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Posts by valerie

please help » Post #3

Fri Oct 07, 2016 13:35 in General Talk

If you're in the USA and you have the TIME, you can make some nice extra money here.
IF you are going to work in this site, I strongly suggest you upgrade.

nothing to do here... » Post #53

Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:39 in General Talk

TasMail wrote:
kathyl43 wrote: Glad you are making money Valerie, I'm not. Nothing much out there. What you showed us looked good, but if someone was to look at the summary they would see that you went from 78 to 12 to 6 cents for today. That a long way from what we were making, so don't patronize us, by saying you are making money, when you are not.

That was my post not Valerie's! for at least that much maybe an apology is in order to her since she never posted that
( :- )
My 6cents was just the start of my day at 2:59am, that was not all I made that day. I am proud of my earnings little or big. Most of my earnings come from offers though, not ptc ads. However we can only get as many ptc's as advertisers let us have. There is a lot of offers I feel, I just don't have the time to put into it right now. Ya kinda go searching for what pays and try to get used to what really is not worth your time. For me it is surveys. I try to stay clear of those as it is not worth the head Good Luck

Well I didn't know what the heck she was saying about 78 cents to 6 cents.

I had posted a few of the website explorer that I had clicked thus far that morning and I did that to help the member that started this show the member there was another easy click option, not just the PTC ads.

I stopped a long time ago, trying to figure out why people sum me up the way they do, at a forum. I don't think I am least I would say most the time I am not. :mrgreen:

Anyway, there is all kinds of people in this world and some people have a bad day so I understand that. I am a good person to take out their frustrations on. Just go over to the ClixSense forum and find Valerie and tell her how rude she is, how patronizing she is, that she is an old hag, that she is a big B, that she is passive aggressive, that she laughs too much, that she does not take something serious, that she tells jokes when she shouldn't, ...... errrrr well I have been told a lot of what I am and how I should be over the years by people in this forum. Kathy's is far from the worst I have read about me. I'm just glad that stones don't reach this far or I'd been in the hospital a long time ago.

nothing to do here... » Post #47

Fri Oct 07, 2016 08:59 in General Talk

Yep, there is some X ads most days, even if it is a few. I probably clicked around 50
or more last night/early morn.....scattered a few here and few there varying time.

to much work here » Post #6

Thu Oct 06, 2016 23:05 in General Talk

Olives and figs good for you.

I never ate vegemite. I don't like stuff like that so I don't think I'd like it.

to much work here » Post #4

Thu Oct 06, 2016 22:51 in General Talk


Where do they go when it gets cold?

Do you eat vegemite sandwiches?

to much work here » Post #2

Thu Oct 06, 2016 22:30 in General Talk

Do you have wallabies?

Xoxly Ads Qyestion Please? » Post #7

Thu Oct 06, 2016 22:27 in General Talk

You know what, this isn't another site. Ads come in based on advertisers purchases and
what you get is also based on advertisers target.

Mathew » Post #12

Thu Oct 06, 2016 20:20 in General Talk

sp1915 wrote: We lived in Key West when Hurricane Betsy hit. We were safe in a shelter where I could watch what was happening out a window from a tall building I was in. When we were allowed to go home thank goodness my brother was put to work getting tape off the windows and picking up alot of dead fish from the lawn!

That had to be something to see......dead fish in the yard. :shock:

Mathew » Post #10

Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:19 in General Talk

I lived at 'Ormond by the Sea' at Ormond Beach that is just down the beach at Daytona beach....for a
year. I lived less than a block off A1A across from the beach and that is just a few miles down from
Flagler beach. At the time I lived there, there was a time when a few were boarding up their windows
due to a storm BUT most felt nothing would happen seriously. Well, nothing serious did happen but I
tell you this.....that was a simple mild storm.....and I had a large picture window in my living room and
could see across to the beach and ocean. It was very frightening. The waves came up to the highway
on A1A and I could see those waves rising and coming in from the ocean. Most of that storm took place
at night. The next day, many of us were leaving our houses and the condo's there and walking across
to the beach but the beach was mostly gone. It was a few days before the water went down enough
to actually walk on the beach again. The storm had spit all kinds of junk out from the ocean....mostly
what I called sea weed.

I considered getting the heck out of there at that time.....and I think it was a category 0. :lol:

nothing to do here... » Post #32

Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:54 in General Talk

That is all I did today was view the website explorer and ads.

