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Posts by valerie

ClixSense needs your input » Post #102

Sat Apr 01, 2017 05:28 in General Talk

One additional point I want to make, no one has mentioned.

Many say they can do ok without PayPal.

Can you do ok without PayZa, Tango, etc?

PayPal is the most reliable.

PayZa is a yoyo. They are certainly not reliable.

Skrill, well this one I would think is still up in the air because primarily they don't work with the USA so
who knows what they will do in the future.

Tango, I don't see this one going any where soon BUT some of the changes and bitcoin changes, one can
easily say who knows what will happen even today with them.

If PayZa stops AGAIN doing transfers with the USA, POOF! You can kiss it goodbye.

You see the issue? The issue is, most of these payment processors are not USA companies and are not
reliable for USA programs.

I just wanted to bring that to everyone's attention. PayPal is the most reliable and if they say do away
with the PTC and ClixGrid end, I say do away with it. You may be able to change the wording, structure
around and everyone still basically earn the same way.

Do keep that in mind because those of you saying you are fine cashing out by some of these other
options, realize those options may not be there in the future.

Pet Behavior » Post #28

Fri Mar 31, 2017 20:16 in General Talk

A small dog does not take up much room. Bo is small and only weighs a tad over 6 pounds. Most the time
he is happy sitting in his little bed in the den by my desk or sitting in my chair in the den. His toys are in the
den too and he plays with those whenever he wants. When the weather is nice, I take him outside for a brief

Lots of little dogs would love to have a home. Lots in the shelters wishing someone would come adopt them.

For Jim ,Admin only » Post #3

Fri Mar 31, 2017 17:22 in General Talk

If you want to message Jim, click on the 'Help' above.

The Feature Request sub forum is for members to get this..... FEATURES.

In regards to your topic, Jim already posted the topic for feedback.

Pet Behavior » Post #25

Fri Mar 31, 2017 17:16 in General Talk

Now Bo went into the master bedroom and wee wee'd on a scatter rug this morning! :shock:

ClixSense needs your input » Post #76

Fri Mar 31, 2017 17:08 in General Talk

David, I swear you are from Pluto.

Kodi officials shut down by evil empire » Post #4

Fri Mar 31, 2017 17:05 in General Talk

That's an April Fools joke.

Global warming why.....? » Post #8

Fri Mar 31, 2017 17:02 in General Talk

Florida the prices are cheap. That is why people retire to Florida. Of course, if you are wanting ocean front
house, that can be mighty expensive but even ocean front condo's are not out of average income earners

Global Warming IS an issue. The reality is, it was probably an issue before man walked on earth. The
planet tends to go through cycles and if you were spinning around on axis for thousands of years, you
might choke every now and then too.

I think all humans should take responsibility and realize the earth is the only place we have to live right now.
Therefore, we need to respect the planet and all the resources it has to offer including animals. We have
to stop the destruction of each other, of the animals, of the vegetation, and take care of everything in a
respectful and appreciative manner.

Do you throw trash along the highway because other people do?
Do you kill animals because other people do?
Do you run up your electric bill because it is the lazy thing to do?

I don't think it is about Global Warming. I think it's about People. 'People Warning' they should call it.

There are things that are going to change no matter what. As human's with supposedly a brain, we need
to at least try to protect our planet for future generations, if not for ourselves.

ClixSense needs your input » Post #74

Fri Mar 31, 2017 16:50 in General Talk

Sign ups is one thing.

Long term active members is another thing.

I do think an APP is important.

Just the other day I purchased a new smart phone. I was looking at the preinstalled APPs and then
visiting iTunes and GooglePLay to see what other APPS I could add. We're all like kids with toys when
it comes to computers. If members have an APP on their phone, they'll come more to using the program.
At least many will. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times over the years that I have been
ask if ClixSense has an APP.

I think having PayPal IS important. I think having an APP is important. I think being updated with
the times is important.

Changing the wording, making some adjustments, that might be enough to satisfy PayPal.

ClixSense needs your input » Post #68

Fri Mar 31, 2017 15:23 in General Talk

You did not understand what I was saying about videos. I did not say get paid to watch youtube videos.

The point I was making, advertisers, just like you and me, easily create videos and place on youtube.
They can easily create videos to place on ClixSense. Why pay youtube big bucks or create a video
and place it on youtube when no one will see it. Instead, you place it on ClixSense.

Well, I really truly disagree about not bringing PayPal back. I can cash out by way of check just like
I did for years and just like I am doing now. That is me and that might be you. No matter what
anyone says, most people are going to look for that PayPal logo.

By the way, I think it would help if you would place a CHECK LOGO on site too.

ClixSense needs your input » Post #63

Fri Mar 31, 2017 14:44 in General Talk

Do you folks realize how many people advertise at YouTube and other similar?

Actually, with the PTC option removed and a little word of mouth, everyone could make more money.

Instead of clicking on ads. You could simply view videos. Same difference only better.

They could call it ClixVideo.

But the BIG point I think PayPal is trying to make without going against their own policy by speaking,
is to do some editing on the site, stop referring to CS as a PTC. Take off everything on the site that
refers to PTC. No longer a Paid to Click. Instead, Get Paid To do things you already do online for free.

