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Warning - MAC/Safari users especially » Post #1

Mon May 06, 2019 18:03 in General Talk

I'd been having an issue the last couple of days with Safari not loading after visiting
several web pages.

Don't spend hours on tech support. It's most probable a malware. You can go to
Malwarebytes and download the free trial which support says will actually stay free
on your Mac unless u do want to upgrade. Click scan and it will find that malware
and remove it.

She is a senior apple tech advisor and she said she has been getting a LOT of these
from folks the last few days.

BE CAREFUL, especially with downloads. Malware can hide in downloads.

Can I add my sons youtube channel » Post #3

Mon May 06, 2019 14:09 in General Talk

rangers121 wrote: hi everyone can i add my sons youtube channel on here . it has no links to clixsense on it atall . i am just trying to get him some people to like it . he has only just begun doing them and is rusty , its a gaming channel . thankyou for any help .


Surveys VS Tasks, which is better? » Post #2

Sun May 05, 2019 16:48 in General Talk


The song comes to mind 'it's the time of the season'.....

In other words, there always seems to be times when GPT programs do very well in
regards to it's members making money doing the stuff within. Whether that be tasks,
surveys, offers, videos, or something else.

I think one big issue is the way programs change hands, change software, experiment
with their members.

It is a shame that all these things can't do exactly as stated, payout as stated. We know
there is issues at times of surveys being much longer to complete then it states, not
paying as it states, reversal, string errors, etc.

I suspect, that people making the most money is probably those that focus on just that...
making money. Those people will do tasks, surveys, offers, and so on. Of course, if
time is an issue, people tend to have their favorite and stick to it.

I can't comment much on tasks. Surveys, I understand. Tasks, I don't understand.
For example in doing some tasks I did one time, I had to choose if someone was
naked or not. Yes, No, Yes, No. It actually and truly made me nauseated. Oh I have
completed some other tasks too at times but never liked any of it. Some of the tasks
I felt like I was going on a scavenger hunt. That would have been alright except getting
paid a squatters sum to run all over google and search pages, was a drag to me.

The most annoying thing to me when doing surveys is answering the same questions
over and over again. I understand why they do but it is still annoying.

If you are really into it and spend a lot of time online doing this stuff, you can rake up
a pretty good amount of dollars. All things considered of course.

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #21

Fri May 03, 2019 11:16 in General Talk

$99 each!

I guess it was Christmas before last, Google came out with the little round
Google thingies. They were something like $49. Then around Christmas
time on some sights such as Walmart, they were selling them for $29 PLUS
you got a $25 Walmart credit to use. I bought one and then bought a second.
You weren't really getting a direct credit to Walmart dot com. It was thru sort
of a Google portal store that did not offer everything that Walmart has. So with
one of my $25 credits I purchased toilet tissue and with the other I purchased
paper towels. It was actually a very good deal. In essence you could say I
gave $4 each for the google talk thingies.

I'm gonna go see what the actual name is.......

Top 10 contributor

Google Home Mini
I'm a top 10 contributor at Walmart dot com and have 705 positive feedback
for it and 89 negative feedback for my review of it.

Anyway, I like them for the price I paid. Primarily I kept one beside my bed
and I would ask it what time it is, set for it to wake me up, etc. I had one in
the kitchen too.

They only sent out that email about the $99 bulbs, a week ago or less. I know
I wouldn't buy it. It might be handy for someone but I am not sure who it would
be. My BS degree is Rehab and yep I can see how various gadgets can be helpful
for the disabled. For example, arthritis in the hands. Still, the price is higher than
many other products one can be for the disabled.

It's truly become to difficult to keep up with it all. I mean, you go out and spend
a thousand bucks on a tech item and one month later, they have a newer model.

It makes you want to be a Tom Hanks on an island in the Pacific. Put the lime in
the coconut. haha!

I'm Newer in ClixSense » Post #4

Fri May 03, 2019 10:54 in Member Introduction

lovesuccess wrote: click every day and rent referralr

ClixSense does NOT rent referrals!

Renting or Purchasing referrals else where to ClixSense is not allowed.

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #17

Fri May 03, 2019 05:31 in General Talk

The real problem is.....people will buy it!

I've got a couple of those little round google talk things.
When I moved, I never bothered to get them out and plug them up.
They're around here some where. However, the other day I received
an email from google stating they now can turn your lights on and off.
All you gotta do is buy their light bulbs. Guess how much their light
bulbs are? I think it said they are $99.00. There is people that will
pay that. So dumb.

Skrill criminals? » Post #2

Thu May 02, 2019 06:12 in General Talk

1. It's a good idea to read and if you have questions, to contact them. It would make
sense to have a larger amount to withdraw before you submit a withdraw.

