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Paypal stole my money » Post #21

Thu Sep 19, 2019 21:59 in General Talk

WaRDFrA wrote:
fr_alex wrote: This kind of users are very damaging to a forum because, by the way they write, it looks like they abrogue the representation of the admins and moderators ways. Imagine being a new user looking for help or expressing a possible miss informed opinion and getting as answer some of the niceties of a guy like this, the new user would feel anything but reassured or trustful of the forum.

Good SPEECH... A bit BORING tho.

ZZzZZz... ZZZzz... ZZzZZzz...


Oh you kiddo :) (god i hope you're just a kid because if not...)

Paypal stole my money » Post #19

Thu Sep 19, 2019 13:28 in General Talk

WaRDFrA wrote:
fr_alex wrote: lol It's hilarious to me how you always sound so aggressive and rude, and so superior but you always end your comments with a "regards".

GREAT!... Another FAN... Thanks for FOLLOWING and COMMENTING on my POSTS... :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

fr_alex wrote: I don't know if you are just a kid but you should change your ways, you are very grating to read, specially due to the constant use of uppercase that looks like you are screaming.

Well... You are not being FORCED to read... So ... When you see my AVATAR ---> CLOSE your eyes... SCROLL down... And MOVE ON to the next POST.


Beautiful. Eres un tipito simpatico tu. You must feel really secure about yourself hmm. Wasn't enough how the admin himself told you out in the "skrill updates" thread? Just be smart about it and don't be a ( **** ) "so charming person".

This kind of users are very damaging to a forum because, by the way they write, it looks like they abrogue the representation of the admins and moderators ways. Imagine being a new user looking for help or expressing a possible miss informed opinion and getting as answer some of the niceties of a guy like this, the new user would feel anything but reassured or trustful of the forum.

Paypal stole my money » Post #17

Thu Sep 19, 2019 06:44 in General Talk

WaRDFrA wrote:
josealvesjr wrote: So what you accuse AdrianDeacon of you do yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha... What?... Did you take your PILLS today?... I didn't know you are his/her LAWYER ---> But it's OK.

So... Do You think to CREATE a POST with the TITLE "PayPal STOLE my money" is COMMON SENSE?... Is that information ACCURATE?... WOW ---> :shock: :shock: :shock:

Well... I don't think so... He/She is just PANICKING and spreading WRONG INFORMATION ---> NO ONE's money has been STOLEN... At least NOT yet... It's just a PAYMENT DELAY so far... My post was BASED on COMMENTS from other users in the forum... RECENT EVENTS and COMMON SENSE... I was just tying ends up... Besides... Unlike him/her ---> It's not RANDOM CRAP.

You can CHECK those COMMENTS by yourself whenever you want... Forum is available 24/7... So... If you can READ... You are READY to go.


lol It's hilarious to me how you always sound so aggressive and rude, and so superior but you always end your comments with a "regards". I don't know if you are just a kid but you should change your ways, you are very grating to read, specially due to the constant use of uppercase that looks like you are screaming.

Now, about OP comments, Fortunately I was finally able to withdraw my balance but I feel really bad for those still waiting for Payoneer and for those that are having trouble with Paypal and I can perfectly understand their frustration but yeah, let's not get to crazy about it... yet. Let's not forget that we always waited patiently for our payment 3 to 7 days (I usually received my Clixsense payments in like 3 days but sometimes it could take up to 7 working days) when this was Clixsense. For tnow, I would recommend you to wait a bit more.

Sad » Post #3

Sat Sep 14, 2019 15:10 in General Talk

pahunt925 wrote: It’s not just clixsense, it seems like every reward site I use is making it more and more difficult to earn anything. Sorry to say, clixsense has become the worst of them. Many days, like today, I don’t earn a thing, or offers I do complete don’t credit at all. I usually don’t qualify for any of the surveys here, and now with the videos gone, my earnings are pretty much nothing. Too bad, clixsense was a great site, but now it seems to have gone the way of other reward sites that promise a lot, but do not deliver. I sure hope things here change for the better, but I am not too hopeful that they will.