View PTC Ads 29 clicks $0.142
ClixGrid Game 20 clicks $0.00
Complete Tasks Optional $0.00
Complete Offers 66 offers $1.24
Visit the Forum 213 views
Total earned: $1.382

All 66 offers are the WebsitesExplorer. Not a huge amount of money of course but it was certainly
an easy $1.24. The best time to do those is at the cron run/server time change. Some times there
will be seemingly an unending amount of them and I go to bed before I know when they run out. Other
times I seem to make a dollar or two before they run out. Some are videos. Some are one page timers
and others may have multiple pages. When it completes and it says there is no can still
usually check back in a bit and get a few more.

Mathew » Post #6

Thu Oct 06, 2016 08:12 in General Talk

I think and so I been told, that when people die, they cannot take anything with them.

There is the old saying 'better safe than sorry'.

Unfortunately there are always those that don't heed the warnings, don't evacuate,
drive through water, etc. The really bad part is the people that place their lives on
the line trying to save those very people that do not heed the warnings.

So IF you are in an area that is to be evacuated, think of others and get out, even
if you don't think of yourself.

Stay safe.

the server restarts before the right time! » Post #2

Wed Oct 05, 2016 21:30 in General Talk

Server time has nothing to do with you completing a task. Members are logged in and
receive the credit for whatever they are doing no matter if the cron runs or not.

PS. The cron runs at exactly 11:00 pm central time zone, every night on auto-pilot and it did tonight because I was watching for the time change so I could click in the grid and get it over with.

nothing to do here... » Post #30

Wed Oct 05, 2016 21:22 in General Talk

This is what I did yesterday and those 6 and 7 centers are very easy and fast to do if you have not done those.

45,362,105 05 Oct 2016 23:33 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,361,957 05 Oct 2016 23:27 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,361,817 05 Oct 2016 23:22 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,361,658 05 Oct 2016 23:16 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,361,489 05 Oct 2016 23:10 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,361,333 05 Oct 2016 23:04 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,361,161 05 Oct 2016 22:59 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,361,059 05 Oct 2016 22:55 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,360,984 05 Oct 2016 22:52 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,360,835 05 Oct 2016 22:45 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,357,700 05 Oct 2016 20:49 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,357,590 05 Oct 2016 20:44 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,356,362 05 Oct 2016 19:55 EST Complete RadiumOne Offerwall (Top 10 Deals on Back to School Supplies) $0.0700
45,356,299 05 Oct 2016 19:52 EST Complete RadiumOne Offerwall (View the top 10 interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day!) $0.0600
45,356,127 05 Oct 2016 19:42 EST Complete RadiumOne Offerwall ($10 Meals) $0.0700
45,356,080 05 Oct 2016 19:40 EST Complete Offerwall (Explore Jobs- Grocery Jobs) $0.0600
45,356,067 05 Oct 2016 19:40 EST Complete RadiumOne Offerwall (InsuranceBranch - Life Insurance) $0.0700
45,355,966 05 Oct 2016 19:36 EST Complete RadiumOne Offerwall (InsuranceBranch - Home) $0.0600
45,352,129 05 Oct 2016 17:14 EST Complete Matomy Offerwall (Watch this amazing video) $0.0100
45,351,555 05 Oct 2016 16:54 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,351,356 05 Oct 2016 16:46 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,351,054 05 Oct 2016 16:35 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,350,963 05 Oct 2016 16:31 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,350,382 05 Oct 2016 16:14 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,338,291 05 Oct 2016 10:18 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,336,306 05 Oct 2016 09:22 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,845 05 Oct 2016 03:04 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,803 05 Oct 2016 03:02 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,749 05 Oct 2016 02:59 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,692 05 Oct 2016 02:57 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,648 05 Oct 2016 02:56 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,617 05 Oct 2016 02:54 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,434 05 Oct 2016 02:47 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,291 05 Oct 2016 02:41 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,208 05 Oct 2016 02:37 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,325,129 05 Oct 2016 02:33 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,324,952 05 Oct 2016 02:26 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,324,893 05 Oct 2016 02:23 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,324,711 05 Oct 2016 02:16 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,324,491 05 Oct 2016 02:09 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,324,293 05 Oct 2016 02:02 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,324,219 05 Oct 2016 02:00 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,324,036 05 Oct 2016 01:52 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,323,863 05 Oct 2016 01:45 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,323,829 05 Oct 2016 01:44 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,323,687 05 Oct 2016 01:39 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,323,643 05 Oct 2016 01:37 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,323,462 05 Oct 2016 01:29 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,323,283 05 Oct 2016 01:23 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,323,095 05 Oct 2016 01:18 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,322,961 05 Oct 2016 01:14 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,322,778 05 Oct 2016 01:09 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,322,550 05 Oct 2016 01:03 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,322,318 05 Oct 2016 00:57 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,322,202 05 Oct 2016 00:54 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0100
45,322,079 05 Oct 2016 00:51 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,322,018 05 Oct 2016 00:50 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,321,907 05 Oct 2016 00:48 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,321,617 05 Oct 2016 00:41 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,321,494 05 Oct 2016 00:38 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,321,413 05 Oct 2016 00:35 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,321,200 05 Oct 2016 00:31 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,321,048 05 Oct 2016 00:27 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0200
45,320,769 05 Oct 2016 00:22 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0400
45,320,627 05 Oct 2016 00:20 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0400
45,320,534 05 Oct 2016 00:19 EST Complete Websites Explorer $0.0400

nothing to do here... » Post #26

Wed Oct 05, 2016 21:01 in General Talk

I don't even see a diminish in the ads.

