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Freezers-Toilet Tissue-ySense Payments » Post #3

Today, 16:47 in General Talk

Great idea but I don't think they can afford that.

You're one of the first to know! » Post #3

Today, 16:45 in General Talk

You gotta admit the 'first to know' attracts attention.

One Bad Weekend -who care...tasman1 » Post #4

Today, 12:35 in Success Stories

I don't care, if you don't care, and no one cares since you don't care because it's your
earnings, not their earnings and not my earnings so why care who cares if they don't
care and you don't care and I don't care. So there!

You're one of the first to know! » Post #1

Today, 12:31 in General Talk

Besides my Facebook friends, of course.

Due to my unwavering brilliant mind and entrepreneurial skills, I have come up with a few items to make me a billionaire over night. I call it 'Weight For Me'. You've heard of 'weighted blankets'? Yes you have. So I am creating 'Weighted Shoes and Weighted Socks'. The line is called, as I stated, 'Weight For Me'. People can purchase shoes or sock with or without pockets. Both in brilliant colors for men and women options. The men will love the weighted knee high be sold with or without pockets. I strongly suggest the ones with pockets for the amusement park men. You'll save money by attaching water bottles to the pockets of the socks (free velcro included). Whilst all your little rug rats scream for soda that sells at exuberant prices, you simply grab the water bottle from your sock. Shoes will be available with or without pockets, as well. Pockets will be on and around the outside of the shoes so that you can carry your wallet without bulking up your pant backside. I almost forgot to add that I will be including free zip ties with every pair of weighted pocket socks to hold the socks up around your legs. With my line of 'Weight For Me' products, you'll walk much slower, very much slower, stand proud, perfect your posture, and lose weight because the hotdogs will all be gone by the time you get there. So, if you think weighted blankets are the cats meow, weight til you see my dogs!

Freezers-Toilet Tissue-ySense Payments » Post #1

Today, 07:47 in General Talk

I had a very large nice chest freezer. Price approximately $1,000.00.
After my husband passed away, bit by bit, I was realizing I did not need the
freezer. My sister wanted it so I gave it to her.

I then purchased a small freezer but my sister's step son was needing a small
freezer quickly so I gave it to him.

More recently, I decided I really needed a small freezer. My refrigerator holds
a lot but not enough and not large items.

In the USA since the pandemic, freezers have been like toilet tissue. Companies
are having a difficult time keeping freezers in stock. They sell out faster than
produced. In one way, that is kind of funny. People that never had a freezer are
now buying them. There are people buying not just one freezer, but several!

It's become a pandemic of toilet paper and freezers!

Plus, the prices for freezers have gone up!

Well, I did buy a small freezer finally and was going to use my ySense most
recent Walmart GC to pay partially for it. But I get points when using my cc
so I went that route instead. However, any way I look at it, the ySense Walmart
GC was a big aid in purchasing the freezer.

I know some people use their ySense earnings to pay bills. With my ySense earnings
it's very handy to have the cash out option of Walmart, Amazon, etc. I can purchase
many things I need and with the ySense GC. Freezer, Food, and even Toilet Paper.

pollution the big risk factor for climate change » Post #14

Yesterday, 22:08 in General Talk

I think he's got it in the......bag.

pollution the big risk factor for climate change » Post #11

Sat Apr 17, 2021 21:45 in General Talk

They put bags on the horses butt. The horse go in the bag. No horse manure on roads.

That's no shit.

pollution the big risk factor for climate change » Post #6

Sat Apr 17, 2021 18:51 in General Talk

I live in Amish country.

The Amish tend to share what they create amongst the Amish community.

Some times, in the Spring and Summer, my sister and I will drive from Amish
home to Amish home. It's farm territory, rural. So we drive to an Amish home
that has lots of chickens and we may buy their farm fresh eggs. We then drive
to another Amish home on down the road to their flower/shrub greenhouse. We
buy flowers and shrubbery there. Still further around the bend is the Amish home
of fresh baked breads and sweets. It go's on and on and on. About anything you
would need or want, you can choose to purchase from the Amish.

The Amish also have stores in our area. There is a large store they own that has
every spice imaginable and all sorts of candies. It's worth going just to enjoy the
aromas. In the back, they also bake sweets and sell them along with all the spices
and candies. They sell some furniture too such as rocking chairs and outdoor stuff.