Clisxsense was great, Ysense is not (at least for now, who knows in the future).

cobros de skrill » Post #4

Sat Sep 14, 2019 15:03 in Soporte General y Pagos

Yo pedí el lunes en lo que vi la opción activa y aún esperando pero ya el admin comunicó ahora que supuestamente Skrill está teniendo problemas para procesar los pagos y que por tanto se podrían tardar más de lo esperado en hacerse efectivos y dijo que esperaba que Skrill resolviera el asunto para este martes. Así que bue.. a seguir esperando.

will any change happen? » Post #22

Wed Sep 11, 2019 09:21 in General Talk

rajukurup wrote: So from today onwards we shall begin to be impatient and sart cursing this site and fill the forum with complaints and see if any change happens.I have no hope in it. There are many people completing surveys efficiently .One should understand that survey qualifications are based on many factors and site simply provides oppourtunities.Oppourtunities may be less in this site compared to clicksense or other sites but that has improved a lot.There is issues with Toluna and your surveys routers and would be fixed as was the case with opinioniworld.Now many people including me are rec eiving opinionworld surveys almost daily and completing succesfully and getting credited.Is that not a great success from this site.So people who praise this site need not be considered as doing some sin.Give this site some time ,only one month has passed and in this month it has developed about 40%and the rest will be acheived in another2-3months.Always posting negatives will be no use in this forum.Everyone including me know that many here are disappointed with the change but that has happened and should adjust to it.

NO. What we should do is not be passive and just stay "happy positive" about this whole situation because that achieve nothing, if you get your rights taken from you you just don't stay passive about it and hopeful that those who took it from you will eventually give it back. To complain and state the truth is not to curse, is just making the new owners aware that their user base is not happy with how things went on.

The surveys opportunities does in deed have to do with a lot of factors but if you were able to do, lets say, 5 surveys a day before but now you barely get one or two then there's obviously something failing because your are still you, with the same exact factors you used to have. But I can't talk much about surveys because even with clixsense we in Venezuela received just a few surveys a month so surveys are not much in my list of concerns. And getting credited for the work YOU do is not a "great succes for this site" is just what is should be, imagine calling "a great success" to the obvious fact that your company is paying you for the work you do, something that is plenty obvious they should do.

And here you are again with the "give more time" "be patient", I'm very happy that you have that benefit in your live, the ability to just don't care much for a payment because you can just wait, well more than a month without getting a part of my revenues is very damaging for me, is like you can't even process what does this mean. 2 or 3 month? my god...

will any change happen? » Post #18

Tue Sep 10, 2019 22:58 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: What is a point to compare yS V CS ???????????

CS is no more , yS is just another new site like 100s new site around

As any new site , you try it , if good you continue to work , if no good you just find another site [ every week 10-100 new site come to life ]

In last 10 years I did join 100s and 100 site , still member on some , on many did try , on many did join and never worked

Remember once for all .....CS gone , never to come back , yS just another new site , do if you can work here , go if you can not

yS is 40 day old , not many changes did come , we have what we have , like it or not

Thing is, this can only be applied to new users that signed up to Ysense, but the vast majority of the Ysense user base is from Clixsense so WE didn't actually signed up to Ysense, WE WERE forced to do it, so of course it's very relevant to compare Ysense to clixsense because we used to be Clixsense members and we used to have a very stable working environment and very important advantages that we don't have anymore, so you see, the important thing about comparing Ysense to Clixsense is to remember what we used to have, what we don't have anymore and what we were promised we would have when, at the next day, we came to the sudden realization that we were not longer Clixsense members but Ysense's.

