattoo. What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking. I didn't feel a thing. That was back in the old
Acapulco Gold days. :oops:

Tattoos anyone? » Post #6

Mon Jan 16, 2017 08:30 in General Talk

Way back when I was young and dumb, I went to a big biker party. My friends talked me into
getting a tattoo on my butt. I had it put on the upper area, it kind of goes down the small of
my back to the upper area of my butt. It's flowers.

I can't even see it. :lol:

I think it's a good thing I can't see it. Like I told my friend at the time, (she had her's put
on one breast) she could watch it droop and wilt as she ages. I have no idea where she is
now but I just betcha, she hasn't forgot me saying that every time she looks at it. :lol:

Home Insurance-Venting » Post #9

Mon Jan 16, 2017 08:24 in General Talk

Well there is lots of insurance companies. Hopefully you will locate one that has some sense.

State Farm is a good insurance company. I just know due to my ignorance at the time, I could
have had what my policy stated since no changes were ever made to it. For the most part, I
was satisfied with them.

Also, Farm Bureau is a good insurance company that I always felt was reasonable. I had them
for many many years and never had any issues. At the time there wasn't one local by me and
I chose the State Farm.

I'm really not familiar with the small time insurance companies. I suppose most of them are
tied into the big insurance agents some way.

I remember the adjuster for State Farm one day talking about disasters such as Katrina. He
said all the big insurance companies have to take the brunt on that. In other words, one big
insurance company could go under in times of that kind of a disaster and so they have to all
pay into it.

Tattoos anyone? » Post #4

Mon Jan 16, 2017 08:11 in General Talk

I have one.

Mods Entertaining People Duty » Post #9

Mon Jan 16, 2017 08:08 in General Talk

It's not nice to intimidate the moderators. WATCH OUT!

Well there was that time when I was pole dancing at the ClixSense bar and grill
when Marcel drove right through the doors and parked his motorcycle at the bar.
He said 'My bike goes where I go!'.

About that time tasman1 came riding in on a Wallaby and he said, 'My Wallaby
goes where I go!".

Shortly after that TiagoLemaire walked in and swaggered up to the bar. When
the bar tender ask him what he will have, he said 'I'll take a Queen of England
and make it a double!'.

While all that activity was going on, there was a guy sitting at a table in a corner
and he kept saying over and over and over again 'My name is Asish07 and I am
an exotic male Indian dancer!' while looking at a woman name lytt. She kept
replying, I am not Jamie Lee, I am not Jamie Lee, I am not Jamie Lee.

When the clock struck midnight DONG BONG DONG BONG DONG DING DING....
a woman name TasMail said 'FREE DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!'.

Fun was had by all. :roll:

Abbreviations - I actually hate them » Post #10

Sun Jan 15, 2017 16:03 in General Talk

Actually, at the time, oh yes one needed to place the www if it called for it.
If you didn't place the www you might end up some where other than where you wanted to go.

any Tips? » Post #6

Sun Jan 15, 2017 08:11 in General Talk

Well you know what Billy, I don't mean to come off sounding sarcastic or lame but....IF you
don't have time to do any offers here and you don't have time to complete the checklist,
and you simply don't have the time, then what is it you expect?

I sure wish the Time Fairy would hit me with her magic wand because I could use some
more time too.

Actually, I prefer the Time Machine so I could go back about 40 years......GAWD!!!!
Wouldn't I be the famous and wealthy one. As soon as Google started up, I could
give them great suggestions and also buy as much stock as I could while it is low.
Oh and Bill Gates and I would be best buds. :lol:

Premium membership » Post #4

Sat Jan 14, 2017 15:24 in General Talk

First Time Winning ClixGrid! (On Friday The 13th) » Post #2

Fri Jan 13, 2017 20:03 in Success Stories

It's very much worth it whether you win or not. It is required in order to earn the
daily checklist bonus. That is where the focus should be in order to make as much
earnings as you can. Focus on completing the checklist daily.

" Real Love" » Post #2

Fri Jan 13, 2017 16:12 in General Talk

I have not seen it but animals do have emotions and they do feel pain, happiness, loneliness, and love.
Not so different than human's. In fact, I would go so far to say that many animals have stronger emotions
and feelings than a lot of people.

Home Insurance-Venting » Post #7

Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:20 in General Talk

Well I would certainly be looking else where to purchase insurance because that makes no sense.

First of all, why would you insure land? Unless the land is wooded and for hunting or a sanctuary,
something like that, I don't think it could even legally be insured.

Second fact, land price average is approximately $1,000 to $4,000 an acre. A little more or a little
less depending on location. Prices can go considerably higher if it is clear prime farm land but not
$25K an acre. Business districts in the city and even lots much smaller than an acre can go very
high such as lake property, ocean front, etc.

I've just never heard of anyone insuring land.

I would certainly leave that insurance company because none of that makes any sense. In fact,
If they are saying all you have placed here, I would suggest you report them.

You can take out the amount of insurance you want as long as it is not way over the appraised
value. If your house is appraised at $25,000, legitimate insurance companies are not going to
allow you to take out a $265,000 insurance policy and if they do, you certainly won't get that
if your house is destroyed.

