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Older Folks and Bicycle...tsman1 » Post #2

Tue Jan 02, 2018 19:19 in General Talk

I have a couple of mountain bikes and ride them occasionally.

Bikes are not obsolete in America. They are extremely popular and probably more popular
today than ever before.

want to be a millionaire.....start 1. January 2018 » Post #16

Tue Jan 02, 2018 16:15 in General Talk

lotoole wrote: I don't think I'd like to live like those two frugal sisters. You die, leave all your money to someone you may not even know that well and you have experienced nothing - no vacations, no cruises, no road trips. Everyone should live a little. Build up some memories. Die content that you have totally experienced life.

Everyone is different.

Mary and Ruth lived a very active full life. Just because they did not spend money on stuff,
does not mean they were not happy. They were very active in their school system. They had
lots and lots of friends. Almost every day in their old age, they had people visit them....many
were teachers that had been in Mary's class as a child. The money they left no doubt has
helped many people with their education. They experienced much more than many people.
Just because they did not waste money on stuff they didn't need or want, nor take vacations,
does not mean they did not make memories. They were also very active in their church.

I agree, most people are not like that.

Wypłaty » Post #1195

Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:16 in Polish

Atargatis wrote:
valerie wrote:
radioghost wrote: Ok, czy w ktoś co się dzieje z Payzą czy tylko ja mam problem? Dwa tygodnie temu zleciłam wypłatę na konto i rozumiem że święta itp, ale jak dziś weszłam zobaczyć co z tym to okazało się że przewidywana data kiedy otrzymam pieniądze to pierwszy kwietnia(!)


ClixSense does not display the date the payment will be in your Payza account.


ClixSense nie wyświetla daty płatności na twoim koncie Payza.

To pewno jest data w formacie amerykańskim, więc wypłata będzie 4 stycznia :D

Nie wiedziałem tego. Gdzie wyświetla się, kiedy otrzymasz płatność? x:D

want to be a millionaire.....start 1. January 2018 » Post #13

Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:07 in General Talk

charmoeren wrote: # valerie ................ If people just save their money in their mattresses or on their bank accounts ...... our societies will stop.
All societies are built up that we have to buy things.

But considering an environmental consideration ..... then you are right.

But so far we are allowed to do whatever we want with the money we earn.

Remember: There are no pockets in the last set of clothes you get on

Well that is not my point. For starters, the women I am referring to had to spend money.
They had to buy food. They had to pay for repairs on their house when needed. They
had insurance payments to make. I don't know about the youngest sister but the oldest
paid for her education to become a teacher. Of course they purchased items besides food.
They no doubt bought a new dress from time to time. Undergarments and sleepwear. Shoes
do wear down after awhile. I am not saying they never bought anything at all. :mrgreen:

What I am saying is, they enjoyed the life they had and did not spend senselessly.

You want to enjoy your life. If enjoying your life means redecorating your house every two
years, that is fine. In other words, what you do with your money is up to you. But this
topic is about being a millionaire and my point is, in todays world people waste a lot of
money on stuff they don't need and often stuff they don't even want.

Mary and Ruth had worked for the education system all their lives. That is what they
strongly believe in besides their faith. They lived a good life. They didn't want for
anything. They just simply did not waste money.

There was one thing that President Obama stated that stuck in my head. It was in
regards to healthcare. He said if people would stop spending money on the newest
latest cell phones and other needless items, they would have money for healthcare.
Well of course I don't agree with that in total. However, I do understand what he was
saying. Many people today do not have their priorities in the right place.

Children are not taught enough if at all, in school about money. They teach the
math but they don't teach the money. Then when you go to college they force you
take Economics. You have to listen to some old man drawing graphs on the black
board and you're fortunate if you pass the class. You have nightmares all semester
that if you flunk you'll have to listen to the boring old professor again next semester.