I can't understand why there are users that are so passive to the fact that they have lost a lot of their previous benefits. It's like suddenly in the company you work they decide that well, you won't have any longer some of the benefits you gave for granted, you'd get paid less and you will get send to another company, and instead of fight for your rights you just say to yourself and your co workers that "oh well, let's be patient, doesn't matter if its been more than a month since we last got paid, everything is gonna be ok eventually and there's no point in comparing the rights we used to have with what we have now", do you see how wrong this is? .

Ysense is a new site, yes, but just in a way because they belong to a company with a huge experience in this field so the comparison with new unknown sites is not valid ether, And, again, we were forced to join Ysense without any previous notification, so of course people should be mad and of course people should have their guard up until everything is at least as good as what we used to have but if nobody complains then nothing we'll get done and if they decide to take from us some of the benefits we used to have in a definite way then they would just do it and we'll never get anything back of what we had before and won't get anything of what we were promised.

And I said this to a user before, patience is not and option for lots of people that work in this kind of sites, so stop with that.

And now, let's hope that the waiting for the Skrill cash outs from Monday get through without problems but let's not forget that the main benefit we still haven't got back is the full balance cash out and specially, after the most recent Payoneer update from admin, let's hope that those that need Payoneer to get their money can get it in far less than "a few weeks", whatever that amount of time is equivalent to.

Best day on Ysense after a month » Post #13

Mon Sep 09, 2019 09:27 in Success Stories

rajukurup wrote:
If you cannot be patient then stop the work here and go to other favourable options.I am also not completely sure that everything will be perfect here it is just a hope as many problems are being solved step by step.One shoukd understand that the management and personnel s of y sense are human beings and have no divine power to solve all the problems instantly.I have earned very low in the last month compared to that earned at clicksense but am still optimistic and that arise from my positive attitude towards anything .If this site fails I will not criticise it because I have not invested anything here except my free time and for that I have been rewarded. You should also understand that there are many people who have earned and also earning more than clicksense here. Not all regions will have same oppourtunities everytime. It will vary at times. If you understand these things you will be more positive than being less optimistic . No one is compelling us to work here.If we distrust the site we are free to leave it. That is the great advantage of this site.

"If this site fails I will not criticise it because I have not invested anything here except my free time and for that I have been rewarded."

Ah so that's why you are so optimistic, this is just like a pastime for you in where you invest your free time. Well it is NOT a pastime for me and MANY others, like me, many of us completely depends on the money we make in this sites, in my case is due to the current economic and political situation in my country. To me is amazing how clueless some people are here when asking for patience to others they don't even know. And I'd love to know who are those very lucky people that are earning more now than before the takeover.

Being optimistic or not or to decide to work on other sites while waiting for ysense to get completely fixed is not a matter of being positive or loyal to this site, is a matter of being smart, if you keep working on a site that pays you less than other site (official site) when using the same payment method then that is not a very smart thing to do.

"No one is compelling us to work here.If we distrust the site we are free to leave it."

If some people just keep telling those that are in a worst situation than before on this site, to stay and be patient and positive then you are just misguiding then and more so if you don't actually know the alternatives and how much you are actually losing now compared as how things were before and how things are in other similar sites. And besides that, is just fels very insensitive and very annoying to see some people here keep telling those that are expressing their very justifiable frustration and anxiousness that their problem is just that they are not patient enough. Just don't do that,

You can cash out via Paypal, right? So I'm guessing that that's the other reason you don't see to have much a a hurry for things to get fixed here, me and my referral can't cash out with paypal, to me it just doesn't work and even it it does, to me is not a good payment option in my country and to my referral it just not a viable option because he can't even validate his paypal account due to paypal not supporting bank accounts and credit cards from my country since some years ago, so you see, we haven't been able to withdraw our money for more than a month now in a situation where the country is going on the most brutal hyperinflation any country in the world have seen ever. So no, don't ask me for patience, patience is not an option for me, i need to solve my stuffs every day to keep my family safe.

