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Sun Mar 08, 2015 14:26 in Payment Proofs

Congrats!! ;)

$5.10 in a single day without spending a dime!!! » Post #17

Sun Mar 08, 2015 14:25 in Success Stories

a10 wrote: Hello to all.

Earned $5.115 in one single day without spending a dime.

The best part of it was I was able to do without having to spend a lot of time.
I should have spent some 25-35 minutes, not sure...

As you can see in the screen shot below, $4.48 only on PTC ads, offers and Tasks.
Plus $0.62 on checklist bonus = $5.10

Nice Job! ;)

My won an number 154: $0.10! » Post #4

Sun Mar 08, 2015 14:23 in Success Stories

pidlypchuk17056 wrote: CONGRATULATIONS!
You have just won $0.10! :thumbup:

You have 51 chances left for today
2015-03-07 19:45:11
Thank you, dear Admin!!! :clixsense: :clap:

Congrats! ;)

My First Winnings from ClixGrid » Post #6

Sun Mar 08, 2015 14:22 in Your Stats

Rufina_YYC wrote: My first time to win from clicking on ClixGrid.

My ClixGrid 504
Today 20
Winnings $0.1

Thanks a lot!!!!!! :lol:

Congrats!! ;)

Just Won Cash On The Grid :) » Post #2

Mon Mar 02, 2015 19:14 in Success Stories

Nice Job! ;)

Good day :) » Post #3

Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:59 in Success Stories

achii92 wrote: Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you that I was surprised by my sponsor - today he upgraded my account ^_^ I am really happy to share this with you and I am really glad that he thinks I am a good member in his downline ^_^
And after the upgrade I won 0.10$ in GlixGrid on my 59th click :P

Earned $16.56 today (+ big bonus) » Post #2

Sat Feb 28, 2015 15:42 in Success Stories

Darkstar2 wrote: Another 2 digit day fairly good day in both surveys and tasks.

I am hoping to reach my next milestones soon

- $400 for checklist bonus
- $100 for task bonus ($5)
- $4000 earned on CS!

Hoping I will reach them between Q2-Q3.

Meanwhile here is my result for today !

Thank you ClixSense, CrowdFlower & RainForest.


Nice Job!! ;)

I just reached $5 » Post #5

Sat Feb 28, 2015 15:40 in Your Stats

hepsiba2014 wrote: Atlast, after a hard work I reached $5. :)

Congrats!! ;)

new payment » Post #3

Fri Feb 27, 2015 20:21 in Payment Proofs

threedorbit wrote:

Nice Job! ;)

Firt Payment » Post #4

Fri Feb 27, 2015 20:19 in Payment Proofs

poj14 wrote: My first received $8.07 , big thank ja :D

Congrats!! ;)

1,00,000 refferal clicks achieved » Post #17

Fri Feb 27, 2015 20:18 in Success Stories

rkx300 wrote: Hey mates
Yesterday I reached 1,00,000 refferal clicks
And at the moment I am at730 Members in my downline 28 are upgraded mates
Good luck to all

Nice Job! ;)

how to make big $$$$ ? » Post #8

Mon Feb 23, 2015 23:28 in General Talk

aurudy wrote: can anyone explain how to make big $$$$ with clixsense ??

Hi aurudy......
Try to do some task, when you do more task and do good on them you will earn more levels in task. The higher level (3) pays more for each task.

When I do offers I do generally do the small ones as in my opinion they generally pay fast. I have done bigger paying offers but not to many. Don't be afraid of the smaller paying ones as they add up very fast.

Try to get some referrals as this will help your earnings as well.

I have upgraded since I been a member so it pays to upgrade in my opinion.

Don't forget to click on the grid game, you never know when or what you may win. (upgrade members get more chances)

Good Luck in your earnings!

edit to add

thanx to clixsense » Post #3

Mon Jan 19, 2015 21:57 in Payment Proofs

indranil777 wrote: Today for the first time i received payment from clixsense .............of $8....this is my first PTC payment.
Thanx to clixsense for making me belive in online income. :D :lol:

Nice job! ;)

Another Win on Clixgrid!!! » Post #2

Mon Jan 19, 2015 04:55 in Success Stories

jljaxn1982 wrote: CONGRATULATIONS!
You have just won $0.50!
You have 5 chances left for today

Nice Job! ;)

Hi everyone » Post #3

Mon Jan 19, 2015 04:54 in Member Introduction

vngaya3 wrote: glad to be here in clixsense family..trying to work hard..lets hope for the best :thumbup:

Welcome to the :clixsense: family! ;)

this is what we call"AWSOMENESS REDEFINED" » Post #2

Mon Jan 19, 2015 04:51 in Success Stories

Nice Job! ;)

Private Messaging » Post #7

Mon Jan 19, 2015 04:50 in General Talk

aishwaryaravi wrote: Thanks TasMail, I have got my answer. :thumbup:

Your Welcome! ;)

My last payment from ClixSense » Post #6

Mon Jan 19, 2015 02:36 in Payment Proofs

uiokjhbnm wrote: That is my last payment from ClixSense.


Private Messaging » Post #5

Mon Jan 19, 2015 02:33 in General Talk

aishwaryaravi wrote: How do workers send private messaging to each other on clixsense? Could someone help me please? Thanks!

Hi aishwaryaravi, Right now you can only send a message thru :clixsense: to the member you are trying to reach and ask :clixsense: to contact them and give :clixsense: your information to send to the member (your email address, user name). It will then be up to that member to contact you or not. Several people have contacted me thru this method. Hope this helps! ;)

just won $10! clixgrid » Post #5

Mon Jan 19, 2015 02:28 in Success Stories

sbrics wrote: ..Just won $10 in clixgrid!!! today ..thank you Clixsense..

Nice Job! ;)
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