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Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #23

Sat Feb 11, 2017 13:47 in General Talk

Hey, if I can cash a check from ClixSense at a local bank in the USA, then anyone in the USA can. :lol:
I live in a rural area within a community of about 1,000 people.....and that includes children.

There is absolutely nothing secretive about ClixSense. It has operated online for OVER TEN YEARS
and from the start up, ONLY paid by way of CHECK.

I have THOUSANDS of members in my downline. I have never been told by any of my downline or
my direct referrals in the USA now or then or ever, that the bank wouldn't cash their check.

ALL USA banks are going to cash a ClixSense check as long as the person has an active checking account.
Like I said, IF the bank was unsure of the check, all they would do is put a hold on it til it clears.

BUT listen, no one is saying you must choose a check as a payment option. If for any reason you don't
want to, by all means don't.

I just cannot for the life of me see how any member that lives in the USA, would have a problem being

Personally, I have most often chose check anyway. Only in more recent months had I been choosing
PayPal payments simply because I would use it at walmart online.

IF I was not going to choose check, my second choice would be Tango. I would choose Tango because
I could choose walmart/amazon gift cards. I'd just use the gift cards towards my online grocery purchases.

My third choice would probably be with PayZa or Payoneer. One reason why I might choose Payoneer
is because ClixSenseResearch also has a Payoneer option and all funds could be applied from there and

I had a money bookers account many years ago when it first came online but I cannot recall if I ever
used it. Now it is known as Skrill. I am not sure if I joined PayToo or not.

Everyone has their own reasons and what they like best but if I was advising USA members I would
say :

First Choice= Check
No matter how high or low the amount of the check, it is only $1 subtracted. You can't beat that.
Heck a stamp and an envelope would cost ya a buck.

Second Choice= Tango
Great option if you shop online. You can choose gift cards and get the virtual codes. Shop as you
normally would. Also, probably not much of a paper trace there if you are concerned about the old

Third Choice= Payoneer or Payza depending on what you are wanting to do with those funds, fees
involved, etc.

Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #20

Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:55 in General Talk

I truly don't understand because PayPal reports earnings too.
And if you are doing direct deposits to your bank from PayPal, there are other options that do the same.

I have stated a resolve if you did want a check that you could use BlueBird.
And just for the record, ClixSense isn't what they would refer to as a small business.
It has a legitimate bank in N Carolina with the known bank on it.

There is plenty of other options for you as well. Those in the USA, really don't have
a problem getting their payments.

For example 'PayZa'. It functions similar to PayPal. They are now back to accepting USA transfers
and therefore can be chosen as a payment option.

If you like to use your earnings online, there is 'Tango' and when you choose that option, you can
choose an Amazon gift card OR Walmart gift card OR various other gift cards.

There is of course Payoneer and PayToo, both easily usable for USA members.

So this is why I don't understand your problem.

It is disappointing that PayPal is no longer an option but nothing can be done about that. So you
either choose another payment option or you don't. That's it.

Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #18

Sat Feb 11, 2017 06:55 in General Talk

Leloes wrote:
msblahms wrote: if you do not have an account with the bank is completely different situation Leleos states that he use that bank so must be having an account and cashing out is different too but if you are depositing it in your account than the bank cant deny you
if it denies and you agree than you are not aware of your rights

Because I am retired I don't deposit small checks being that it will affect my benefits and the bank I use is a local community bank so cashing an internet business check seems to make them a bit leary. I can kind of understand because there are so many scams on the internet and even calling a phone number does not 100% assure that a check is legit. So using payment processor prevents one from having these problems.

Well Leioes I am sure you know your situation better than anyone else.

You do realize as a retired person you can earn a significant amount each year without it affecting
your social security retirement funds.

No matter how rural or small the bank is, it is a bank located within the USA and as long as you
have an account and money in your account, they will cash the check. If there is no money in
your account at the time, they will deposit the check. At the very most, they would simply put a
hold on the check until the check clears. In regards to internet, millions of legitimate businesses
are online now. Walmart, Macy's, Amazon, thousands of mom and pop stores, local and international
businesses. Your bank does in fact do business with online businesses. They must. In fact, your
bank is probably online too.

However, it is as i stated. You know your situation and what you want to do. So if you don't want
a check, that is fine. If you don't want a bluebird account, that is fine too. You can choose whatever
option you want or choose not to participate. It's your decision what you want to do.

Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #17

Sat Feb 11, 2017 06:47 in General Talk

Jewel1988 wrote: Since all current payment options are next to useless for me, i would like to see Amazon giftcards as an option as I tend shop a lot on Amazon.

It's not ideal, but it would be something at least.

I keep seeing you and/or someone else post that.

We already have gift cards. Choose 'Tango' in order to choose an amazon or other gift card.

Regarding Cash out » Post #2

Sat Feb 11, 2017 06:45 in General Talk

I don't know what you are asking if anything.

If you want an answer from admin about something, then you need to click on 'Help' above
and submit a support ticket.

Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #11

Sat Feb 11, 2017 05:29 in General Talk

Yes, banks can refuse to cash a check.

Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #9

Sat Feb 11, 2017 05:24 in General Talk

Banks in the USA do what they want.

If you do not have a bank account with a bank and the check is not with the bank,
they can deny cashing the check.

If you do have an account with a bank, usually they will deposit an unknown check
and place a hold on it. Once they see the check has cleared, the bank allows those
funds to be released.

Normally, small checks, under $100 is not going to be a problem in regards to a
bank cashing it. In fact, there is such a thing as a telephone. A bank can easily
call or type into their computer the bank info on the check, and know it is legit.

Usually a problem only arises when a person does not have a bank account and
attempts to cash a check. Even then it would probably be OK as long as the bank
is where the check is from.

A lot of people cannot get a bank account. If they have had trouble with a bank
before, they may never be able to get an account at any bank again. If they have
bad credit, they may not be able to get a bank account.

If you are in the USA and do not have a bank account and cannot get one, go to
the walmart website and click on bluebird. You can also do your research in google
or wherever, and find out more about it and how it works.

My 2 cents regarding Paypal » Post #57

Sat Feb 11, 2017 05:12 in General Talk

I am going to lock this topic but before I do, I am going to say this....

For starters, calling moderators names, is a bad idea. Some of you act like Marcel and I are the
monsters of the universe. It is a very rare occasion that I get ticked off enough to be rude to
anyone on here. Stating that I am mean, rude, and other nasty names, just don't compute in
my head. There are times I give short replies and times I give long replies. So what! It all
depends on my time. What am I being paid here? What is Marcel being paid? We are not
employees. There are members here that are not much more than children and I am old
enough to know it and if they are not much more than children, then why do they act it!

I want y'all to take a very close look around and answer to yourself, which moderators on this
forum are consistently helping others? Personally, I realize there are snot nose kids and
people that enjoy stirring up any trouble they can and also people that think they are to
be address as baby cakes, darling, and love the ooooeees and ahhhhhs.

A few of you act like moderators are not suppose to lock topics. That is one of the main
things we ARE suppose to do. When support topics are addressed, they are locked so that
moderators know to go on to the next support topic and so on. The Feature Request
forum was getting so down right stupid that I had no choice but lock the topics and I
see nothing wrong with doing so. After there is a page or so in a Feature Request, it is
locked. By the way, Admin sees all suggestions in the Feature Request and when a feature
is requested and not implemented in a day or so, you can bet it never will be.

Jim is NOT lying about PayPal banning mass payments at ClixSense. Anyone with half
a brain should realize that. It does not even make sense for him to do so. Why would
he want to stop the flow of PayPal transactions? He wouldn't. In addition, not just myself
but all moderators have read the letter from PayPal to Jim. Just because PayPal peon
customer support does not have the full information does not mean Jim is lying.

In reality, it truly is not your business how Jim runs his businesses. If you want to stay
here and continue making money and getting paid, then you do your research and
choose another method of payment. Stop taking out your disappointment on moderators
and calling Jim a liar, etc. Why not make yourself useful and learn more about the
payment options instead of wasting time on your nonsense.

This is all so crazy » Post #2

Fri Feb 10, 2017 18:23 in General Talk

You're in the USA. What is the problem?

Why not simply choose 'Check' as your cash out payment?

Or even Tango gift cards?

Or another method?

To me, 'check' is a complete no brainer.

Dead Tired from changes, tasman1 » Post #3

Fri Feb 10, 2017 16:12 in General Talk

Look at it like this.....

You are not sitting there with holes drilled into your belly trying not to scratch the itchy itchy holes. :roll:

Always something to be thankful for.