PS: OP is very deserving of congratulations tho, that amount of money via tasks is a very nice earning for a day and a very nice compensation for such an effort, but if hes only withdraw option is Paypal then he would have made some more moeny with the same amount of tasks in the official site.

Best day on Ysense after a month » Post #10

Sun Sep 08, 2019 18:24 in Success Stories

rajukurup wrote: What a good performance .I cannot understand why people still have no trust in this site. This site is really providing a lot of tasks though surveys are less. All days need not be alike. I am adjusted to that fact. Congrats for your big earningd :clap: :D :thumbup:

lol wat!? Ysense does not provide tasks, Figure8 provide tasks. Ysense has nothing to do with the tasks except being another partner channel where to work the tasks but with the aggravation now that people now are only able to get paid via Paypal and why would people work the tasks on Ysense to get paid via Paypal if they can work from the official Figure8 Channel and get paid a LOT more per task than in here. I don't get it. People have trust problems with Ysense because of: 1-The surveys (non existent now for a lot of people or severely reduced for the rest) 2- The offers (non of the offers walls works for me, don't know others) 3- Those that get to do some surveys sometimes don't get paid after completing one. 4- LOTS of problems with the payment methods we used to have. 5- Very poor communication with the user base 6- ... etc

I don't understand some users here being so amazingly positive about this whole situation and eve keep asking for patience to other users that are clearly in a worst situation than a month ago.

EDIT: And yes, ysense (and clixsense before of this) pays a lot less per tasks than Figure8's CP, but before of this it was worth it to work the tasks on clixsense because of the payment methods we used to have, but now with only Paypal as payment option... Now the only way to do more money on Ysense than in CP by doing the tasks is to get every week in the top 3 weekly contest and get that sweet extra bonus, anything below top 3 means less money than in CP, but lets be real, it's not possible for the vast majority of people to even get in the top 10. (And yes, I made the math a long time ago to check what Channel was better to work the tasks).

POLL_ Are you here for CASH or for Gift Cards ? » Post #66

Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:34 in General Talk

Full balance cash out is what it should be for anything that is not gift cards. The only way i can make any sense out of this is as a strategy to force us to cash out via fixed denominations cards for Paypal, hopefully not for Skrill and payoneer too, to actually force us to keep working on the site when we see that we cant get our full balance out and want to keep working to get the next card, but there always will be something left, for example, I only have 18$ in my balance right now, if I cash out via 10$ Paypal and 5$ amazon gift card, i'll still would have 3$ left in my balance so I'd see that as a waste to leave those 3$ sitting there and would have to keep working to get to 5$, but what about if, for any reason, i can't or don't want to keep working in Ysense?, that it could be the case for a lot of users that have lost their trust on the site, what would happen is that we would lose that extra money left on our balance, in my case 3$, in some others cases a couple cents, but there wil always be some amount left in the balance and the new company would keep that money for themselves, and that's what i think is the second reason they are forcing this payment method that i haven't see in any other serious site that use payment processors as their payment methods, those accumulated cents or dollars that they could take for those that leave the page would turn into a lot of extra money for them.

Hopefully I'm wrong with my theory but man, is getting very difficult to trust in the new owners. Now the only referral i had left is not working on the site anymore since he has like 53$ or so trapped on the site and hes waiting for Skrill and doesnt want to use those fixed amounts cards for Paypal.

And the other thing is, there's absolutely no advantage, for those of us that can only earn via F8 tasks, in cashing out via Paypal from here because we could make a lot more money cashing out via Paypal in the F8 official working site. The main advantage we got from clixsense were the ability to withdraw via Tangocard and Skrill and the commissions from referrals, so for me, Paypal as a payout method doesn't even make sense even tho i get how useful it is for those that can make money via Surveys and offers.

Anyways, whats the reason they have given for doing this when most others GPT sites use the full balance cash out method even with Paypal, why they can and the new owners Cant?


