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Best Zombie Movie Ever! » Post #3

Thu Apr 06, 2017 06:26 in General Talk


Completely unexpected » Post #10

Thu Apr 06, 2017 06:16 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: yeah roosters are a pain in da butt trust me,had a rooster used to wake us up in the crack of dawn,my husband got so fed up one day ,he said right im going to get him then you cook him later,i persuaded him not too coz i did find it a bit cruel,an animal you have kept for sometime will end up on the dinner table so Mr rooster had a few more months of frollicking before i ended up one morning saying to my hubby,go and get him i had enuf.................... it took a good while to catch the bugger coz i think he knew he had it coming,eventually by the time i got up,my husband had it all plucked and chopped ,ready for a nice chicken curry :D

The solution of the world.

Best Zombie Movie Ever! » Post #1

Thu Apr 06, 2017 06:13 in General Talk


I had been putting off watching 'Train to Busan' since it is sub titled and I hate 'reading' movies.

Last night I took the plunge and I couldn't believe how good that movie is.

At the near end I was blubbering like a baby. :mrgreen:

I think it should win an Oscar.

Proof World is Doomed » Post #11

Wed Apr 05, 2017 16:21 in General Talk

I think credit is a good thing. It's a very good thing. It's just that today more so than ever before,
I believe too many people have gone way over their heads with credit that it has the reverse affect
and they get deeper in debt.

Proof World is Doomed » Post #9

Wed Apr 05, 2017 06:39 in General Talk

They don't teach real life skills in school and they should from an early age on up.

A house is the largest expense most people will ever have in their life.

I have some old friends in Chicago land that married a couple of years after I did back in about 1975.
They are still married, have two grown sons. They bought a house shortly after they married and they
still live in that house today. About 40 years in the same house. Not a fancy house. Just a good solid
average 3 bedroom house in a good neighborhood. She has worked the same job for over 40 years.
Her husband more or less did too but now he is retired, has diabetes.

The point I am making is, they bought a house they could afford and kept the future in mind when they
bought it. It was not a huge house but large enough to raise a couple of children and close to their jobs.
Their house was paid off years ago. Now that he is retired and she is soon to be retired, they have no
financial concerns. They saved and invested all their lives and have great retirement incomes.

Most people do not focus on their future like they did. They used common sense and did not go above
their heads.

Drat! Auto Sale Scamsters! » Post #10

Wed Apr 05, 2017 06:11 in General Talk

It will come in handy when I want to go camping and/or travel/vacation.

Time in Jail » Post #14

Wed Apr 05, 2017 06:03 in General Talk

My older sister got a DUI years ago and she had to spend weekends in jail for 4 weekends.
She would check in on Friday evening and check out on Sunday evenings.

They let her bring snacks in, radio, and books.

She said she looked forward to it every weekend that it was like a vacation. She could relax,
read her books, eat her snacks, and even meals served directly to her jail cell. :mrgreen:

Proof World is Doomed » Post #4

Tue Apr 04, 2017 21:06 in General Talk

Credit may have been a good thing at one time but I tell ya, I don't think so any more.

I'm talking about every day average income people.

I know kids got to start some where but I think not just kids, adults too, need to start out very small if
they need loans such as car or house. This is also how you build good credit.

No doubt it is crazier now than ever before.

When you drive by a huge house, just know they probably have a huge mortgage too.

Drat! Auto Sale Scamsters! » Post #7

Tue Apr 04, 2017 09:52 in General Talk

.....and no one in the USA says 'documents'.....we say 'Title'.

Drat! Auto Sale Scamsters! » Post #6

Tue Apr 04, 2017 09:51 in General Talk

It can be difficult to detect and many people fall for the scams.

Scamsters can be very good at what they do.

Lets look at what appears legitimate and rational:

1. $1,800 this is a very low price that most anyone can afford that is looking for an RV

2. Images of a very clean nice looking RV grabs the attention and combined with the low price, is more than attractive

3. 1997 Airstream is a 20 year old RV and the price seems more in line

4. A big over 46,000 miles is just enough miles to make sense

5. A LT in the airforce owned

So overall the unsuspecting person might think they are getting a good deal from a legitimate professional that is no longer in need of the RV due to being on a long term mission. In addition, the person in the USA may feel accommodating to a service member. ALL makes sense that a 20 year old vehicle would be in good condition by a service person. To top it off, the 46,000 miles is reasonable and low for a 20 year old RV. If the service person took the RV on vacation two or three times a year over the course of 20 years, the milage makes sense. In addition, delivery is included in the already low price plus free return shipping, etc.

