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What the f.........tasman1

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#21 by Darkstar2 » Sun Sep 19, 2021 17:31

valerie wrote: Yes Israel is very important. Jesus is a Jew and was denied by His people.
Jews have been returning to Israel for many years now.

Right, and Jews not recognise Jesus as the Messiah, but what about the Rapture, clues suggests that it would be about 144,000 or 44k or something like that Jewish to be Raptured, it's been a while :D Judaism and Christianity differ.

I don't think the USA is going to have a major role. I agree, East.

Right because US and Israel are tight, there have been some claims online from scholars and experts convinced they have proof that ISIS originated in Israel, there was even a documentary with evidence pointing to Israel as the source of ISIS, and which might explain why there is never acts of terrorism from ISIS inside Israel. Food for thought, some go as far as even claiming Israel was the catalyst of all the turmoil in the Middle East, and no some people making those claims were not Islam, some of these views were actually made by retired military, even Jewish themselves, again, it's thought provoking. So if the US is the big bad wolf of the world, then it's only natural to believe the AntiChrist will be American :lol: and no sorry Trump haters, it ain't Trump, he's too obvious, he could never possibly be an AntiChrist if he tried :mrgreen:

Well a lot has changed since I was a child. We did not have all these school shootings.
Also, I am sure there was a child that may have killed one or more parents but it was
not common place. Today, no one is very shocked when hearing of a child killing a parent.

I'm pretty sure in your time, you would not dare speak up to your parents or cuss or talk about "stuff" so openly or dress like a ho........NOW, people talk about that in the open like it's nothing, kids cussing at their parents, parents cussing at their kids, kids dressing like skanks, parents unhappy about kids dressing like skanks, kids crying foul and threatening to sue and divorce parents, parents surrendering. It's amazing some of the shit people get away with today.
Yeah school shootings is a daily event now. In old days you were REQUIRED to respect authority and teachers, TODAY, if a teacher even raises his voice, they get sued and they have parents all over their arse, and if kids don't show up to beat up their peers or their teachers, the parents do. SICK world. I feel bad for people who work as teachers, it's a lousy paid job, ain't worth it, you dunno if you are gonna get shot that day and get to see your family and kids.
SO I say, if kids want to act like a bunch adults, they should be tried as adults and get the same sentence as adults.
F*** reform - if they are capable bringing guns to school and acting all tough, then they should be treated as such.

I see Revelations as a progression, not an event by event, not like one wakes up one day
and everyone is killing their mother.

Exactly that's what I said, progression, the end times is not just ONE event it's a series of them over a long LONG period of time, as years go by more and more people are changing for the worse. Why the hell are people even bothering to have children anymore.

Well, when I was a kid, I never saw nor did I ever hear of particle board. Everything in
our house was wood. Wood floors, wood furniture, a lot of wood paneling, everything.
Now if you want a real oak bedroom set, expect to dish out about ten grand or more.

Wow that's cheap - here it would run you at least 60k or more, that is the smallest and cheapest bathroom :D
Yeah it's not surprising that most of the stuff is wood, the structure of a home is wood :D I don't know of much multi story homes with concrete floors :P It's always wood as a base and then some people add tiles on top or whatever, but the base, the subfloor is wood, joists, wood, wall structure, wood with drywall nailed on it.

It's not uncommon even in new homes to see hardwood floors, it seems carpets are not popular anymore. You often see hardwood floors and ceramic tile for kitchen floors and bathroom, or walls.

We can also see water is now scarce in many areas and people, even myself, now buy
bottled water. Never say never. I can remember online just twenty years ago laughing
and saying I would never pay for water at a store. I had to eat my words. Coffee was
the number 1 commodity, now it's water.

Tell me about it, do you know how many years I have not touched soda ? After a meal I always liked to drink soda, but I noticed each time it made me so thirsty afterwards I'd have to drink literally a gallon of water :D Eventually I stopped and now water is my favourite beverage. I drink bottled water here, I still drink tap water too our tap water is potable - it contains minerals. But I also drink bottled water, true, spring water, gotta be careful with that, most bottled water is actually filtered city tap water, you would be wasting your money as you are essentially drinking tap water :P The water I buy comes from the source and bottled in Canada, natural spring water. If you were to make tea with spring water and compare side by side with tap water you would see a CLEAR difference (no pun intended :P )

But spring water is natural resource, it's not infinite, and considering our body is 70% water, if we run out of water, we are in big trouble :D People can make synthetic food pouches, but so far I have not heard of artificial water, and most foods contain water, so without water we'll all be eating raw rice and raw wheat , raw beans or whatever is left ....
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#22 by tasman1 » Sun Sep 19, 2021 17:49

Back to original topic ....... latest update

PARIS, Sept 19 (Reuters) - France has cancelled a meeting between Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly and her British counterpart planned for this week after Australia scrapped a submarine order with Paris in favour of a deal with Washington and London, two sources familiar with the matter said.

Parly personally took the decision to drop the bilateral meeting with British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, the sources said.

The French defence ministry could not be immediately reached. The British defence ministry declined comment.
More to come , this is just a start
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#23 by Darkstar2 » Tue Sep 21, 2021 17:27

In the latest news, Biden says he does not want a cold war with China, he wants to lick their feet and bow down to his Majesty Xi, Biden the Diplomat, the magician wants to avoid another cold war - give everything China demands. It's enough that China has given us a pandemic to destabilise the economy, and now this evergrande real estate shite sends stock market sinking. Nice job China - they are the big BULLY of the world, they want to control the world and have no consideration for anybody but themselves now I mean the government, not not the people, because I know a lot of Chinese who do not condone their government. Diplomacy and peace is a two way street, can't have it one way.

In other news, America imposes new tariffs on baguettes sources say, and the tensions between France and the United States continue.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programme :D
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