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Posts by valerie

Poll , November Earn Prediction » Post #11

Mon Nov 02, 2020 19:45 in General Talk

The new MINT Kit Kat's are delicious. Unless you don't like mint.

Day light savings ends » Post #13

Mon Nov 02, 2020 19:43 in General Talk

LOL Funny stuff! :lol:

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #17

Mon Nov 02, 2020 19:17 in General Talk

Exactly, it won't stop, until............

Almost better if it doesn't stop because.......

If the person becomes cured of their disorder, they come to the realization of themselves
in the mirror. It would of course take much longer to reverse if at all.

And today, there is a lot of temporary things that can be done to the body. There is
temporary tattoos. Some very expensive that will last some months but washes off

Of course, one could always buy Cracker Jacks and hope to get the little tattoo prize.

Day light savings ends » Post #11

Mon Nov 02, 2020 19:12 in General Talk

You do realize that does not make any sense.

Tickets stop selling, no matter where one is at, before the drawing takes place.
Same as TV. Different time zones but it all happens at the same time for everyone.

josealvesjr . Big Thanks from all Tasmanians » Post #24

Mon Nov 02, 2020 15:21 in General Talk

Many of us have already mailed in our vote.

Day light savings ends » Post #7

Mon Nov 02, 2020 15:20 in General Talk

Well yeah, just keep it the same as summer hours, year round.

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #15

Mon Nov 02, 2020 15:18 in General Talk

Someone like that won't stop there.

She said she wants to get her eyes tattooed.

After that, then what?

I see it as a disorder. Really, I do.

I can understand a man that tattoos people for a living, having many tattoos.
That's how he makes money.

I can understand a man or a woman having a few tattoos.

For someone that is compelled to tattoo ever inch of their body and still want to do more, it's
no way to describe it other than a mental disorder.

I don't see that woman stopping. I don't think she can. There are others like her. They don't
stop. They just keep on looking for something else to do to their body. Piercing nose, ears,
tongue, belly, arms, etc. Shaving head, tattooing head, removing a tattoo and placing another.
Extracting teeth, filing teeth, tattooing teeth.

Oh they will say it is not mental but it IS.

Poll , November Earn Prediction » Post #7

Mon Nov 02, 2020 15:12 in General Talk

I don't want chocolate.

I wanna green nana.

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #13

Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:18 in General Talk

It is so ugly. Just looks nasty to me.

We all have our differences. Whew!

Day light savings ends » Post #5

Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:12 in General Talk

In the States, years ago they started it due to various reasons.

It was actually President Johnson that brought it into play.

I can remember growing up by Chicago and we did not have DST. We would go on vacation
to another State and I remember everyone taking offer their wrist watches and setting an
hour either behind or forward. Returning home, same thing, changing the hour on the watch.

The State of Indiana held out a very long time but eventually they went to DST too.

Most States recognize it but not all. American Indian tribes do not recognize it. Hawaii does
not recognize it. I think Arizona still does not recognize it.

Almost everyone in the USA is totally fed up with it!

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #9

Mon Nov 02, 2020 09:58 in General Talk

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #7

Mon Nov 02, 2020 09:27 in General Talk

Or a tattoo on the nose of a banana.

Or a tattoo on the arm of an ape sleeping in a nest of banana leafs.

Or even a tattoo on an the neck of an ape taking surveys!

Day light savings ends » Post #3

Mon Nov 02, 2020 07:29 in General Talk

I think I stayed up an hour later.

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #5

Mon Nov 02, 2020 07:28 in General Talk

My oldest child, she had her ears pierced in a jewelry store when she was about 7 years old.
They measure and place a little mark on each ear. Then they shoot a hole thru with some
type of a 'piercing' gun. It doesn't hurt and it's done in a second.

If you wear earrings consistently after having your ears pierced, they won't grow back.

I rarely wear earrings and mine have not grown back. So I'd say people that have their
ears pierced and wear earrings for many years, are not going to see them grow back even
if they stop wearing them.

My second daughter had hers done when she was older and she was allergic to earrings
and did not wear them. Hers did grow back.

Doctors say it is very dangerous to have the whites of your eyes dyed. I can't imagine.

It's all so stupid when you think about it. Even ear piercings. For many years women
wore clip ons. But I will say that piercing your ears once or twice looks fine. I don't
like those that put multiple holes up their ear. Like I say tho, it's all rather dumb when
it gets down to it.

All kinds of people in the world.

