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Earning in Bread Value » Post #32

Tue May 17, 2016 04:54 in General Talk

Sell everything, move to low cost of living country, live like wealthy person,
poor person steal everything from you, move back to high cost of living
country, start over again.

See David, I can function like you.......well, not like you.....but maybe similar.....
well, not similar.......errrrrrrrrr

Do you believe anti Christ is coming? » Post #28

Mon May 16, 2016 22:23 in General Talk

Well I tell ya, Trump does have some characteristics such as boastful and arrogant.
However if you read thru various books in the bible, it makes it rather plain that the
anti christ will come out of the middle east. Even so, that doesn't tell us a whole lot
because some believe that the anti christ will come from Rome, yet come out of the
middle east. So add to that trying to figure out the nationality.... a Roman Syrian?
We just don't know and of course no one will know for sure til it takes place.

Still, I do believe from all I have read, the anti christ will come out of the middle

Human biggest enemy will be the machine? » Post #10

Mon May 16, 2016 22:08 in General Talk

HaHa! Y'all so funny!

I don't want dog to wee wee on me. :lol:

Well seriously, I think you underestimate the human race. Sure, we have our faults
and a lot of them. However, I think the majority of humans are still wise and even
compassionate beings.

You know, 'Social Psychology' is a funny thing. People act and function differently
when alone compared to being in groups.

Disaster for American shopping malls » Post #15

Mon May 16, 2016 21:59 in General Talk

lotoole wrote: I enjoy going to malls but it makes me spend too much. There are too many wonderful, desirable things all around me and I get carried away. Ordering online helps keep me on a budget. My going to a mall is like sending an alcoholic into a liquor store.

You know you can get a lot of free products online but for the most part,
you need an amazon prime membership.

Gift cards On clixsense » Post #8

Mon May 16, 2016 21:57 in General Talk

It's different dependent upon your location, I suspect.

Disaster for American shopping malls » Post #12

Mon May 16, 2016 05:03 in General Talk

pahunt925 wrote: For me, it's just a lot easier to shop on line. The malls around here don't have any stores where I want to shop, and it's frustrating to go from store to store looking for something. As I've gotten older, I can't walk around as much without my back bothering me, so shopping on line is better for me as far as that goes. I still do shop at stores, but not at the mall. Just doesn't appeal to me like it used to.

I'm the same way.

For starters, I am in a rural area. The main place to shop in the small towns ten miles in
either direction, is the super walmarts. The closest mall from my door to their door would
be more like a 35 minute drive.

There's nothing I really need at the mall.

It's easier to shop online and have the stuff delivered to my door. You can often find better
deals online, too.

Disaster for American shopping malls » Post #7

Sun May 15, 2016 19:48 in General Talk

I don't have time to read that but to address about the shopping malls,
they have for many years had game rooms and all sorts of events for
young and old.

Earning in Bread Value » Post #26

Sun May 15, 2016 19:35 in General Talk

I have a bread maker and I have never used it.

I do make bread from scratch some times. Mostly I will make rolls and pizza dough.

I (no longer) feel like closing my account :) » Post #26

Sun May 15, 2016 14:37 in General Talk

I don't need anyone to tell me about the USA Constitution.

You know what you are doing? You are doing the exact same thing 'Proadco' is doing.
The EXACT same thing.

Now I strongly suggest if you don't like a topic to bow out of it. I don't like everything
I read on the internet nor do I like everything I read in the forums and as a moderator,
I guarantee you I read a lot more junk than you can imagine.

If you want to earn money here, then go to it. However, no one here needs your threats.
Seriously, we don't need anyone's threats here. It is your option just like it is everyone
else to stay or to go. Simple as that.

This is the last time I am saying this. If you can't post like adults and ignore topics
you don't like, then don't come here making threats. Submit a support ticket thru
the Helpdesk.

I hope you understand that because I am not taking my time out to post it again.

You see what happened? » Post #6

Sun May 15, 2016 14:26 in General Talk

I have no idea who locked your 'Target' topic.

You'll have to submit a support ticket because I did not lock it and I don't give
a hoot about Target or it's lowly products. :lol:

You see what happened? » Post #4

Sun May 15, 2016 13:48 in General Talk

Ok well your point has long since been made so now go click some ads.