The first thing an insurance agent is going to do, is at least a drive by. The agent is either
already going to be familiar with your location and residence or at the very least, do a drive
by. The insurance company will also look at the property tax you pay.

Yep, they will charge more if you have an operational wood burning stove inside the house.

You really need to get a lawyer or something if the insurance companies are quoting you such
high prices when your property is valued lower. Seriously, you can get insurance and at the
going rates for your house and property tax appraisal value. They can't quote you such high
prices and over estimates without getting into some serious trouble.

I got news for you if you don't already know it. If your house is appraised at $25,000, you
will be fortunate if you get that if it does become unlivable.

I'll just give you an example of what I would do if my house was appraised at $25,000....

I would insure my house for $40,000. My personal belongings I would insure for $25,000.
If I am in a low lying area that is prone to flooding, I would add flood insurance. If I have
an old car, camper, other outside possible hazards, I would either junk it, sell it, or move it
back further on my property away from my house and/or buildings. This would keep my
premiums low but I would still be legitimately covered. If something happen and my house
was destroyed, I'd be very likely to receive close to what I had it and my personal property
insured for.

Insurance companies do not like small claims. So avoid if you can, turning in small claims.
A small claim for example would be a tree fell on an edge of your roof and you have to
replace a few tiles. DON'T file a claim. Pay for that yourself. BUT when you have a small
policy, such as my example above, they'll come close to paying out the full amounts.

Why? Why? Why? » Post #3

Thu Jan 12, 2017 16:58 in General Talk

linphil wrote: Why do some people moan when they are making free money? I just cannot understand them. I sit at home doing my clicks and/or surveys. I play the ClixGrid game, sometimes I win and sometimes I don't. But, the thing is, I am doing this in the comfort of my home with the people I love. WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR???
Thank You ClixSense. Keep up the good work.
:D :clap:


SenseErSize Class Ends - Special Day » Post #1

Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:37 in General Talk

Ok boys and girls, ladies and gents, cats and dogs, elephants and giraffe's, tigers and lions, admins and ceo's,....

Today is a Special Day at SenseErSize. Today class is letting out, forever.

Remember to always do some kind of exercise daily, even when sitting at the computer, you can in fact
do exercises even while viewing ads! Also, remember to drink several glasses of water daily.

Stay Healthy!

Alice Cooper - School's Out (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World) - YouTube

Home Insurance-Venting » Post #5

Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:02 in General Talk

I never heard of such a thing in regards to insurance in a state having restrictions such as
only paying out 30%. That does not even make sense so I would talk to someone else.

Some things in regards to prices can vary depending on the AGENT doing the paper work.
Seriously. For example, let say you go to ABCD insurance company and request a quote.
You sit there and they type in their computer all the info, deductibles and such. They tell
you it will be $10. Then you go down on the other side of town or the next town over and
get a quote from the exact same insurance company, and they tell you $5. Just using those
low figures as an example.

Major insurance companies can give you a quote but when it gets down to the nitty gritty,
it may be some what different then what they quote you. In other words, no matter what
town or state you go to, it should be the same or very close to the same.

It is better to be over insured than under insured but just keep in mind, most insurance
companies are not going to pay out above the appraised value. This is VERY IMPORTANT
to realize. For example.....

If your house has an appraisal value of $100,000 and you insure it for $200,000, you are
going to be paying twice as much for the policy BUT if you have to make a claim, they are
going to pay out AT or BELOW the appraisal value.

It's not like the old days, in other words, and a lot of people, especially older people, don't
know things have changed. In the old days you paid $100,000 policy and if you made the
claim you got $100,000. It does not work like that today.

Go higher with the policy but not too high. It's better to be over insured than under insured.

Just keep in mind, you do want to base it on the appraised value.

If your house is appraised at $100,000 then take out a policy for $125,000. There is no need
to go any higher because all you're going to be doing is paying a higher premium.

ALSO be sure to know what they pay, if anything, in regards to trees, shrubs. Major insurance
companies do pay per tree/shrub. In ADDITION, major insurance companies will pay for yard
and driveway damage either done by the fire or done by the fire trucks. I had a lot of shrubs
that were destroyed and I think I was paid $250 for each.

All these things add up.

In regards to personal property, same thing. They will devalue it. Here is an example:

Toaster Oven - New Cost $100.00 - Year Purchased 2010 - Your Cost $50.00 - Their PayOut to You $20
So for a hundred dollar toaster, you get $20.

The same goes on the personal property, do not over insure by much because you will not receive
the actual cost for those items. This is why it is very important to make a list now, of all you have,
where you bought it, what year you bought, the cost you paid for it, etc. If your addition comes
to $100,000 in personal property, no point in insuring it for that amount because you won't get it.
You might get half that if you're lucky. Insure it for $75,000.

You want to keep your premiums as low as possible but some what above the values.

no good anymore » Post #10

Wed Jan 11, 2017 21:41 in General Talk

tryanythingonce wrote: i can well understand why people give such bad reviews for clixsense it used to be a good place for surveys but now an awfull lot do not credit and i have never heard of anyone getting i credited later

You haven't even been here one year yet and you're referring to some bad reviews?

There's more ways to earn money here than ever before.

In regards to survey routers, nothing different that I can see. It's always been a trial and error feat.
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