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General Talk Topic 2017 review » Post #9

Tue Jan 31, 2017 07:52 in General Talk

For the most part, personally, I don't lock stupid pointless topics unless the stupid pointless topic,
is posted in the wrong sub forum.

Most of what is posted in the General talk sub forum, is stupid pointless topics. However, stupid
pointless topics, can be fun, not just stupid and pointless.

Take the 'what music song you are listening to right now' topic. It is stupid and pointless. No
one cares what song you are listening to. The only people that might care is the people in your
household that can hear it too. Still, it is fun for some to post it and some like to look and see
who listens to other types of music and who listens to the same type of music they listen to, etc.

In addition, who is to say what is pointless and stupid? Take this post for example, what is the
point of it? Nothing. Is it stupid? Yes. Was it a waste of my time? Of course.

Gee, I am feeling so stupid and pointless right now.

Walmart dot com now with free 2 day ship » Post #1

Tue Jan 31, 2017 06:58 in General Talk

FYI Walmart now has free 2 day shipping on orders over $35.00 AND if it's listed as a
'free shipping' item.

It's past time they come up to speed vs Amazon.

Lost $8 » Post #2

Mon Jan 30, 2017 20:28 in General Talk

Help you with what?

Life would be a bore. » Post #3

Mon Jan 30, 2017 17:45 in General Talk

Nothing to be sad about.

This is an advertising program, a make money program. There are thousands of forums online.
Maybe more than thousands if you were to count the underground.

Members of this forum are members of ClixSense not because they want to discuss religion.
There are thousands of places online they can do that.

Members are here because they joined ClixSense to advertise and/or to make money.

The forums here have not always been here. Only in more recent years it came about because
membership grew and the forums were created to help members help each other.

It's as if you joined Macy's department store forums and what would be allowed there would
be discussions about the products they sell. You wouldn't see their customers yelling and
cussing each other out over politics and religion. They might yell and cuss at each other but
it will be over shoes. :lol:

We've had members here exploiting these forums by flooding them with their own political
views and their own religious views.

Even the recent topic about the end of the world, looks like it became heated when someone
went off topic to rant about their religion or some such as that.

You know, it is really easy for you to post what you just did. You have been here basically a
year. Also you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Hundreds of posts are either
deleted, not approved, edited, approved, etc every day by forum moderators.

The number ONE PRiORITY here is to HELP EACH OTHER with CLIXSENSE.

The General talk sub forum here is mostly for topics that simply don't fit in the other sub
forums. An example is 'how to create banners', 'how to go about advertising ClixSense',
and even fun activities to take a break from the surveys such as 'posting the music you
are listening to', 'what's your favorite movie', etc.

New Movies » Post #22

Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:06 in General Talk

According to my brief search, a movie ticket in the USA is approximately $8 to $10 dollars.

I would guess it can really vary in the USA depending on where you live.

It's kind of funny the way prices can be dramatically different.

Prices in the Northern states are generally more costly compared to the Southern states BUT
there are things that are vice versa.

An example is housing. Houses are going to cost a lot more in the northern states than in
the southern states. Employment in the North general pay higher wages than in the South.

Many people go North for work and when they retire go South.

New Movies » Post #19

Sun Jan 29, 2017 06:31 in General Talk

Yep, I think the whole of hollywood is a dying breed. For starters, they are their own demise.
They've lost millions of dollars in the past year and continue to lose money.

Movie theaters are most likely on their way out, just like the Drive In theaters.

Movie theaters were once a place for affordable family entertainment and/or a night out with
a date or friends. Today most theaters are too expensive when there is less costly options....

Even on tv pay per view is more costly at $5 or $6 a movie when one can stream movies
for $8 a month and/or pay a little more for dvd rental delivery.

There is also totally free such as the android box's KODI with many old and new releases
that cost $0.

It really wasn't too many years ago that there was video rental stores on every other
corner. For the most part, on tv pay per view run those out of business.

If you older folks take a strong look at the gaming industry, I think you might discover
what movies may consist of in the future. The expensive games are extremely life like
and the characters have distinct personalities. I see real people as actors being a thing
of the past, in the future. At least in regards to movies.

New Movies » Post #17

Sun Jan 29, 2017 05:26 in General Talk

The name is the 'Ritz 3' and it was built in 1940. It was only recently renovated.

On their facebook page it says 'Snack Pack is $5.00 and consist of popcorn, drink, and candy'.
It also says Monday night's is $5.00 night. So obviously the tickets are a little more than $5.00
the rest of the week.

New Movies » Post #16

Sun Jan 29, 2017 05:17 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote:
valerie wrote: I haven't been to the movie theater in probably two years. However they do have an old
theater here and the prices are almost laughable. About $3 for adults and a HUGE thing
of popcorn for .50 cents, etc. It may be a little more than that now since it has been at
least two years since I have been.

:lol: They must be in Black and white.

Average price in Copenhagen is 30$ and (Drum roll) 8$ for a can of popcorn.

They will die out sooner or later.

No, it is new movie releases. I'll see if I can locate info about it online so I can prove it to you.
It's a very old theater in down town Milan, Tennessee. It has 3 screens. Two downstairs and 1
upstairs. It is family owned. There was an article about it several years ago about it being old
and how they were renovating it. It's local family friendly people that own it. Cheaper than
pay per view on tv.