View PTC Ads 40 clicks $0.217

I viewed over 40 ads and although that is not hundreds or thousands, that is a lot more than
the standard amount and a lot more than what we got in years past.

nothing to do here... » Post #24

Wed Oct 05, 2016 20:30 in General Talk

There are a few members that are just very upset because they are not getting the
hundreds of ads daily that they were getting for the past several months. Also, some
are upset about the way the survey programs have been reversing the allotted amount

I am not sure what their thinking is. Getting mad, stomping feet, etc. is not going to
bring more ads in nor is it going to make surveys any easier to do.

But you see, BouldRake really couldn't have said it better. You have the opportunity
to WORK here and make some extra money. It IS work. If you don't want to do it,
you don't have to.

nothing to do here... » Post #20

Wed Oct 05, 2016 17:13 in General Talk

It's actually never interesting when people choose to not take responsibility for their own actions
or lack thereof. Kathy, you call me a liar. You tell me I am not making money here. You post
something about my summary and something about 78 cents. Then you come back and tell me
I am always rude to people and that you are leaving and not coming back because of me. You
are making excuses so why kid yourself! If you don't want to be here, that is your option. I am
not twisting your arm one way or the other but I can tell you, it is no love loss since you are the
rude one and you are the one to call me a liar. Why? No reason other than you are making

nothing to do here... » Post #16

Wed Oct 05, 2016 13:25 in General Talk

No I don't keep up with members health issues. I do well to keep up with my own.

I don't know what some members are thinking but ClixSense is a PTC/GPT. They don't
pull rabbits out of hats. When there is ads to view, then you can view them. When there
is not, then of course there is not. Just because a major advertiser purchased lots of
ad packages at one time, does not mean that is going to happen every day.

When I want to make money here, I keep the site open and I look constantly for ads to
view. I will also look through the offers and complete some of those. Website Explorer
is a very simple way to make money too when it has ads and videos.

If all you want to do is view/click ads, that is your choice to do that. How many you get
is up to how often you check for the ads and how many ads are available to you per

nothing to do here... » Post #13

Wed Oct 05, 2016 13:04 in General Talk

kathyl43 wrote: Glad you are making money Valerie, I'm not. Nothing much out there. What you showed us looked good, but if someone was to look at the summary they would see that you went from 78 to 12 to 6 cents for today. That a long way from what we were making, so don't patronize us, by saying you are making money, when you are not.

Why are you calling me a liar?

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about in regards to '78 to 12 to 6 cents'?

I also have no idea what you are talking about in regards to patronizing you.

Just for the record, I don't care what you think so put that in your pipe.

nothing to do here... » Post #8

Wed Oct 05, 2016 06:18 in General Talk

hlrive wrote: I have to admit some of us are getting disgusted with the no clicks lately. The site use to be a Paid to click and lately its a paid to do tasks site. Had I of wanted to be on a site like that I would have joined paid survey sites, or paid task sites. Instead I wanted a great paying paid to click site. Sucks when a paid to click site becomes something else other then what it is suppose to be.

Worst part is as a paid member here I made 4 cents yesterday here in clicks, again today as well. Yesterday I made 36 cents at another site where I am free. I expect to make about that again today. Big difference in the 2 sites. I sat here laughing yesterday at the 4 pennies I made. The site is going down hill fast lately. Usually the xoxoly ads go away on the weekends and come back on Mondays not this week. They are just gone, and with nothing to replace them it just isn't worth it. The good news is I get to spend the extra 3 hours a day doing other things like baking pies lol.

You do know your post is a bit odd don't you?

You've been here almost 4 years. You're averaging something like $7 a month.

Nothing wrong with making $7 per month but ClixSense is not a PTC so you should
have gotten over that years ago when they became a GPT.

nothing to do here... » Post #4

Tue Oct 04, 2016 22:57 in General Talk

Well you know, offers, ads, tasks, surveys, video's.....these are all options to earn money and
they all come and go according to advertisers purchases.

There is plenty to do here, for those in the USA, especially. It's just whether you want to do it
or not.
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