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Posts by valerie

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #5

Wed Nov 25, 2020 14:45 in General Talk

It could be a new form of a banana tree. It doesn't look green, tho. :?

She smoke for 95 years » Post #1

Wed Nov 25, 2020 11:25 in General Talk

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #3

Wed Nov 25, 2020 11:08 in General Talk

If it's as heavy as it looks, one would almost need a crane to set it into the ground.

What I find even stranger is getting it there. Due to the size and possible weight, one would
need a large truck and/or flatbed and/or trailer. In addition, this is located in the Utah desert.
I can't imagine someone driving out in the Utah desert and not being seen. It certainly would
not be a car that brought it.

At first I thought, maybe it fell from a chopper. It's standing too straight and upright for that
to have happen..

I'm not familiar with the desert dirt there in Utah but it seems to me, a desert ground would
be dry and nothing like mud. Therefore it would need to be very deep into the ground and/or
cement or some type of material poured in.

I can say IF I was an artist and wanted it placed in the Utah desert, I would have put it up
high, not low down in a remote location in which few would only see from the air.

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #1

Wed Nov 25, 2020 07:35 in General Talk

Fraud and corruption once again prevails! » Post #18

Tue Nov 24, 2020 22:29 in General Talk

Here is a video that displays how they remove a filling and refill.

Replacing Amalgam - Direct Restoration Class I Composite - YouTube

Fraud and corruption once again prevails! » Post #17

Tue Nov 24, 2020 22:04 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote: I had two teeth filled today. One had a very old silver filling. I don't know how old it
was but maybe 30 years. They did a very good job of cleaning what teeth I have left
and a very good job at replacing the old silver filling with white filling. Really makes
a huge difference.

It's not just a Silver Valerie, old fillings were a compound of Silver & lead :D I'm surprised they were able to replace an old filling with the composite white filling, that's unusual, because to remove old fillings they have to drill a hole bigger, it's not just removing it and putting a new filling, they have to drill and clean the hole. Do you feel any pain with your dentist during these fillings ? Are you sedated and put to sleep ? laughing gas ? or just a simple shot ? I can imagine you, sedated on Nitrous Oxide :lol: :lol: :lol: If I was a dentist I would have a hard time keeping a straight face :P

You're so funny. :lol:

I didn't have lead in my teeth. :lol:

No, they don't put people to sleep to remove filling and fill a tooth. HaHaHa!

No pain at all. They numb the area just like they do when they are going to extract a tooth.

Nothing unusual about removing filling and placing new filling. My gosh, have you never gone
to a dentist? Here, we go to the dentist at least once per six months for check up and having
teeth cleaned. Well, not everyone does but that is the jest of it.

Fraud and corruption once again prevails! » Post #16

Tue Nov 24, 2020 21:59 in General Talk

You hear so much about disease and death and nursing homes etc.

However, Darkstar2, you should not dwell on that.

The real facts, at least in the USA is very few elderly people go to nursing homes.
It seems like a large number due to all the nursing homes in the USA and the capacity is
generally full. But if you look at statistics, only about 5% of elderly wind up in a nursing
facility. Some of them are in assisted living facilities. Also I should add, not everyone in
a nursing home is an elderly patient.

My grandparents on both sides, were never in a nursing home. My mother and father were
never in a nursing home. Most people do not go into a nursing home.

I can tell you that often a person will move into a nursing home for several months if they
can no longer stay in a hospital room. This can often be due to their insurance coverage.
It can also be due to different needs than the hospital provides. An example may be a
person that breaks a hip and needs to stay in recovery with round the clock help for several
months. Most probable they would move that patient to a nursing home. So there are
people that some times leave the nursing home, alive.

If people are honest, they will tell you they don't remember things as well as they did
when they were younger. Once you turn about 60 or so, it's like your brain lockers are
so full, it's difficult to find the right one to open. It doesn't mean you are ready for a
nursing home but my gosh, when you are about 80 years old, you simply do not compute
as fast as you use to. I don't care what anyone says, Biden is too old to be president and
he is not much more than a patsy for the powers that be. Now Trump was certainly a
nut but he did not allow people to rule him. Biden, the opposite. Biden is the scape
goat. Biden probably does not even remember what he had to eat this morning. It's

A lot of them old fuddy duddys should be booted out of the White House with old Pukie
and old Shustinker and even old Kentucky Mitch. They all dragging axx and don't do
anything but run their old mouths. :lol:

Fraud and corruption once again prevails! » Post #11

Tue Nov 24, 2020 19:04 in General Talk

Maybe it was real silver. I should go back and tell them to give me my silverrrrrrr fillllingggg baccckkk.

Fraud and corruption once again prevails! » Post #9

Tue Nov 24, 2020 15:56 in General Talk

I had two teeth filled today. One had a very old silver filling. I don't know how old it
was but maybe 30 years. They did a very good job of cleaning what teeth I have left
and a very good job at replacing the old silver filling with white filling. Really makes
a huge difference.

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #37

Tue Nov 24, 2020 15:53 in General Talk

The InstaPots are really great to have.

Gunner is saved » Post #10

Tue Nov 24, 2020 15:50 in General Talk

The video is real.

The puppy was not on a leash.

The cameras are placed there by the wildlife organization.

The alligator was small. Their jaws are very strong. The man's fingers were cut up from
trying to hold the jaws open. If you look closely at the video, you can see after the puppy
is free, the man himself tries to free his hands without the gator chomping down on them.

The man did not hesitate but what could have happen, a large gator show up behind him.
He was very much in danger but he did not think about that.

Fraud and corruption once again prevails! » Post #7

Tue Nov 24, 2020 15:40 in General Talk

Unfortunately, age is a little more than a number.

