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Our bitcoin baby is back » Post #78

Fri Jul 05, 2019 18:54 in General Talk

Digital currencies is nothing more than a precursor to evil yet to come.
That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

making $2000 money pile for next 14 months » Post #12

Wed Jul 03, 2019 14:04 in Success Stories

I believe CS to be very stable and I do believe GPT is not dead.
We may see additions or changes, etc but that goes with time as everything
changes to some extent, including ways to earn.

making $2000 money pile for next 14 months » Post #10

Wed Jul 03, 2019 08:32 in Success Stories

Good point about interest. It draws nothing here but risk.

Második kifizetésem » Post #2

Wed Jul 03, 2019 08:23 in Payment Proofs

Great !

Remember to remove the transactions id's for your safety before posting.

Have any company in online like F8 ??? » Post #2

Tue Jul 02, 2019 05:18 in General Talk

You'd need to do google searches but this is ClixSense and members
here use F8, period.

The sorcery is legal? » Post #3

Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:11 in General Talk

I believe the Devil is a real entity and therefore can provoke people with weak
minds into believing/doing anything.

Artificial intelligence Where is the world going » Post #14

Sun Jun 30, 2019 07:36 in General Talk

I think technology is a force of giving up something for something else.
Not always good and not always bad.

making $2000 money pile for next 14 months » Post #6

Sun Jun 30, 2019 07:28 in Success Stories

I think the most I ever cashed out at once was about $700 or so.

There's a reason why I have always told people to cash out as soon as they can and
I am not referring to ClixSense alone.

If you don't mind losing your money, then yep, allow the program to be your bank
savings account. If you lose it, you are not really entitled to complain about it
because you could have cashed out.

You see, things happen beyond our control but when we can control the situation,
we should.

I was working online back when the New York electric system blew which did affect
many programs. So much so that many did not relaunch. I lost a good deal of money.

There's also a little something called 'death' and although we don't like to think about it,
it can happen.

In addition, there is something known as ethics or respect, which may or may not be
the correct words to choose. It may be a burden on the program if members wait to
cash out large sums.

Just remember, online programs such as ClixSense, and more, are not banks. They're
not Savings Accounts. They are not FDIC insured.

making $2000 money pile for next 14 months » Post #4

Sat Jun 29, 2019 14:54 in Success Stories

Why? Don't you think it might be smart to cash out now?

Surveys play with your nerves ! » Post #10

Thu Jun 27, 2019 07:42 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Just a few month ago did buy a new laptop , last one was the cheap one . the cheapest one one market and lasted 7 years . one before same price lasted 8 years . this one to , the cheapest on the market , hope it will
last 6-8 years

My brain say... cheap 10 dollar toaster will last for 10 , 20 or 30 years , so simple nothing can go wrong , 100 dollar toaster have 200s things that can go wrong and it will last 2 years , 250 dollar toaster have 1000s think that can go wrong and it will last a year only if I am lucky

Or .... 10 dollar toaster will last under 1 year if you use it to much in month before it is 1 year old , you get money back and buy another 1 for 10 dollar in another shop and use it to much before ........ and so on and you never spend 1 cent on toaster ever again

Now , in last 25 years tasman1 did spend on buying new toaster, or coffee grinder or ,or,or,or how much ?

You're 100% correct.

What is your favourite mode of transportation » Post #14

Wed Jun 26, 2019 16:38 in General Talk

Also left out bike and motorbike.

my payment » Post #2

Wed Jun 26, 2019 14:41 in Payment Proofs

Please remove/edit the transaction id's from your image before posting.

Do you save change? » Post #1

Tue Jun 25, 2019 08:16 in General Talk

I save change. It's a habit. I prefer to save pennies and quarters.
The pennies I keep in a large glass pig jar until it is full and then I roll them.
The quarters I toss in a drawer and then roll them every so often. Other
change I drop in a jar until I get around to rolling them.

My sister is always digging in her purse for change for me, and we trade.
I give her dollar bills when she has quarters to give me.

I know. It's a crazy obsession.

Big F logic.......tasman1 » Post #2

Tue Jun 25, 2019 06:28 in General Talk

You stopped smoking!


What is your favourite mode of transportation » Post #4

Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:26 in General Talk

Moon Walk

What/Where would you like to see/go in America? » Post #19

Sun Jun 23, 2019 21:08 in General Talk

Everyone wants to go to Area 51. BUT they won't let ya in....only martians allowed. :lol:

What/Where would you like to see/go in America? » Post #16

Sun Jun 23, 2019 18:41 in General Talk

It's so odd to me how one can ask a simple question and the topic get way out of wack.

All I am asking in this topic:

1. Is there anything you would like to see in the USA

2. Is there any where you would like to go in the USA

What/Where would you like to see/go in America? » Post #13

Sat Jun 22, 2019 16:15 in General Talk

Yes they do.

Victoria and Abdul........tasman1 » Post #4

Sat Jun 22, 2019 15:19 in General Talk

Actually I am not an Adam Sandler fan but the movie was funny anyway.

Yep, I liked Summer of 84.

What/Where would you like to see/go in America? » Post #11

Sat Jun 22, 2019 15:15 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote:
valerie wrote: I came close to taking a job offer in Alaska many years ago.

I'd like to visit Alaska too.

As a lumberjack :?: :lol:

Would like to know ;)

Management position in a rehab facility.
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