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Walmart buys Jet » Post #5

Wed Aug 10, 2016 08:34 in General Talk

jjohnson777 wrote: I am using amazon less and less. They becoming full of poor quality substandard stuff. I hate but if can not easily find it at Amazon that next site. They got less items so sometimes much easier find what looking for. They do not let 3rd parties sell their so less likely find fakes from Chinese sellers. Now only go amazon for books, ebooks, and few other things. Electronics and movies I go I use when find as often find store out of it. Hopefully jet purchase make better. 3 billion dollars safe bet they doing it just for this reason as ran by person that started bunch sites used in past that Amazon bought out. I given up on improving so no longer waste time telling them there site substandard on new listings 75% have no pictures or descriptions of new releases on dvds or blurays. But it easier find there than Amazon which only reason I go thru there substandard site. Bestbuy cheaper on new releases by few dollars alot of times another reason.

Obvious Target be go down drain like Kmart and if walmart does not improve soon it will too. Alot articles about how bad sellers swamping Amazon so obvious I not only one having problem but if stick to safe categories be very happy.

I think much of it just relates to customer ease of use and what they want.

Amazon has a great layout and such a huge array of products. For the most part it is easy for
the customer to use in addition to being able to read reviews and even post comments and
communicate with people that have purchased said product.

Walmart website totally stinks. Searches often come up blank. It never saves your city locale,
at least not for long. They can't keep items in stock so half the time they are out of what you
want, online and in the store. When you order something, it is like fright night waiting on it to
arrive because it takes two weeks and some times longer for their standard shipping......when
you finally receive the little container of spice you ordered it arrives in a two ton box with enough
brown paper to fill the Atlantic ocean.

Walmart buys Jet » Post #4

Wed Aug 10, 2016 08:24 in General Talk

Marcel666 wrote: My question what is a Jet store??

Yes. It is and they came online not too long ago......maybe a year ago.
It is kind of weird how it works. I joined but I have never purchased anything.

Need Money for Christmas ? » Post #9

Tue Aug 09, 2016 09:07 in General Talk

That's the all opened it and read it.

So use the subject line in your ads.

Walmart buys Jet » Post #1

Tue Aug 09, 2016 09:04 in General Talk

I joined Jet some months ago when it came online but I have never purchased
anything from them.

Now I hear that Walmart has purchased Jet.

Walmart has a horrible shopping site/set up. I mean in one way it is easy to
navigate but there are issues with their site. It is far from up to date.

I was a Spark Reviewer for Walmart and I really liked it. It was kind of like
Amazon's Vine Reviewer program. However, after less than 1 and a half years,
they ended the Spark Review program. It ended abruptly. It was weird.

Walmart's packaging is often a nightmare but they do make it right if you
contact them about it.

So I just wonder what they intend for the 'Jet' webstore.

Love Those Amazon Deals but No Cash? » Post #11

Tue Aug 09, 2016 08:59 in General Talk

There is a lot I like about Amazon but there are a few things I don't like.

They're really strict on the reviews. Some customers can post basically nothing for their review
and others not follow their posting rules at all, and their reviews are posted. So in this regard
I think they are too strict on their review rules so much so that the employees don't know what
they should allow and what they shouldn't.

It's some what irritating when they don't post my review. It's just the action of spending my
time writing the review, uploading images, and then it is never posted. :lol:

Some times it is very difficult to find help or direct contact information. It's information overload.

I've never had problems entering a gift CODE and I do that on a fairly regular basis.....enter a
gift code to my gift code balance.

I guess there is just so much cheating and scamming going on today that they go overboard
where it doesn't help them a bit. I know I sure wouldn't call my bank either and ask them to
call Amazon. Amazon should be the one calling the bank themselves if they questioned that.

eBay Shoppers Get Free PayPal Funds » Post #3

Tue Aug 09, 2016 01:08 in General Talk

That is very weird.

