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Which side of your body is your left hand on? » Post #17

Fri Apr 15, 2016 07:45 in General Talk

Where did I see this question yesterday? I saw it some where.

Anyway, I ran to the bathroom and looked in the big mirror and I did not see my hand.
Oh wait a minute......I was scratching my axx at the time so maybe that is why.

What I want to know is why is the part on my hair on the left side but everyone else
sees it on the right side?

Jesus just sent me over $3,000 » Post #16

Fri Apr 15, 2016 07:39 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote: I think scam sms's are scarier.

Something is when someone knows your email-adress.

Another thing is when they know your phone-number,Too personal and too close for me.

Eh, they just do like they do email.....there are auto scanners that grab
up a million email addresses in no time flat and stick them in a data base.
There are also the simply tries by making up emails and numbers....such as
my name for example:




and so on....


In other words it is simplistic little minds using simplistic little ways
to grab up money that may not even be there and risk their big fat
butts going to prison and paying finds because they have as much
sense as a piss ant.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #81

Thu Apr 14, 2016 20:48 in General Talk

Work did you say work?

todd rundgren - bang on the drum all day - YouTube

Jesus just sent me over $3,000 » Post #12

Thu Apr 14, 2016 20:41 in General Talk

Gee, this keeps getting scarrrrrrier and scarrrrrier. :puppy:

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #77

Thu Apr 14, 2016 17:51 in General Talk

Lorelie wrote: It's a big circle. You raise minimum wage so people can afford things. The price of the items then cost more so you need to raise minimum wage again. It serves no purpose what so ever! A teenage burger flipper does not need that much an hour. Perhaps there should be an age limit to receive that amount!

Yeah but kind of tough to say if you are a 18 years old you get less than the
40 year old beside you, when you are both doing the same work. I understand
what you mean, tho.

It's kind of funny because I recall many years ago when they started this minimum
wage thing and laughing when it increased back then....every time it would increase,
we'd always say the same thing.....'there goes the pricing on everything going up AGAIN'.

The REAL PROBLEM is our jobs are GONE! I can remember very very well because I grew
up South side of Chicago, 30 minutes from Gary, Indiana. Trains trains trains steel steel
steel and huge factories every where...and all my friends families worked for big big big
manufacturing companies. All my uncles worked in the steel mills... 'Inland Steel'.

So in that day, there wasn't a minimum wage, there was employee raises based on
hard work and talent. There were huge bonuses and huge parties especially the HUGE
Christmas parties those factories would hold for their employees and employees families.

Gone gone gone!

Jesus just sent me over $3,000 » Post #9

Thu Apr 14, 2016 17:36 in General Talk

Dogs are real.

not to familiar » Post #2

Thu Apr 14, 2016 13:47 in Member Introduction

Looks like you made a double post as you ask same question in sub forum.

Lets joined March 29th, that is what a tad over two weeks ago.
You have made over $16.00 so I am not sure why you are saying you have
made $5 mark when I see you have $5.99 in pending at this moment with
an Earned amount of $16.02. I'd say that is pretty good for the first couple
of weeks of joining a free to earn program.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #73

Thu Apr 14, 2016 13:39 in General Talk

HaHaHaHaHa! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the hardy laugh, David. His handle is papamike51, not Papajohn.

I will say, I have been meaning to stop by PaPaJohns for a pizza and garlic sticks.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #71

Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:37 in General Talk

There's a show on Amazon that is very interesting but at the moment, I can't
recall the name of the series. It's a 'what if' and the show is based on Hitler
and Japan winning the war. The series is based on a book and I imagine the
book is even more interesting than the show.

In the show, it really gives you a very great perspective and respect for the
real outcome. The show has Nazi flags all over America and very scary really.
There is young adults that grew up in America under the Nazi's and they find
reel to reel tapes and such of how America WAS and they are not sure if it was
true or not. There are under ground organizations that focus on taking the
country back.

I'll post the name next time I turn it on Amazon.

Jesus just sent me over $3,000 » Post #5

Thu Apr 14, 2016 09:37 in General Talk

I better walk a straight line, at least for awhile....

The little blue banner video player above the daily checklist....I clicked it and got this:

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young....

:o :shock: :?

Jesus just sent me over $3,000 » Post #4

Thu Apr 14, 2016 09:15 in General Talk

I get a lot of them and have for years, like everyone else.....but....
not being sure of course....I am rather sure that I have never received
so called funds from Jesus before now.

Jesus just sent me over $3,000 » Post #1

Thu Apr 14, 2016 08:09 in General Talk

On Thursday, April 14, 2016 5:02 AM, Jesus <> wrote:

Jesus just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal.

if you can't click above, then click here

Best of luck!