Fri Aug 23, 2019 17:12 in Charla General

a mi no me sale. Debió ser otro de esos cambios fugaces que llevan tiempo haciendo. Ya estoy empezando a pensar que lo hacen a propósito para para probar la paciencia de los usuarios. Lo próximo será poner un botón de Skrill que no funciona y luego quitarlo después de una hora y no volver a hablar de Skrill hasta dentro de un mes.

A otros usuarios de latino america, a ustedes les sale sólo la denominación de 5$ en la tarjeta de Una moderadora me dijo que debería salir desde 5$ hasta 100$ en varias denominaciones.

Amazon giftcard para latinoamerica-Cuantas ven? » Post #1

Tue Aug 20, 2019 20:38 in Soporte General y Pagos

Cuantas denominaciones de la gift card de ven ustedes en el resto de latinoamerica. En Venezuela sólo vemos la de 5$ y me pareció ver otros comentarios de latino americanos en el foro de inglés diciendo que sólo ven la de 5. Pregunto porque la moderadora del foro de inglés dio una actualización sobre payoneer y Skrill y aproveché a mencionarle que la tarjeta de 5$ está dando error y que sólo vemos la de 5$ y revisó y a ella le aparece de varias denominaciones hasta los 100$ (en EEUU).

Amazon card » Post #6

Tue Aug 20, 2019 18:09 in Soporte General y Pagos

Que desorden, entonces le tienen a los europeos giftcard en dolares y a los latinoamericanos giftcards en euros jaja que locura. Para rematar cuando por fin volvieron a poner la giftcard de 5$ pues resulta que da error, o a menos a mi me está dando error y he visto a otros que les pasa lo mismo. Como ces falta Skrill !. Bueno, lo que en realidad hace falta es seriedad en estos nuevos dueños.

Cómo cobrar en efectivo tu ganancia de Ysense(Arg) » Post #3

Sun Aug 11, 2019 21:21 in Soporte General y Pagos

Invencible1718 wrote: El problema es que ahora para países de américa latina no aparece la opción de retiro de tarjetas de regalo en dolares (creo que pocos se han percatado) y con las tarjetas de regalo en euro no sirve depositar en airtm ya que solo acepta tarjetas de regalo de españa ( y ninguna de las disponibles (amazon EUR, e IT) son de esa region... debemos enviar tikets todos para que vuelvan a habilitar las tarjetas de regalo en dolares ( para los de america latina si no muchos quedaremos con el dinero atrapado en la pagina (ya que en el blog acaban de publicar que resolvieron el problema de que algunas tarjetas de regalo estaban apareciendo en paises errados y por lo visto a los de america latina mas bien se equivocaron al quitaros las tarjetas de regalo en dolares por tal motivo debemos quejarnos para que nos acomoden ese método de pago ya que muchos dependemos solo de el por ahora)

Yo creé un tema sobre esto en el foro de inglés YSense Forum

Escriban ahí para ver si nos dan alguna respuesta porque hasta ahora ni siquiera un moderador se ha pasado por ahí. Y parece que hay varios otros países de Asia y otras partes con el mismo problema, así que no nos está pasando solo a los latinoamericanos.

¿Amazon? » Post #10

Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:19 in Soporte General y Pagos

cristiang10 wrote: Les comento que el viernes pedi el pago, hoy me acreditaron la gift card de Amazon de 5 dólares y la pude canjear por dinero en AirTm (hay que canjearla con una comisión más o menos del 12 al 15 por ciento, dependiendo del valor)


Gracias amigo por informar. Al menos ya sé que los venezolanos tenemos una alternativa en caso de que no se resuelva rápido lo de Skrill.

Invencible1718 wrote: yo creo que si amigo, pedí un pago de 5 dolares para hacer la prueba y verificar que si se puede... pero es cuestión de esperar a que me paguen, nunca he usado las gift card pero en vista de que al parecer eliminaron skrill no me queda opción

Manó avisa que tal te va y cuanto tardan en darte la gifcard y la tasa que obtengas en airtm.
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