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Surveys VS Tasks, which is better?


#1 by Math_Pro » Sun May 05, 2019 19:33

Surveys VS Tasks, which is better?
lets have a debat
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#2 by valerie » Sun May 05, 2019 19:48


The song comes to mind 'it's the time of the season'.....

In other words, there always seems to be times when GPT programs do very well in
regards to it's members making money doing the stuff within. Whether that be tasks,
surveys, offers, videos, or something else.

I think one big issue is the way programs change hands, change software, experiment
with their members.

It is a shame that all these things can't do exactly as stated, payout as stated. We know
there is issues at times of surveys being much longer to complete then it states, not
paying as it states, reversal, string errors, etc.

I suspect, that people making the most money is probably those that focus on just that...
making money. Those people will do tasks, surveys, offers, and so on. Of course, if
time is an issue, people tend to have their favorite and stick to it.

I can't comment much on tasks. Surveys, I understand. Tasks, I don't understand.
For example in doing some tasks I did one time, I had to choose if someone was
naked or not. Yes, No, Yes, No. It actually and truly made me nauseated. Oh I have
completed some other tasks too at times but never liked any of it. Some of the tasks
I felt like I was going on a scavenger hunt. That would have been alright except getting
paid a squatters sum to run all over google and search pages, was a drag to me.

The most annoying thing to me when doing surveys is answering the same questions
over and over again. I understand why they do but it is still annoying.

If you are really into it and spend a lot of time online doing this stuff, you can rake up
a pretty good amount of dollars. All things considered of course.
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#3 by tasman1 » Sun May 05, 2019 21:15

1 . Task with Blonde
2 . Survey with silk black hair
3 . Fishing [ not sure what ]
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#4 by rajukurup » Sun May 05, 2019 21:27

surveys are better than tasks and also interesting. Surveys alas enable us to learn new informations and pay us effectively. But tasks are time consuming and their pay rate is too small that they are less attractive.I concentrate much on surveys and have earned more than expected from these surveys. These days the quality and pay rate of certain surveys have somewhat diminished that is the only concern regarding surveys
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#5 by Darkstar2 » Sun May 05, 2019 22:00

To me no doubt, SURVEYS is better, though LOGICALLY you would think tasks is better as there are more of them and none of the off quota BS. The problem with tasks, the majority of them are from task authors with bad intentions, they do not properly QA their task, majority are ridden with unfair test questions which NEVER get fixed or addressed, leaving people's trust score % diminished gradually each time they work on tasks. There is the constant threat and stress of unfair flags, account deactivation and being expelled from tasks, so this forces people to be conservative and only work on fair tasks, except that they are very scarce so at most you might be able to make few cents daily from tasks, whereas with surveys even with the headaches you can manage to make more than tasks. With surveys, you have the headache of needing to qualify first, but you don't have that stress of unfair corrections, being expelled, etc, and even with reversals, the ratio is still healthy - and even with the reduced pay and quality of surveys, the rates are still far higher than anything you will do on tasks for the same amount of time. I've been able to earn high single to sometimes 2 digits from surveys, though these days now are getting less and less, some days I now earn less than $1 on surveys which is something I have not seen such declining trend since 2012.

On SURVEYS you give YOUR opinion...

On TASKS, you have to mind read and answer the way task authors want you to even if the answer makes no sense or is wrong.

The only time for me TASKS were better than SURVEYS was during the glory years of 2014-2015 with the Rainforest task, in those days one could earn easily $20-$30 DAILY consistently. Basically tasks is now a sinking ship, and in my opinion Appen will sink this industry further, if you look at history with its other acquisitions in the crowd tasking industry, so maybe soon enough we won't have much else to do here other than surveys, this seems to be a big secret that neither Appen nor F8 is addressing as to whether we can work on tasks through channels like we do now, in 2020.

I think GPT is dying - Appen acquisition coupled with the continually declining survey offering means very hard times to come for GPTs in the coming year. I've rarely been wrong on my industry predictions, This is the time where I wish to be wrong :D
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#6 by splat44 » Mon May 06, 2019 12:25

Surveys are definitely better than tasks

Survey contents are meant to improve products via letting our voices known.

In fact, I recall completing restaurants survey, when I saw a certain restaurant not on list, so I completed that survey based on that restaurant name. Some time after that restaurant name got added!

Task: based on changing hands including forcing cell phone verification, gee it makes more and more harder.
At this, would best for clixsense selection other companies that deal with tasks just in case.
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#7 by wildbillhickok » Mon May 06, 2019 12:46

For me tasks are by far better than surveys (despite the fact that I had virtually no gain here with tasks this past and actual month )....I don't even take surveys anymore...
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#8 by SeldomSeen » Mon May 06, 2019 13:49

Surveys for me.
You be the judge.
My earnings are over there on the right.
I do not do tasks.
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#9 by jjohnson777 » Mon May 06, 2019 18:00

Depends on what you like. I shot my computer before I try tasks. I make a few dollars a day most days doing surveys for about an hour. I could in same time write a 3000 word short story sell it on Amazon for much more but it takes 2 months to be paid. Or could get paid in few weeks with survey. I do not like all my eggs in one basket plus get amazon gift cards by doing surveys. I made 30 cents in 4 days mining bitcoin. Well computer already on might as well make money off it. But it the least profitable thing done this month. Mean I earned more off single paid email site granted took more work.
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