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Lockdown » Post #81

Sun Nov 08, 2020 15:35 in General Talk

Money talks.

Lockdown » Post #79

Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:29 in General Talk

Well here is the jest of it.

For starters, Pennsylvania pulled the shades, would not let people in, at one point during
the ballot count.

One huge issue surrounds the mail in ballots. I think we have had less than three or four
States (maybe less) conduct mail in ballots over the years.

Election Day has always been Election Day. Time start, Time end. No if's, No buts, no
excuses. You made it to an election booth or you didn't vote. You made it there before
closing or you didn't vote.

Now what some of these States have done, such as Pennsylvania, is tally votes way past
the Election Day deadline. This is a very big issue.

Some States are saying they did not know about a deadline. Some States say as far as
they knew, they could continue to count those votes.

Some States say as long as they are postmarked by THE Election Day, they are counted.

Now then, whether anyone wants to believe it or not, I would bet more than a buck that
there was hanky panky going on with those ballots. They did sweeps of a FEW Post Offices
and found box's of ballots. So this is an issue in regards to voters ballots not making
it to their destination.

THAT is in regards to ballots that were completed. Another issue is the ballots that never
made it to the homes of registered voters. They never arrived. Before you say, well they
could have gone and voted in person. There is that little scare of something called a
pandemic and its the reason why this mail in ballot existed across the States.

Trump was correct about mail in voting. There is all kinds of fraud that can take place.
Not only fraud, but simple accidents. Lost ballots. Tossed ballots. How many post office
workers have you ever heard committing crimes? Well I tell you, it's a lot!

Oh, and the Sharpies. My mail in ballot stated very plainly that we must use a black ink
pen only. Using anything other than a black ink pen, would not be counted.

But they used Sharpies (markers). ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the voter ballots did it say
it was ok to use markers.

With all that said, does it matter, would have it mattered in regards to who won? I don't
know but I do know the mail in ballot voting was a crisis in itself.

They need to come up with a much better voting option for the future.

Country That’s Never Had an Election » Post #5

Sat Nov 07, 2020 21:09 in General Talk

Banana peels.

Escape Routes » Post #15

Sat Nov 07, 2020 21:05 in General Talk

Well here we go again. Obama is half white. Most people consider him all black.

Harris is half Indian and half black. Most people consider her black.

I think it's how they consider themselves. Obama always portrayed himself as a black man.

Harris, always portrays herself as a black woman.

To me, Harris looks Indian.

The thing is, you folks don't realize the secretive under cover corruptness of not just the
USA media but the USA FBI and every other branch as well. Since day one when Trump
took office, those branches lied and did everything they could, to get him out of office.
These are real facts, true facts. No matter how much Trump screamed fake news, it did
not do him much good because he did not have evidence to always follow up on it or how
it went down. But if you do your research, you will find that Trump really was not only
treated very unfairly, he was sabotaged in more ways than one by powers that are even
beyond his control. Speaking of Indians, there is a really very intelligent Indian guy that
was hired in all this and a bit too late in one respect. He found a lot of information that
should get those powers that be fired and in jail. But thats just it, they are the powers
that be.

Biden is a patsy. I'm sorry that so many people cannot see that but he is. In fact, many
presidents are to a large extent. Biden has been in office for 40 years and has never done
anything, not really. He is an agreed upon patsy because yes, he is in his last years. 78
is mighty old. Look at him. Listen to him.

I am telling you the common sense truth. Trump lost because he is an achole. He lost
because many woman hate him. He lost one State because the Muslims hate him and
they voted for Biden. He lost because his character is embarrassing to the USA. He lost
because Biden promises FREE FREE FREE. Trump did NOT lose because of the pandemic.

Biden is already saying he is giving everyone on social security an extra $200 per month
hazard pay.

I don't even want to talk about it or think about it any more. I hope that we are going
in the right direction but some how, I don't think so. We shall see, if we live long enough.

Lockdown » Post #72

Sat Nov 07, 2020 20:41 in General Talk

Madison91 wrote:
valerie wrote: Still not totally sure what you mean.

Every State offers various programs, university, colleges, vocational schools, online education,
certificate's, licenses, etc. About everything you can think of. As I previously stated, some
programs offer government and/or State funding, grants, etc.

I mean International Student Policy.

As far as I know, since the pandemic they are not participating in foreign student exchange.

Lockdown » Post #65

Sat Nov 07, 2020 17:07 in General Talk

Still not totally sure what you mean.

Every State offers various programs, university, colleges, vocational schools, online education,
certificate's, licenses, etc. About everything you can think of. As I previously stated, some
programs offer government and/or State funding, grants, etc.

Draining the Swamp » Post #2

Sat Nov 07, 2020 07:55 in General Talk

They'll probably still be there a hundred years from now. :evil:

Paula White Prayer Service For Trump's reelection » Post #3

Sat Nov 07, 2020 07:51 in General Talk



Escape Routes » Post #9

Sat Nov 07, 2020 07:46 in General Talk

Just the opposite. People in Mexico have their bags packed.

No more boat people, Biden will send cruise ships.

Nope, no more fracking, no more drilling, we'll get oil from other countries. Of course no one
will drive because GAS will be too EXPENSIVE. WAIT! We'll get gas for FREEEEEE!

14 Sons and finally a Girl » Post #12

Sat Nov 07, 2020 07:42 in General Talk

It showed two long tables they eat at.

Someone said, supper is like a banquet every day.