Lets look at what appears to be NOT legitimate nor rational:

1. The listing stated $1,500 but in the email it stated $1,800 non-negotionable

2. The listing stated the vehicle was in Jackson, TN but now through the email it is stated it is located in Missouri

3. The email states the owner is stationed in Missouri and that the RV is also in Missouri at a google shipping co

4. I did look her name up in a google search and nothing with her last name spelling came up

Those three points alone is cause for concern. Why would a person stationed in Missouri have an RV in Missouri? As a norm, you have your vehicles wherever your permanent home is located. Just because you are stationed at one place does not mean your vehicles would be there too. If you are living in the area where you are stationed then why would you already have your RV in a google shipping co?

There are a lot of other red flags. A major red flag is absolutely nothing is said about my coming to see the RV.
You'd think she would have said, you are welcome to see it and test drive it. She ask for information but she gives little to no information about her self. She doesn't offer her phone number and a time to call.

I wouldn't totally rule her out as not legitimate but I would and did totally rule me out from considering it.
Too many red flags and I am not going to buy any type of vehicle that I can't see and test drive in person, first.

Global warming why.....? » Post #30

Tue Apr 04, 2017 08:40 in General Talk

Yeah, people are going to need to learn that life does not consist of eating 24/7 and everything on the market.

Today many say you should eat several meals and snacks per day. To eat smaller amounts but to eat like 5
meals/times a day plus snacks. I think that is lame. :lol:

Garden Time » Post #21

Tue Apr 04, 2017 08:36 in General Talk

I also forgot to add that I planted a lot of squash last year and it did very well.
Mostly yellow squash.

Although the zucchini squash did not do great.

Garden Time » Post #19

Tue Apr 04, 2017 06:05 in General Talk

Most home made products for killing weeds and or killing insects, do not work.

Every Spring/Summer season, I spend hundreds on weed killer. I tried a few home made weed killers
that some swore worked. Mostly they consist of water, vinegar, and dish soap. Other ingredients in some
recipes such as oils, spices, baking soda, etc. Some will turn the leaves a little brown but that is about it.

Drat! Auto Sale Scamsters! » Post #4

Tue Apr 04, 2017 05:55 in General Talk

super duper

Drat! Auto Sale Scamsters! » Post #2

Mon Apr 03, 2017 17:07 in General Talk

Now I tell you, the vehicle she described and displayed, is worth far more than $1,800. To top it off,
paying for delivery of the vehicle included! In addition, I know that the listing plainly stated for Jackson, TN.
ALSO, for that low dollar, anyone in her neighborhood would buy it for that low price.

I also did a search for her name, nothing came up. However, a lame photo came up (google email) that
could be anyone.

Just remember, if it looks too good to be true, it really might be.

Drat! Auto Sale Scamsters! » Post #1

Mon Apr 03, 2017 17:02 in General Talk

I've started to keep an eye out for a motor travel trailer. Nothing huge, mind you. Something that
I can easily drive and manage but still have all the necessities, such as shower, stove, bed, etc.

New RV's are very expensive.

Not that I am searching every day or in a mad rush because I am not.

The other day I happened on some RV listings online. I put in my nearby cities for location and
several page listings came up and most with good prices.

I see a few listings for $1,500. I would expect a very used pop up camper for that amount.

Well one of the RV listings was extremely nice. $1,500. A bit older model but looks brand new.
Almost exactly what I want. Only 46,000 miles. Located in Jackson, Tennessee. Then I saw it
was some how Craigslist listings or in cahoots some way. So I thought WOW what a deal that
would be! One never knows, does one? Perhaps retired people that no longer have the need
for it, down sizing or whatnot.

I hit the contact link and submit my email for contact.
1997 Airstream 190 Class B


I've received your email regarding the 1997 Airstream 190 Class B Van Motor home. The motor home is still for sale. It has 46,196 miles. This is a NON Smoker motor home. No Pets! Has all options and its fully self contain has bathroom and a shower roof air conditioning with dash air as well has a Onan generator with only 6 hours on it, Ford EFI 8'cylinder 7.5'Liter Gas Engine, Sleeping Capacity 4-5 people, good tires clean title etc. It is in excellent condition. I'm asking $1,800 for it, not negotiable. I am in the Air force and we are preparing for an important mission so I hope that I would find a serious buyer in a few days. If you have any other questions, or need more info and pics, please free to ask.

Lt. Marcia Kursch


Hmmm Message seems a bit off to me. Why tell me she is in the air force? Why stress she is a LT.? Why make a point of telling me 'important mission'. Sounds lame. My reply:

I thought it was $1,500. However, I looked at several so no doubt I am incorrect about that.
Do you have more photo's, some of the inside perhaps?
Is it located in Jackson or Milan? Those were the two main areas I was searching. I am a
very serious buyer, by the way.