2. The word 'retarded' in America is considered a vulgar word. I have a BS degree
in Rehabilitation and I for one, do not appreciate the use of that word. People with
mental disabilities do not appreciate the use of that word.

3. If you do not want to use Skrill as your payment option, don't use it.

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #13

Wed May 01, 2019 14:23 in General Talk

Well I dunno about that. I have an HP printer that was less than $50 bucks, if memory serves me correct.
I've had it for several years and it has never given me a problem. I've used it a lot. I also get $10 bucks
(amazon gift code) a month from HP by simply participating (reply or answer or survey x 3 a month).

I will say I have never had an HP laptop so can't comment on that.

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #10

Tue Apr 30, 2019 06:39 in General Talk

My washer I can open the lid at any time. It automatically stops when the lid is
open except for the start when water is running in.

I will relay that info to my sister but I don't think her's has a pause button on it.
Maybe it does and she doesn't know it. LOL.

Well I thought it was my Dell ChromeBook that I purchased Christmas before last,
that no longer charged. I plugged it up last night and it charges just fine.

It's probably another Dell laptop.

This thread has got me off my butt to go thru my office and do updates on my
electronics, to say the least.

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #8

Mon Apr 29, 2019 19:16 in General Talk

Yep, my washer and dryer is very simplistic in comparison to those big machines today.
Mine is a standard top load washer and the side door dryer. My sister complains about
her washer because when her washer starts, she can't open it. It won't let her open it
until it is completely finished washing.

I have several electronics that I do need to plug in and make sure they are working. I
may some day buy a replacement battery for the dell, but I kind of doubt it. Wonder if
I should remove the dead battery?

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #6

Mon Apr 29, 2019 17:00 in General Talk

Everyone in the back day would say DELL was fantastic and many people today love DELL.

I hate DELL. haha!

There is or at least was, guess it is still there, in Nashville, TN and I have gone by it before
traveling. Not too far from me.

Anyway, I have had multiple DELL's and have always had issues with them. I never had a
DELL last longer than 2 years. Most bellied up in a year.

Before DELL was Gateway. Those were popular in the back day. I had a Gateway before I
had a DELL. The Gateway laptop had a battery charge that lasted 40 minutes if I was lucky.
Of course, that was the days when batteries did not last very long. I was rather fond of the
Gateway and you know what, I think I still have it some where and it still works or worked.

Not too long ago I bought a small DELL laptop and did not use it. After about a year, I went
to turn it on and I guess the battery is dead. I tried charging it and it's deader than a door

So at one point I finally went with a MAC and it was a 27" desktop. Lasted probably close
to 6 years and I used it very heavily. That thing is so heavy and I have it in a closet wondering
if I should stomp on it, take it apart in pieces, or simply let it sit there until I am dead.

I bought a new MAC about 8 months ago but I did not buy the 27" and I am glad I didn't.
I think this smaller one is 22" and it's much easier to move around, takes up less space,
and I don't notice the difference when using it.

Many products are also about USE. How much you use it and how you use it. For some
people a product may last a long time and someone else with same product has nothing
but problems.

Brands - Really nonsense » Post #2

Mon Apr 29, 2019 05:54 in General Talk

I don't know about where everyone else sits but in the USA, brand can be very important.
That is not to say new brands or off brands are not important.

Many companies and people, are not into the quality of their trade any more like they
used to be years ago. Many products are made cheaper today and many people do
not appreciate their job.

For example in the USA, there was a time when there manufacturing every where.
I can give almost first hand experience to that because I lived in the suburbs of
Chicago.... ChicagoLand. Much of my family, uncles, worked in the steel mills.
Companies such as Inland Steel, Northern Indiana Steel, etc. The memory stays
fresh in my mind, recalling the lunch box's and hard hats. People were very appreciative
of their jobs and glad to have work. Probably a good phrase for that time is the
'whistle while you work' because people were happy. People were proud of what
they made and they wanted to keep the good job they had. They made quality
items with quality parts.

Today, many people don't care. They don't even care if they have work. They think
they are entitled to everything. They don't care about quality. Many of the parts
products are made with today, are cheap, cheap plastics and cheap metals. Ever
see a screw break in half or a cast iron skillet break in half? Years ago, that would
be near an impossibility. Today, screws snap in to like toothpicks and cast iron will
break. Many USA companies became so greedy they went to other countries where
people were poor and would accept very low wages.

Quality seemingly has gone out the window.

BUT with that said, there are products today that are certainly better than yesteryears.