My reply:

Jesus, since you are so very good to me, I have decided to not click the link.
Please send the money to someone in dire need. I am doing Ok right now.

Thank you for the best of luck wishes.

Donating the earnings directly to a cause » Post #2

Thu Apr 14, 2016 08:05 in General Talk

You can submit a support ticket thru the Helpdesk and ask that question.

You can also use your earnings for advertising.

Offer expired » Post #14

Thu Apr 14, 2016 06:45 in General Talk

ProAdCo wrote:
rosegold wrote: Gave this a try and it works...extra cents today, Thanks for the info :D

Just keep an eye on my post.

I always stir the pot and let the cat out of bag.

Boy, you should been around when I made one post about the website explorer ads.

Talking about a backlash. You would of thought all the Bernie Voter Mob was ganging up
on me for letting the secret out.

That was a little odd because at least one or two members seem to get very
upset that you made a post about it, as if all would disappear since you made
the post.

Allowing the few members that view a post here about an active offer, is not going to
deter the offer from existing. It's not like.....'oh there is that clixsense company, lets
put 100 of these offers there'. That is not how it works at all. Millions of the same
offers go across the internet to hundreds of GPT programs and no telling where else.
They're not going to run out of the offer here simply because someone made a post
here about it's existence.

What it cost You » Post #27

Wed Apr 13, 2016 22:59 in General Talk

I have a friend in Louisville that her and her husband a few years ago
opened a franchise ink store. That's all they

Maybe some people still do this, I don't know, but some years ago people
were buying bottles of ink that came with little syringes. You'd fill the syringe
with the ink and then shoot it into the empty ink cartridge. I did that one
time and it was the biggest mess I ever made in my life. :lol: I never did
it again. I sure didn't see any savings in it either.

There is the return cartridge such as HP often has. You return your empties
and they send you an ink cartridge for free in return. Most people probably
don't bother with doing that and they know it.

That is exactly what companies do today....they invent something and then
have an add on so that you either have to purchase other things to go with
it or you have to keep purchasing something else to get the first something
to work.

That's what I was saying. The money is in the ink.

The fax machine I had, contained large rolls of paper. It was rather thin paper
and it lasted a relatively long time. I would buy the rolls, two big rolls to a box.
I know at the time I thought the paper was expensive. So that is how they made
their continuous money on that machine....not ink.....paper.

Another big rip off is batteries and chargers. Look at everything that uses batteries
and look at everything that uses chargers. Many are different. I have a fitness
watch and the charger on it is very different. If I break it, the only way I can
replace it is thru that fitness watch company. I don't know how much it cost but
probably a lot more than it should.

In the old days, you buy a Kitchenmaid mixer and it came with the parts needed.
Today you buy a kitchenmaid mixer and then spend the rest of your life being all
the accessories parts for it.

Just saying.

Valerie's ClixSense News Corner - April » Post #17

Wed Apr 13, 2016 21:30 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: @valaries I just send over 2500 credits yesterday on easyhits. Over 700 hits so far no referrals on Clixsense.

:thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Well, I suppose it is all about knowing what you're doing or not knowing what you're doing.

What it cost You » Post #17

Wed Apr 13, 2016 21:27 in General Talk

Years years years ago, I walked into a walmart and purchased something called
a telephone answer fax machine. At the time, it was expensive at about $200.
I bought it and used it for years years years. I liked it. What really amazed me
was that it didn't use ink. Or perhaps I should say, there was no such thing as
replacing ink with it.

So, no one can tell me today that the printer/ink industry isn't one of the largest
rip offs in all techno history! I truly believe that.

If they could make an ink less fax machine then of course they could make ink less

Do you guys have Obamacare insurance? » Post #2

Wed Apr 13, 2016 20:36 in General Talk

Oh good grief!

April 2011 last time paid. .09 cents shy. » Post #31

Wed Apr 13, 2016 20:31 in General Talk

No the $5 sign up bonus is nothing. Their advertising isn't cheap.

Do u support raising mininum wage 15dollar an hour » Post #55

Wed Apr 13, 2016 16:56 in General Talk

davidbugs wrote: @proads would you work for 5 dollars a day? The rich are driving nice cars and house. You are living slums. However you work so hard earning 5 dollars a day.

Remember one big thing, can't take it with you when you're dead.
People will not remember you because you had money. They'll remember you
by your deeds and the love you gave others. God will judge you not on how much
money you had or how nice your house and car was.

Do this right now...... BLINK your eyes.

Did you do it?

Because that is how fast the end comes. Almost in the blink of an eye.

I'm not knocking your desire to be rich but I will tell you, it takes a lot more than
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