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Do u know the name of this movie? » Post #6

Sat Nov 11, 2017 06:08 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote: Just ask the Horror movie lexicon.

It's called Tusk, And yes!! it's kind of weird and creepy at the same time.

Can't help feeling sorry for the young man ;)

YES that is the name! You wouldn't believe how much time I spent on
Google last night try to find it. Difficult without a name or name of the

I do recall reading on a youtube trailer that it wasn't very good but I
wanted to see it.

Thank you. :P

Do u know the name of this movie? » Post #4

Fri Nov 10, 2017 19:44 in General Talk

No, not 'Don't Breathe'

This movie had a couple of top actors in it.

It was an old mansion and obviously the owner must be a mad scientist. :o

So this young man that enters his home....I am not sure why he was there, if
he had an appointment to be there or car trouble or what. The guy ends up
in an indoor swimming pool of some such behind a locked door. The old guy is
changing the young guy into some sort of fish or something that lives in water.

Do u know the name of this movie? » Post #1

Fri Nov 10, 2017 17:06 in General Talk

A while back there was a movie that was advertised a lot online and on tv.

I wanted to see it but never did and I can't recall the name and never heard anything
about it again. I know there was a youtube video review also.

This young man runs out of gas or has some sort of trouble and goes to the closest
house which is a mansion.

While at the mansion the older man that owns the mansion is nice to him, they talk
and have drinks. The next thing you know the young man is behind a door in water.
The older man is turning the younger man into some kind of fish.


It's a scary movie.

Anyone know the name of it?

Probably came out about a year ago.

Do you think Bitconnect will collapse » Post #10

Wed Nov 08, 2017 20:40 in General Talk

You don't want to hear about the devil peering around the corner.

I'll just say, I don't think it is going to happen quite like that.

You can do this on weekend...tasman1 » Post #9

Wed Nov 08, 2017 08:21 in General Talk

You know that often meats that are not the standard, people tend to say 'it taste like chicken'.
Well I looked it up and it says that Rats really do taste like chicken. Do a search on google.

It is exactly true what 'shadecat' said above in that it is a 'mindset'.

People probably from the beginning of time have eaten squirrels. I know of many people
that hunt and eat squirrels in the Southern US States. Primarily Kentucky and Tennessee.
I can recall my uncles coming down from up north and hunting squirrels, dressing them
outside, bringing them in the house, frying them in a frying pan AND making squirrels

Also, I had uncles that would go to the Kentucky Dam area and capture very large turtles.
They said there really was like 7 types of meat taste/texture in a turtle.

Rats have had a very bad rap and I guess that is primarily because:

-Black Plague
-They'll eat anything even people
-They breed faster than jack rabbits and have a ton of babies
-They will live in most any kind of environment, drainage pipes, sewage pipes, trash, etc.

So the thought of eating a Rat is like the thought of eating sewage or worse.

Chickens are probably one of the nastiest creatures on the planet and people think nothing
about eating them.

The absolute worst is people eating more domesticated type animals such as dogs and cats.
When it comes to domesticated animals, that is a HUGE difference in my book.

Overall, I think people are healthier that stay away from meat altogether.

You can do this on weekend...tasman1 » Post #4

Tue Nov 07, 2017 20:41 in General Talk

A lady out of North Korea said they were starving at one point and her
mother would catch mice and make mice soup. It doesn't sound very
appetizing but it kept them alive.

Bugs » Post #12

Tue Nov 07, 2017 05:16 in General Talk

I don't see them in the summer. It's just when the weather turns cooler and then we have a
very warm day, they'll be every where. It's the Asian beetles and they do sting. They don't
bother me except for that split second when they sting. OUCH!

Maybe I am stupid ...tasman1 » Post #9

Mon Nov 06, 2017 07:42 in General Talk

Some are very funny and also some are very brief and pay well.

Bugs » Post #10

Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:44 in General Talk

Yep the Asian ladybugs are not too friendly. They sting! You'd think
something so small wouldn't hurt but they do. We don't see them here
until the weather gets cold and then turns warm in the Fall. They're
bad for a few days and then mostly seem to disappear.

They don't bother the outside cats. I guess with dogs when dogs are
outside or around them, the dogs will try to bite them and then they
get in their mouth.

I've had to actually pull my shirt off before coming in the house and
shake my shirt off. They do kind of hang on to whatever they attach
themselves to.

For female hair....tasman1 » Post #2

Sun Nov 05, 2017 05:23 in General Talk

It would probably be better not to rinse it out.
That way, if you got thirsty, you could simply consume your hair. :?

payment proofs » Post #6

Sun Nov 05, 2017 05:19 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: Payment Proofs | Members Lounge | ClixSense Forum

See all last post on that page by one person perfect example for reason.

