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What was your first impression? » Post #2

Sat Aug 03, 2019 07:52 in General Talk

I thought 'simplistic way to program the new name, remove first part, add one letter'.

I wasn't fond of it at first but now it has grown on me. Easy to type in, easy to spell,
easy not to make a typo mistake, easy when explaining to others. And there is a lot
of jingles that could be used such as:

Y do you need extra money?
Y not go where you can make money?
At ySense, we earn cash. Y? Because it
makes Sense.


Big company buying small gpt sites » Post #12

Sat Aug 03, 2019 07:43 in General Talk

To be very clear and as I stated in my original topic.

Jim sold it because he has focus else where. That is it in a nutshell. That focus else where

-His wife
-His grand children
-His several offline brick and mortar businesses

Of course Jim was making money here. If he wasn't, no one would buy it.

I understand totally.

For all My Friends on ySense across the world.. » Post #2

Sat Aug 03, 2019 07:27 in General Talk

Thanks for posting that info.

to bad the way its going » Post #5

Sat Aug 03, 2019 07:18 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: As Valerie wrote in her post Jim was not making money here and he has offline business so he sold Clixsene,now everyone has to live with time,changes are coming in everything,we all need to adjust slowly earning on these sites will matter more .

Don't tell lies! I never said Jim wasn't making money here!

Can we please get some answers ? Valerie / Staff » Post #81

Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:39 in General Talk

Yeah, just a moment I will start a new topic/thread.

Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock » Post #2

Wed Jul 31, 2019 20:58 in General Talk

Here we go.......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :mrgreen:

Potatoes are NO NO NO in U.S....tasman1 » Post #5

Wed Jul 31, 2019 18:42 in General Talk

I ate a big fat sweet potato for my supper last night.

After it was cooked completely and mushy inside, I split it open and
put a half ton of butter on it and then smothered it with brown sugar
and then I sprinkled fresh aromatic organic cinnamon powder on it.

Then I went into den and ate it while I watched tv. My dog stared
at me. I told him...... NO NO NO, NOT FOR BO BO DOGS! :mrgreen:

Scheduled Maintenance » Post #30

Wed Jul 31, 2019 16:14 in General Talk

@dsbe you took the risk and that is ok.

I have always told people, referrals, etc to NEVER invest all the earnings.
My rule of thumb has always been keep at least 1/3 of profit. That way
if you lose, you still win.

Just know, what you did, was OK. And believe it or not, it still might pan
out for you.

One other thing you might want to keep in mind, again as I always have
told people, never look past 3%. For example, if you refer 100 people,
1 to 3 percent of them will be active. Over time, that 1 to 3 may stop
being active totally. IF you gain more than 3% that is great but never
look past that in regards to your pocket book.

Nothing wrong with taking the risk. With affiliate marketing, that's a
whole lot of what it's about. Remember however, you want to keep
your risk minimum as you can.

Australian Rich ???....tasman1 » Post #32

Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:21 in General Talk

Australian Rich ???....tasman1 » Post #30

Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:47 in General Talk

Naw, having electric at a mobile home is no different then having electric at a house
down the road or in town. Mobile homes do have electric poles in which the electric
meter is attached.

Naw, just because you live in the county does not mean you are on Mars. HaHa!
You still have 911 and phone service, even a landline if that is what you want.

All in all, I suppose it mainly depends on where you live.

I've lived in the country/county most of my life. I now live in an old coal mining town.
However, where I lived before was in the country, I had well water and electric of

Welllll not so much any more Darkstar2. It used to be that mobile houses depreciated
a lot faster than a house. Now they are selling mobile houses for more than what was
originally paid for them.

A lot has to do with the housing market. When Bob passed away, I put my house up
for sale and assumed it would take a year or more to sell. I had no idea what the
housing market was. It was and still is a sellers market right now. I had several sets
of people look at my place and it sold in two weeks! I was very unprepared all the
way around. I bought a little house near KY Dam that I was not thrilled with but had
to do something. I ran out of time. It was extremely difficult to find a house so I
took what I could. Then a couple of months later a decent house opened a few towns
over near my sister so I put my house up for sale and it sold in one week! Then I
bought the house I am in now. So as you can see, a lot to deal with, Bob passing
away, house selling in two weeks, buying house selling it in one week, buying another
house. It was absolutely insane!

And location location location is a huge difference in pricing. This is all vacation, resort
areas where I live. Housing can be expensive, whether it be a house, cabin, mobile
house, if on the lake or near the lake or dam.

Some of the mobile houses around here are really beautiful. 2000 sq foot, brick or
stone underpinning, hardwood floors, cherry wood cabinets, two and three car garage,
landscaped to the hilt, tornado tie downs, whole nine yards.

I do understand what you are saying. For the most part, I prefer a solid house. I live
in a brick house with almost 1800 sq foot and average size yard, small back yard. I'm
satisfied with where I live and in a small town but close to everything. Plus, this town
is up on a hill so to speak so if the dam floods, I am safe. haha!

