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Posts by valerie

Halloween Movies? » Post #22

Wed Oct 26, 2016 21:50 in General Talk

I watched a new scary Halloween movie tonight 'House of Purgatory'.

It had some gore in it but not as bad as many others. It was dumb, of course.

Halloween Movies? » Post #20

Wed Oct 26, 2016 15:02 in General Talk

The original 'Last House on the Left' came out near the same time as 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre'.

Those were movies that came out primarily as drive in theater movies. That is where I saw them.....
way way way back in the early 70's at the drive in theater.

......Rob Zombie....I watched a little of a new one he has out and I couldn't handle was very
stupid but of course, most those kind of movies are.

I don't like gory movies but I do appreciate a good thriller and good scary movie.....the kind that
keeps you jumping and guessing.

I taught I taw a panda bar » Post #1

Wed Oct 26, 2016 14:57 in General Talk

Could have sworn I clicked on a panda instead of a cat. :?

What's your favorite Cookie? » Post #1

Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:10 in General Talk

I am rather partial to a crunchy chocolate chip cookie.

increase revenue » Post #4

Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:01 in General Talk

Referring active advertisers and users.

Halloween Movies? » Post #8

Mon Oct 24, 2016 16:40 in General Talk

I will make my secret washing powders from bat wings and jackass poo.
Then I will send it to you, 'Collect On Delivery'.

Halloween Movies? » Post #6

Mon Oct 24, 2016 16:13 in General Talk

:twisted: BOO! :twisted:

Halloween Movies? » Post #4

Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:54 in General Talk

No, I really don't think I do.

I always like to watch a new scary movie and any that may come out at Halloween.
As far as a favorite, I can't think of any. Most movies, once I see it, I have no desire
to see it again. It's got to be either a very old classic from before the 70's or just a
really interesting movie to me. I think scary movies are really at the end of the line
for second time watch. Once you jump at a scene, you're usually not going to jump
again. Also, you already know whats around the corners, so to speak.

There are the old classic scary movies and the ones that have great acting and
thrilling scenes, that I can watch again every so the 'Legend of Hell House'
and 'Psycho'.

There's an old comedy classic that I love and have watched too many times to count
and that is 'Arsenic and Old Lace' kind of reminds me of Halloween.

Why Don't Kids Want to Work? » Post #58

Sun Oct 23, 2016 22:05 in General Talk

Choose a profession offline in which you will always be in demand.

Medical field, for example.

FREE FLU » Post #15

Sat Oct 22, 2016 21:37 in General Talk

So far, actually 4 members like that you want to give them the flu.

To sell it on eBay, get a potato chip and sneeze on it. Post an image
of the potato chip on eBay. Tell them it is the :

Tasmanian Devil Wallaby Flu Chip.

Update: » Post #2

Sat Oct 22, 2016 13:07 in General Talk

Sounds like you've been a busy bee.

Welcome back.

Tip for weak eyes » Post #3

Fri Oct 21, 2016 13:39 in General Talk

Pray tell why do you want to see the hundredth of a cent? :?

Why Don't Kids Want to Work? » Post #43

Fri Oct 21, 2016 13:36 in General Talk

So what is all those kids going to do, David, when cyber war begins and there websites
are POOFERS!? Huh? What? What they gonna do?

It's like the NumNuts that had a million dollars and put it all in a bag and buried it in
the ground. A few months later he dug it up. The moles had ate it and what was not
ate, was wilted and unrecognizable.

It's like the NumNuts that put all his million dollars in the bank. The bank went under
and NumNuts lost his million.

It's like...>>>TODAY with the big website hacks and many people are not able to log
into their PayPal.

Whatcha got to say to that, sweetiepie?

Shoveling coal into server » Post #9

Fri Oct 21, 2016 07:25 in General Talk

No No NO, you cannot use steam machines. When I was in 7th grade, I leaned up against a radiator
and burnt a line across the back of one of my legs. It was very severe. Still have a scar there.

You won't be able to touch your computer.

spongebob can't touch this - YouTube

Body Transformation » Post #5

Thu Oct 20, 2016 15:00 in General Talk

Tasmania Devil.