Love Those Amazon Deals but No Cash? » Post #5

Tue Aug 09, 2016 01:08 in General Talk

Why would you get suspended for using a gift card? Did they think you were cheating or something?

Need Money for Christmas ? » Post #1

Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:12 in General Talk

There ya are

How To Shop Online Without Money » Post #3

Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:08 in General Talk

Marcel666 wrote: Order everything with a fake name :lol:

ahahahahahahahaha You so funny! :lol:

eBay Shoppers Get Free PayPal Funds » Post #1

Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:07 in General Talk

Attract the shoppers because it is the largest online market

Love Those Amazon Deals but No Cash? » Post #1

Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:06 in General Talk

There ya are

How To Shop Online Without Money » Post #1

Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:05 in General Talk

That's your ad line

You can take it from there

Where are the Aussie's » Post #8

Sun Aug 07, 2016 21:27 in General Talk

@seaeagle I think that would make an interesting topic.....what months are your seasons....or
is that what seasons are your months.... :?

Information Need. » Post #2

Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:02 in General Talk

A good idea is to browse through the website inside and out first and READ.
A good place to READ first is the FAQ because it answers a lot of questions.
You'll locate the FAQ by mousing over the 'Helpdesk' link at the very top of the page.

Basically, all the earning options are listed across the top of the page in the dark blue color tabs with white font....

View Ads

That is all very self explanatory and of course, easy to locate since they are directly across the top of the page.

It gets a little more in-depth in that if you want to refer other people by giving them your referral link.
When they enroll at your ClixSense website, you will earn a percentage of their activity plus you can
get sign up bonus too.

The 'daily checklist bonus' is a good way to earn even more money and you can read about that
in the FAQ.

Where are the Aussie's » Post #3

Sun Aug 07, 2016 01:38 in General Talk

I have rarely in all my years online in marketing, see Australians. I think one time an Aussie told
me it was because their dollar is way high over there in comparison and it wasn't worth it to enter
into the make money arena.

Ads » Post #2

Sun Aug 07, 2016 01:37 in General Talk

ClixSense is not configured for mobile.

Where are the Aussie's » Post #1

Sat Aug 06, 2016 23:42 in General Talk

I always wonder that. What do the Australian's do online?

Happy Catintines Day » Post #12

Sat Aug 06, 2016 23:39 in General Talk

Well he is just an old cat and all he wants to do is lay in the door where the sun can hit him and
where he can see out the glass door all day. That and walking to and from the food court is his
activity. Every now and then he gets a spry moment, lays flat, wiggles butt, and jumps up like
he is attacking an imaginary bird.

He also has a nerve problem. You've probably known of cats that if you touch them at a certain
spot they meow funny. Well he has that really really bad. He doesn't have to be touched at all.
He has brief seizures that last only a second or two.

He is just a strange cat but I suspect he may have been mistreated as he was a stray.

Happy Catintines Day » Post #10

Fri Aug 05, 2016 21:47 in General Talk

@wombatqueen I've always been silly. I had a silly childhood. My best friends were silly but not as silly as me. Now that I am aged like old holly cheese, I find myself watching danny kaye movies at 4am and laughing so hard I not only cry hysterically, I pee myself. A hormone imbalance I suppose. :lol:

@ThelmaLou Not really. I have had cats all my life and I have concluded it is probably the Imes dry cat food I have been feeding him. He never did that until I started feeding him Imes. Imms. Well however you spell it. I've been feeding him Imes for over a year and he has been waling at night for almost as long. I liked it because he doesn't barf but rarely. However, when he finishes off this last batch of dry Imes, I am going to switch him to another dry food. I think this dry food makes him feel empty. He does get wet food for supper, by the way. I have also known that some times worms can cause a cat to feel hungry all the time, even fat cats and he is a fat cat. Bottomline, I am working on it because I can't take one eye constantly peeking at me with that hungrier than tho look and every time I move, he charges to the food court as if I am going to go put food in his dish every minute of every day.

Funny or Dumb? » Post #6

Mon Aug 01, 2016 08:45 in General Talk

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