DON't FORGET - Offline - Major Maintenance » Post #2

Wed Jul 31, 2019 08:40 in General Talk

DON'T get worried or panic if not back at time frame stated. I am stating this
myself, not admin. I just happen to know that some times things take a bit
longer or even of course, a bit shorter.

Don't worry, all will be fine. :P

DON't FORGET - Offline - Major Maintenance » Post #1

Wed Jul 31, 2019 08:37 in General Talk

This Wednesday, July 31 at 11:59 pm (Eastern Daylight savings time - New York) the ClixSense website will be taken offline for maintenance. We expect to be back online within 4 hours with some very nice surprises that we are sure you will enjoy.

Due to this maintenance window, the Tasks $100 Weekly Contest will be suspended during the week of Monday, July 29 through Sunday, August 5 and will be back on Monday August 6, Eastern daylight savings time.

Thank you for your continued participation,
Team ClixSense

ySense Forum Moderators » Post #174

Wed Jul 31, 2019 08:26 in Member Introduction

I'll be updating this.

Potatoes are NO NO NO in U.S....tasman1 » Post #2

Tue Jul 30, 2019 21:18 in General Talk

People are wacko.

Casa de Papel Part 3 / Money Heist 3 » Post #34

Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:16 in General Talk

I have probably finished most of 3 but not all of it yet. I got tired of it
because it seemed like the same ole stuff all over again.

Australian Rich ???....tasman1 » Post #28

Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:10 in General Talk

I think maybe you have the wrong impression of mobile house. Not sure if you do or not.

Point 1 : Many mobile houses cost more than a regular house

Point 2 : Mobile houses when well maintained, can last as long if not longer than a regular house

Point 3 : Mobile houses can be a great solution for many people. One example may be the newly wed
couple that can own a fresh new home with furnishings to boot. Anyone young, old, married, single,
may find a new mobile house is a perfect solution.

Point 4 : Not too sure what is meant about proximity to hospital in regards to mobile housing?

Point 5 : I have relatives that own and live on hundreds of acres and live in a mobile home. I
don't see anything counter productive about it.

Pont 6 : Houses are built in cities/towns in close proximity to each other so not sure what you
mean about mobile homes being in close proximity?

Point 7 : I actually considered moving to a mobile home park in Florida after my spouse died. Many
mobile home parks in Florida, such as The Villages, are extremely nice. They are primarily for people
age 50 and above. They include game rooms, shopping plaza's, doctors offices, hospital, swimming pools,
movie theaters, and a host of activities. Many do not even have a car because they don't need it. Many
do drive golf carts.

Casa de Papel Part 3 / Money Heist 3 » Post #30

Tue Jul 30, 2019 04:57 in General Talk

'The Boys' on Amazon Prime is strange but interesting.

Australian Rich ???....tasman1 » Post #25

Mon Jul 29, 2019 23:24 in General Talk

Depends on the area in which you live or plan to place the house trailer.

For example, in the town I live, I can drive down some streets and see
a house, house trailer, house house, house house trailer. They're old
house trailers. Today they have city/town ordinances in which house
trailers are no longer allowed.

However, if you live in the county and buy property, it is your property
and you can put whatever you want on it. Unless of course it is sold
with restrictions.

There are of course mobile home communities in which people rent a lot
or purchase their lot.

I wouldn't mind living in a nice house trailer they build today. The State
of Florida has 'The Villages' which are primarily house trailers. Lots of
areas in Florida have house trailer communities. Today in the States they
are primarily not referred to as house trailers any more unless it's a run
down shabby one. They call the Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes.

Australian Rich ???....tasman1 » Post #23

Mon Jul 29, 2019 21:51 in General Talk

I think people in general live to excessively.

Actually I think if the world lasts long enough, there would be a big turn around.

For example, when I was growing up, people didn't really 'decor' their houses.
Much of what they bought, lasted them a life time or very close to it. Rarely
did people change their furniture. Appliances lasted many years and many of
them also lasted a life time. What did people do when they had a simple $4
two slice toaster that went on the brink? They fixed it or went so far as to call
a toaster repair man.

What's it all for today? I don't know Art Bell but I relate, at least to an extent.

People don't need all the stuff they have. It's just stuff and 90% is useless stuff.
They die and family or someone goes in and throws away most the stuff. The
world becomes full of useless stuff/garbage.

Humans are the dumbest animals on this planet. Dumb dumb dumb.

Oh way back in the day they would call some areas where people lived as trailer trash.
That was dumb too. Today, mobile homes are rather expensive and built much better
than years ago.

Personally, I came close to buying a motor home and I may still do it at some point.
I'm considering purchasing a lake lot. Any time I want to take a vacation, I put the
key in the ignition and drive off.

Casa de Papel Part 3 / Money Heist 3 » Post #27

Mon Jul 29, 2019 13:31 in General Talk

I think it should have ended after the second series.
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