-----Her reply and she sent a lot of photos:

Hi again,

I'm currently stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base from Knob Noster, Missouri and we are in the final stage for a new mission in Iraq. The motor home is already at the Google shipping co here in Knob Noster stored and ready to be delivered to the next owner along with all the documents. The delivery is included in this price as I almost closed the deal with another person but he was unable to take the loan from the bank. I've already prepared shipping for him as he was out of state. Anyway I am member of Google Wallet since 2008 and I will make the deal only through their vehicle purchase protection program. Google Wallet will manage the financial part to be insured both of us. Google Wallet offer 30 days inspection period for the buyer. So you will receive the motor home in a few days and you will have the chance to inspect it for 30 days. In case you won`t be satisfied, you can cancel the transaction and ship the motor home back on my expense. I have to fill out a form on Google Wallet and I need your full name, full shipping address, your cell # and your email address so they can register you as a potential buyer and after that they will contact you to explain the entire procedure of the transaction. I sent you some pictures. You'll love the motor home, I can guarantee you that.

Thank you and stay safe,
Lt. Marcia Kursch

------My reply:

Ok that is a no go. I thought it seemed a bit fishy.

Bad Day - Storm - Squirrel - Destruction » Post #11

Mon Apr 03, 2017 16:13 in General Talk

seaeagle wrote:
valerie wrote: Although it is stil windy here, it has died down. We had something like 100 mile an hour winds.

Sorry to hear about the storm damage - much of the east coast of Australia has just gone through some very wild weather too & the clean-up will take months.

valerie wrote: I need to get some new collars but so difficult to find the ones that are NOT breakaway collars. I put big Christmas bells on the collars. IF I had them on the cats, that squirrel probably would have gotten away.

I don't know if this would have helped the squirrel, but if you want your cats to stop hunting birds in your area, researchers recently discovered that brightly multi-colored collars (like rainbow scrunchies used to tie hair ponytails) were extremely effective (from memory, they cut the songbird death rate by about 90%).

Cats learn to stalk without making bell collars tinkle (easy to do since they naturally walk softly without straightening their legs), but because they cannot see colors well, they have no idea that the bright collar makes them stand out to other animals which can see color (at least, during the day). Apparently, squirrels can see in color, but are red-green color blind, so a rainbow collar might still be helpful.

I'm not sure whether this might make them more noticeable to owls though.

You can do a search for rainbow collar for cats on Google & get lots of results - some even come with a bell too.

Rainbow Collars Could Help Keep Cats From Wiping Out Birds | Smart News | Smithsonian

WOW! Thank you so much!

I never heard of that. I have gazillions of scrunchies and various hair ties. I wouldn't have thought
of that in a million years!

I'm going to try it.

Undertaker Retired wrestling Mania » Post #5

Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:27 in General Talk

Oh I hate it.

It is HUGE MONEY. Amazing how many people like it.

One thing is absolutely sure. Those wrestlers are in tip top shape and some are very good
fact some go on to act in movies.

It's just crazy entertainment. Reminds me of a crazy bazaar soap opera.

Bad Day - Storm - Squirrel - Destruction » Post #8

Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:22 in General Talk

Yes the Great Horned Owl is a rather terrifying creature.

Owls regurgitate their food. I did not look close to the trees for Miss Cookies for fear I would
see a fur bowl. What I hope is that she got tired of Mr KiKi and run off and found a home
else where.

It's really difficult to guess what happens to a cat when you live in a rural wooded area.

Ref fox's will kill a cat. Hawks will too.

A day or two ago, sitting at my desk, I saw at least 40 wild turkeys going across the yard.

Great Horned Owl info:
Great horned owl - Wikipedia

Bad Day - Storm - Squirrel - Destruction » Post #5

Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:27 in General Talk

Marcel-R6 wrote: No storms here sunny and dry.
Cats are hunters,that is why mine is a house cat. Too bad about the squirell.

I did a search for that owl...holy crap that is a big one.

Yes! The Great Horned Owl has an appropriate name.

About ten years ago I was sitting out back when I saw something standing in the flower garden up
on the hill. It looked like a log at first. I grabbed the binoculars and saw that it was moving and
then it turned it's head as to look right at me. I saw what it was and shocked to see it standing on
the ground. I walked towards it and when I got a few yards from it, it flew in a tree. I then proceeded
to shoo it and it was flying from tree to tree. It finally flew out of sight.

It was extremely odd and I would say rather rare, to see one standing on the ground like that. They
normally stay at the edge limbs in trees. When they see food, they will swoop down and grab it and
take it back to their nest.

I know they got to eat like everything else but I don't like them on my property. They are known to
kill cats and even small dogs.
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