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Posts by valerie

Is moustache a symbol of masculine » Post #2

Sun Sep 24, 2017 06:58 in General Talk

I don't know if men look more handsome. I'd have to argue that point.

My grandfather when he was upwards of 70, he had all his teeth extracted and so he
began growing a mustache.....something he had never done before. He did that because
it took weeks to get dentures ready. I was amazed at his appearance because he really
did look very distinguished and handsome. He kept it trimmed and looking good and he
was correct, you couldn't tell he didn't have a tooth in his head. :lol:
As soon as his dentures came in, he shaved it.

Many men however, look downright ugly and others downright nasty with scraggly long
beards. I think bugs and creatures live in some of them. :o

Walmart delivery in your grocery access your house » Post #13

Sun Sep 24, 2017 06:50 in General Talk

Well let me shed a little light.

This was NOT set up for old people or sick people.

The articles and news and Walmart has plainly stated they came up with the idea due to
YOUNG people that WORK many hours and don't have time to grocery shop and deal with
unloading and putting away the groceries. They even display in the video a young woman
at work watching on her smart phone as a delivery man enters her home and puts away
the groceries.

I really wanted to address this comment because I feel it is extremely important to know
that Walmart is NOT targeting old, sick people for grocery delivery like this.

Of course it might be beneficial in some circumstances to have that type of delivery for
someone that is elderly. Right now, it is beneficial to people whether young, old, sick,
to order food products online for shipment.

However, it is not the old, sick people that have children. This is what they are targeting.
Young people that work 40+ hours a week. The mom that has to take the kids to ball
practice as soon as she gets home from work. The dad that has got to work on the car
and mow the lawn on what little free time he has.

They already have and have as long as I have been alive, standard grocery deliveries
in cities and care givers that run errands/pick up groceries/put groceries away, etc. In
elderly communities like 'The Villages', many of those have grocery stores in walking
distance and most drive golf carts, have the little bus that comes around to pick up
people to take them to the store, etc.

So really, this idea is not targeted to old sick people on social security. It's targeted
to working active families.

Walmart delivery in your grocery access your house » Post #4

Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:40 in General Talk

Well I say if they are too lame to do away with gasoline/oil, then they should do away with cars.

Don't you just love it when,,, » Post #2

Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:42 in General Talk

Well, they are ALL information gathers.

However, there are some that have various issues.

Some times they have tracking issues.
Some times they think you have completed the survey else where.
Some times the survey has actually ended before you complete it.
Some times it is a cheat.

But yeah, it makes you wish they were in front of you so you could
feed them bread balls or smash maters in their nose or make them
do 100 pushups or pin their ears back or dye their hair or make them
wear hard curlers to bed or make them walk on rocks for a month
barefoot, or make them drink cheap cola, or force feed them dog
mints, or......

Yeah, it kind of pisses one off.

Log in trouble » Post #15

Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:37 in General Talk

It might be a good idea to state what browser you are using.

I am on MAC and using Safari browser and have not experienced the issue y'all are stating.

Walmart delivery in your grocery access your house » Post #2

Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:35 in General Talk


People are getting lazier and lazier and companies are figuring out ways to
make a bundle off lazy people.

Log in trouble » Post #5

Thu Sep 21, 2017 14:45 in General Talk

My guess is:

1. Server Hiccup

2. They are working on the log in page

3. Too many accessing the page at the same time

Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #25

Thu Sep 21, 2017 09:50 in General Talk

IF you're going by what the book says, you would know it is not the end of the world.

According to THE book, weather will be Un-predictable. Altho we may be close to that,
we're not there yet, I don't believe.

Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #20

Wed Sep 20, 2017 21:22 in General Talk

There are many earthquakes every day.

I live on the New Madrid Fault Line and have experience earthquakes here.

It's just that normally earthquakes are not large enough to be felt and most
the only ones people here about, is the ones they experience.

Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #16

Wed Sep 20, 2017 17:07 in General Talk

I don't know about any where else but the USA is rather thorough in regards to world news.

Of course, common sense is any country is going to relay more about the events happening
inside their own country.

Here in the USA, we have nightly world news and nightly local news and daily morning local
news and daily afternoon local news. We also have Fox News that is on about all day and night.
In addition we have ABC news, CBS news, NBC news. There is even more....there is Headline
News, CNN news, and various (A LOT) of news stations on TV besides the ones I just mentioned.