Will the world end » Post #21

Sun Jan 29, 2017 04:52 in General Talk

sujju_040 wrote: Yugas and Human Consciousness

The solar system with the Sun and the planets around it is moving in the galaxy. It takes 25,920 years for our solar system to complete one cycle around a larger star. From the effects upon the planet, we believe this big star or big system that our system is going around is not located in the center of the orbit but somewhere to the side. Whenever our solar system comes closer to this big system, all the creatures living in our system rise to greater possibilities. Whenever our system moves away from it, the creatures living in our system come to the lowest level of possibility – we say this is Kali Yuga.

When our solar system is closer to the “Super Sun,” Satya Yuga will begin. The human mind will be at its highest capability. People’s ability to know life, people’s ability to communicate, people’s ability to live joyfully will be at its highest. Or in other words, we will have sensible people. All it takes to live well on this planet is a bunch of sensible people.

In Satya Yuga, human ability to communicate will be at its best because the ether will be very close. Right now, the etheric sphere of the planet is raised to a certain point. There was a time when it was much higher – now it has come a little closer. When the ether is very close and I want to convey something to you, I do not have to say it. Even when my eyes are closed, you will know what I want to say. When the ether rises a little bit but is still at a certain distance, if I close my eyes, you will not know, but if I open my eyes and look at you, you will know what I want to convey.


I'll sure be happy when Yuga begins because right now, there is not much good sense going around
and communication is even tougher.

New Movies » Post #14

Sun Jan 29, 2017 04:36 in General Talk

TasMail wrote: I bought Snowden but yet have had time to watch it. :lol:

I haven't watched it. I thought it would probably bore me to tears. :lol:

Will the world end » Post #12

Sat Jan 28, 2017 21:46 in General Talk

seaeagle wrote:
valerie wrote: I would say to all young folks, beware of a one world ruler that is kind and peaceful.
It is most certainly then you will know the end is arriving.
I would say the complete opposite to young folks. Nothing wrong with wanting to give peace a chance.

You do know the story, don't you?

The sheep in wolf clothing.

Will the world end » Post #6

Sat Jan 28, 2017 19:18 in General Talk

Well, there is lots of books that tell us what to look for in regards to the end of the world.

No one knows but people seem to enjoy making predictions.

There are a lot of information in the books and some of it seems to relate to what has
always been and will always be. For example wars and rumors of wars. Seems to me
that has always been. There is also signs stated in the books of people being greedy,
focused on money, self indulged. Seems to me, there has always been people like that.
There is info about sister against sister, brother against brother. Seems that has been
so since almost the beginning of time. So these things may have always been so and
can be difficult to distinguish today vs the past. BUT the books also tell us many things
that never happened in the past but will happen near the end of the world. Many of
these things stated in the books that never happen in the past, has happen in recent
years and continuing to happen.

I would say to all young folks, beware of a one world ruler that is kind and peaceful.
It is most certainly then you will know the end is arriving.

New Movies » Post #11

Sat Jan 28, 2017 17:53 in General Talk

I haven't been to the movie theater in probably two years. However they do have an old
theater here and the prices are almost laughable. About $3 for adults and a HUGE thing
of popcorn for .50 cents, etc. It may be a little more than that now since it has been at
least two years since I have been.

Show us your pet » Post #109

Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:22 in General Talk

It's the problem with all life.

W-4s » Post #6

Thu Jan 26, 2017 16:32 in General Talk

Am I responsible for taxes on payouts I receive?
ClixSense requires all USA based members earning over $600 a year to have a taxpayer ID number linked to their account, at a minimum a social security number. If you have a federal EIN we will accept that as well.

Any USA based member earning over $600 that fails to provide us with either their Social Security Number or Federal EIN will not be able to receive further withdrawals until either number is provided.

We will mail all eligible members a 1099 form with your ClixSense earnings on or before January 31st of every year, for the previous year earnings, so that you can file this with your income taxes.

The above is located on this page:
Am I responsible for taxes on payouts I receive?

Very Sad - Happy Ending ! » Post #2

Thu Jan 26, 2017 16:21 in General Talk

Sort of. :(

I had change my queastion slightly » Post #2

Thu Jan 26, 2017 16:20 in General Talk

Not suppose to.

If you are unsure of a site you want to advertise on, click on 'Help' above, submit a support
ticket and relay what you are wanting to do.

The problem is, purchasing sign ups, is for the most part, garbage. It takes your money and
gives you bots in exchange. Now if you go read the User Agreement here at ClixSense, you
will see that 'Bots' is not allowed and can result in legal trouble.

Does ClixSense rent or sell referrals?
No. We feel that renting or buying referrals is a bad practice as you may purchase a referral that never logs in or is not active in ClixSense. Also, the use of "Paid referral" systems is not allowed in ClixSense. A paid referral system is a website that says we guarantee you x amount of new referrals. These referrals are only signing up for ClixSense to get paid by the paid referral site and have no real interest in ClixSense. Most will never become active and never do anything good for you. This is just a waste of your hard earned money.

Anyone? » Post #2

Thu Jan 26, 2017 13:14 in General Talk

How to post a payment proof | ClixSense Forum

Same way you do a payment proof image.

New Movies » Post #9

Wed Jan 25, 2017 22:03 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
valerie wrote: A must see: SPLIT

Nope , do not like psychological horror movie , to real

7/10 from me

I liked it I guess because my minor is psych and I have worked in mental health
and with a couple of people that had multiple personalities.

The movie of course is fictional but made a few good points to get one thinking.
Mostly, its is a good thriller in that there was none of that blood and gore or a
bunch of cussing or nudity. It goes to show that a movie can be a thriller without
all the other garbage.

New Movies » Post #8

Wed Jan 25, 2017 22:01 in General Talk


By the way, this movie was kind of weird and the ending was not good at all.
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