Wypłaty » Post #1193

Mon Jan 01, 2018 06:41 in Polish

radioghost wrote: Ok, czy w ktoś co się dzieje z Payzą czy tylko ja mam problem? Dwa tygodnie temu zleciłam wypłatę na konto i rozumiem że święta itp, ale jak dziś weszłam zobaczyć co z tym to okazało się że przewidywana data kiedy otrzymam pieniądze to pierwszy kwietnia(!)


ClixSense does not display the date the payment will be in your Payza account.


ClixSense nie wyświetla daty płatności na twoim koncie Payza.

Happy New Year » Post #8

Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:53 in General Talk

Well, if I was wishing, I would wish to go back about 50 years.

Just think of everything I could invent and help invent.

I'd invent velcro.

want to be a millionaire.....start 1. January 2018 » Post #4

Sun Dec 31, 2017 06:30 in General Talk

I think a large reason why people don't have more money is because, they spend it.

The more you make, the more you spend

There are people that died and left millions of dollars BUT they had led a very meager life.
The reason why they had millions is because they did not spend it.

I knew two old spinsters that were sisters. They never married, never had children and did
not have any living relatives but each other. The oldest sister was a grade school teacher and
the other sister worked as a secretary at the same school. They lived a few blocks down the
street from the school. They lived in the same house they were born in. Their house was
small, comfortable, and always neat inside and out. The furniture they had, for the most part
was the same furniture they grew up with as children. As far as I know, they never had a
car, never went on vacations, and never made lavish purchases. The front room of their house
was kept very nice and rarely used. They used their dinning room as their den and that is
where they spent most of their waking hours when not working. It was almost shocking what
they left behind after they died. Millions of dollars. The majority of their money was left to
the school where they worked all their life and another even larger portion went to the
university in the same town where the oldest daughter had received her teaching degree.
Almost their entire contents of their house was antiques and some priceless, except for their
mattresses. In the small shed behind their house was lots of antiques, items that had belonged
to their father such as old tools. Even their clothes was old but well kept.

Today, many people spend constantly. We get tired of looking at the furniture we bought two
years ago, and buy new furniture even tho there is nothing wrong with the previous. People
spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year on mobile phones and mobile phone
usage AND when a new phone comes out, they buy the new one even tho the one they bought
last year is fine. People spend a lot of money on cars and there are people that don't even
need a car because everything is in walking distance for them. A car had a purpose to get
people from one point of distance to another but today, cars can be more expensive than a
house, people will spend thousands of dollars on new cars, not to mention the costs of gas
and maintenance. Many people spend money on all the latest items such as new kitchen
gadgets, new computers, etc. Often, many products that are purchased are rarely used or
used a few times and then put away or thrown away. Many people have become fat simply
because they eat too much food. Food that cost money that they don't even need. Food
from fast food joints that cost a lot of money. Food they would be better off not eating.

So the next time you say you would like to have a million dollars, just know that you very
likely could have a million dollars if you get a good education, you work, you save, and
you stop spending money on stuff you don't need anyway.

Nowy Rok » Post #2

Sun Dec 31, 2017 05:49 in Polish

Same to you. Happy New Year!

feature request » Post #2

Sat Dec 30, 2017 07:13 in General Talk

View the announcements section or the News/Update sub forum.
Moving forward with change | ClixSense Forum

Retirement Letters to Gain Referrals » Post #5

Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:33 in General Talk

You can use these letters even if you are outside of the USA.
You can edit them however you need to. If nothing else, maybe they give you some ideas.

California giving away free cars for poor » Post #4

Fri Dec 29, 2017 08:59 in General Talk

I assumed that was a joke. Ripple is a cheap wine.

my payment » Post #2

Fri Dec 29, 2017 06:25 in Payment Proofs

WOW! Great payment. :thumbup:

Be sure to blur/edit your transaction/reference numbers before posting.
It is for your protection.