A newer product I hate is washing and dryer machines. I have a pair of Maytag washer/
dryer machines. They are simple and I have had them for several years. Well, counting
on my fingers, I have had them approximately 7 years. I dread the day they stop
working and hope they never will. Today it is difficult to find a new washer and dryer
that is not huge with gazillions of digital settings. That brings me to another issue....
too many gadgets on products today. Of course the more you put on a product, the
more possibility something will go wrong with it.

What the heck do people need huge washer/dryer machines with all the digital settings, for?

All I need is a knob that turns to cold, hot, warm, start, off. I don't want a monster
washer/dryer. LOL

The future is here and now Robots take control!! » Post #2

Sat Apr 27, 2019 06:31 in General Talk

If you are going to grab content off the internet and post it, you need to post
the credit. That is where or who wrote it. You need to realize that it is illegal
to take someone's content and use it without giving credit to who it belongs

Zombie Programs, Movies, Series, etc » Post #42

Fri Apr 26, 2019 05:19 in General Talk

Don't be scared. I won't put the zombie whammy to ClixSense members.

I did find you a blonde. I tried to upload her for you but she was so ugly
I kept getting an error message: Error Ugly Blonde

Zombie Programs, Movies, Series, etc » Post #40

Wed Apr 24, 2019 17:08 in General Talk

What is it that you did not like about Black Summer?

Confused ??? » Post #2

Tue Apr 16, 2019 06:41 in General Talk

I don't think having a pet is an 'opportunity'.

A pet is family. It's a life time commitment. No matter how good or
how bad the pet may be, it is family.

No one can legitimately answer that question for you. If you are only
wanting the dog for mischief and entertainment, my answer would be
a very loud NO. Instead, allow someone else to have it, someone that
will give it love, trust, and care for it forever.

Zombie Programs, Movies, Series, etc » Post #38

Sat Apr 13, 2019 15:18 in General Talk

Once upon a time plasticspastic started streaming on netflix and turned to plastticspasic zombie
and then watched Black Mirror whilst streaming on Netflix through Google Chrome and got a
virus that turned him into a sea monkey.....

Zombie Programs, Movies, Series, etc » Post #34

Sat Apr 13, 2019 05:53 in General Talk

I googled it. Netflix is geared towards windows. They were doing an interactive
season, I think was the problem I had. I normally don't use windows. It may have
wanted me to download Microsoft. Not sure if that was the exact issue or not. I
just know it did not work so I did not watch it.

Netflix is really strange for apple users. When they first came out, there were times
I watched Netflix programs on my MAC. Now I can't. Also, to view trailers and search
online their website, is just about impossible using MAC/Safari.

Zombie Programs, Movies, Series, etc » Post #33

Sat Apr 13, 2019 05:41 in General Talk

Nooo I had not heard of 'Mom and Dad' but just watched the trailer on Amazon.
The movie is not available on Amazon, will check on Netflix.

Pricing for all these streaming options, depends on what you prefer.

I prefer Amazon because for me, it makes sense. I do order a lot from
Amazon so I am a prime member anyway. I think it has the best for
movies and shows, for me.

Hulu, I kind of like and have been a subscriber in the past but I found
I rarely watched it so I no longer have a paid account with them.

I joined Netflix when it first started. I did the 3 dvd's out at a time.
Eventually I went down to 1 dvd out at a time. I got tired of the dvd
option because for starters, once you watch all the new release movies
you want to see, it's almost difficult finding something to choose. I
have not went with the dvd option in years and pretty sure I won't
ever again.

There's really not much on Netflix that is worthy of me keeping a
subscription year round.

I have Roku so I do have a lot of channels but even so, I mainly use

I truly don't remember what the issue was with Black Mirror. I just
remember it said they were doing something different this season
and in order to watch it, you needed Microsoft or something. You
didn't get that? I thought my gosh, a lot of people are going to be
mad. You can google to see what the problem was/is. I don't recall.

Zombie Programs, Movies, Series, etc » Post #31

Fri Apr 12, 2019 19:45 in General Talk

Yeah, I am the same way with Walking Dead, I just watch it because I always have.
I watch it on Netflix so I am always a season behind.

Yep, I cancel Netflix from time to time. They tend to keep your information so it is
simply a matter of reactivating the account. They keep going up in price.

I read that Disney is beating Netflix prices and that people have been investing in
it like crazy. Some sort of Disney thing similar to Netflix I guess.

I finished watching the first season of Black Summer on Netflix. I liked it. People
become zombies when they die. They become zombies when they are bit but also
if they die from a car wreck or anything. There is one guy in it that I think played
in the Walking Dead at some point.

There's a silly Nic Cage movie on Netflix too. 'Between Worlds'. Almost hilarious
but not meant to be.

Maybe I will try Black Mirror again. I think they did some sort of digital puter
thingie and I couldn't get it the past season.
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