The Amish men are very fine builders. They will also build houses for a person and
at a much lower price than a regular contractor.

The Amish do not drive cars. They have carriages and wagons with horses. They
shop at Walmart some times. They park their carriage and horse out of the way of
cars and in a more shaded area of the lot.

I often wonder how much time it takes them to drive their horse pulled carriage to
Walmart vs driving a car.

I do love to hear the clop clop clop of the horses when pulling wagons and carriages.

All of them dress alike, for the most part.

So those Amish with chickens trade their chickens and eggs to the Amish neighbor
that has hogs for meat and those trade for garden green beans and those trade for
garden tomatoes and those trade for shrubs and those trade for sewn clothing and
those trade for.......they have everything they need and they live in very fine houses
that they all build.

The Amish people really do have a lot going for them.....and they don't do much

Look how rich Tasman got from doing surveys!! » Post #17

Sat Apr 17, 2021 09:54 in General Talk

Well I dunno about that Darkstar2.

In regards to survey takers getting wealthy, I've known of quite a few.

There's the guy from India here that has a nicely targeted online site that
displays him standing beside his new car that he bought with ClixSense
money. Yes, he has lots of active referrals.

So I suppose you might say, that's with refs. Well there are people that
are in rather dire straits and in poor living conditions that taking surveys
can mean a really huge life style change for them.

BUT I do understand your point and it is extremely sad that greed in most
walks of life, take precedence over what is truly important.

Life is very short and most seem to not understand the true meaning of
life and death.

What is the cost of wealth? What does a man gain if he loses his soul?

We just march forward doing the best we can until our short time is over.
Woe to those of greed and lack of brotherhood.

Look how rich Tasman got from doing surveys!! » Post #14

Fri Apr 16, 2021 20:55 in General Talk

Elvis would have watched 'Frying bananas with Tasman'.

Look how rich Tasman got from doing surveys!! » Post #8

Fri Apr 16, 2021 14:58 in General Talk

Could be a new television soap opera series.

'As The Tasman Nest Turns'


'The Croatian Ape Lives On In Australia'


'Down Under Goes Bananas'


'Nesting With Tasman's Brightest'. :lol:

Look how rich Tasman got from doing surveys!! » Post #5

Fri Apr 16, 2021 08:29 in General Talk

That those Tasman's for you. You never know what they will do next.

PS. It obviously was not that guys time to go. :shock:

India and colors » Post #1

Fri Apr 16, 2021 08:26 in General Talk

I always think of colors when I think of India.

Many houses inside and out are decorative with various colors.

Red seems to be a dominate color, used often in India.

Is there any special or religious reason why the bold use of colors in India?

Had second covid vaccine today » Post #23

Wed Apr 14, 2021 21:47 in General Talk

People would be racist over masks.

You don't like me because my mask is red.

Well you don't like me because my mask is blue.

You guys got issues, look at me, I got fired because my mask is purple.

L@@Kie L@@kie, there's a rookie wearing a white mask, let's lock him in a closet for a week.

Racism will always exist.

Walmart Reward/Payment » Post #1

Wed Apr 14, 2021 21:39 in Payment Proofs

Congratulations! You've been paid.

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Happy Ugadi and happy new year » Post #15

Tue Apr 13, 2021 19:34 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Vaccines are useless nothing is free now everyone is making money if you need a shot it costs between Rs5000-10,000 just to get that crap injected,many places are slowly going back to the 2020 situation except that one can go to work if an work Id is produced,maybe remote work in India was not so effective due to lack of proper technology availability

How much American dollar is that?

Crossed 100$ - Not Happy » Post #10

Mon Apr 12, 2021 15:29 in Your Stats

Well I reckon I don't know exactly what you are saying. I don't feel like thinking right now. :mrgreen:

To be clear, I am not saying everyone is dishonest that gets booted from a survey
or the like. I realize errors happen on the survey side as well.

There you go, using that word 'most' again referring to people in general.

I'm honest doing surveys. I don't really know why anyone wouldn't be honest. As
I stated in another topic a bit ago, you cannot second guess surveys as to what they
want. Therefore it can lead to a big disadvantage.