Change the structure of the PTC entirely. Place it in CATEGORIES......Example:

How To's


Work at Home

So instead of a Paid to Click, you are paid to learn and paid to do what you already do online for free.

That might be worth a shot. What would hurt? They either approve it or they don't.

ClixSense needs your input » Post #26

Fri Mar 31, 2017 09:25 in General Talk

Look at this and keep in mind, I am in the USA and have been here for over ten years:

My PTC Clicks today 12 total 82,462 earned $526.8670

Granted there are plenty of days over the years that I did not click the ads. I will have to say that most
years I have, day in and day out. Do the math. Just say $600 over the course of ten years. That is what....
120 months. In using $600 as the number, that is $5 per month....and I am in the USA.

ClixSense needs your input » Post #19

Fri Mar 31, 2017 09:09 in General Talk

Jim, you know better than we do what your stats are, what's happening, enrollment increase or decrease, activity level, etc. You also know where the money is.

ClixSense has been online for ten years. I think it's time to revamp and up the game. Do away with the PTC. Do away with the ClixGrid. Get the programmers working to get ClixSense up to date. Implement Mobile. Implement an APP. Redesign the website. Implement Cash Back Shopping.

Those that say the PTC is gone, they won't earn nothing. Well if that is all you do here, you don't earn nothing any way. Seriously, what is your average earnings per month from viewing ads only? I just betcha that most that do nothing but view ads daily, are lucky to make $2.00 a month. The exception would be perhaps the USA when a big PTC advertiser comes to town but that is rare.

You can say whatever you want but the people that utilize PayPal, you know where they go. They just head over to a competitor site and I am not referring to NB.

Pet Behavior » Post #13

Fri Mar 31, 2017 06:32 in General Talk

If my dog could talk he would drive me absolutely wacko!

Mostly he would not shut up about toys. I want a new toy. Gimmie a new toy. You just walked
in the door so where is a new toy? I wanna eat the stuffing out of my toys. Stop throwing away
my toys. I'm gonna keep eating the eyeballs out of all my toys.

Nikorj, sorry to hear about your dog Luna.

Should tasman1 become queenie1? » Post #4

Fri Mar 31, 2017 06:23 in General Talk

Queen Queen Queenieeee.....

Errr no, that was Jen Jen Jennnieee...

Pet Behavior » Post #1

Thu Mar 30, 2017 21:26 in General Talk

My little dog is basically a spoiled baby.

He uses wee wee pads and his bathroom is in the utility room along with his brother Boogie the cat bathroom.

Bo is afraid of storms, rain, and strong winds.

So today he kept hanging out in the utility room crying. I'd go down there and get him thinking that the
storm was making him upset. It was to an extent but off and on all day, he would hang out in the utility
room and howl, whimper, carry on like he was dying. I thought maybe he had a belly ache. :?

I was doing a survey a few minutes ago and I heard him in the utility room again. So I go down there
(it's a step down), and again, when I would tell him to go up the step, he wouldn't and when I would begin
tp pick him up, he would take steps backwards.

Guess what was bothering him?

I had washed a heavy rug in the washer and it caused the washer to run over a little which resulted in a
throw rug I had below the step, to get wet. I took the throw rug and placed it in the garage to dry out and
also decided it was time for a new rug in that area. In fact, I will receive the throw rug I ordered for that
area tomorrow....actually more of a welcome mat than a rug.

I want you to know that Bo was raising cain over that rug not being at the bottom of the step. I went out
to the garage, got the rug, put it at the bottom of the step, and I swear I think I saw him smile. He ran on
up the step after that, happy as a lark.

Actually it does make sense. Bo only weighs 6 pounds and the step is a big step. He can't manage very
well without a rug being at the bottom of the step.

I think it's funny how pets have a way of letting us know what they want....some times.

The weather is atrocious » Post #3

Thu Mar 30, 2017 21:14 in General Talk


I was making idle chatter as usual.

We did get some hail today but the storm finally moved out tonight. I'm looking forward to a nice day tomorrow.

The weather is atrocious » Post #1

Thu Mar 30, 2017 13:26 in General Talk

I hope you folks are having good weather.

A town over from me, Bradford, TN flooded a couple of days ago and they were taking people out of
town by boat. Now the streets there are covered in mud.

Another town over from me, was hit with tornado yesterday. They've been trying to clean up the

The wind at this moment is so loud, it's best to keep the doors and windows closed. I had to take
my outdoor patio umbrellas down and put them in the garage.

Every night for the past several nights, I go around the house unplugging everything.

Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny and clear.

Well wishes to any of you over on the east coast, this storm is moving your way, me thinks.

withdraw funds from payza to bank account » Post #2

Thu Mar 30, 2017 08:23 in Hindi

I don't know why you would post that question in the General Talk when you should be
posting it in the Hindi sub forum. I am moving your topic.

Traffic Exchanges To Get Referrals » Post #2

Thu Mar 30, 2017 08:21 in General Talk

Depends on how you use the Traffic Exchange and the links you use for advertising.

I have a question about tasks ( Videos ) » Post #2

Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:48 in General Talk

You will need to contact CrowdFlower and I suggest you read their terms/policies.
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