It's like we're going back in time to the jungle when they had nothing better to do then
shoot monkeys with spears, dance around the camp fire, tattoo their bodies, and pierce
their face.

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #3

Sun Nov 01, 2020 21:01 in General Talk

Yeah, I was young. :lol:

When I wore a bathing suit some of the tattoo would show. It's on one cheek and goes up
my lower back. Just one of those stupid things a person does when they are young but I
was smart enough not to get a tattoo on my shoulder or my arms or my legs or etc. I forget
I even have it.

No the earlobes don't bleed but a drop or two. Not much. No, if you take time to freeze
the earlobes, it does not hurt much. A little but not much. I watched my older sister and
her friend pierce their ears and so when no one was around, I did mine. In the 70's there
was jewelry stores that would pierce the ears with a gun. Not sure if they still do that or
not. But I did mine both times myself.

There was an image of a beautiful girl on yahoo before and after. She had her entire body
tattooed, and had the whites of her eyes blue, and had a couple of her teeth filed like a
vampire. She said she was always depressed until she did that and now she is happy. It
is very shocking to say the least. I am serious, the girl was very pretty. WAS.

For the life of me, I don't know why anyone would want tattoos all over their self. Some
all over their arms, etc.

About as crazy is the nose and lip piercing. It's disgusting. Many have a lot of health issues
at some point with that too. Same with tongue piercing. It's not just ugly, there are a lot
of very nasty health issues with those if not soon, later in life.

You can have tattoos removed but I don't know how that would be to remove from an
entire body or a large area like an entire arm.

Sean Connery has died. » Post #22

Sun Nov 01, 2020 20:46 in General Talk

There is proof to me that God and Jesus exists.

To me, it is very plain. The Word is very plain. It's just that many people have their own
versions and/or tend to believe something totally different.

The Bible tells us there is ONE life to live. God sent His son to die on the cross for our sins.
He did not send his son over and over again. He sent him one time. There are many verses
in the Bible that tell us we have one life to live. That's it. There is no second chances.

If you read the Bible and study it, you will see what I am telling you is true.

To me, reincarnation does not make sense. First it does not make sense to me because the
bible tells me we only have one life. Secondly it does not make sense because God sent His
son once to die for our sins. Thirdly, sins would only compound with multiple lives.

Just because people say or think they have been reincarnated, does not make it true. What
I believe to be true is a little something called evil. Evil, possession, mentally disturbed, and
more. Lucifer will do whatever he can to sway people from believing the truth. As the days
on earth become shorter for people, more and more will turn away from God and the truth.

Like I said, everyone has their own beliefs and I don't believe in reincarnation at all.

Do You have a Tattoo and/or Piercings? » Post #1

Sun Nov 01, 2020 18:14 in General Talk

My ears are pierced twice. Pierced them the first time when I was ten years old.
I put ice in a washcloth and tried to freeze my earlobes. Pierced them with a sewing
needle. Same for the second time. I was about 14 years old the second time and I
put a second piercing in each ear.

I have one tattoo. It's on my butt and lower back. It's a flower with greenery. I
am not even sure what kind of flower. Rose I think. It's been years since I have
looked at it. At least I am glad I had sense to put it some where that I would not
have to look at it my entire life.

Do you have tattoos or piercings?

What Will Aliens Look Like? » Post #29

Sun Nov 01, 2020 18:07 in General Talk

We don't have a tail.


Do you have a tail tasman1? hahahahahaha :lol:

Sean Connery has died. » Post #20

Sun Nov 01, 2020 18:03 in General Talk

Nope, I firmly do not believe in reincarnation.

Deja Vu, not really. If it were a fact, then why would I be living the exact same
thing over again? According to reincarnation, most were Cleopatra or Queen of Sheba,
or King someone or somebody.

It reminds me of something George Carlin said a long time ago. He said he did not
believe in haunted houses because there was not haunted hotels, haunted boats, etc.
It's always haunted houses.

Also, the numbers don't add up. If everyone came back that died, I think our population
would be extremely explosive. It's death that is the big aid in keeping the population
down. Not a nice thing to think about but true.

Well, there is places in the Bible that tell us not to believe in charlatans and that in the
near end of times there will be many of them, false prophets, and unexplainable events.

There's a little something known as evil. As time progresses, Lucifer gets a little bit
more free reign.

Everyone has their own beliefs. I stick to the Word. That's it for me.

Real life Halloween horror last night in Canada! » Post #5

Sun Nov 01, 2020 14:31 in General Talk

I'm afraid they are probably right.
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