The USA is also has a very large number of charities and contributors that give to many areas
of the world, not just our own country.

Personally, I am sick of the news but it seems there is no way getting away from it.

Anybody care for Mexico ????..tasman1 » Post #8

Tue Sep 19, 2017 16:50 in General Talk

My personal theory is everyone and everything is linked together in some way.

Go to Japan and live to 100...tasman1 » Post #16

Tue Sep 19, 2017 06:34 in General Talk

If people live to 100 in the USA, they won't be able to get their social security until
they are 80.

The Drop Down Advertisement » Post #2

Mon Sep 18, 2017 19:05 in General Talk

Kiips is generally worth money if you click on it but not all of them and not all the time.

What a shame » Post #14

Mon Sep 18, 2017 19:03 in General Talk

It's not that I don't think the evil is more prominent today because I absolutely do believe it is.
I just don't believe that television makes people do evil things.

For example, today we have Headline News, Fox News, CNN, the Internet, and so on.

I'm old enough to remember life in the 1960's. We had craziness then too. I grew up by
Chicago. There was the Martin Luther King assassination, the Kennedy assassination,
the serial killer Richard Speck that killed 8 student nurses in Chicago (one lived because
she hid under the bed), school shootings (plenty of them), university riots and murders,
and it goes on and on.....I ask you....

What kind of television programs did we have in the 1960's that would cause school
shooting, assassinations, serial killers, etc? My gosh we had Captain Kangaroo,
Gilligan Island, Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Flintstones, Bonanza, The Fugitive, The
Bob Hope Show, Red Skeleton Comedy Hour.......and

In the 60's people on tv was still sleeping in twin beds and couldn't say the word
'hell' until the 70's.

I am not saying there are not influences. People are influenced.

What I am saying is, often evil doers are going to do evil and it is not because they
watched a movie or tv.

Many people do not even realize that school shootings took place even in the 1700's.
The first recorded was in the USA 1764.
List of school shootings in the United States - Wikipedia

Just about the TASKS » Post #2

Mon Sep 18, 2017 09:10 in General Talk

I am not sure which you are referring to.

Perhaps your answers to what you are stating, are not clear.

For example, this forum has the General Talk and that is what you posted in but it also
has the TASKS and the OFFERS sub forum. So those that want to discuss offers and
surveys post in the OFFERS sub forum and those that want to discuss TASKS post in
the TASKS sub forum.

I'm just guessing of course, but it sounds like you are referring to SURVEYS that you
did not qualify to do?

What a shame » Post #3

Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:22 in General Talk

I don't think it is television or movies. If it were, we'd probably all be dead.

Evil exists every where in the world. There is always some sort of excuse of
the evil doer. They watched killer moves, they were not loved, they lived in
poor environment, they were sexually abused, and so on and on and on it

For every torturous excuse, there is a hero excuse....

The person that lived in poverty but was determined and became a surgeon.
The person that was sexually abused as child but now heads a counseling center.
The person that grew up without love but now lives lovingly with a husband and children.

And so it goes.

Don't allow excuses for evil. Seriously.

There may be crap on tv and crap in the news and crap every where we turn.
However, there is absolutely no crap in the world that makes someone evil, except their self.

Go to Japan and live to 100...tasman1 » Post #14

Sun Sep 17, 2017 06:37 in General Talk

My grandfather lived into his 90's. Altho he did move in with one of his son's, he was still
totally capable of caring for himself. The exception was that he lived in a rural area, could
not drive to town. He was at the stage that he wasn't real active but he could still walk,
take showers, feed himself, hold interesting conversations, etc etc etc.

I have known of people that were 100 or near it, that I would not have guessed their age
if it hadn't been for someone telling me. There are people that age or near it, that still
function perfectly, go dancing, etc.

New clixsense. » Post #2

Sat Sep 16, 2017 07:35 in General Talk

You have a strong point.

Go to Japan and live to 100...tasman1 » Post #5

Sat Sep 16, 2017 07:01 in General Talk

I would only want to live to 100 if I didn't need anyone to take care of me.

Who wants to be 100 and in nursing home being forced fed fish and seaweed? :mrgreen:

help » Post #3

Fri Sep 15, 2017 15:38 in General Talk

mstlabonikhatun wrote: Do you know anyone how take the screenshot in desktop?If you know please tell me .

Depends on what type of computer you are using.
From: Go
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