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Was Paid $614.49 » Post #49

Fri Dec 26, 2014 18:02 in Payment Proofs

Amitabhkiran wrote: Nice

kroberts58 wrote: congrats i will have to try that. :clap:

qsyed186 wrote: Congrats and please let me know how many days it takes u to reach this amount please waiting for the reply

Thanks! ;)

qsyed186... it took about 3 1/2 months ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #47

Fri Dec 26, 2014 18:01 in Payment Proofs

whoiaml wrote: congrats! :clap:

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #46

Fri Dec 26, 2014 17:59 in Payment Proofs

nithunjm1981 wrote: Awesome :)

daowadung wrote: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: congras :clap:

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #45

Fri Dec 26, 2014 17:57 in Payment Proofs

mohsinimranbwp wrote: Congratulation and really a Good Job done. :clap:
Keep going on :clixsense:

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #44

Fri Dec 26, 2014 17:55 in Payment Proofs

coulers wrote: Very Nice Payment . .

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #35

Wed Dec 24, 2014 13:19 in Payment Proofs

kpdahake wrote: Congratulations you people are good earner

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #34

Wed Dec 24, 2014 13:18 in Payment Proofs

doctor2 wrote: congrat! :clap:

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #33

Wed Dec 24, 2014 13:17 in Payment Proofs

DROIDSense wrote: wow.. very nice payment..

congratulations :clap: :clap: :thumbup:

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #29

Wed Dec 24, 2014 04:36 in Payment Proofs

saumitra wrote: Nice payment, congratulations..

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #28

Wed Dec 24, 2014 04:35 in Payment Proofs

elyian87 wrote: Good Job !!

Keep it up !!


Thanks! ;)

In which month were you born? » Post #18

Tue Dec 23, 2014 18:40 in General Talk

October for me! ;)
My favorite Birthday was 10-10-10.....LOL

It's my birthday..... » Post #10

Tue Dec 23, 2014 17:33 in General Talk

Has anyone won twice on clixgrid on same day? » Post #4

Tue Dec 23, 2014 06:52 in General Talk

Yes I have won twice in one day before! ;)

Did I call myself? Stupid » Post #5

Tue Dec 23, 2014 06:09 in General Talk

Ok at 6am I need that laugh Val................ omg sooooooooooooo funny!! :lol:

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #25

Tue Dec 23, 2014 06:07 in Payment Proofs

blynnj wrote:
TasMail wrote:
marunmeera85 wrote: Share your experience, so that we can improve our earnings.....

I used to be higher up on the task contest, but being offline for a while I lost my place in line.. However when I do task I tend to do what I know I can complete and not get flagged for one, therefore losing my badges. keeping my badges gets me a lot of $1.00 task and some times higher!

With the offers I do a lot of the small ones that pay little money as it adds up very fast. I am not going to ever download anything from an offer and I am generally not doing offers that take more than a few minutes to complete as its a waste of my time (my opinion) and most of the time I do not get paid for higher offers for some reason or other.

Of coarse having referrals never hurt no one!
Great strategy and, oh, by the way, congratulations on your awesome cash out.

I can see by your stats that you are a regular and busy member with lots of tasks and offers completed. That's great. You also mention that having referrals is helpful. That was my question for you: How many, if any, active referrals do you have?

Thanks! ;)
Referrals Level 1 thru 8 =4547

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #24

Tue Dec 23, 2014 06:03 in Payment Proofs

agamara wrote: This one is really a great earning...CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TASMAIL :clap: :thumbup: :$

nask07719 wrote: Very nice amount TasMail
Congatulation :clap: :thumbup: :clixsense:

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #23

Tue Dec 23, 2014 06:02 in Payment Proofs

USLAR622 wrote: Well done and Congratulations! :clap:

lipoo21 wrote: wo hoo hoo, :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ great !!!!
Congratulations ! :clap:

Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #22

Tue Dec 23, 2014 06:01 in Payment Proofs

KIKIG wrote: TasMail :$ Wow this winning is so cool. I see you've been a member since 07 too. Keep up the great work your advice was inspiring. I'm going to get on my tasks as well. Best Kia ~


Thanks! ;)

Was Paid $614.49 » Post #15

Sun Dec 21, 2014 05:18 in Payment Proofs

DanielitoSan wrote: Congratulations :clap:
So you can get up to $600 at cashout!! Damn..

Thanks! Of coasre you can and I have had higher payouts! There is no limit here.. ;)

Did I call myself? Stupid » Post #1

Sun Dec 21, 2014 05:15 in General Talk

So I was looking on my caller ID on my home phone the other day and seen my own name, my own number on my own phone.
Now how is this possible I asked myself. I can not use my own phone to call myself and my own name show up on my caller ID.
I called my home phone provider and they told me this is a new tactic for telemarketers to get you to pick up your phone.

If you seen your own name with your phone number on your own phone would you pick it up?
Not me!
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