Ankiety » Post #10569

Fri Dec 29, 2017 06:20 in Polish


Wesołych Świąt » Post #23

Fri Dec 29, 2017 06:18 in Polish

jokee1939 wrote: I szczęśliwego Nowego Roku

szczęśliwego Nowego Roku

Skrill - wypłata » Post #10

Fri Dec 29, 2017 06:16 in Polish

elacs wrote: Czy mógłbyś powiedzieć, jak się weryfikuje kartę? Mogłabym już zrobić od biedy pierwszą skromną wypłatę, ale jasne, że chciałabym jak najmniej na tym stracić.

Zobacz często zadawane pytania dotyczące witryny.

Ankiety » Post #10562

Thu Dec 28, 2017 16:42 in Polish

niknovaa7 wrote: Hi, I'm new here

Welcome aboard! :thumbup:

This sub forum is the Polish sub forum. You might want to view the other forums where
those in Malaysia are posting.

Malay | International | ClixSense Forum

Retirement Letters to Gain Referrals » Post #4

Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:45 in General Talk


Subject Line: No More Social Security

Have you heard the news? Washington has borrowed a ton of money over the years
from Social Security and now, there is no money left! What goes into Social Security
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What will YOU do? Do you have enough savings to cover your living expenses? How
will you cover all your day to day expenses? How will life change for you if Social
Security ends today?

I don't mean to be somber. What I am presenting to you is reality. The reality is,
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Happy Earning!

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Best Regards

Valerie ______ [first and last name here]
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USA [country here]
[phone number if you want to add it]

Retirement Letters to Gain Referrals » Post #3

Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:45 in General Talk


Subject Line: Retired/Retiring Info Enclosed?

You may be surprised to discover your retirement income is not exactly what you thought it would be.
If you're already retired, you may have discovered your social security checks are not going as far as
you would like.

In fact, over 90% of retirees state they have given up a lot of their normal life style because funds are
way too short, since retiring. Most people work all their lives only to retire and find social security is not
at all what they thought it would be. Some retirees have quickly depleted all their resources and living
on nothing but a low dollar monthly social security check.

Fortunately, there are solutions. In my spare time I have been earning dollars every month, totally free.
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What could you do with some supplemental income?

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-Buy Home Decor
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-Remodel the Kitchen
-Save for Grandkids College Fund
-Cover out of Pocket Medication Expenses
-Better Quality of Life for Your Pets
-Better Quality of Life for YOU!

Here is the steps to get started right now:

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Welcome aboard!

PS. I can't wait for you to get started. You're going to love this just as much as I do. We have a great
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Best Regards

Valerie ______ [first and last name here]
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[phone number if you want to add it]

Retirement Letters to Gain Referrals » Post #2

Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:45 in General Talk

Subject Lines:


Retiring This Year?

New Retiree?

Supplemental Income for Retirees

Retirement Check Low?

Retirement Income Low?

Need Supplemental Retirement Income?

Supplemental Retirement Income?

Want a Bigger Retirement Income?

Free Supplemental Retirement Check?

Over Ten Years Sending Supplemental Checks

Living Off a Low Retirement Check?

Solution to Low Retirement Check

Will You Always Receive a Retirement Check?

Does Your Social Security Check Last All Month?

Social Security Supplemental Income

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WANTED Retirees Not Afraid to Work

Retirees Wanted for Free Legitimate Earning Opportunity

Retirees Make $100+ Supplemental Income Per Month FREE!

Retirees Make $100 Per Month in Spare Time

Retirement Letters to Gain Referrals » Post #1

Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:44 in General Talk

If you're searching for a target market to gain referrals at ClixSense, you might try targeting retirees.
These letters I create will be based on the USA. However, no matter where you are, you can edit them.

I'll create some subject lines and you can choose which of any you want to use. You may edit them also.

There's various ways you can use the letters. You can use them in an autoresponder. You can use them
on a splash page. You can use them on a blog or website. You can use them to send from your email inbox
when someone contacts you for the information.

WHY 'retirement' letters?

Baby Boomers

I'll also be creating a set of training letters. You can use those too if you want.
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