Lots of stuff begins to happen when you turn 50 and from there on, it's pretty
much like a slippy slide.

Gunner is saved » Post #1

Tue Nov 24, 2020 08:39 in General Talk

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #35

Tue Nov 24, 2020 05:40 in General Talk


They say the 'Vortex' is a good air fryer also. It's the one on the right that he
has called 'InstaPot' by mistake a couple of times.

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #33

Mon Nov 23, 2020 21:43 in General Talk

Doctors here do inform their patients of what they need to do for their health.
Don't they do that in Canada?

Why would I be surprised on how life style affects health? :lol:

That's why they came out with ObamaCare Marketplace Plans. They tried to enforce people
to purchase health insurance. They also made it some silly little fine that if you did not have
health insurance you would pay a fine of something like $250 or $500. I don't think anyone
has every paid it and it makes no sense because health insurance cost more than the fine.

No, ObamaCare is nothing like Canada. It's simply a choice of insurance plans and insurance
companies. They threw in some incentives such as pre-existing conditions accepted.

Yes it's important to have medical insurance, for sure. You just never know and it doesn't
matter what age you are, you need to have it here.

The dentists here do have rates and also charge an office visit. So initially they want the office
visit paid up front. If they have your insurance card on file, it's different. They have their
standard fees. Cost per filling a tooth. Cost for cleaning teeth. Cost for extracting a tooth.
Cost for X-rays. Cost of office visit. Cost of partials. Costs of dentures. All that is known.
All one needs to do is ask their dentist or the receptionist. If you need some kind of major
surgery, you'd probably go to a dental surgeon.

I don't pay $300 for meds. I have insurance that covers most of it.

Retirement income is not fixed across the board. It's based on the years worked, income
paid in to social security over the years.

I don't eat hamburgers but yes people put hamburgers and all kinds of food in an air fryer.

And You Are ......... » Post #15

Mon Nov 23, 2020 19:14 in General Talk

I can eliminate the posts. That still makes me an eliminator.

tasman1 you need to keep your toothless to help you build your nest.
Also you will have a difficult time biting green nana's.

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #31

Mon Nov 23, 2020 19:07 in General Talk

Medicare part A is hospital and Medicare part B is doctor.

As I understand it, there is a co-pay and a deductible. Once the deductible is met, there is a 20%
co-pay at least with Part B. If you went to the doctor and your deductible was met and the office
visit was $100, you would pay $20. I know there is a deductible for part A but it may be a bit more
complicated depending on hospital stay, tests, surgeries. Still, medicare will pay most of it.

Medicare part D is drug plan and I am not sure all that involves yet.

Well Darkstar2, believe it or not, it's not always about life style change. Many people have high
blood pressure and are basically healthy otherwise. In regards to changing a life style, doctors
cannot force people to do anything.

No doubt there are bad doctors. I like my doctor so that is good. I've never known of a hospital
stating they needed to have such and such number of surgeries, etc. They don't do that here.

My husbands doctor, hospital bills, was almost one million dollars. His insurance covered most of

Medicare kicks in when a person turns 65. That is if you have paid into medicare. I guess those
that have not paid into medicare over the years get some sort of aid. Maybe they get medicare too.
I dunno. Not to confuse medicare with various insurance companies. A person on medicare can
also carry supplemental insurance with any insurance company they want.

It depends on the person that does not work and what State they are in. Some States, maybe all,
have medicaid. Medicaid will pay according to that States plan. Also, depends on the location of
hospital regulations, etc. I do see more and more signs now in doctor offices, dental offices, etc
'must pay for services first or present insurance card'....something like that.

Oh, the Medicare $145.00 a month, automatically comes out of my retirement check. It's simply
automatic for everyone that is retired unless they refuse it.

I quit smoking years ago.

Don't get me wrong, air fryers do get hot and so does the basket but not so much like a hot pan
on the stove. The basket also cools off very quickly....probably because it is plastic. :roll:

Some plastics are toxic. That's why cooking utensils of plastic are bp free or some such as that.
Free of toxins.

You can in fact place cookware in the basket. I do. You can also place foil in the basket. I do
that too. When I bake fish in the air fryer, I put the fish on a metal pie pan.

And You Are ......... » Post #11

Mon Nov 23, 2020 14:32 in General Talk

Give the ape a banana!

Yes. I am the eliminator here.

If you are very bad, I may have you eliminated from the forums. :lol:

Poll , Life Change » Post #44

Mon Nov 23, 2020 14:29 in General Talk

I don't agree too much with the 'we write the script'.

I prefer to blame it on our parents and DNA. :mrgreen:

You know, how many here can say we decided what country we would be born into and
what education we would receive if any and so on and on.

Here again, it's like John Lennon's mom that was killed. I dunno the fault in it but I am
mighty sure she did not write that into her life script. What about whom ever it was that
run her down and killed her? That was probably an accident and was not wrote into the
drivers life script.

What I am saying is, everything around us has influence on us. Whether it is in our DNA
or learned or not learned. Others we know, even online, may influence our thoughts, our
decisions, and even our subconscious.

There's books wrote about people that just can't ever get a break their entire life. Lots of
people like that in real life. I'm not saying the choices we make do not make a difference
because it does. It's that we don't always know if the choices we make are going to be
the right ones. A person may be intelligent, work hard, make seemingly good decisions
but be an unfortunate. He may get fired, his family falls off a cliff and dies, he is diagnosed
with leprosy, and the guy has a big heart, kind to everyone, but yet he suffers every day
by no choice of his own.

Just sayin.

And You Are ......... » Post #9

Mon Nov 23, 2020 14:18 in General Talk

Keep guessing.
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