I just can't imagine it all. That's 15 of your life being pregnant. That's 15 pairs of shoes.

MOMMMMM I don't want to wear John's hand me downs!!!

14 Sons and finally a Girl » Post #10

Fri Nov 06, 2020 22:00 in General Talk

All those nasty boys! I can't imagine. :lol:

Good news - Major development has happened ! » Post #2

Fri Nov 06, 2020 21:59 in General Talk

I don't like jelly beans and Jalapeños should be for Martians only.

Whoever invented fruit cake should be sent to a galaxy far far away.

Lockdown » Post #59

Fri Nov 06, 2020 21:55 in General Talk

Someone left the L out of Kamala Harris middle name. I'm surprised no one has mentioned
her middle name. If they haven't, they will. I did.

14 Sons and finally a Girl » Post #8

Fri Nov 06, 2020 21:33 in General Talk

I'd say they must like having kids.

Lockdown » Post #43

Fri Nov 06, 2020 18:33 in General Talk

@Darkstar2, it's far from over.

Trump will do his best to hold onto the presidency because he does not like losing.

I don't know why anyone would want to be president anyway. He should simply leave
and go travel the world to golf courses.

14 Sons and finally a Girl » Post #6

Fri Nov 06, 2020 18:23 in General Talk

I dunno.

But can you imagine the baby girl when she grows up and ask how many brothers
she has? 'I have fourteen brothers'.

I think it said the oldest son is something like 29 years old. Can you imagine....she
will be like 30 and he will be like 60.

Lockdown » Post #42

Fri Nov 06, 2020 18:20 in General Talk

I must add, students generally can qualify for student loans.

Biden wants to forgive student loans. :shock:

Lockdown » Post #41

Fri Nov 06, 2020 18:13 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Kamala Harris American born but in reality big Indian nationalist who will push USA Canada and Australia in HOT REAL war against China with help of many Indian nationalist politicians like Jagmeet Singh in Canada

I think her mother is Indian and her father is African American.

Don't quote me on that but I think I am correct.

Lockdown » Post #40

Fri Nov 06, 2020 18:12 in General Talk

splat44 wrote: Where does political parties stand on social assistance benefit in US for under privileges?

I know in my country and city offer free universities courses for under privileges like:

  1. Photographic/photoshop
  2. religion
  3. ect...

Those coourses are made possible due churches, individual donors and teachers

I don't know if US has that in place but think would be a good suggest to implement.

Social Assistance?

In regards to education and vocational training, most anyone can attend that wants to go and
keep up their grades. Colleges are two year programs. For example, I have an AA degree in
General Studies. That is, an Associates of Arts degree in General Studies. That is a two year
program of general classes such as English, Literature, Art, Math, Science, Economics, Business,
Sociology, Psychology, etc. For people that want to pursue a Bachelors degree, such as myself,
attending a college first, is a good way to go about it if a university is not in your city. After
receiving the AA degree, I had to move to a city where a university was available.

Colleges in the USA, although primarily two year programs, often offer some other degrees such
as a one year program. An example is LPN program that is approximately 13 months. That
is Licensed Practical Nursing.

After moving to another city where the university is located, I focused my studies in Rehabilitation
Education and Psychology. In the USA, four year degrees consist of the first two years, primarily
of social sciences (hence my AA degree) so those classes were already out of the way for me. My
classes at the University were classes such as Psychology of Learning, Psychology of Aging,
Social Psychology, History of Psychology, etc. Rehab classes focuses on Disabilities, Physical,
Mental, Counseling, etc. Additional classes also such as Sign Language. I thought I might manage
an education house for the deaf, or find it desirable at some point.

We also have Technical Schools in the USA. Tech schools may be short training courses of even
last an entire year. Vocational Technical Schools is more what they are referred as. For example
a Cashier Course trains for working in a store with cash registers. Sounds simple but they do have
training for it. Also, automobile mechanic training.

There is no loss for education in the USA. If you have the ability, you can usually attend.

To get into College and University in the USA, you must have a high school diploma and you
must pass the entrance exams. After passing, you may declare your Minor and your Major.

Government Grants are offered to students in a lower income bracket. The government grants
you do not pay back. The government grants will generally cover your tuition and even the
cost of the books. Now this depends on qualifications AND the NUMBER of grants you can get
AND the State in which you reside. This is because there may be MORE than one type of
government grant you qualify to receive. You might also qualify for State grants. These are
in the form of checks. You take the check to the bank and cash the check. You then use the
money to pay your tuition for that semester and pay for your books. After that, you may have
some money left and you may not. If you are fresh out of high school, you may qualify for
dormitory grant. Dormitory grants are usually good only for the first two years of university.
Colleges do not have dorms.

You must keep up at least a C average in order to continue to receive grants every semester.
That is a 2.0 average. You must have at least a 2.0 average to graduate. 4.0 is the highest.

4.0 = A
3.0 = B
2.0 = C

Some places of employment will pay you to go to college or university. They will reimburse
your semester of tuition when you give them a copy of your grades or grade point average.

It's one major reason for the term 'land of opportunity' because anything you want to be,
you can be if you have the desire, knowledge, and work ethics to do it such as studying

14 Sons and finally a Girl » Post #4

Fri Nov 06, 2020 17:29 in General Talk

It's difficult to imagine.

I did see the news video and they said two of their oldest sons are
out of the house and the next two oldest are away at college. That
only leaves eleven mouths to feed besides their own. :roll:
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