That's exactly why and the thing about it is, moderators have to check every single
one of those.

payment proofs » Post #2

Sat Nov 04, 2017 20:18 in General Talk

They've been locked for a very long time. It is nothing new.

The main reason why they are auto-locked is because some
members spam that area.

Bugs » Post #6

Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:16 in General Talk

I can't recall if it was last year or the year before, the ladybugs were really bad
for a few days and made headline news here. Some did get in the house that

Still, I would rather have them flying around then wasps.

The wasps are usually more than annoying here every summer.
They've been so bad at times that I avoid sitting on the balcony
because they'll be swarming around.

I am not advertising but just this last summer I found a product
that really does work very well. It's Raid that comes in a black
spray can for wasps and hornets. That stuff is great. I spray it
around outside and I won't see any wasps for at least a couple
of weeks. When I start seeing them again, I spray again.

I had previously tried everything else. If you ever have a wasp
problem, get the Raid.

Bugs » Post #3

Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:11 in General Talk

zegon wrote: Catch a ladybug , bite it in the neck , then they learn.

Ladybug's giggles a lot , soon everyone knows that you are deadly and keep away.

I'll do that straight away!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Giggle Giggle Giggle Giggle!


Do you think Bitconnect will collapse » Post #6

Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:08 in General Talk

josealvesjr wrote: Tulip Mania: When Tulips Cost As Much As Houses

Cryptocurrencies and especailly Bitcoin are the talk of the town of late. According to CNBC, the price of a single bitcoin "has gone up at a faster pace than any other speculative vehicle in market history, as investor enthusiasm for the new medium has reached a fever pitch."
Some have likened the Bitcoin craze to Tulip Mania, believing that the bubble is getting ready to burst.
Tulip Mania: The 17th Century Dutch Tulip & Bulb Market Bubble

HaHa! :mrgreen:
That was an enjoyable read.

Tulips are my favorite flower. There are tons of varieties and assortments of mixed colors.
They're just beautiful. I don't have good luck growing them but I do have a few that come
up in the Spring. I have some fake metal ones that almost look real from a distance.

Yeah, I never got into the bitcoin thing or any other type of online fake currency. If I had
learned more about it from the get go, I probably would have invested a little.

I will just say that IF it was me and IF I had invested in bitcoin, I would pull out whatever
amount I had invested as soon as I made profit. I would then take a large portion of the
profits and buy something I could touch.....primarily being Gold or perhaps Silver or as I
had stated before Land. If you do something like that, you won't lose no matter what.

Most people tend to allow greed to get the best of them and then they do lose all profits
and whatever they invested.

Bugs » Post #1

Sat Nov 04, 2017 09:55 in General Talk

Do you have bugs in your area that bug you? What are they?

It's Fall here and the weather is primarily cool but the last couple of days,
it's been very warm. The ladybugs are swarming every where. I can't
walk out of the house without them landing on me.....and some of them
will bite/sting! No fun.

Another Cint $2.50 Credited » Post #2

Sat Nov 04, 2017 09:02 in Success Stories


Those CINT surveys are not too easy to do.

concerns with a survey » Post #3

Fri Nov 03, 2017 08:15 in General Talk

Andy207 wrote: Has anyone else been having issues with the surveys- SaysoforGood?
Since I started a couple months ago, I still til this day haven't been able to do any of there surveys.Every time I click male, or type in my age, it bumps me out and tells me I cannot do it.

I know that I havent been doing for very long, and I know that I see many people on here doing alot of different things, and asking so many different questions.

Yes, Im one of those people who always asks questions to make sure Im doing right etc....

Then I get crappy know it all people on here who say do this and do that or it happens to everyone, and NO thats not the right answer.

So please if you do not have an answer about this then DO NOT COMMENT

One major problem you have is posting lies on this forum!

There have been many members including myself that have replied nicely to your
questions and offered much help. Then you come back to them with 'crappy' rude

I took my time out and answered your questions completely. What did you do?
Did you say thanks? No! You replied very rudely and you ask the exact same
question spamming the forum two more times and stated that I got you in 'trouble'
as if you are five years old.

Well I tell you something, if you want help online and you want help here, you best
ask nicely and stop being very rude and insulting.

I always look for the SaySoGood surveys and in the past several months, they are
my favorite to do. I would offer help to you in regards to those but since you
insulted me and told me I some how got you 'in trouble', I won't bother wasting
my time.

Good luck to you because you really need it.

Pet Insurance? » Post #5

Thu Nov 02, 2017 13:52 in General Talk

It's hot and very windy here with swarms of LadyBugs.

Pet Insurance? » Post #3

Thu Nov 02, 2017 13:07 in General Talk

I don't have a Lab.

I have a little 6 pound Maltese.

I am not asking ClixSense to do anything. I was wondering if anyone here
might have experience with Pet insurance.
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