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Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #1

Fri Oct 14, 2016 16:20 in General Talk

I have collected various items in the past, just to be collecting something.

A long time ago, I would collect dolls. It got to be too much after awhile since dolls take up a lot of room.
So I sold them all.

I collected cat figurines for awhile. That wasn't too bad. I had a cabinet that I would put them all in. After
awhile they started to become kind of weird to me. I thought they were looking back so I sold them all. :shock:

My sister had me in the habit of collecting beanie babies. I had over a thousand of them. When I lived in
Florida, a lady in the Mall there came to my house and bought the majority of them. I had a house fire some
years back and that was the end of what I had left. Then my mother died. My mother collected them too.
My sister had got rid of all hers. One day, my sister came over and gave me all my mother's beanie babies.
Now once again, I have a cabinet full of them. :roll:

Then I started collecting Fiestaware. Just the new dishes although I did buy some old cups off eBay once.
I have 14 sets of Fiestaware dishes, each in a different color. I have a lot of the serving pieces and more.
BUT they keep coming out with new colors and new pieces and they are heavy dishes so for the most part,
I quit collecting them.

I do have a small collection of salt/pepper shakers. I'm not really into that but some how I accumulated

So now, I don't really collect anything.

I love doing jigsaw puzzles. They have gotten expensive. My sister loves doing them too. Must be a
heredity thing. She went to a yard sale several years ago and they were selling over 300 jigsaw puzzles
for a very low price. She passed on it and then decided to go back and get them but they were gone.
I called her a dum dum.

I like to color. I use color pencils but mostly gel pens. Mostly in the winter I find myself coloring and/or
doing jigsaw puzzles. I don't know why but it seems to fit with the cold dark months.

I think I am boring. I don't really do much of anything hobby wise.

Do you collect anything or have a hobby?

Never at zero » Post #2

Thu Oct 13, 2016 21:54 in General Talk

You so funny. Too many wallabies jumping around your house make you dizzy.


Yahoo - Sign In Attempt Prevented » Post #1

Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:42 in General Talk

Well it is enough to drive one out of their mind.....if they are not already out of their mind.

I get that notice several times a day.

I don't think anyone is attempting that many times to log into my junk email account. If
they want to look at my email account there, they are more than welcome to do so. I hate
to look at it myself.

ClixGrid » Post #2

Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:36 in General Talk

The only tip is to play all your plays daily. Most importantly it is a requirement for earning
the free daily checklist bonus.

You have only clicked a 139 times which isn't even a drop in the bucket.

More Money More Problems » Post #13

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:11 in General Talk

I want vacation too!

stats for today » Post #1288

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:10 in General Talk

I have an excuse for my mod attitude.

Senior moment. :roll:

More Money More Problems » Post #11

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:04 in General Talk

I want to receive too.

stats for today » Post #1286

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:01 in General Talk

No can't move it.

They'll just have to start a new thread.

Sorry about that. :oops:

stats for today » Post #1285

Thu Oct 13, 2016 09:00 in General Talk

Hey, who put 65 pages here?


I don't think it displayed 65 pages. :?

I had my settings on unapproved posts only and I did not see the 65 pages.

Wonder if I can move it back.

stats for today » Post #1283

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:36 in General Talk

I did, why?

have you lost your marbles ... » Post #7

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:32 in General Talk

If you find mine, put them in a jar with a tight fitting lid. You don't want them jumping about.

Clix Grid Game » Post #2

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:30 in General Talk

Premium members can only click 60 per day, not 600. Of course, there are times they may
win extra chances.

I've never won $10.00 either. So what. I get my extra free daily checklist bonus every day
and that has added up to far more than $10.00.

Games » Post #2

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:26 in General Talk

No, not the ClixSense games.

There are offers in which you can get paid for downloading/installing a game but you have
to read the offer information as some might want you to play to such and such level before
they pay you a one time stipend.

More Money More Problems » Post #9

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:20 in General Talk

Hey you know regards to student loans, I have a difficult time understanding that.

The entire time I went to college, I worked.

The first two years I went to 'college' for my Associate of Arts in General Studies and during
that time, I worked mostly for Agape and for a hospital home extension service. They knew
the kind of hours I could work due to school. So on weekends, Agape would usually send me
to homes that held several children with disabilities. To give the care takers their time off,
I would stay there Friday night, all day and night Saturday, and Sunday days. The hospital
program was primarily home health but also sent me to the hospital and nursing homes when
they had emergencies or simply to work due to being short handed. I was on call 24/7 so if
I could go to work I would say yes and if I couldn't I would say no. At one point early in
the first year of college, I took out one small student loan and I had it paid off by the time I
completed my two year degree.

My second two years I had moved close to the university and I worked midnights at a hospital
and I would go to school during the day. At the end of each semester, I would turn in my
grades to the hospital and they would pay me back my tuition cost for that previous semester.
I still had to pay for my books, etc but it was very nice being paid back my tuition costs.

I often wonder, what kind of schools are kids going to that they run up thousands upon
thousands of dollars in student loans.

More Money More Problems » Post #8

Thu Oct 13, 2016 08:02 in General Talk

I want help with my mod attitude too.

People are not pretty » Post #23

Wed Oct 12, 2016 22:55 in General Talk

CatMonster wrote: Hey i'm so attractive that every woman that see's me wants a date with me !
I usually don't do this but below is my personal picture for everyone to see of what i really look like :thumbup:

My Picture

Oh my gosh! CatMonster, you are so so so much a big hunk of man! Oh if only I lived in Germany! :mrgreen:

Free Clicks in Advertising on Clixsense » Post #2

Wed Oct 12, 2016 22:40 in General Talk

It's the extra clicks that are often generated by visitors.

More Money More Problems » Post #3

Wed Oct 12, 2016 21:11 in General Talk

I wanna be stressed too!

Why Don't Kids Want to Work? » Post #39

Wed Oct 12, 2016 21:10 in General Talk

sweetpie3000 wrote: @valarie you want save money your cell phone bills. You never have to pay another cell phone bills ever in your life.

A lot of kids can join gpt sites and reward sites. They do not need to get a job.

A lot of kids want to make a living making YouTube video. Young people want to spend quality time with their family.

Work less hour and earn more money.

Ok well the kids can pay for a cell phone and bill if they are making all that money and not
paying for rent since they are living in their parents basement, Barny.....I mean David.

People are not pretty » Post #19

Wed Oct 12, 2016 21:04 in General Talk

Ya'll so funny! :lol:
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