You see what happened? » Post #2

Sun May 15, 2016 13:36 in General Talk

What the hell are you doing?

I will tell you. You are spamming the forum so stop.

I (no longer) feel like closing my account :) » Post #23

Sun May 15, 2016 13:30 in General Talk

It's time to stop this nonsense!

Moma Valerie has spoken!

Here is the jest of it:

-Don't read topics posted by people you don't like
-Report content you feel is against the forum rules (Click Helpdesk)
-Do realize not everyone has the same views as we are all fallible human beings

Now Stop!

I (no longer) feel like closing my account :) » Post #21

Sun May 15, 2016 13:26 in General Talk

If you think this is the worse forum online for this kind of stuff, you have
not seen anything online. Geez!

THIS IS EXACTLY why religion and politics should not be allowed in a
simple free to earn make money program.

Granted, this is the General Discussions are in which members can
discuss most anything they want as long as it doesn't go against the
terms or go into name calling and all that.

Personally, I don't understand why anyone would bother to read a
post by someone they don't like OR why they would read topics they
have no interest in OR why they would threaten to cancel their
membership due to idiotic posts on the forum. That's just me and
my own personal thoughts about it.

Any time however, that you feel a topic or a post or anything in regards
to ClixSense is inappropriate you have the right to click on the Helpdesk
and report it.

Do keep in mind, everyone is entitled to their own views in life and God
didn't make us to all think alike or all agree.

High number of ads today » Post #8

Sun May 15, 2016 05:53 in General Talk

corgieglass wrote: I also have a huge number of ads but they are all from the same source and site. While money is nice it gets boring seeing the same ads over and over again. If this is a source of income for clixsense I hope they never stop paying clixsense or the site will be in trouble.

I have absolutely no idea what you mean.

Advertisers purchase ads just the same as they have for ten years.
They may repurchase ads if they want or not.
Some times there may be few ads and other times there may be a lot of ads.

One thing is for sure, either way, ClixSense is not in trouble.

Why the rich folks doesn't want to retired? » Post #10

Sat May 14, 2016 19:39 in General Talk

I don't think you understand what the very wealthy do or what they're about.

Wealthy people do what they enjoy doing and just because they make money
at it, doesn't mean they have to retire. Just because someone is very wealthy
and is not retired, does not mean he/she does not spend time with loved ones,
friends, travel, etc. In fact, they have more time to do those things and more
places they can all afford to go together, if they wish.

David, you can say some of the weirdest stuff.

High number of ads today » Post #2

Sat May 14, 2016 19:27 in General Talk

There isn't any glitches. When there is ads to view, you can view them.

heart » Post #3

Sat May 14, 2016 16:26 in General Talk

chrisyt wrote: last week i had a mild heart attack. i had an angiogram and was told i need a heart bypass in 4 weeks time. reason im telling this is i was teying to find someone who has had to have this kind of operation as well. Just need to know what to expect.

It's ok. It's wonderful they can detect these things now and not that having
a heart attack is good, it is fortunate that they did detect this.

You'll feel much better, physically and mentally.

What to do when you are 80 » Post #37

Fri May 13, 2016 16:32 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: I've just been asked to take a pensioners group on the three peaks this summer.

It's surprisingly arduous, it includes crossing bogs, and even climbing up a waterfall - sometimes with the water actually flowing. I've done it several times, but always alone. I don't know anybody fit enough to do it - until being asked to lead the pensioners. They're not even asking me to go for the sake of having somebody relatively young and healthy, they're asking me because it can be surprisingly difficult to navigate your first time round.

You should do the one in Tennessee. Usually only one makes it. A couple of years ago, two made it.

Good luck.

Using animals for test products » Post #61

Fri May 13, 2016 06:07 in General Talk

I'm a vegetarian and have been for many years.

I eat fake meat some times. The problem with fake meat is, most of it contains
soy and usually a lot of salt. The fake meat I eat comes in large cans and is dry.
I can use it for making stuff like tacos, put in stuff like spaghetti sauce. There
are some casseroles that just don't taste quite right or have the right consistency
unless they have meat in them.....that is when I pull out the fake meat in a can.
BUT I truly don't eat the fake meat often either due to it's soy content and high
salt content.
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