Can wallabies swim?

Do you like clowns? » Post #38

Wed Oct 19, 2016 19:50 in General Talk

I have locked this topic because what sort of started out as a bit of fun, is leaning
on the political/blame side.

Anyone can google 'clowns' and see where clowns originated which relates back
to Scandinavia and Old English times, Shakespeare, etc.

In regards to 'child predators', people wearing 'clown' masks are the least likely
to be feared, in my opinion. The most detrimental child predator may be sitting
across the table smiling at you from your favorite diner. The majority of child
predators is known by the family of the victims....the pastor, the uncle, the aunt,
the babysitter, the teacher, etc.

It's always been known that child predators entice children with candy, smiles,
pets, and yes, even a variety of tricks, masks, and other antics.

Unfortunately, social media and various topics can do more harm than good when
it comes to these types of ploys and conversations in which people want to blame
someone else for the often creepy and diabolical world we live in today.

Topic Locked

Oh boy! We figured out the sex of the feral kitten » Post #4

Wed Oct 19, 2016 07:36 in General Talk

Well that is all I know to tell you.

Maybe when the kittens get a little bigger, they'll be more use to you.

Get some treats and give to them and then you can keep the treats
in your hand and make them come to you to get the treat.

Oh boy! We figured out the sex of the feral kitten » Post #2

Wed Oct 19, 2016 06:44 in General Talk

You do have some options.

1. Take them to an animal shelter that is a no kill shelter. If you are not sure of where they are,
you can call around, do a search online, contact any no kill shelter to help you.

2. Take them to a busy area such as a Walmart parking lot, and put a sign Free Kittens, and as
people go in and out of the store, you might find someone that is wanting a kitten. This isn't the
greatest idea of course but it is an option. You just never know when someone has a child birthday
and was planning on getting a kitten. Just not the best idea due to 'weird people' that may have
ruthless ideas.

3. Contact the local vet office. They usually have bulletin boards in which you can post a picture.
Also the local vet might have some contacts/help for you.

4. Ask the local vet if they will 'fix' the kittens for you or at the very least, give you a special deal
to have them 'fixed'. This is very important. Not having cats spade/neuter just adds to the unwanted

5. Keep them.

I have three outside cats and all three of them, adopted me. Having a male cat is not a bad idea
because the male cats tend to keep other cats away, especially male cats. The first cat that adopted
me is 'Miss Lucy'. She came around one day crying like crazy and wouldn't leave. She happen to be
pregnant at the time too. She had the kittens and all were male but one. The males were wild and
drove each other away. I've had Miss Lucy for at least 5 years and her one female 'Miss Cookie' almost
as long. Last summer 'Mr KiKi' came along. He was in rather bad shape with a bad leg. He looks
like the kind of cat that should be a housecat, long haired. Every cat that comes onto my property
that sticks around, I take to have spayed or neutered. I only feed them dry cat food. They feed them
first thing in the morning when I get up. I feed them again at 5pm. I feed them again at 10 pm.
They get dry food 3 times a day. They really don't eat a whole lot because they are here on over
7 acres and they hunt, eat mice and such.

I have a home made house for them. I keep straw and heating pads inside.

They actually earn their keep, you could say. They kill moles and mice. They even catch small
snakes. They're actually very good cats.

I have one inside cat.... Mr Kitty aka Boogie. He was a stray cat too and I have had him about
ten years.

Do you Collect or have a Hobby? » Post #37

Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:03 in General Talk

@chrystalia I have a lot of yarn but not a huge amount. I have several tote bags full. I made several orders, to say the least, back a few years ago. My intent was to make granny squares in various colors and make 3 bed cover throws for each of my children. I need to get back to that. I had told myself if I make just one granny square a day, which would only take a few minutes, that in 30 days, I would have 30 granny squares. Guess how many granny squares I have?

I will tell you. One. I have only made one.

Shoveling coal into server » Post #4

Tue Oct 18, 2016 07:55 in General Talk

You have to use Clean Coal.

Be sure to wash the coal until it is clean before using.
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