Fri Feb 10, 2017 15:20 in General Talk

All caps is not allowed.

To USA members with No Bank Account » Post #6

Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:40 in General Talk

No ClixSense does not have BlueBird.

You need to choose 'Check' here at ClixSense. Then you can take your ClixSense check to Walmart and cash it
with your BlueBird card.

My 2 cents regarding Paypal » Post #30

Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:42 in General Talk

I don't understand why there are a few members being so mean and disputing what
the ClixSense admin stated. There is no reason that Jim would lie about not being
able to use PayPal for mass payouts any longer.

As I stated in another topic, PayPal customer support persons may not all have the
information. They may even be allowing some final mass payouts to go thru. There
are legitimate reasons why PayPal customer support may have said something contrary.

I just think some of you are very rude. I do understand your disappointment but that's it.

lots of peepss peed off today » Post #43

Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:23 in General Talk

Oh for heaven sakes! :lol:

I mean I sure won't attest to PayPal telling truths or lies because I don't know.

However, I do have enough common sense to know that was PayPal customer support person or persons
replying to the inquisition. I would fathom that the news is not in the direct fan yet. Also, it could be
PayPal is still looking at resolving an issue or a number of things.

Why in the world wouldn't you believe the owner of ClixSense? So very absurd. Of course CS will
continue to utilize PayPal if possible but he said it was not and he also said PayPal would not be back.
So I strongly suggest unless you hear otherwise from Jim, owner of ClixSense, you focus on another
payment option.

Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #5

Fri Feb 10, 2017 07:15 in General Talk

Leloes wrote: I use a local run bank and they seem to have a problem with checks that are from internet businesses. Don't why but they do. Never heard of BlueBird Card.

I explained it here: To USA members with No Bank Account | ClixSense Forum You can go to the walmart website to read more about it and sign up for it.
It's free.

Decisions...Decisions.... » Post #3

Fri Feb 10, 2017 04:17 in General Talk

Get a BlueBird card.

new beginner » Post #2

Fri Feb 10, 2017 04:15 in General Talk

Ok welcome aboard!

To USA members with No Bank Account » Post #4

Fri Feb 10, 2017 04:15 in General Talk

I actually have a bluebird card but I have never used it. It's free and anyone can get it.

The reason why I got it was because I do the cash back on receipts. When I get cash
back on my walmart receipts, I figured I would apply it to the bluebird account. I never
have though, instead I just use the cash back toward online purchases.

But the BlueBird IS a checking account, just like any bank. It is through American Express
but in conjunction with Walmart. I've read retired people also do automatic deposits with
their social security checks to BlueBird. Since Walmart is every where, it makes it easy for
people to do transactions.

lots of peepss peed off today » Post #34

Fri Feb 10, 2017 04:05 in General Talk

sprite1950 wrote: I tend to agree with Valerie, we can either put up or shut up. I have opened a Payoneer account and will use that to cash out. I think there is a $20 minimum rate which doesn't bother me as I tend to cash out at higher rates anyway.

At first I thought I would probably leave but then I realised how pointless that would be as paypal is not the only option and I enjoy ClixSense so I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.

It's done, we can't change it but we can move on and look at alternative methods of payment :)

I guess thats one way to put it.

You know, the issue isn't why PayPal is no longer available. It's a fact it no longer is.

The issue is deciding if you wish to utilize one or more of the available and perhaps soon to be available,
payment options. If you can't utilize any of them that ClixSense offers, it's up to you to decide to be
active, use your funds for advertising, wait and see if another payment option will be added, or simply
cease to be active.

My 2 cents regarding Paypal » Post #9

Thu Feb 09, 2017 19:40 in General Talk

ClixSense is only MLM if you are a premium member.

In reality, there is not much law on it.

For example, people can join CS free. They can refer others and earn a small stipend
on that referrals activity. This is not MLM. Nothing multi about it.

The premium option has always been within legal guidelines. Once you go over the $99
mark, that is when you are asking for trouble. At about a $1.40 per month for premium,
and only earning a buck when someone down the line upgrades, makes it mighty tough
for even PayPal to call ClixSense anything outside of a legal entity.

Having a product does not mean anything. ClixSense is not product oriented. ClixSense
is service oriented. It offers a legitimate service.

Anyway, I personally don't see this PayPal thing as a deal breaker. It never has been and
there are plenty of other options for payments.
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