Example: female, always female, never going to change, age, is what it is, no point lying about my old age, no kids at home, no hubby at home, no point lying about that, own my house, no mortgage, why lie about that, mild emphysema, high blood pressure, a few disabilities, no point lying about that, live in the USA, buy groceries, eat food, use beauty products, wear shoes, buy jeans, go to concert, drive suv, have insurance, have grand kids, have great grand kid, drink milk, eat candy, have pet, bla bla bla.

I would think, even tho I don't wanna think, that the majority of people are honest taking surveys.

There's no point in being dishonest. Unfortunately some people are dishonest. It's almost
over whelming the amount of people that will lie on a survey. It does them more harm than

Like I said above, if your answers are consistently changing, that raises a red flag.

CS-YS Withdrawls » Post #9

Mon Apr 12, 2021 15:14 in Success Stories

Hello za491145

A few tips:


-Never rush through the survey


-Always answer the same


-Don't give the survey what YOU think is the correct answer. You can't second guess them so always give honest true answers


-Don't get frustrated too badly when you get booted from a survey or it does not apply the reward. Since you are in India, some surveys apply the reward weeks later. You know what I do when I get booted from a survey or it does not apply the reward ever? I screw up my nose, stick out my tongue at the computer, and mumble obscenities at it. Always makes me feel better.

Crossed 100$ - Not Happy » Post #8

Sun Apr 11, 2021 21:25 in Your Stats

rajukurup wrote: Today my life time total after a break has crossed 100$ but still I am not excited as I have no hope of this site. One day I will be banned from the site as most members experience.

Lifetime Total $104.73
Pending Credits $0.00
Available Balance $21.7

WHO is MOST members?

Surveys started by way of USA and Canadian companies. Eventually UK got onboard
and for some unknown reason to me, Australia.

I cannot think of a single solitary survey company that offered surveys to any other
countries other than USA, Canada, UK, Australia.

In more recent years with the evolution of the internet, there have been clients from
other countries than those I mentioned, contacting the survey companies for takers.

There's some Indians here making very good extra money every month. In fact, the
top member here making thousands of dollars every month, is an Indian. He has lots
of referrals of which I believe are mostly Indians too.

I think a lot of survey takers that make good money themselves taking surveys, will
tell you, they spend a lot of hours every day, doing so.

IF you are someone that logs in once a day to do surveys, that is ok but that is probably
not going to earn you as much as you could. The reason being is that at any point in
time, surveys can change, pop up more, pop down few, not have any, have lots, etc.

And if you are waiting on a signal from a buzzer, you're probably missing out too.

Of course, if you do not have what the survey is wanting, you won't get to complete
the survey.

Dead surveys have nothing to with consistency.
Dead surveys usually take place a few times a month. I get them primarily on weekends
and holidays.

If you're unsure of your own life style, you best write it down on paper. I don't have to
because I know who I am, where I am, what I have, what I bought last year, last month,
yesterday, the foods I like, the foods I don't like, my health issues, etc.

If your answers are consistently CHANGING, that is what the surveys will have a problem
with and then can ban you either temporarily or forever.

'Them' » Post #1

Sun Apr 11, 2021 16:49 in General Talk

I made a post about the series on my Facebook. I'm posting it here too.

WOW! Lots of conflict going on with Amazon Prime's new mini series 'Them'. Well, they do have it so very wrong. If ignorance breeds ignorance white or black, the program can be insulting. I truly enjoyed the acting, very good. I enjoyed the first several episodes but it became less than ordinary after awhile. I just feel a series like this, especially during this time in society in which free speech is being hushed and racism promoted, that too many people are not going to be capable of bringing the goats to the barn. People need to understand this series is Hollywood Entertainment to Grab as Much Money as they can, for all involved. You know what, that is OK. The problem is, there are black people believing it all and there are white people condemning it all. When are people going to wake up and realize that Bad happens to people of ALL colors? I would have enjoyed the series much more if it had been factual during those time frames. The demons haunting the black people, I am not sure what Hollywood was trying to attempt with that, but I would have enjoyed it more without it. I will say this, I UNDERSTAND the hurt of 'Blackface' now. They did a fine job of rubbing that in and I could feel his pain. I watch a lot of old movies and I will never be the same seeing a 'blackface' portrayal again.
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